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APRIL 30, 2012

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Bedford County 4-H Club Horse Show

GEORGE W. McCLINTOCK STORMED INTO THE WINNERS’ CIRCLE AT BEDFORD COUNTY 4-H SHOW Shelbyville, TN - The Bedford County 4-H Club held their annual horse show on April 20, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. at the Bedford County Agricultural Center in Shelbyville, TN. Andy Simpson from Big Rock, TN was the honorable judge for the show and had the tough job of marking the cards. John Teague was the show chairman. He and his son, Bo, did a great job putting on a first class event. All of the proceeds from the event will benefit the Bedford County 4-H Club. The 32 class show had a great turnout. There were ten Riders Cup classes. The show was affiliated with SHOW HIO and the USDA was present. There were several exciting classes. Some of those included the Ladies Amateur Mares and Geldings Specialty class. Many top entries made the gate call with several World and World Grand Champions working hard to win the blue. Coming out on top was Patty Marek One Bad Hombre and Susan Coleman were greeted by Buddy Dick after their great ride in the Walking Horse and Rosetta Stone. One Bad Trainers’ Auxiliary class to claim top honors for owners, Jo Ann and Sue Ann Dowell. Hombre and Susan Coleman made an outstanding show to Everyone had eagerly awaited Houston with Travis Craft riding out claim the blue in the Walking Horse the final, exciting class of the night. with the red ribbon for Dale and Wilda Trainers’ Ladies Auxiliary class for Several top entries made the gate call Barnes. The SCOOP congratulates owners, Jo Ann and Sue Ann Dowell to work for the prestigious honor of all the winners from the Show! For a of Canton, Ohio. The Riders Cup walking stake champion. George W. complete list of this horse show’s results 15.2 & Under Champion was Nine McClintock and Brock Tillman won and to view our page by page print Dangerous Yards and Joe Cotten for the Stake Championship for Rick and edition online, visit our FREE website owner, Rosser Wall. Marla Lovett. Reserve went to Mr. Sam at

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1. Marino 2. Hot Dollar 3. Coin’s Cash On Delivery 4. Disturbia 5. Jazz’s Witchie Woman

Allison Thorson Sherry Dietz D.K. Gowan Sue Irby Lynn Hickok

Thorsport, Inc. Joe Dietz D.K. Gowan Irby Farms Corbett & Hickok

COUNTY PLEASURE OPEN 1. The Son Of Lightning Joe Davis 2. Command’s Jackman Blues Debbie Goff 3. She’s Magic To The Boys Kaylee Hash 4. A Bad Romance Rhiannon Barker

Joe Davis family Bobby & Debbie Goff Mr. & Mrs. John Hash Grey & Rhiannon Barker

TRAIL PLEASURE WESTERN SPECIALTY 1. Jose’s Firecracker Wayne Westbrook 2. Bedazzled By Jazz Lisa Baum 3. Magic Revelation Marsha Prock

Wayne Westbrook Lisa Baum Marsha Prock

WHTA YOUTH COUNCIL 12-17 SPECIALTY 1. Bacardi And Me Allison Thorson 2. Premium Tap Kelly Short 3. In A Danger Zone Hailey Puckett

Jill Smith Randy Short family Dr. & Mrs. Rosser Wall

WHTA YOUTH COUNCIL 11 & UNDER 1. She’s A Silver Lady Macey Krauth 2. She’s Armed With Poison William Derickson 3. General Willie Jayden Jackson 4. On Probation Callie Mason

Krauth family Thomas Derickson Jack Heffington Buddy & Lynn Wilhelm

AMATEUR LADIES MARES & GELDINGS SPECIALTY 1. Rosetta Stone Patty Marek 2. War Commander Sheryl Crawford 3. Show Boat Chaparral Betty Mosley 4. He’s A Showboat Virginia Counts 5. Bold Vengeance Heather Beard

Marek & Smith Crawford Colts Charles Mosley Carroll & Virginia Counts Judy McDonald

AMATEUR TWO YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1. Nurse Jackie Brenda Carlon Brenda Carlon 2. Jane’s Silver Lining Pam Ingraham Tommy McGee PARK PLEASURE SPECIALTY 1. Yao Ming Nicole Coffey 2. Outlines With Silver Wayne Westbrook 3. The Lady Has Connections Jackie Byrom 4. Master Of Fashion Jeff Laughlin

Nicole Coffey Robert Westbrook William & Lynn Kasicki 4J Land & Cattle Co.

TRAIL PLEASURE ENGLISH SPECIALTY 1. Good Til The Last Drop Rhiannon Barker 2. GiGi’s Majestic Jordon Howell 3. Gen’s Broadway Knight Regina Hentz

James & Dawn Payne Janet Howell Regina Hentz

TWO YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1. Lady La La Justin Harris 2. Jose’s Southern Miss Herbert Derickson 3. Line’s Lady Joe Cotten 4. Senorita Martinez Scott Beaty 5. Stage Coach Mary Jeff Green

Darrell & Tracy Oliver Alan Riddley family Hoyte Eakes Bradley Bottoms Leah Boyd

PARK PERFORMANCE OPEN SPECIALTY 1. Moonshine Man Phillip Trimble 2. Landshark Dr. Linda Jones 3. Generatin Parole Ginger Simpson 4. Johnny’s My Papa Jamie Skinner 5. Hello Dollar Megan Mozeley

Bob Cunningham Jones & Lane Ginger Simpson Jamie Skinner D. R. Mozeley

YEARLINGS 1. Oh Pancho Oh Cisco 2. Ritz Entourage

Roger Richards Keith & Lorraine Rosbury

Roger Richards, Jr Beverly Lamp

SHOW PLEASURE AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1. Simply Thrilling Lucky Collins 2. The American Choice Linda Garrard 3. Bronco Billy Jacob Baum 4. Ninety Yards Thomas Derickson 5. Fernando Jim Woodburn

Don & Lucky Collins Linda Garrard 4J Land & Cattle Co. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brantley Jim Woodburn

AMATEUR TWO YEAR OLD STALLIONS & GELDINGS 1. We B Cruizin Kirsten Lambert Kirsten Lambert 2. Ritz’s Doctor Sheila Groover Bobby Hurt FOUR YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1. Sir Skywatch Charlie Green 2. Powerstroke’s Evening Star Herbert Derickson 3. Ted’s Shutout Game Scotty Brooks 4. More Horsepower Bobby Hugh 5. Cash In My Dollar Jackie Byrom

Joe Rich family Ingraham & McGee Gene Davis Jannie Chapman Julia Cole


Ritz’s Big Dipper and Heidi McWilliams were met by her husband, Jim, and trainer, Scott Beaty, after her win in the Four Year Old Amateur class. OPEN LITE SHOD 1. Absolut Skyy Hannah Pulvers Dr. Jana Anderson 2. A Mountain Jazz Jeff Laughlin 4J Land & Cattle Co. 3. Ariana Dr. Linda Jones Jones & Lane 4. Justifiable Laurie Toone Kasey Kesselring family 5. Rosie’s Delightful Lady Nick Hensley Dennis Hensley 15.2 & UNDER OPEN 1. Nine Dangerous Yards 2. Nightshade’s Maiden 3. Hocus Pocus Jazz 4. Pushin For Parole 5. I’m Roger Clemons

Joe Cotten Michael Daniel Winky Groover Brad Beard Scott Beaty

Dr. &b Mrs. Rosser Wall Roger &b Laura Mauney Rising Star Ranch Shelley Lewis Billy & Jacquelyn Ball

WHTA YOUTH COUNCIL 17 & UNDER PONIES SPECIALTY 1. A Show Of Jazz Robert Cortner The Cortner family AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1. Dollars Big And Rich 2. He’s 3 Under Par 3. Jose’s Crystal Lite

Wes Hendrick Barbara Kenehan Rhonda Stewart

Kenny Hendrick family Jay & Barbara Kenehan Stewart’s Farm & Nursery

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Bedford County 4-H Club Horse Show

Page 12 / The Scoop

Bedford County 4-H Club Horse Show

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Bedford County 4-H Club Horse Show 4. Get Ready Inman 5. The Ultra Doc

Mike Inman

Mike & Karen

Jacob Baum

Dr. Jim Baum

THREE YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1. Jose’s Ritzy Hawk Tim Smith Farm 2. Jack Pot Cash Jeff Laughlin Laughlin’ 3. Strokin At Sunrise Herbert Derickson 4. Erin Andrews Justin Jenne 5. Jose’s Cherry Darling Jeff Green AMATEUR PONY SPECIALTY 1. Special Dollar Watson 2. Lined’s Lady MG family 3. Busted At Bonnaroo 4. Watch Me Closely 5. Ritz Rattle & Roll Brogdon

EvergreenWalkingHorse Jeff & Kerri Richard Greer Jenne & Young Afia Rupard

Robert Cortner

Randolph &

Kim Bailey

James & Kim Bailey

Linda Scrivner Sheryl Jordan Lynda Brogdon

Linda Scrivner Tom Paschal Ben & Dr. Lynda

TRAIL PLEASURE ENGLISH & WESTERN TWO & THREE YEAR OLDS 1. Justified On The Line Jordan Howell Jordan Howell 2. Fuego Allison Thorson Allison Thorson 3. Affectionately Barbara Kenehan Jay & Barbara Kenehan 4. Magic Revelation Marsha Prock Marsha Prock 5. The Tennessee Titan Nick Hensley Nick Hensley AMATEUR 50 & OVER SPECIALTY 1. Above The Line Brad Spivey 2. Cash’s Bold And Fresh Virginia Counts 3. Heartline Sam Sorrell 4. Jose’s Knight Pam Ingraham 5. High Jacked Dr. Jim Baum

Patricia Spivey Carroll&VirginiaCounts Sam Sorrell Richard Greer Dr. Jim Baum

TWO YEAR OLD STALLIONS & GELDINGS 1. Brain Power Bobby Hugh 2. Firestone Black Ritz Danny Burks 3. All American Jazzman Michael Daniel 4. I’m Country Strong Justin Jenne 5. An Eclipse Rockie McCoy

Rising Star Ranch Steve & Shelley Bridges Tina Smith Justin Jenne Carrie Benedict

AMATEUR FOUR YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1. Big Time Poison Jamie “Red”Etheredge 2. The Major Titleist

Ginger Simpson

Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Etheredge Jackie Daniel

WHTA LADIES AUXILIARY 1. One Bad Hombre 2. Royal Fortune 3. George Clooney 4. I’m A Hustler

Susan Coleman Heather Beard Rhea Ellen Webb Jacquelyn Elliott

JoAnn Dowell Heather Beard Fred Allred Jack Heffington

AGED OPEN SPECIALTY 1. Absolute Proof` 2. Country And Famous 3. The Chorus Line 4. Sweet Thang 5. Front Gate

Bill Callaway Mickey McCormick Scotty Brooks Travis Craft Winky Groover

Ricky Young Rick & Marla Lovett Gene Davis Ronnie West Winky&SheilaGroover

AMATEUR THREE YEAR OLD STALLIONS & GELDINGS 1. Just Bet The Line Libby Doub David & Libby Doub 2. Memphis Mafia Gail Walling Judy McDonald 3. Gin Rio Becky Coleman Madeleine Coleman 4. The Crimson Sky Ashley Case Judy & Ashley Case Page 14 / The Scoop

5. My Shot

Jamie “Red” Etheredge

Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Etheredge

DELTA FALL CLASSIC THREE YEAR OLD STALLIONS AND GELDINGS WHTA 201 RIDERS CUP 1. Knock Em Ted Travis Craft Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Farris 2. Pure Jazz Phillip Trimble Ashtyn Claire Brown 3. The Ringer Michael Daniel Tina Smith 4. Superbowl Star John Allan Callaway Bill Webb 5. Hard By The Yard Jackie Byrom Vick Etheridge AMATEUR FOUR YEAR OLD STALLIONS AND GELDINGS 1.Ritzs Big Dipper Heidi McWilliams Jim & Heidi McWilliams 2. Jose’s Dr Pepper Lucky Collins Don & Lucky Collins 3.Chris Crossed Sherri Deitz Ward Dietz & Womack 4. The Gambino Paul Hankins Paul & Luann Hankins TWHNC WALKING HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP WHTA 2012 RIDERS CUP 1.George W. McClintock Brock Tillman Rick & Marla Lovett 2.Mr. Sam Houston Travis Craft Dale & Wilda Barnes 3.Skywatch’s Masterpiece Bill Callaway Bill Hill 4.Leavenworth Todd Claborn MariAnna Mitchell 5.Arm’s Deal For Real Winky Groover Rising Star Ranch

Allison Thorson showed Marino to the blue in the Amateur Three Year Old Mares and Geldings class for Thorsport, Inc.

Walter Krauth and son met his daughter, Macy, after her Youth 11 & Under win with She’s A Silver Lady.

Bedford County 4-H Club Horse Show

Libby Doub made an exciting ride to claim the blue in a great class walking out with top honors in the Amateur Three Year Old class aboard Just Bet The Line.

Robert Cortner did a great job riding A Show Of Jazz in the Youth Ponies class for the Cortner family to claim the blue.

Dollar’s Big And Rich and Wes Hendrick made a great show to claim the blue. His girlfriend, Ashley, along with his trainer, Scotty Brooks, congratulated this team.

Rosser Wall’s entry, Nine Dangerous Yards, won the 15.2 & Under class with Joe Cotten in the irons. Emily Cotten, Andrea Baker, Diana Bowers, Chad and Katie Cotten along with Colby Cotten congratulate the team.

Bobby Hugh made a great ride aboard Rising Star Ranch’s entry, Brain Power, in the Two Year Old Stallions and Geldings class.

Patty Marek topped one of the largest classes of the evening aboard Rosetta Stone. This team won the Amateur Ladies Specialty class. The Scoop / Page 15

Bedford County 4-H Club Horse Show

Virgina Stewart was very proud of Tim Smith and Jose’s Ritzy Hawk for winning the Three Year Old Mares and Geldings class at the Bedford 4-H horse show.

Lucky Collins won the Amateur Show Pleasure class on Simply Thrilling. A large fan club came out to celebrate the win!

Brenda Carlon made a beautiful performance on her new mount, Nurse Jackie, in the Amateur Two Year Old Mares and Geldings class. Lucky and Don Collins, Heidi McWilliams, Dr. Linda Garrard and John Allan Callaway met the duo.

Charlie Green directed the Joe Rich family entry, Sir Skywatch, to the Four Year Old Mares and Geldings win.

George W. McClintock and Brock Tillman were the Bedford 4-H Champions. Mickey McCormick Stables came out to celebrate the big win with owners, Rick and Marla Lovett.. Page 16 / The Scoop

Bill Callaway made a awless performance to claim the blue aboard Absolute Proof. Mike Young, Ashlyn Avent and wife, Meg Callaway, met the winning team.


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Hicks Selected To Serve As TWHBEA Performance Horse Vice President Lewisburg, TN - The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association is pleased to announce that Mike Hicks, TWHBEA Director from Tennessee, has been selected to serve as Performance Horse Vice President following Tom Kakassy’s resignation from the Executive Committee. Mike brings a wealth of experience and passion for the Tennessee Walking Horse to this position. He has formerly served on the Executive Committee as Enforcement Vice President and he has spent decades enjoying all aspects of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. Mike Hicks has been actively involved in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry for the past 25 years. During this time he has owned broodmares, foals, pleasure and performance horses and has supported all sides of our great breed. Recreation for Mike and his family is usually centered around trail riding or horse shows. Mike’s primary interest has been in breeding and raising foals. Raising his first foal in 1988 and not missing a year since, it has become a passion in his life. In 1997, Mike decided to make the move to Middle Tennessee to take his professional career in the management and breeding of Tennessee Walking Horses to a higher level. He has managed numerous World Champion and World Grand Champion stallions to the public for breeding purposes. Mike currently owns and operates New Horizon Stables in Murfreesboro, Tn which is a full service facility specializing in Stallion services and Mare care. Mike resides in Murfreesboro, TN with his wife Christy and daughter Chelsie.

Walking Horse. He and his wife showed on the Georgia circuit for many years and continued to participate as spectators until his health prohibited him from attending shows. Mrs. Meadows said of her husband, “Tennessee Walking Horses were the love of his life along with his wife of 64 years.

TWHBEA wants to know about your senior Tennessee Walking Horse If you have a Tennessee Walking Horse that’s over 25 that’s still making an impact, TWHBEA would like to know about him or her. We will be running an article in an upcoming issue of the Voice highlighting the activities of some of our senior breed ambassadors. So, if you have a senior Tennessee Walking Horse that you’d like to tell us about, please email their story, and a picture if possible, to Voice Staff Writer Sarah Gee at


James M. Meadows - Obituary James M. Meadows –MACON, GA - Graveside services for Mr. James M. Meadows, 87, of Macon who died Tuesday, April 24, 2012 will be held at 3:30 P.M. on Wednesday in ElSharath Cemetery in Twiggs County with Rev. Perry Porter officiating. -Mr. Meadows was born in Bleckley County, the son of the late Hezzie and Josie Graham Meadows. He had lived in Macon for the past 66 years. He was owner/operator of the Barn Feed & Seed Company and the Handi-Chek Food Company. He was a member of Tattnall Square Baptist Church of Macon. He was a Mason, Shriner and Scottish Rite member. He was a veteran of W.W.II serving in the U.S. Army where he received the Purple Heart. He was preceded in death by two sisters, Essie Lou Skipper and Montine Moore. -Survivors include his wife of 64 years, Murriel Moore Meadows of Macon; daughters, Margie (Rob) Hicks and Daphne (Allen) Hobbs; son, Jim Meadows; sister, Pauline (James) Rozier; six grandchildren and six great grandchildren. -In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Pine Point Hospice, 6261 Peake Road, Macon, GA 31210. -The family may be contacted at the residence in Macon and will meet friends one hour before the service in ElSharath Baptist Church Social Hall. -Fisher Funeral Home of Cochran has charge of arrangements.

Spencer Benedict Stables is pleased to announce that they will continue to stand World Grand Champion, The Whole Nine Yards. Breedings will be by share holder only. The shares are held by the Group of Nine. The Group of Nine has expressed their appreciation to former owners, Bob and Luanne Sigman. For the Group of Nine, owning and standing such a popular and beautiful WGC is a real honor.

Mr. Meadows was a life-long owner and lover of the Tennessee

Please visit www.spencerbenedict stables. com for further information

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Florence Charity Horse Show Timmonsville, SC April 20-21, 2012 Judge Alan Price

Open Three Year Old 1-Its Gameday 2-Hes Luke The Drifter 3-Its My Chance

Country Pleasure Specialty 1-Encores Bachelor 2-Champagne Shade

Kayla Knight MeMe Anderson

Heiden & Wells MeMe Anderson

Trail Pleasure Youth Specialty 1-Lareinas Shade Of Silver

MeMe Anderson

Leon Rembert

TWHBEA WHAT Youth Challenge MeMe Anderson 1-n/a

MeMe Anderson

Model Open 1-How Dare You 2-Americas Major Debt 3-Acapulco 4-Ebs Buckaroo Babe 5-Ebs Carolina Charm 6-Lareinas Shade Of Silver

Milly Player Darrin Sisk Amanda Dickerson Tammy Farmer Patricia Hiott Luci Anderson

Milly Player Doris Penick Sunset Farms Tammy Farmer Patricia Hiott Leon Rembert

Two Year Old Open 1-Heartbeats Spirit

Sam Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Larry McLaughlin

Park Pleasure Western Open Specialty Debbie Wells Heiden & Wells 1-Cmon Turn Me Loose 2-The Superman Bobbie Blankenship Jody Livingston Youth 11 & Under 1-Joses Special Edition

Eaddy Gamble

Trail Pleasure Adult Specialty 1-Im Sergio Garcia 2-Highway Patrol 3-Hello Maybelline 4-Ebs Buckaroo Babe 5-Olympic Skywalker 6-Lareinas Shade Of Silver 7-Ebs Carolina Charm 8-Copy Cats Mistress

Amanda Dickerson Christy Conway Toni Strickland Tammy Farmer Laurie Coats Tanya Strickland Patricia Hiott Erin Riddick

Sunset Farms Christy Conway Toni Strickland Tammy Farmer Chris & Laurie Coats Leon Rembert Brent & Patricia Hiott Erin Riddick

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1-Fear Or No Fear 2-Freako Chico 3-Wonderful Cash

Jordan Dean Graceann White MeMe Anderson

Proc & Mona Dean The Billy White Family Leon Rembert

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Gamble

SCWHA Ladies Auxiliary Members Only Specialty Sara Sheffield 1-Hes Black As Night 2-Im The Dark Knight JoAnne Overstreet 3-Color Me Not Mary Ann Adams

Tony & Sara Sheffield Kevin Overstreet Larry Adams

Amateur Gentlemen Specialty 1-Dollar On Fire

Leon Rembert

Leon Rembert

Lite Shod Western Specialty 1-Little Dumas 2-The Colors Of Northstar 3-Summer Wishes 4-Texas Millionaire

C.B. Daughtridge Laurie Coats MeMe Anderson Deirdre Clements

C.B. Daughtridge Chris & Laurie Coats MeMe Anderson Toni Strickland

Sam Martin Cliff & Norma Rivers Hank Tindal Lowell Locklear David Polk Jada Polk

Lite Shod English Open Specialty Amanda Dickerson 1-Acapulco 2-Big Time Grand C.B. Daughtridge 3-The Colors Of Northstar Laurie Coats 4-Summer Wishes MeMe Anderson

Sunset Farms C.B. Daughtridge Chris & Laurie Coats MeMe Anderson

Pro Am Or Amateur and Amateur 1-Armed With Grandeur Overstreet & Tindal Janice Plyler 2-Hes Out A Sight Tyler Hege & Leon Rembert Heiden & Wells 3-Pushin That Pride Curtis Thompson & Blake Drew Blake Drew Adult Amateur Pony Specialty 1-Steve Nash 2-The Carolina Girl 3-Joses Dark N Stormy

Jimmy Sauls Billie DeArmond Judy Griggs

Jimmy Sauls Billie DeArmond Judy Griggs

Park Pleasure English Open Specialty Debbie Wells 1-Cmon Turn Me Loose 2-Grandy Garcia Kathy Jamison 3-Im John Henry Toni Strickland 4-Kodys Hurricane Warning Keith Bryant

Heiden & Wells Atkinson & Jamison Over the Hill Farm C.B. Daughtridge

Two Year Old Amateur 1-Our First Fortune

Johnny & Marsha Hewitt

Jennifer Hall

Show Pleasure Open Specialty Kayla Knight 1-High Rock

Heiden & Wells

Amateur 50 & Over Specialty 1-Ritz On The Corner 2-Beretta MaMa

Ginger Hartlein Kerry DeArmond

Ginger Harlein Billie & Kerry DeArmond

Open Four Year Old Specialty 1-John F K’s John Boy

Rae Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Larry McLaughlin

Park Performance Amateur Specialty Kayla Knight Heiden & Wells 1-Ms Hissy Fit 2-The Ultimate Goose Toni Strickland Toni Strickland Perry Hastings Howard & Teresa Bellamy 3-Pushin Miss Emily 4-Dr Ritz Carlton Kristen McWilliams James & Dawn Payne AOT Specialty 1-The Gamecock 2-Beauty Line 3-Urban Cowboy 4-Wango Tango

Curtis Thompson Kelly Peeler Kerry DeArmond Laurie Coats

SCWHA Members Only Amateur Specialty 1-Jumpin The Border Emma Lee Cannon 2-Zing Zang Leon Rembert 3-Commanding Gold Kerry DeArmond 4-Go Ahead Evil Pam Smith 5-Jazz Prince Kevin Overstreet

Thompson & Livingston Joe Manis Billie & Kerry DeArmond Chris & Laurie Coats Emma Lee Cannon Heiden & Wells Billie & Kerry DeArmond Judy Griggs Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Overstreet

Amateur Ladies Specialty 1-Bos Shenia Rose

Toni Strickland

Jill Peavy Sara Sheffield Milly Player

Sharpe & Strickland Jill Peavy Tony & Sara Sheffield Milly Player

Amateur Championship 1-Prides Lady Dia 2-Highway Willie

Beverly McLeod Tyler Hege

Ed McLeod Bartholomew & Hege

2-Rocky Marciano 3-Jose Sure Thing 4-Rhythm N Rain

Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty 1-Willie Stargell Jill Peavy 2-Mr Houston Billy White 3-Texas Keelu Christy Conway 4-Im Indy Jones Ginger Hartlein 5-Starstrucks Banner Leah Johnson 6-Sunfires Sun Dancer Judy Griggs 7-Pushers Hot Item Tanya Strickland

Jill Peavy The Billy White Family Christy Conway Ginger Hartlein Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Johnson Judy Griggs Brian & Tanya Strickland

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty 1-Jose Today Ginger Hartlein 2-Bad Behaven Bingo Billie DeArmond

Ginger Hartlein Maurice DeArmond

Amateur Four Year Old 1-Under The Gun 2-Jackie Bouvier All Over 3-My American Honey 4-Sittin On A Ritz 5-A Strong Defense

Park Pleasure Specialty Championship 1-Grandy Garcia Jackie Atkinson 2-Cmon Turn Me Loose Debbie Wells

Atkinson & Jamison Heiden & Wells

Greg McMillan Branham & Hall Teresa Kincaid Jimmy Sauls Brook Ellen Cannon

Open Championship Canter 1-Watts Zone 2-Santanas Bedazzled 3-Between The Hedges

Deanna Polk Alan Gibbons Dr. David Brown

Greg McMillan Jennifer Hall Madison Holloway Jimmy Sauls Emma Lee Cannon

Lite Shod Specialty Championship 1-Little Dumas Kathy Jamison C.B. Daughtridge 2-Acapulco Amanda Dickerson Sunset Farms

David Polk Hank Tindal Sam Martin

TheScoop Scoop/ Page / Page19 The

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The Scoop / Page 25

Page 26 / The Scoop

MWHA Classic Horse Show

McConnell and Up For Parole win Mississippi Classic Holly Springs, MS - On Saturday, April 21, 2012, the Mississippi Walking Horse Association (MWHA) hosted the MWHA Classic at the Marshall County Agri-Center in Holly Springs, MS. The Honorable Tony Mercer of Bell Buckle, TN marked the cards for the 31 class event, which started at 5:00 p.m. There were more than 170 entries for the night. This show was a triple point show for MWHA members. Show officials included: Joy Smith, Show Manager; Suzie Frank, Secretary;

Organist,Charles Ritchie; Announcer, Doug Farley; Ringmaster, Mike Farley; Paddock Master, Jimmy Carnathan; and Show Photographer, Sid Abernathy. In addition to blue ribbons, class winners were awarded medallions. The grand finale of the show had the crowd on their feet and shouting for their favorite. When the dust settled, Jimmy McConnell and Up For Parole wore the blue on their bridle as they made the victory pass for owners, Robert and Janelle Jones. Casey Wright

and Jail Time took the red ribbon for Sammy and Gayle Cagle. Third in the good class went to The Thug and Dick Peebles for Luckey and Kay Easterling. The fourth place tie was Main Sweetie and Phillip Trimble for James and Peggy Vernon. Rounding out this outstanding class was Abstract. Link Webb was in the irons for Leland McDougal. Please visit the SCOOP’s FREE website at for full coverage of recent events and walking horse news.

MWHA Classic Grand Champions, Up For Parole and Jimmy McConnell, are met by proud owners, Robert and Janelle Jones, and members of Formac Stables. The Scoop / Page 27


Akkeil Thomas

YOUTH 11 & UNDER 1-Free To Score 2-Primes Jump Jiven 3-Masquerading Grey Ghost 4-The Cleansweep

Maggie Kail Claudia Gribble Lindsey Brady Destin O’Bryant

THE BILL & KAREN BEAN HORSEN AROUND RANCH FIVE YEAR OLD & OVER MARES & GELDINGS SPECIALTY WHTA 2012 RIDERS’ CUP 1-Like A Rolling Stone Link Webb Rolling Hills Farm 2-One Fine Line Jimmy McConnell Kimble & Madeline Tew 3-Miss Midnight Rider Philip Trimble Ramsey Bullington 4-Major Frivolous Michael Wright Sammy Gayle Cagle 5-Shoot to Thrill Dick Peebles Robert Taylor 6-I am a Skywatch Percy Lewis George Bryson Maggie Kail Claudia Gribble Kaylee Payne Junior Wise

THE ANDEW WAITES FAMILY TWO YEAR OLD STALLIONS WHTA 2012 RIDERS’ CUP 1-Cheat Sheet Dan Waddell Gail McConnell 2-Master Of Jazz Opus Edgar Abernathy Dr. Tommy & Pat Vinson 3-Titleist Delight Dick Peebles 4J Land & Cattle Co. 4-I’m High in the Sky Bradley Parker Stephanie Elliott 5-Stroking with Titleist Casey Wright J. Fred Johnson 6-Rave at Sunrise Dale Watts Eric & Jimmy McDonald WEANLING AND YEARLING 1-Special for You David Smith

Dr. John Lay

AMATEUR THREE YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS 1-Sheza Gamer Shannon Stepp 2-Charmers Caretaker Kyle Clayton 3-Lady Bertha Josh Wright 4-She’s a Homewrecker Heather Johnstone 5-Lethal Joselita Pat Vinson

Shannon Stepp Wayne Clayton Henderson Colts Heather Johnstone Dr. Tommy & Pat Vinson

SHOW PLEASURE AMATEUR 1-TheGinWasPoisonedbyGin Taylor Walters 2-Jubilee’s Awesome Dream Shannon Cotter 3-Jazz Zone Ben Moss 4-She’s Armed and Liberated Richard Donner 5-What a Showboat Morgan Mooningham

Louise Lyons Ed & Shannon Cotter Carney & Moss Dianne Donner Larry & Pat Doyle

TWHBEA THREE YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS WHAT 2012 RIDERS’ CUP 1-Cash Sweep Bradley Parker Stephanie Elliott 2-Going to a Specialist Philip Trimble James & Peggy Vernon 3-Charmers Caretaker Link Webb Wayne Clayton 4-Grace Williams Dick Peebles 4J Land & Cattle Co. 5-Sweeper Casey Wright Darla Olive 6-Teddy Jane Dale Watts Brett & Lisa Jones AOT SPECIALTY 1-Wayne Gretzky 2-The Major Flair 3-Splash of Silver 4-Dollar

Jimmy Wheeler Ronnie Stanfill Joe Clift Jarvis Sandridge

LOCAL COUNTRY PLEASURE 1-Hawks Red Bull Morgan McClure 2-Shimmer Betty Murphy 3-Ideal Jazz Punkie Stewart 4-Petes Moon Walker Bradley Burroughs 5-Mystic Voltage Edgar Abernathy Sr.

Jimmy Wheeler Stanfill Stables Joe & Saundra Clift Ira Sandridge John Dicken Danny & Betty Murphy Stewart & Hodges Anne Osborne Debbie Abernathy

AMATEUR FOUR YEAR OLD MARES AND GELDINGS 1-Hello Cutie Gayla Kail Jada Kail 2-Tee Ball Joel Stewart Joel & Linda Stewart 3-I’m Sky High Jose Scott Tew Darrell & Donna Thompson 4-Giddy On Up Taylor Walters Molly Walters 5-He’s Lonestar Edith Dilday Jimmy & Edith Dilday

Page 28 / The Scoop

Gayla Kail and Hello Cutie are met by husband, Ben, and family after their win in the Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings class. MODEL 1-The Prestige Ronnie Rushing Rushing Creek Walkers 2-Top Gun at the Ritz Linda Morrow Linda Morrow 3-I’m a Coppertone Girl Susan Shelton Rushing Creek Walkers 4-Opps Dream Maker Becky Gilmer T & T Farm 5-Ideal Jazz Punkie Stewart Stewart & Hodges AMATEUR PONIES 1-The Colonel Reb 2-Mark Zone 3-Raise A Ruckus

Taylor Walters Lora Lawrence Becky Gilmer

Molly Walters Lora Lawrence Gilmer & Koszuta

KEITH & LORRAINE ROSBURY DON DIEGO TWO YEAR OLD MARES & GELDINGS WHAT 2012 RIDERS’ CUP 1-Unwavering Michael Wright Bill & Debbie Woods 2-A Spicy Kiss of Cash Josh Watts J Parker Watts 3-I’m Nicki Minaj Edgar Abernathy Ella Abernathy 4-New York Look Dan Waddell Gail McConnell PARK PLEASURE 1-Fog at the Ritz 2-Struts Bandit 3-It’s Just Cash 4-Angels Bad Whiskey 5-3 Dollars

Abbey Fleming Ann Forrester Blair McKay Patty Lang Percy Lewis

AMATEUR FOUR YEAR OLD STALLIONS 1-The Shut Out Taylor Walters 2-Q Gin Darren Jones 3-The Super Specialist Dr. John Lay

Jim Upchurch Ann Forrester Blair McKay Patty Lang George Bryson Molly Walters Yates & Jones Dr. John Lay

THE MOLLY WALTERS FAMILY FOUR YEAR OLD OPEN WHTA 2012 RIDERS’ CUP 1-Yankee Girl Michael Wright Dr. Les McGowan 2-Ritz Special Philip Trimble James & Peggy Vernon

MWHA Classic Horse Show LADIES AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1-Olympic Godfather Stephanie Carter 2-Kody’s Dixie Chick Brenda McAdory 3-Powers On Dee Dee Speakman 4-Twisted Chief Joyce Brady 5-Jose’s Drama Queen Jackie Crowson

Barry Carter Family Buster & Brenda McAdory Warner Speakman Joyce Brady Larry and Pat Doyle

QUALITY EXTERIORS 15.2 AND UNDER OPEN CANTER WHTA 2012 RIDERS’ CUP 1-Miss Sharon Stone Eddie Barclay Noel and Robin Botsch 15.2 AND UNDER AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1-I’m Silver Too Kit Caldwell 2-Jose Whole Shabang Darren Jones

Kit Caldwell Darren & Viki Jones

DELTA FALL CLASSIC THREE YEAR OLD STALLIONS WHTA 2012 RIDERS’ CUP 1-Jose’s Bambino Casey Wright Bill & Debbie Jones 2-Ruckus Razon Dale Watts Jim Roberts 3-Diamond Titleist Jimmy McConnell Diane Donner 4-Sweetner Philip Trimble Bobby Belew 5-Oops He’s Back in Black Link Webb Holly Sanders

Chip Whittington and Shannon Stepp congratulate Taylor Walters and The Colonel Reb after their win in the Amateur Pony class.

YOUTH PONIES 1-Clown Around Town 2-Pushing the Gen 3-Pushin Tunica 4-Jayvees Ritz

Hailey Brady Mary Elizabeth Wright Ashlynn Crowson Karlan Denley

Hailey Brady Joanne Dempsey Larry and Pat Doyle Karlan Denley

Noel Botsch Ben Moss

Noel & Robin Botsch Carney and Moss

YOUTH 12-17 SPECIALTY 1-Gangsters Hit Man Austin Roebuck 2-He’s Shot in the Dark Lauren Brady

Austin Roebuck Jerry Payne

AMATEUR CANTER 1-Dangerous Jazz 2-Arms Dealer

AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1-Paroled From San Quenton 2-Jazz Talkin 3-Shakin for Cash 4-The Ultra Jose 5-Mr. Stonewall Jackson

Ann Rea Renee Montgomery Kimble & Madeline Tew Ronnie Stanfill George Moore

TWHNC WALKING HORSE STAKE WHTA 2012 RIDERS’ CUP 1-Up For Parole Jimmy McConnell Robert & Janelle Jones 2-Jail Time Casey Wright Sammy & Gayle Cagle 3-The Thug Dick Peebles Kay & Luckey Easterling 4-Main Sweetie Philip Trimble James & Peggy Vernon 5-Abstract Link Webb Leland McDougal

Ann Rea Renee Montgomery Scott Tew Ronnie Stanfill George Moore

TRAIL PLEASURE ENGLISH & WESTERN 1-She’s Loose & Armed Amanda Walker 2-MG Magee Sherry Patton 3-Extras Cashmere Danny Murphy 4-She’s Really Jazzy Cordilia Aldridge 5-Superiority Ann Forrester

George & Amanda Walker Sherry Patton Chandler Farms Cordilia Aldridge Ann Forrester

AMATEUR THREE YEAR OLD STALLIONS 1-Cougar Tommy Vinson 2-I’m Einstein Junior Wise 3-National Hero Taylor Walters 4-Sir Ritz of Rohan Denise Maples

Dr. Tommy & Pat Vinson Jerry Payne Molly Walters Denise Maples

PRO AM SPECIALTY 1-Ruben Goldstein 2-Push Me Bold 3-Jammin for Keeps

Ray Gilmer & Pat Sewell Sewell & Katz Koda Downs & Anne Whiteside Anne Whiteside Casey Wright & Mary Ruth Wright Joanne Dempsey

TWO YEAR OLD AMATEUR 1-Oh Too Cool Ben Moss 2-Dollars from Down Under Scott Tew 3-The Elegant Ritz Carol Shelton

Casey & Moss Dick Peebles Steve & Carol Shelton

PARK PERFORMANCE 1-I’m Pushed Enough 2-Avengers Lady Threat 3-She’s Grand Enough 4-I’m Bold & Beautiful 5-Charge Me a Dollar

Ronnie Cockerham John Cabe Sheila Lee Gale Myers Bonnie McGee

Ronnie Cockerham John Cabe Percy Lewis Gale Myers Bonnie McGee

Johnny Cabe, a member of the Webb Stables crew, stops to pose with Like A Rolling Stone after he and trainer, Link Webb (not pictured), claim the Five Years & Over Mares & Geldings Specialty class. The Scoop / Page 29

MWHA Classic Horse Show

Proud parents pose with daughter, Gayla, after her blue ribbon ride aboard Hello Cutie.

Fog At The Ritz and Abby Fleming made an impressive show to capture the blue in the Park Pleasure class. They are met by family and members of Southern Serenity Ranch.

Owners, Bill and Debbie Woods, Casey Wright, and members of Wright Stables meet Unwavering after he captured the Two Year Old Open Mares & Geldings class with Michael Wright (not pictured).

Dr. Bill Sewell and Bart Gilmer congratulate Pat Sewell and Ruben Goldstein after their win with trainer, Ray Gilmer (not pictured) in the Pro-Am class.

Taylor Walters and The Shut Out, Four Year Old Stallions champions, are met by trainer, Jimmy McConnell, Duge, and Braxton Waddell.v Page 30 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 31

MWHA Classic Horse Show

Four Year Old Open champions, Yankee Girl and Michael Wright, are met by owners, Dr. Les McGowan, and members of Wright Stables.

Olivia, Dale, and Blair Watts congratulate Dr. Ann Rea and Paroled From San Quenton after their win in the Amateur Specialty class. This was one of the largest classes of the night.

Vicky and Fred Benjamin congratulate an excited Amanda Walker after her win aboard She’s Loose And Armed in the Trail Pleasure class. Page 32 / The Scoop

Austin Roebuck and Gangster’s Hitman are met by Austin’s father, his trainer, Jerry Woodlee, and brother, Justin, after winning the Youth 1217 Specialty class.

Pat Vinson, Chip Whittington, and Taylor Walters congratulate Amateur Three Year Old Stallions champions, Dr. Tommy Vinson and Cougar.

Ronnie Cockerham and I’m Pushed Enough took home the blue in the Park Performance class. They are met by family, trainer, Fred Dillon, and Amanda Walker.

MWHA Classic Horse Show

Blair, Olivia, and trainer, Dale Watts, and Ron Carney greeted Oh Too Cool and Ben Moss after they added another blue to their resume in the Two Year Old Amateur division.

Stephanie Carter and Olympic’s Godfather were the Ladies Amateur Specialty champions. They are met by her parents, Barry and Sharon Carter, and members of Abernathy Stables.

Haley Brady and Clown Around Town are met by dad, Larry Brady, and fans from Abernathy Stables after an impressive win in the Youth Pony class.

Owners, Bill and Debbie Woods, and members of Wright Stables greeted Jose’s Bambino after Casey Wright (not pictured) directed the talented three year old to the winner’s circle.

I’m Silver Too and Kit Caldwell made the victory pass in the Amateur 15.2 & Under Specialty class. They are joined by Pam Betts, Howard and Jenna Hamilton.

Noel Botsch and Dangerous Jazz are met by Eddie Barclay after their win in the Amateur Canter class. The Scoop / Page 33

Page 34 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 35

Celebration Versatility Series


Versatility Series off to a Great Start!

SHELBYVILLE, TNThe second show of the Celebration Versatility Series was held at Joe Fleming Stables on April 21, 2012 with 37 classes which were divided into two sessions. Over 100 entries braved the unusually chilly weather to compete. The show was aďŹƒliated with SHOW HIO, and judged by the Honorable Ross Campbell of Cullman, AL. TWHBEA Versatility Rules applied to the versatility classes. The ďŹ rst session started at 5:00 P.M. with obstacle, reining and showmanship classes. The evening classes started at 6 P.M. and had classes for in-hand, equitation, country pleasure, lite shod, trail pleasure and classic park pleasure. Everyone had a great time at the show. The SCOOP congratulates all the participants and invites you to visit our FREE website at The remaining shows in the series are: May 19th June 16th July 14th August 11th September 15th October 20th

Page 36 / The Scoop

Starry Eyes and Shelli Mehaffey made the victorious blue ribbon ride for owner, Sally Reiley.

Celebration Versatility Series CELEBRATION VERSATILITY JOE FLEMING STABLES SHELBYVILLE, TN APRIL 21, 2012 OBSTACLE TRAIL ADULT 1-Miss Teen USA Leighanne Tibbs 2-Pushin Some Black Jazz Shelli Mchaffey

Leighanne Tibbs Shelli Mchaffey

OBSTACLE TRAIL 4-H No entries OBSTACLE TRAIL YOUTH 1-Jazz & Dazzle Lacy Reynolds

Judy Moore

SHOWMANSHIP YOUTH 1-Caprices Lady Gen Alexis King

Berry Coffey Estate

ACADEMY 9-11 FLAT SHOD SPECIALTY 1-Black Devil Collector Haison Hopkins 2-Heavenly Reward Luke Keller

Barbara Civils Cheryl Waid

TRAIL PLEASURE 4 & UNDER 2 GAIT OPEN 1-Miss Lady Antebellum Evan Morgan 2-Stars Aligned Justus Carter 3-Nandina Charlie Moore 4-Tapatio Mackenzie Morgan 5-Good Ole Rocky Top B.J. Richards

Tamara Hader Kathy Anderson Dr. Bobbie Uttermark Doug Toone Gladney Farm

SHOWMANSHIP 4-H ONLY No entries IN HAND 1-Jazzmans Legend Judy Moore 2-Generator’s Troubador Allison Smart 3-Sundrop’s Sassafras Bryson Kelly

Judy Moore Cheryl Waid Hollis Kelly

COUNTRY PLEASURE 2 GATE ENGLISH 1-Cowboy On Parole Miles Irby 2-The Red Light District Joe Lester 3-Bo Jr’s Fast Forward Marti Vitulli 4-Chip-N-Dale Bradley Richards

Mike Chiappari Phyllis Langley Marit Vitulli Gladney Farm Dr. John Gladney is awaiting his ride on Good Ole Rocky Top before they won the Trail Pleasure Three Gait class.

ACADEMY 12-17 FLAT SHOD SPECIALTY No entries LITE SHOD 2 GAIT ENGLISH RIDERS’ CUP 1-A Little Mo Jazz Jeff Laughlin 2-Justifiable Laurie Toone 3-Generator’s Troubador Allison Smart 4-Officer Tex B.J. Richards 5-Banner’s Dixie Belle Scot MacGregor EQUITATION 1-Genius Master Plan 2-Caprices Lady Gen 3-Black Devil Collector 4-Encore’s Hytone

Laura Brandon Kasy Kesselring Cheryl Waid Jason Bachert Charles Fulton

Allison Thorson Alexis Waid Haison Hopkins Alexandria Holland

Allison Thorson Berry Coffey Estate Barbara Civils Holland Reynolds

TRAIL PLEASURE 2 GAIT ENGLISH 1-Limelight Legacy Wayne Westbrook 2-Good Ole Rocky Top John Gladney

Wayne Westbrook Gladney Farm

YOUTH COUNTRY PLEASURE 2 GAIT 1-Vigor’s Dixie Chick Allison Thorson 2-Play Toy Hunter Morgan 3-Sundrop’s Sassafras Bryson Kelly 4-Jazz &Dazzle Lacy Reynolds 5-Silver Fare Shelby Mryncza 6-Steppin Louis Armstrong Mackenzie Morgan

Allison Thorson Rhiannon Barker Hollis Kelly Judy Moore Shelby Mryncza Mike Rowland Family

CLASSIC PARK PLEASURE 2 GAIT ENGLISH RIDERS CUP 1-Starry Eyes Shelli Mehaffey Sally Reiley 2-Major Orders Laurie Toone Family Westmark Farm 3-A Fairytale Lynn Macgregor Charles Fulton 4-I’m The Spice Girl Allison Smart Phyllis Langley

4-H ONLY PLEASURE CLASS 2 GAIT 1-Silver Fare Shelby Mryncza

Shelby Mryncza

AOT COUNTRY PLEASURE 2 GAIT 1-Celebrity Jazz Wayne Westbrook 2-Sundrop’s Sassafras Bryson Kelly

Wayne Westbrook Hollis Kelly

WATER GLASS 1-Heavenly Reward 2-Encore’s Hytone

Cheryl Waid Holland Reynolds

Joe Lester Alexandria Holland

LITE SHOD ENGLISH AMATEUR 2 GAIT 1-Music City Jass Laura Brandon 2-Playin Russian Roulette Allison Smart 3-Officer Tex John Gladney

Laura Brandon Keith Waid Jason Bachert

CLASSIC PARK PLEASURE 4 & UNDER 2 GAIT RIDERS CUP 4-I’m Gunpowder And Lead Charlie Moore Randy Baker ACADEMY 8 & UNDER FLAT SHOD SPECIALTY 1-Black Devil Collector Hannah Hollingsworth

Barbara Civils

AOT TRAIL PLEASURE 2 GAIT 1-Corna Gold Sandy Harris

Sandy Harris

YOUTH LITE SHOD 2 GAIT 1-Officer Tex Bradley Richards 2-Dust Bunny Allison Thorson

Jason Bachert Allison Thorson

COUNTRY PLEASURE 4 & UNDER 2 GAIT OPTIONAL TACK 1-Chip-N-Dale Dr. John Gladney Gladney Farm 2-Lucy At The Ritz Miles Irby Bobby Houston 3-Steppin Louis Armstrong Mackenzie Morgan Mike Rowland Family

The Scoop / Page 37

Celebration Versatility Series CLASSIC PARK PLEASURE ENGLISH AMATEUR 2 GAIT 1-Extra Motion Wayne Westbrook Wayne Westbrook 2-I’m Gunpowder And Lead Kathy Baker Randy Baker 3-Caprices Lady Gen Alexis King Berry Coffey Estate 4-Jazzmans Legion Judy Moore Judy Moore ACADMEY CANTER 1-Caprices Lady Gen

Kim King

Barry Coffey Estate

TRAIL PLEASURE 4 & UNDER 2 GAIT AMATEUR 1-Stars Aligned Kathy Anderson 2-Tapatio Macgenzie Morgan 3-Watchin For The Storm Jennifer Bingham 4-Bucephalus Intimidator Mason Gassaway 5-Oops Betty Oops Miles Irby

Kathy Anderson Doug Toone Renee Stasiewicz Seven Oaks Stables Marsha Coffee

LITE SHOD 4 & UNDER 2 GAIT RIDERS CUP 1-A Little Mo Jazz Jeff Laughlin 2-Smokin’ The Line Laurie Toone 3-Arriba Allison Smart 4-Gimme Solidarity Stephanie Richardson

Laura Brandon Tamera Hader Maggie Moore Angie Runnies

COUNTRY PLEASURE 3 GAIT OPTIONAL TACK 1- Bo Jr’s Fast Forward Marti Vitulli 2-Black Devil Collector Alexis King 3-Jazz & Dazzle Judy Moore

Marti Vitulli Barbara Civils Judy Moore

AOT LITE SHOD 2 GAIT OPTIONAL TACK 1-Razzle Me Dazzle Sandy Harris 2-Gimme Solidarity Stephanie Richardson

Sandy Harris Angie Runnies

TRAIL PLEASURE WESTERN 2 GAIT 1-Mamacita Sarah Frisbie 2-Watchin For The Storm Jennifer Bingham 3-Encore’s Hytone Alexandria Holland 4-Good Ole Rocky Top John Gladney 5-Bucephalus Intimidator Mason Gassaway

Mila Long Renee Stasiewicz Holland Reynolds Gladney Farm Seven Oaks Stables

LITE SHOD WESTERN 2 GAIT RIDERS CUP 1-Music City Jass Jeff Laughlin 2-Justifiable Laurie Toone 3-Officer Tex Tommy Loid III

Laura Brandon Kasy Kesselring Jason Bachert

YOUTH TRAIL PLEASURE 2 GAIT OPITIONAL TACK 1-Miss Lady Antebellum Mackenzie Morgan Tamera Hader 2-Sleipnir Allison Thorson Allison Thorson 3-Good Ole Rocky Top Bradley Richards Gladney Farm 4-Silver Fare Shelby Mryncza Shelby Mryncza CLASSIC PARK PLEASURE 3 GAIT ENGLISH 1-A Fairytale Scot MacGregor 2-Caprices Lady Gen Alexis King

Charles Fulton Barry Coffey Estate

COUNTRY PLEASURE WESTERN 2 GATE 1-Cowboy On Parole Miles Irby 2-The Red Light District Joe Lester 3-Ring The Bell Leighanne Tibbs 4-Chip-N-Dale Dr. John Gladney 5-Encore’s Hytone Alexandria Holland

Mike Chiaparri Phyllis Langley Abby Stroud Gladney Farm Holland Reynolds

ACADEMY WESTERN SPECIALTY FLAT SHOD 1-Caprices Lady Gen Haison Hopkins 2-Black Devil Collector Hannah Hollingsworth

Berry Coffey Estate Barbara Civils

LITE SHOD 3 GAIT OPTIONAL TACK 1-Banner’s Dixie Bell Scot MacGregor 2-Music City Jass Jeff Laughlin 3-Officer Tex Tommy Loid III

Charles Fulton Laura Brandon Jason Bachert

TRAIL PLEASURE 3 GAIT OPTIONAL TACK 1-Good Ole Rocky Top B.J. Richards 2-Corna Gold Sandy Harris

Gladney Farms Sandy Harris

LITE SHOD WESTERN 2 GAIT AMATEUR 1-Playin Russian Roulette Joe Lester 2-Officer Tex Bradley Richards

Keith Waid Jason Bachert

Miles Irby took the blue ribbon on Cowboy On Parole in the Country Pleasure Western Two Gait class.

Wallace and Laura Brandon are enjoying themselves at the ringside. Page 38 / The Scoop

Celebration Versatility Series Paulette Ewing and Sandy Harris are enjoying the show.

Rhonda Thorson and Genius Master Plan are awaiting Allison’s class.

Dr. Judy Moore and Jazz & Dazzle are anticipating the color blue.

The Scoop / Page 39

Page 40 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 41

URHOEA Walking and Racking Spring Show White Pine, TN- The United Racking Horse Owners’ and Exhibitors’ Association kicked off the East Tennessee show season with their annual URHOEA Walking and Racking Spring Horse Show on April 21-22 at the Walter State Expo Center in White Pine, TN. The entries for this show were down from years past due to the attendance of the USDA and VMO Ernest Johnson. The show roster for this year’s event contained 56 classes with a mix of walking, racking and pacing. Judging this year’s event was Randy Young for the walking, Phil Snodgrass for the racking, and Randy Messer for the pacing . Bill Daughtry, Jr. handled all the announcing duties while Photos by Nat and Natasha Douglas caught all the action on film. Doug Trent was also on hand for any farrier needs. The SCOOP extends its congratulations to the participants and to the show management. We look forward to a great show in 2013. Please visit our FREE website at

Donnie Jones and Messy Marvin claimed the first place prize in the Amateur URHOEA Stake Championship class.

Don’t Touch My Aspen and Allison Hopkins had a great night winning the blue in the Walking Trail Pleasure class. Jerry Fox and dad, Ben Hopkins, greeted the winners.

Page 42 / The Scoop

Bobbie Jo Koger was thrilled with the performance of A Lady Antebellum and Rodney Koger in the Amateur Four Year Old class.

URHOEA Walking and Racking Spring Show URHOEA Spring Show White Pine, TN April 21-22, 2012 Judges Walking-Randy Young Racking-Phil Snodgrass Pacing-Randy Messer Versatility Model 1-Evil Genius Emma Eversole 2-Hazel Dot Com Elaine Estes 3-Red Feathers Prince Becky Bailey URHOEA Ladies Country Pleasure 1-Surviving Heart Cathy Cummings 2-A Flash Of Choice Chelsi Akers 3-I Am A Gangster Kendra Stone 4-Pistol Packin Mama Erica Hughes 5-Jose’s Sinus Ginger Bartlett

Emma Eversole Elaine Estes Wes & Kathy Norman Cathy Cummings Chelsi Akers Bobby White John Hughes Johnny Gilmer

Walking Juvenile 15-17 Miranda Correll 1-Pushers Astro 2-Miss Jose’s Areba Hunter Hensley

Bill Correll Larry Wheelon

Walking 15.2 Amateur 1-John F K’s RBI Tommy Rivers

Tommy Rivers

URHOEA Trail Pleasure 1-Look To The Stars Taylor Dye 2-Who Am I Kathy Norman 3-Cody’s Trouble Cody Sauceman 4-Spuds Winning Colors Lane Hodges 5-Red Feathers Prince Becky Bailey

Jackie Farrington Kathy Norman Cody Sauceman Jack Sauceman Wes & Kathy Norman

URHOEA Style 1-Duck Walking

Travis Wade

Travis Wade

WALKING OPEN PARK PLEASURE 1-Pusher’s Candy Cane Ben Hopkins

Alex Hopkins

URHOEA Trail Pleasure Juvenile 11 & Under 1-Who Am I Lucas Oliver 2-Cody’s Trouble Alan Bauer 3-Silver’s Lucky Strike Cora Fish 4-Red Feathers Prince Shaunna Norman 5-Lone Mountain Chief Jessica Trent

Wes & Kathy Norman Cody Sauceman Jimmy and Stephanie Fish Wes & Kathy Norman Jessica Trent

URHOEA Versatility Trail Pleasure 1-Encore’s Crown Prince Gina Roberts 2-Red Feathers Prince Becky Bailey 3-Hazel Dot Com Elaine Estes

Isaac Russell Wes & Kathy Norman Elaine Estes

Walking Trail Pleasure 1-Don’t Touch My Aspen Allison Hopkins 2-The Situation Tracie Barron 3-Magic Colors Katie West 4-Just Call Me Duke Dana Holt 5-Vigor’s Power Play Lynn Murray

Jodi Hopkins Barron & Haynes Lynbeth Swanson Dana Holt Lynn Murray

URHOEA Country Pleasure Juvenile 17 & Under 1-She’s Mint To Be Taylor Dye Charlene Dye 2-Jesse Mack Black Magic Jessie Brown Christy Miracle

URHOEA Country Saddle 1-Dutchess Of Whales Amy Yates 2-Deppes Blue Star Ashley Jarnigan 3-Dillion’s Threat Brook McPack 4-Dollar’s Big Man Tonia Blevins 5-Bustin Loose Coal Marta Hill

URHOEA LADIES 18 & OVER 1-Over & Over Dena Forester

Gail Howard

Amy Yates Ashley Jarnigan Brook McPack Tonia Blevins Walnut Ring Stables

URHOEA Versatility Water Glass 1-Encore’s Crown Prince Gina Roberts 2-Red Feathers Prince Becky Bailey 3-Andy’s Buddy Andy Larrimore 4-Hazel Dot Com Elaine Estes

URHOEA Versatility Trail Pleasure 1-Red Feathers Prince Becky Bailey 2-Bobby’s True Faith Josie Smith 3-Hazel Dot Com Elaine Estes 4-Andy’s Buddy Andy Larrimore 5-Ms. Ellusion Chelsi Ackers

Wes & Kathy Norman Josie Smith Elaine Estes Andy Larrimore Chelsi Ackers

Isaac Russell Wes & Kathy Norman Andy Larrimore Elaine Estes

WALKING JUVENILE 11 & UNDER 1-Sunrises Heartbeat Levi Kazee

The Kazee Family

Walking Amateur Four Year Old 1-A Lady Antebellum Rodney Koger

PLEASURE PONY 58” 12 & UNDER 1-Blackie Gracie Trent

Gracie Trent

Bobbi Jo Koger

URHOEA Show Pleasure 1-Sunfires Speckle Lady Barbara Ramsey 2-Final Score’s Libby Matthew Gulley

Barbara Ramsey Bobby Myers

WALKING LITE SHOD OPEN 1-Mister Drysdale Zach Baker

Zach Baker

URHOEA COUNTRY SHOW PLEASURE 1-Ebony’s Big Thrill Bobby White Scottie Lamons 2-Taylor Made 3-Stormy Bay Lon Hodges 4-Jose’s A Threat Ashley Helton 5-The Dollar Beauty Marvin Hall

Bobby White Scottie Lamons Lon Hodges Ashley Helton Marvin Hall

URHOEA Juvenile Trail Pleasure 1-Look To The Stars Taylor Dye Jackie Farrington Emily Jackson Do It Yourself Stables 2-Cody’s Trouble 3-She’s A Rhinestone Cowgirl Miranda Gorrell Miranda Gorrell 4-Evil Genius Emma Eversole Emma Eversole 5-Spirits Black Obsession Shannon Holt Shirley Holt URHOEA Amateur Owned & Trained 1-Messy Marvin Donnie Jones

Donnie Jones

The Scoop / Page 43

URHOEA Walking and Racking Spring Show URHOEA 15.2 Amateur 1-Over & Over Deana Forester

Deana Forester

URHOEA Trail Pleasure Open 1-Look To The Stars Justin Adams 2-Cody’s Trouble Cody Sauceman 3-Who Am I Kathy Norman 4-Dawson Jax Cathy Cummings Erica Hughes 5-Fancy Sue

Jackie Farrington Cody Sauceman Wes & Kathy Norman Cathy Cummings John Hughes

URHOEA Speed Juvenile 13-15 1-Metallica T.J. King 2-Charcole Whiskey Matt Ferguson Roy Shelton 3-Red Bomb 4-Thunder Struck Tony Smith 5-Wild-N-Wicked Jimmy Wampler

Lonesome Pine Farm Tim Ferguson Ray Shelton Rebel Pride Farm Jimmy Wampler

URHOEA Men’s Country Pleasure 1-Surviving Heart Mike Rabon 2-Power’s Medicine Man Bobby White 3-Could Be A Evil Jacob McMahan 4-Sandman Jerry Street 5-The Count Marvin Hall

Cathy Cummings Bobby White Jacob McMahan Jerry Street Marvin Hall

URHOEA JUVENILE STAKE 1-Dollar Overdrawn Emily Jackson

Joe Ford

URHOEA AMATEUR STAKE 1-Messy Marvin Donnie Jones

Donnie Jones

Miranda Correll and Pusher’s Astro took home the winning colors in the Juvenile 15-17.

Ben Hopkins and Pusher’s Candy Cane claimed the blue in the Open Park Pleasure class. Tommy Rivers and John FK’s RBI hit a homerun at their first show in the Amateur 15.2 and Under class.

She’s Mint To Be and Taylor Dye won the Country Pleasure Juvenile 17 & Under class. Page 44 / The Scoop

Lucas Oliver and Who Am I were met by Tracy Oliver and Wes Norman after their victory pass in the URHOEA Trail Pleasure Juvenile 11 & Under class.

URHOEA Walking and Racking Spring Show

Levi Kazee and Sunrise’s Heartbeat rode to the blue in the Juvenile 11 & Under. Trainer, Keith Ailshie, and, big sister, Timi Kazee, were very proud of this duo.

At age four, Gracie Trent and Blackie made a stunning performance for first in the Pony 58” Juvenile 12 & Under.

Mister Drysdale and Zach Backer took the first place tie in the Open Lite Shod class.

Daniel Spoon was the “Heavy Weight” Champion.

Emily Jackson won the URHOEA Juvenile Stake Champion with Dollar Overdrawn. Trainer, Brian Barnhill, met the team.

“Best Buds”, Taylor Strickler and Tori Baxter, enjoyed the evening.

The Scoop / Page 45

Page 46 / The Scoop


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Tennessee Walking Horses of Today Equuine Conference The Unity Committee (TWHBEA, TWHNC, WHOA and WHTA) is pleased to announce its Tennessee Walking Horses of Today Equine Conference (TTEC). The event is designed to benefit show horse owners and trainers and will be held at Embassy Suites and Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, TN on June 29 & 30, 2012. TTEC offers learning and sharing experiences for industry participants combined with good food and fun. Make plans to attend this important forum and take an active role in helping our show horse WALK ON!

The Scoop / Page 47

Page 48 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 49

Places To Be


5-SUMTER COUNTY WALKING HORSE SHOW: Located at Dillon Park in Sumter, SC. For more information contact JoAnne Overstreet at 803-720-7721. 5-WISCONSIN SPING WARM-UPWALWORTH COUNTY FAIR PARK, ELKHORN, WI. Tennessee Walking Horse Pleasure Classes only. Contact Carol Olp .920-725-4455

5- WALTON COUNTY HORSE SHOW, Monroe, GA. 25-28 – GULF COAST CHARITY HORSE SHOW, Panama City Beach, FL. 27-28- THE CUMBERLAND CLASSIC HORSE SHOW, East Tennessee Agricultural Expo Center, Harriman, TN. Contact Connie Holbrook at 615-893-9358 or

11-VFW Ladies Auxiliary Charity Horse Show: Located Greensburg, Kentucky, SHOW MANAGER: JIM CURRY 270-9324067 OR 270-299-6191

11- WEST TENNESSEE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL HORSE SHOW, Chalmus Davenport Arena on Elliott Street, Humboldt, TN. Contact Vicki Benjamin at 28- PEBBLE HILL CHARITY HORSE SHOW, Pebble Hill Plantation, Thomasville, 731-694-5188 or GA. Contact Debbie Guy at dguy@, 229-226-1011 12- NETTLETON LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW, Jimmy D. Rogers Horse Show or 229-977-7221. Arena, Nettleton, MS. Contact Don Rogers at 662-963-3100 (office), 662-231-7764 (cell) or Nan Rogers at 662-963-2341.


12- 45TH ANNUAL BILLIE LANE KING COTTON HORSE SHOW, Edison, GA . Contact Reeves Lane at 229-835-2212. 12- GALLATIN LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW, Sumner County Fairgrounds, Gallatin, TN. Contact Martin Spears at 615364-4006.

4-6- DANIEL POLLACK MEMORIAL HORSE SHOW, Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, Watsonville, CA. 5- 2nd Annual Community Bank Relay For Life HORSE SHOW & 39th ANNUAL UCWHA HIGH POINT SHOW, Hyder Burks Pavilion, Cookeville, TN. For more information, call Lori Love at 931-260-7417. 5- FAITH HAVEN WALKING HORSE SHOW, Lee County Agri-Center, Verona, MS. Contact Jan Carnathan at 662-4014253. Page 50 / The Scoop

19- NORTHEAST GEORGIA SPRING HORSE SHOW, Ken Moore Stables, 837 Warlaw Rd., Hull, GA. Contact Denise Coleman at 706-499-0607 or denise@ 19- TWIN CITIES CLASSIC HORSE SHOW, Phenix City, AL. 19- CELEBRATION VERSATILITY SERIES, TBA, TN. 19 - WALKING FOR CANCER, Bedford County Ag. Center, Shelbyville, TN. Special Pink Ribbon Class! Contact Joni Jenne’ at 931-224-3046.

24-26- SPRING FUN SHOW, Calsonic Arena, Shelbyville, TN. Contact The Celebration at 931-684-5915.

25-26- SAND CREEK “SPRING JUBILEE” FUN SHOW SALE, Sand Creek Farms, Shelbyville, TN. For further information contact Sand Creek Sales at 931-684-1844. 26- MISSISSIPPI STATE WALKING and RACKING HORSE SHOW, Prentiss County Ag Center, Booneville, MS. Contact Linda Roberts at 662-287-1293.


2- 3RD ANNUAL CHAMBERS COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT HORSE SHOW, Lafayette, AL. 2- OHIO-KENTUCKY WHRA HORSE SHOW, Greenup County Fairgrounds, Greenup, KY. Contact Chris Payton at 740357-2654. 2- NESHOBA COUNTY CLASSIC, Neshoba County Coliseum, Philadelphia, MS. Contact Kaye Rowell at 601-656-1000 or Show begins at 5:00PM. 2-WISCONSIN SUMMER JAMBOREE, Walworth County Fair Park, Elkhorn, WI. Tennessee Walking Horse Pleasure Classes only. Contact Carol Olp at 920-725-4455. 5-9- GERMANTOWN CHARITY HORSE SHOW, Germantown Charity Horse Show Grounds, Germantown, TN. Contact the show office at 901-754-0009 or

Places To Be

8 – Lawrenceburg Lions Club 4th Annual Horse Show, Rotary Park, Lawrenceburg, TN. Contact Bobby Belew 931-242-3950 or Greg Johnston 931-242-3957.

22-23- OHIO CLASSIC HORSE SHOW, Springfield, OH. Contact Maria Redmond at 513-608-7058 or

8-9- MICHIGAN LITTLE CELEBRATION, Ingraham County Exposition Center - Mason, MI

23-WISCONSIN SUMMER VERSATILITY SHOW, Walworth County Fair Park, Elkhorn WI. Tennessee Walking Horse Pleasure Classes only. Contact Carol Olp at 920-725-4455.

10- WHOA VERSATILITY HORSE SHOW, Tennessee Tech, Cookeville, TN. Contact WHOA at 615-494-8822, joinwhoa@aol. com or visit 15- SAVANNAH LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW, Hardin County Fairgrounds, Savannah, TN. Contact Neil Smith at 731-925-2848 or 731-425-4715. 15-16-SHELBYVILLE CLASSIC WALKING AND RACKING HORSE SHOW, Racking Celebration Arena, Decatur, Alabama. For information contact Jerry Thacker 864-921-9196 15-16- FAST JUNE JUBILEE, Williamson County AgExpo Center, Franklin, TN. For more information visit www. 16- WHAA SUMMER CLASSIC, Arab Park, Arab, AL. Show begins at 6:00p.m. Contact Joan Kemp at

22- GUNTOWN LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW, Guntown, MS. Contact Doug Farley at 662-891-0633 or email 23- BILLY M. CARY MEMORIAL HORSE SHOW, Huntingdon, TN. 23- GEORGIA EQUINE RESCUE HORSE SHOW, Buckhead, GA. 29-MARION COUNTY HORSE SHOW: Located at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, KY. Contact Stephen Hart at 270692-3458. 30- CHESTER COUNTY LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW, Chester County Fairgrounds, Henderson, TN. 30- CELEBRATION VERSATILITY SERIES, TBA, TN.


The Scoop / Page 51

Page 52 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 53

LUCK PREVAILED AT REELTOWN REELTOWN, AL- The 10th Annual Reeltown Liberty Lions Club Horse Show was held on Saturday, April 21, 2012. The show was affiliated with PRIDE, WHAA and WHTA. The Honorable Jerry Sumners of Shelbyville, TN judged the 37 class event. Bill Carroll served as the ringmaster to assist Judge Sumners. Announcer Dallas Eubanks kept the show moving along smoothly. The honorary show manager was none other than the entertaining Darsie Rogers. Jennifer Barr captured the horses at their winning moments. It was a great day to have a show with the cool breeze keeping the weather comfortable. Two talented entries entered the gate call for the Riders’ Cup Walking Horse Championship. Claiming top honors was My Kinda Luck and Bill Cantrell for Dee Cantrell. Reserve in the class went to He’s Highly Armed and Hugh Taylor for Sonny Roberson. Please visit our FREE website at www.thescooponline. com. My Kinda Luck and Bill Cantrell claimed top honors in the Riders’ Cup Walking Horse Championship.

Melissa Rowell was delighted with her win in the Model class with Pride’s Midnight Flame. Page 54 / The Scoop

Rocky Top Rainbow and Jean Brannon were all smiles after their blue ribbon win in Favorite Gait.

Reeltown Lions Club Horse Show Reeltown Lions Club Horse Show Reeltown, AL April 21, 2012 Judge Jerry Summers

Delta Fall Classic Three Year Old Open WHTA 2012 Riders Cup 1-The High Master Hugh Taylor Linda Taylor 2-Hammering Addiction Tyrone Jones Tyrone Jones 3-Ritz’s N V This Bill Cantrell Belinda Garzarek

Model 1-Prides Midnight Flame 2-Generators Ghostbuster

Melissa Rowell Jordan Wilkerson

Melissa Rowell Melissa Title

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty 1-Gone And Done It 2-I’m Bellagio 3-A Dangerous Man 4-Dangerous Silver

Lite Shod Pleasure English Specialty 1-Poison At Midnight Trent Wheeler 2-JFK’S A Pushin Jean Brannon 3-Jose’s Heartbeat Belinda Garzarek

Melissa Tittle Jean Brannon Belinda Garzarek

Becky Woodruff Ray Solley Donna Hill David Johnstone

Becky Woodruff Ray Solley Donna Hill David Johnstone

Park Performance Open Specialty 1-Sudden Rain Hugh Taylor 2-A Special Jose Angie Bell

Ricky Carr Preston Kelly

Trail Pleasure English Specialty 1-Just One More Chance 2-Scrappin Up Cash 3-Im Hank Williams 4-Thom Terrific 5-Freakshow

Lucy Morton Lauren Wertz Jessica Bailey Kelly Mills Andy Stooksberry

Kate Morton Lauren Wertz Jessica Bailey Tom Arrington Andy Stooksberry

Show Pleasure Specialty 1-He’s My Pop Too 2-The Total Score

David Latham Tony Lowe

Quality Exteriors 15.2 & Under Open Specialty WHTA 2012 Riders Cup 1-Pusher’s Redemption Bill Cantrell Warr & Major Two Year Old Amateur 1-Amped

Rhonda Major

Warr & Major

Lite Shod Western Specialty 1-JFK’S A Pushin

Jean Brannon Jean Brannon Dwight & Dianne Hasty Amateur Ladies Specialty Tony Lowe Jamie Waddell Jamie Waddell 1-Mr. Fonzarelli 2-Final Intimidation n/a n/a Gentlemens Amateur Specialty 1-Royal Luck Ray Solley Ray Solley Trail Pleasure Western Specialty 2-Ted’s Final Edition Mark Powell Mark Powell 1-I’m Hank Williams Jessica Bailey Jessica Bailey 3-Gen’s Super Stroke Gary Smith Jimmy Glen 2-Generator’s Ghostbuster Jordan Wilkerson Melissa Tittle 4-Well Connected Lindy Rogers Lindy Rogers 3-Hysteria’s Reflection Haley Lane Jones & Lan 4-I’m Shakira Shakira Kristi Payne Kristi Payne Pro Am Specialty 5-Scrappin Up Cash Lauren Wertz Lauren Wertz 1-Mighty Brew Haley Lane Jones and Lane 2-A Lady Josephine Ariana Arbo Ariana Arbo Amateur Four Year Old WHTA Youth Council 11 & Under 1-Street Patrol Kelly Mills Orlando Nelson 1-Miss Flashy Cash Dax Flora Bryan Flora 2-Sound Of Jazz Lindy Rogers Lindy Rogers The Andrew Waites Family Two Year Old Open WHTA 2012 Riders Cup Park Pleasure Specialty 1-Major Justice Ethen Craft Royce Ellison 1-Southern Jazz Charmer Tim Craft Royce Ellison 2-Gen’s Bounty Hunter Joy Geske Joy Geske Youth 12-17 Specialty 1-On The House Trent Wheeler Melissa Tittle AOT Specialty Melissa Tittle Melissa Tittle 1-On The House Adult Amateur Pony Specialty 2-Yes My Lady Nicholas White Nicholas White Dr. Linda Montgomery Dr. Linda Montgomery 1-Ultra Black Copy 3-Pride’s Ultra Golden Lady Derrick Tucker Derrick Tucker 4-Gen’s Favorite Delight Tyrone Jones Tyrone Jones GWHLA/WHAA Auxiliary 1-First Line Haley Lane Jones & Lane TWHNC Walking Horse Championship WHTA 2012 Riders Cup 2-Im Fort Knox Mickey Groom Mickey Groom 1-My Kinda Luck Bill Cantrell Dee Cantrell 2-He’s Highly Armed Hugh Taylor David & Sunny Country Pleasure English/Western Specialty Roberson 1-Main Power’s My Padre Kristi Payne Kristi Payne 2-One Foggy Night Lucy Morton Kate Morton 3-Lil Label Quincy Stacey Quincy Stacey 4-Push Button For Cash Dr. Linda Jones Jones and Lane 5-Luke Natalie Jackson Jean Brannon

The Scoop / Page 55

Reeltown Lions Club Horse Show

Colonel Paul Walker was met by Joy Geske to congratulate him on winning the Spotted Pleasure aboard Allen’s Spotted Threat.

Gone And Done It led owner Becky Woodruff to a blue in the Amateur 15.2 & Under Specialty.

Reeves Lane congratulates Lucy Morton on her win aboard Just One More Chance in the Trail Pleasure English Specialty.

He’s My Pop Too and David Latham won the Show Pleasure Specialty for Dianne Hasty.

Ray Solley had a royal win aboard Royal Luck in the Amateur Gentlemen’s Specialty where he was met by Brian Smith and Jamie Lawrence. Page 56 / The Scoop

Haley Lane and Bill Cantrell were met by Dr. Linda Jones to congratulate them on winning the Pro-Am Specialty aboard Mighty Brew.

Reeltown Lions Club Horse Show

Miss Flashy Cash and Dax Flora claimed top honors in the Youth 11 & Under Specialty. He is congratulated by his father, Bryan Flora.

Ethan Craft directed Major Justice to the victory in the Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Stallions for Royce Ellison.

Steven Williams led Stephanie Plum to the winner’s circle.

On The House and Trent Wheeler were excited to win the Youth 1217 Specialty.

Dr. Linda Montgomery was congratulated by Bill Cantrell after her win in the Amateur Adult Pony aboard Ultra Black Copy.

First Line and Haley Lane were all smiles after their win in the GWHLA/WHAA Auxiliary Specialty. The Scoop / Page 57

Reeltown Lions Club Horse Show

Hugh Taylor and The High Master were crowned the Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Champions.

Kristi Payne was ecstatic to win the Country Pleasure Specialty aboard Main Power’s My Padre.

Sudden Rain and Hugh Taylor wanted to make sure they won their class in the Park Performance Specialty before the rain moved in.

Poison At Midnight and Trent Wheeler had an exciting ride to win the Lite Shod English Specialty.

Page 58 / The Scoop

Bill Cantrell and Pusher’s Redemption won the Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under Specialty.

Reeltown Lions Club Horse Show

Amped and Rhonda Major amped up their ride and won the blue in the Amateur Two Year Old.

Jean Brannon and JFK’s A Pushin had a spectacular ride to win the Lite Shod Western Specialty.

Chrome Sister and Haley Lane landed in the victory circle in the Amateur Three Year Old.

Dr. Linda Jones and Jazz On The Loose were the Open Racking Action Device winners.

Jamie Waddell and Mr. Fonzarelli won the Amateur Ladies Specialty.

The Scoop / Page 59

Reeltown Lions Club Horse Show

Kelly Mills had the pleasure of riding Street Patrol to the blue in the Amateur Four Year Old. I’m Hank Williams and Jessica Bailey claimed top honors in the Trail Pleasure Western Specialty.

Tim Craft and Southern Jazz Charmer charmed their way to the blue in Park Pleasure Specialty. On The House won his second blue of the night with Melissa Tittle in the Amateur Owned & Trained Specialty.

Page 60 / The Scoop



COURTNEY CHURCH PHOTOGRAPHY Located at 106 Haverford Path #7, Georgetown, KY

Royal ribbons and awards


40324. Call 502-370-4530 (home) or 651-442-0007 (cell)

Ribbons, trophies, back numbers and crystal awards.

Bulk and bag feed sales. “Celebrating the Horse.” Located

or visit

Located at 889 Colloredo Blvd, Shelbyville, TN 37160.

at 10321 Rockvale Road, Rockvale, TN 37153. Contact

Phone or fax 931-685-0110. Owned by Keith and Suzy

Joe Green, plant 615-274-2661, cell 931-619-9678 or




Equine Photography. Booking available for shows. Proofs can be seen at Located at



P. O. Box 7173, Cynthiana, KY 41031. Call the office 859-235-0400, cell 859-435-0570 or email



Show Arena and Bed & Breakfast. Located at 2291 Hwy.

Insurance for any horse related coverage., including full mortality,

231 South, Shelbyville TN 37160. Call 931-684-8822 or

major medical, surgical, stable fire, liability for training, instructions,


boarding, etc. Located at P. O. Box 609, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868.

Would love to cover your show or shoot individual pic-

Call Joe Barnes or Krissy Evans 877-332-2500, 865-774-2500, Joe’s

tures. Located at 203 Bell Harrison Rd., Evensville, TN

cell 865-654-2700, fax 865-774-1212 or visit

37332. Call 423-827-6390, email

or visit

Indoor & outdoor arena, and 65 acres to ride on.



Located at 681 Rabbit Branch Road, Shelbyville, TN

Providing all types of insurance coverage for the horse-

Located at P. O. Box 33, Christiana, TN 37037. Call

37160. Please call 931-607-8897 or 931-703-0153 for

man. Full mortality, major medical, prospective foal, farm

615-893-3993 or visit

more information or visit

& liability and workers’ compensation. Contact Bobby

visit BOARDING The Main Gait Farm

Full care stall & pasture boarding available.

Jones at 1330 Moberly Road, Richmond, KY 40475.

Jamie McCoy Photography

Phone 859-893-1097, fax 859-369-7952, or email

Now booking for horse shows. Also, portraits, action shots Whitney McConnell Davis

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family portraits. Located in Corinth, MS. Call 662-808-


0323 or email Portfolio at

and saddle seats. “The Choice of Champions in Fine Equestrian Apparel.” Marsha Shepard. Located at 115


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MOVIN’ ON Up Photography

Your premier source for equine jewelry. One of a kind de-

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Roy Rogers Western Wear

signs are our specialty. Over 25 years selling fine jewelry

headshots and onsite shoots. Other photography available,

20% off Carhartt Outerwear. Located at 1708 Huntsville

nationally & internationally. Call Ben at 931-639-7840 or

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931-684-1513 or

traits. Logo and ad design. Located at 168 Amos Gammill Rd., Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 931-205-3493, email

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-5, Sun. 1-4. or visit BLING TIE AFFAIR


One of a Kind Swarovski Chrystal Enhanced Designer Ties. Contact Patti Pollack at 408-202-5752 or email



Capturing the spirit. Innovative horse show photography.

Located at 338 N. Cuyamaca, El Cajun, CA 92020. Call


Creative equine portraits. Call the studio 952-922-6300,

619-440-6841, cell 619-933-2730 or visit

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or visit PHOTOS BY NAT


Bradley Dick Photography

Natasha Douglas, Photographer. Offering extraordinary

Embroidery, trophies, ribbons, awards, back numbers. The

Portraits, headshots, action shots, on location. Other pho-

show horse photography in the ring and at the farm. Serv-

source for all your promotional items. Located in St. Paul,

tography available. Located at 1711 Hwy. 130 W.

ing the eastern United States and beyond! Located at 2212

VA. Call 276-762-9003 or visit www.appalachiangraphic

Shelbyville, TN 37160, 931-205-7035 or 931-580-2202,

Frog Level Road, Ewing, VA 24248. Call 865-585-4083,

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email or visit



Ronnie Tabor Shoeing

Horse shows, farm shoots, pet and action photography,

View and order proofs online at Locat-

Located in Shelbyville, TN. Call 937-684-1684 or email

Call Peggy Stewart 540-421-9612 or email

ed at 1245 Cochran Cemetery Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091.

Call or fax 931-359-6363 or call cell 931-993-7353.

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Find Your Gait

Trainer. Located at 30280 Bouquet Creek Canyon Road,

Located at RR 2, Box 111, Chesterfield, SC 29709. Call

CRI TRI CHA Certified. Find Your Gait Riding Acad-

Saugus, CA 91350. Call the stable 661-296-3951, cell


emy has produced many accomplished competitors and

661-296-4087 or email

champions including three USEF equitation riders. Lesson SHANE SHIFLET PHOTOGRAPHY

horses and flat shod training available. All breed riding


Located at 2767 Lazy Pine Rd., Randleman, NC 27317.

and training center specializing in saddleseat. Located in

Walking horse training and breeding facility. Scott

Call 336-318-2116, fax 336-318-2764 or visit

Oak Grove, MO. Call 816-934-2734 or visit

Benham, Trainer/Manager. Lalo Gutierrez and Manual

Rodriquez, Trainers. Located at 13213 Ontario Ave., Ontario, CA 91761. Call 909-947-5870 (b) or 909-923-



8128 (r).

Specializing in equine photography, including horse shows, on the farm and stallion, family and senior por-


traits. Sid Abernathy, P. O. Box 12, Shannon, MS 38868.

We have state-of-the-art covered storage/parking for motor

Call 662-767-8281 or 662-401-0822, email Jsid46@

homes and RVs. Each space has electric, water and sewer


hookups. Pay by the day, week, or month! Come stay with us

Specializing in flat shod for show and pleasure. Sheryl


during any event in our area! 24 hour access. Only 1.7 miles

Skala-Carl, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5850 NE 150th


from the Celebration Grounds, located at 1703 Green Lane,

Avenue, Williston, FL 32696. Call the barn and house

Located at P. O. Box 54911, Lexington, KY 40555. Call

Shelbyville, TN. Call 913-684-8585 or visit www.stornlock.

352-528-5775 or visit website

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netoffice. TACK


TLC Photography



Booking horse shows now! Teresa Castle, P. O. Box 176,

Manufacturers and importers of fine quality horse equip-

Full-service training facility for walking horses. Gary

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ment at competitive prices (retail and wholesale). Large

Hollin, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5474 High Schoals Rd.,


selection of English and Western attire. Call for catalog.

Bishop, GA 30621. Call the barn 706-769-8790 or home

Located 8 miles north of Shelbyville. Located at 148 Ebb



Joyce Road, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Order toll free at 1-

Horse shows, portraits and action shots. Will transfer your

800-523-4971, fax 931-437-221 or visit

Sawtooth STables

home movies, photos or slides to DVD. Located at 132

Walking horse training and sales. Mr. and Mrs. Lindy Rogers,

Mankin St., La Vergne, TN 37086. Call 615-213-2931,

Owners. Brian Watson, Trainer. Located at 3730 West Ellis

615-347-3835, email or visit


Rd., Griffin, GA 30223. Call Brian’s cell 770-298-5070 or

We specialize in tack for Tennessee Walking Horses. 603

Lindy’s cell 404-234-1879.

Evans Street, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call toll free at 1PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS A to Z Promotional Products

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Embroidery, silk screening, caps, T-shirts, golf shirts, ALABAMA

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Walking horse training and sales facility. Jamie and Jennifer Hankins, Trainers. Standing at stud: A Greater

liams, Shelbyville, TN, 931-685-0200. RIDING INSTRUCTORS



Generator. Located at 420 Redmon Road, Paris, KY

Walking horse breeding, sales, broodmares, weanlings,

40361. Call 859-987-6727.

and yearlings. Jack Doss, Owner; Morrow Doss, ManAlice Klein Equestrians

ager/Certified Riding Instructor. Riding lessons available.

Certified Riding Instructor. Lessons for all ages and

Located at 30 Doss Road, Cullman, AL 35057. Call Jack

riding levels. Discounted packages available. Specializing

256-708-5005 or Morrow 256-385-0401.

in centered riding, show ring preparation and equitation.


A full-service training facility for walking horses. Specializing in sales and training. Tommy Loid, Trainer/ Manager. Located in Bowling Green, KY. Call the barn 270-782-1543 or cell 270-779-5633.

Will travel to you for private instruction. Lesson horses


available in all disciplines. Located at Win A Few Stables

Full service training facility for walking horses. Junior

Rolling Acres Farm & Stables

in Shelbyville, TN. Call 931-205-2067.

Wilhoite, Trainer. Located at 8971 State Highway 10 East,

Bob Stannard, Owner. Robby Stannard, Trainer. Colt train-

Shorterville, AL 36373. Call 334-441-9082 or Junior’s

ing and sales facility. Located in Lebanon, KY. Cell 859-

cell 352-435-5840.

805-8011, email or visit www.

BALLENTINE FARMS RIDING ACADEMY Full-time riding academy, boarding, and sales facility. Lessons and summer camp. Gift certificates available. CALIFORNIA

Producing North Carolina’s most accomplished riders.


Located at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC

Bouquet Creek Farms

Walking horse training, boarding and sales facility. Travis

27526. Call 919-552-3536.

Walking horse boarding, colts, colt training, lessons,

Wiley, Trainer. Located at 4600 Harrodsburg Road, Danville,

pleasure horses, show horses and versatility. Wendy Shaw,

KY. Call the barn 859-239-9607 or Travis’ cell 859-583-0024.

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Walking Horses - Weanlings, yearlings and broodmares for

Full-service training facility for walking horses. Lucy Watts, Manager.

Walking horses training, breeding, boarding and sales. Skid

sale. Breeder of WGC Ironworks and WGC Generator’s

Dale Watts, Josh Watts and Jonathan Watts, Trainers. 4025 Highway 51

Montgomery, Owner. Jamie Robinson, Trainer. Located at

Santana. Standing at stud: Watch Out José. Located at 529

North, Summit, MS 39666. Call the barn and residence 601-276-2641

12500 State Route 124, Piketon, Ohio 45661.

Crowell Lane, Lebanon, TN 37087. Contact Delaine Smith

or Dale’s cell 601-660-6194.

Call 740-352-8583.

at 615-444-1422, 615-347-4565 or email



Larry Doyle, Owner. Greg Mooningham, Manager/ Trainer. Located at 980 Crawford Road, Coldwater, MS


38618. Call the farm 662-233-0741, Greg 901-268-4241,

Walking horse training and sales facility. Located at Shi-

I’m Dumas Walker. Located at P560 Airport Road, P. O. Box

loh Farms, 210 Big Springs Road, Bell Buckle, TN (off

1435, Shelbyville, TN 37162. Call the residence 931-389-

of Highway 231 North). Call the barn 931-437-3160 or

9131 or cell 931-703-6127. For breeding information contact

Blake’s cell 931-580-2408.

Sheila’s cell 931-224-5825 or email




Walking horse training, boarding, sales and lessons.

Walking horse training and sales facility. Steve Dunn,

Walking horse breeding facility. Standing at Stud: Gold

Standing at Stud: Victory Colors #20001940. Jim Huff-

Manager/Trainer. Located at Bridlewood Farm, 140 Hwy

Power, The Revelation, Out On Parole, Rowdy Rev.

man, Owner/Trainer. Located at 2476 State Highway W.,

82E, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Mailing address 1620 Hwy

Rocky Jones, Stallion Manager. Located at P. O. Box 280,

Ozark, MO 65721. Call 417-581-6868 or Jim’s cell 417-

64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 256-335-3258.

6611 Eudailey-Covington Road, College Grove, TN. Call

Larry 901-496-2366 or fax 901-744-4642. MISSOURI

Walking horse training, sales and breeding. Standing at stud:


839-6890. CHAD WAY STABLES Dean Scott Farm

Walking horse training & sales facility. Located at Tan


Don Bill’s Stables. Training, boarding and sales. Standing

Oak Farms, Highway 41A North, Shelbyville, TN.

Training, riding lessons and sales facility. Located at

at stud: PJ Pusher, Private Treaty. Located at 3808 North

Call 931-703-3926.

P. O. Box 133, Belfast, TN 37019. Call Jeff at 931-993-3174. Riding instructions available by Alice

Farm Road 205, Strafford, MO 65757. Call 417-833-8097. D&R STABLES NORTH CAROLINA

Klein. Call Alice’s cell 931-205-2067 for an appointment.

Walking horse training and sales facility. Donald D. Richards, Owner. Randy Young, Manager/Trainer. Mailing



address, P. O. Box 858, Sparta, TN 38583. Call the barn

Joe Cotten at Summerhill Farm. Full-service training and

Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses - Full-time riding

931-738-2720, Randy’s cell 931-808-2206 or fax

sales facility. Located at 225 Hwy 82 East, Bell Buckle,

academy, boarding and sales facility. Lessons and summer


TN 37020. Call 615-202-8429.

na’s most accomplished riders. Located conveniently near



Raleigh, NC at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina,

Walking horse training and boarding facility. Horses

Full service training facility for walking horses. Joe

NC 27526. Call 919-552-3536.

for sale in all price ranges. We provide training for your

Fleming, Manager/Trainer. Justin Harris, Trainer.

pleasure horses, start to finish. Lessons available. Shelli

Located at 2003 Highway 64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160.

Mehaffey, Trainer. Located at 145 Halls Mills Road,

Call the barn 931-684-0136.

camp. Gift certificates available. Producing North Caroli-


Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 425-931-2772. NEW WAY FARMS

Walking horse breeding and boarding. J. C. and Marceline Knight, Owners. Standing at stud Generator’s Sergeant


Walking horse training and sales facility. Hal Newman,

Major. Located at 2750 K & B Farm Lane or P. O. Box

Walking Horses - Specializing in starting colts. Training

Owner. Michele Mercier, Trainer. Located at 2317 Highway

1700, Lenoir, NC 28645. Call the barn 828-754-0335,

and sales facility. Located at Tim Thompson Stables,

41-A South, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call the barn 931-685-

home 828-754-6538 or visit website

9068 Franklin Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37128.

4687 or cell 931-212-1456.

Call 931-638-0791. QUINTESSENTIAL FARM

RONALD MOSLEY STABLES, LLC Walking horse breeding and training facility. Ronald


Training, boarding, breeding and sales. Doug Simpkins,

Mosley, Owner. Located at 213 Lindsay Creed Lane, Mt

Walking horse training and sales facility. Rodney and

Owner. Moses Woodson, Trainer. Located at 2394 West

Airy, NC 27030. Call the barn 336-789-2024 or home

Buddy Dick, Trainers. Located at 3160 Hwy 41A North,

Trimble Road, Milton, TN 37118. Call 615-273-2023 or


Unionville, TN 37180. Call the barn 931-294-5026,


cell 931-619-4541 or residence 931-294-8095. Walk Away Farms Grandy Tuck, Trainer. Located in Reidsville, NC. Call the barn 336-616-0074 or home 336-951-3691.

FORMAC STABLES Walking horse training and sales facility. Jimmy McConnell and Dan Waddell, Trainers. Located at 2039 Walker-Tanner Road, Union City, TN. Call the barn 731-885-1768 or residence 731-536-564.

SHEA WOODS STABLES Walking horse training, showing and sales. Shea Woods, Manager/Trainer. Located at 7650 Highway 18 South, Hickory Valley, TN 38042. Call the barn 731-764-2361 or Shea’s cell 731-659-1574.

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WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY tan oak farms


Breeding facility. Many World Champion Stallions Standing

Walking horse breeding, sales and training. Standing 7

at Stud. Jack Heffington, Owner. Call 615-390-9006. Mailing

stallions at stud. Mary Ellen Areaux, Owner. Located at

address P. O. Box 1658, Shelbyville, TN 37162.

3002 FM 2728, Kaufman, TX 75142. Call 972-962-2797, cell 214-507-6032, email or visit


Breeding, training and sales facility. Robert and Lisa Marbry, Owners. Vicki Self, Trainer. Sammy Sanders,


Stallion Manager. Standing at stud: Silver Express, Stud Fee: $550. Located at 10023 Rosemark Road, Atoka, TN


38004. Call the office 901-458-4314, barn 901-829-3303,

Walking horse breeding and sales facility. Performance,

fax 901-458-9792, email or visit

plantation, pleasure horses and colts for sale. Standing at

Stud: Guilty As Charged and Hard Hearted Jose’. David, Mary Ellen and Codi Marie Wright. Located at 3001


Whispering Pines Road, Axton, VA 24054. Call 434-685-

Walking Horses - Specializing in two year olds, yearlings and

2830 or email

show horses for sale year round. Tony Yokley, Trainer. Located at 490 Factory Creek Road, Ethridge, TN 38456. Call the barn 931-363-0191, residence 931-363-7981 or cell 931-629-8253. Valton Rummage Stables Walking horse breeding, mare care and colt preparation. Standing at stud: I’m Dark Vengeance ($400 or 2 for $700). Located in Columbia, TN Call 931-388-8166 or cell 931-374-5178. Winding Creek Stables Boarding, breeding, mare care, foaling and recuperative care. Mares and foals for sale at all times. Owned by the Dotson Family. Brent Coburn and Chris Helton, Trainers. Located at 472 Poplar Springs Road, Kingston, TN 37763. Call the farm 865-376-4477, Leslie Dotson’s cell 606-226-4266 or Brent Coburn’s cell 865-755-6470. TEXAS MCDODI FARMS Sales, training, breeding and yearlings. Specializing in performance, flat shod and trail. Home of Wired To Be Awesome and He’s A Major Push. Dr. Jim and Dodi Speece, Owners. Marco Suarez, Trainer. Kim Lewis, Instructor. Located at 3812 CR 530B, Burleson,TX 76028. Call the barn 817-614-0623, email mcdodi@mcdodifarms. net or visit

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