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Thursday, March 15

7-Year Hiatus Over For (Past) Platinum Recording Artist By Rhonda Meredith Orgy is bringing their Bad Blood Tour to Scout Bar on Thursday, March 15 and fans of lead singer Jay Gordon are anticipating the arrival. The Industrial Rock band from Bakersfield, Calif., was originally formed in 1997 and success followed fast.

Big Richard Saturday, March 10 CABO

Orgy gained national recognition with their first release, Candyass, in 1998 and sold more than 2+ million copies. Their cover of the song “Blue Monday” by the new-wave ’80s band “New Order” was very popular then and is still played on the radio today. I dare say the cover is better than the original... Shortly after the record release, Orgy apOrgy is coming to Scout Bar on the band’s peared on the Family Values Tour with Korn, Blad Blood Tour, it’s first in 7+ years. Limp Bizkit, and other top bands. They were So, after a seven-year hiatus, Gordon reorfeatured on the live compilation album from ganized and reformed Orgy. He partnered the tour released in 1999. Their second album, with Ashburn Miller and Carlton Bost (most rethe science fiction-themed Vapor Transmission, cently with Berlin and The Dreaming), drumdropped in 2000 and the single “Faces” was mer Jamie Miller, and bass player Nic Speck to on the soundtrack to the movie Zoolander. "revive the Orgy brand" and get back on the Things began to change after only a few years road. “We have all known each other from our of success. previous projects and are excited to be work“We took a break for a minute,” vocalist and ing together,” notes Gordon. Orgy founding member Jay Gordon explains. The Orgy sound will still mix everything from Then they grew apart and rumors swirled of a rock, to rap, to electronic musical genre. In reunion, but nothing happened. As the defact, according to Gordon, that is how Orgy mand from fans for new music and a tour congot their name. “Orgy is a collection of differtinued to grow over the past few years, Gordon ent styles of music,” he says. Fans can expect and the original members of Orgy tried to work to hear that unique Orgy blend along with out an arrangement to get back on the road. some new sounds. “We will definitely be playBut, that didn’t happen. “Everyone has their ing a lot of old stuff because that’s what peoown way of looking at things, but the way I see ple expect... and we will be introducing new it, I started the band, wrote a bunch of songs, stuff throughout the tour. The possibilities are and brought the guys in. It was cool for endless,” Gordon says. awhile... but the new tour was never going to get off the ground unless I did something.” - Continued on Page 49

Footpie Friday, March 16 DEMPSEY’S

Black Lung Crew Friday, March 23 PIER 27 TAVERN

Hamilton Loomis Candyass, 1998

Vapor Transmission, 2000

Punk Statik Paranoia, 2004




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The SCENE Magazine - March 2012 - Front to Back  

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