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HOW THE SCEA HELPS MEMBERS School employees in SC have a professional partner when they belong to The SCEA. We are hear when they need help with a question, employment issue, or just need information. The staff of The SCEA are knowledgeable and skilled in education law and regulations. Members should call The SCEA for assistance. While you take care of South Carolina’s children, we take care of you. RESOURCES JUST FOR MEMBERS 1. FORMAL EVALUATION SUPPORT SESSION New training seminar is ready to for members. This presentation provides information for teachers going through ADEPT (SAFE-T/PAS-T/TAP), including how to file an appeal. This session takes about 75 minutes. 2. FORMAL EVALUATION SUPPORT CENTER We have a new page in the Member Advocacy Center site for formal evaluation. This site provides a large quantity of self-help information. Click here to visit the MAC 3. NEA Advice and Support Site This site provides tips, advice, and resources for educators. 4. Our Employment Help Page 5. The SCEA EDUCATOR RIGHTS HANDBOOK The latest edition of our Educator Rights Handbook is available to members. 6. COMING SOON. Online SELF-HELP Center for Members A self-help center is underway that will give members access to PowerPoint presentations on a variety of topics. Teachers can watch them at home at their convenience. 7. TOPIC PAPERS White papers on a variety of advocacy issues are available on the “Publications” page of our website. 8. END OF THE YEAR PERSONNEL DECISIONS 9. WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH: MISTREATMENT 10. THE SCEA WINS LAWSUIT OVER SUPPLY MONEY