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Scarborough mas band camps prep for Caribbean carnival parade


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tues july 30, 2013 INSIDE Thunder-struck in Scarborough / 6

Physiotherapists misinforming seniors, health minister says



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SACRED POTS: Hindu devotees hold fire pots during a ceremony for the God Vinaayagar Saturday at the Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Hindu Temple. For more photos see page 7.

Ask questions of byelection candidates MIKE ADLER A “meet and greet” event with Scarborough-Guildwood candidates at a Kingston-Galloway church being held today will now include a joint questionand-answer session in front of the public, organizers say. “It’s not a debate, but you can ask them questions,” Dip Habib, co-ordinator of volunteers and

events for the East Scarborough Storefront, said this week. The Storefront is inviting riding residents to Progress Co m m u n i t y C h u rc h , o n Kingston Road just west of Galloway Road, from 6 to 8 p.m. as a way of encouraging personal contact with some of the 10 candidates running in the Aug. 1 byelection. Unlike previous Storefront “meet and greet” sessions, how-

ever, this one will start, after candidates are introduced, with around 20 minutes of questions posed to them by the public, Habib said. Storefront has suggested asking the candidates why residents should vote for them and what they will do for the community.


Be sure to visit on election night for online results.

Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews says physiotherapists are deliberately misinforming seniors in ScarboroughGuildwood about changes to their coverage as the riding prepares for a provincial byelection. A campaign to make the changes a byelection issue seems to be working - the topic came up Thursday during a “social tea” five riding candidates attended at the Momiji Centre on Kingston Road where front-running candidates have tried to concentrate on public transit. Demonstrators organized by a physiotherapy clinics association also briefly picketed the office of Liberal candidate Mitzie Hunter earlier in the campaign. “The people who are protesting are employees of companies who are going to have to change their business models,” said Matthews, who maintains four companies control billing for two-thirds of physiotherapy sessions under the present system.

“They’ve got the people they serve worked up and they’re giving misinformation.” In an interview this week, the minister said physiotherapists in general support the policy change. A court decision Friday gave clinics opposing the change a temporary reprieve from the new system, which was to come into force on Aug. 1. Physiotherapists and seniors they serve in Scarborough, however, have been saying the provincial reorganization of physio, billed as an expansion, will actually cut local services as well as jobs. Progressive Conservative candidate Ken Kirupa said it upsets him to see services to seniors being cut. “Seniors should not be punished, this is what I’m thinking,” he said. Kirupa said seniors who get regular physiotherapy “so they can stay out of the hospital” and stay mobile are happy with the current service. The Liberal government wasted money on other parts of the health care system, and are cutting physiotherapy because “they are short of money now,” he suggested on Thursday. >>>CHANGES, page 10

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Circle your calendar for August 18th and join us for our next service! Vaughan Willard Elementary School 1911 Dixie Rd. North Pickering

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Scarborough in brief

SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013 |


tours in Guildwood wWalking Guildwood residents are reviving popular walking tours of Guild Park, a historic 88-acre park in their lakefront subdivision known for its gardens, sculpture and architectural fragments of vanished Toronto buildings. Starting at 6:30 p.m., the 45-minute tours will meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays until Aug. 29 at a flagpole by the front driveway of the former Guild Inn on Guildwood Parkway. People taking a tour through Aug. 11 can stay for an outdoor production of The Misanthrope by the Guild Festival Theatre. Park Place Fair wTheGower and Yard Sale annual community fair and yard sale for Vincent St. Paul Family House, which raises money for the annual Children’s Christmas party, is taking place on Aug. 10 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Rain or shine. The free event features a

jumbo yard sale, kids crafts, play park, face painting, all day DJ and prize draws and much more. Tables are available for rent for $15. The event takes place in the garden courtyard at 10 Gower St., which is at Victoria Park Ave. and St. Clair Ave. E., off Dawes Rd. Call Christine Kiczek, 416-288-8140. Summer Camp theme is Green Earth wChildren’s

Chinese Christian Mission in Agincourt is hosting children’s summer day camps for youngsters aged 6 to 10 in grades 1 to 5. The theme this year is “Green Earth”. Part of the day will include songs, crafts and recreational activities with lessons each day based on learning more about our planet. The day camp goes from Aug. 12 to 16 from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Agincourt Mall, Unit 100. Cost $100. For more details, call Johnson Wong, 416-2913202.


Farmers’ Market at Utsc

The weekly outdoor Farmers’ Market at University of Toronto Scarborough has returned for a fourth season. Open from 3 to 7 p.m. on Wednesdays, the market vendors will offer fresh fruit, vegetables, baked goods and other wares until this fall. The market is at the campus’s Outer Parking Lot 4, at the traffic lights, one block north of Ellesmere Road on Military Trail. Pub nights at Miller Lash house wCommunity residents are invited to enjoy pub nights on Thursday evenings at the Miller Lash House on the University of Toronto Scarborough grounds in the Highland Creek valley. The pub nights will take place Thursdays until mid August and are hosted by the University of Toronto Scarborough food and beverage services. Food and drinks will be available on the patio of the historic Miller Lash House which was built in 1913. To rec-


905-666-7726 1032 Brock St. S., Unit 4 Whitby, ON L1N 4L8 AJAX-PICKERING AUDIOLOGY CLINIC

ognize the 100th anniversary of the house, a Miller Lash House Ale is among the beverages available at the bar. For more information, visit or call 416-287-7000.

Community Centre. 2000 McNicoll Ave. Those interested in playing chess are invited to take part. There are no fees, teaching or tournaments. Call Alex Knox at 416-493-0019 after 6 p.m.

get creative at choir at UTSC seeks Expressions Art Camp participants wChildren wNew

Cedar Ridge offers its annual fine art day camp for children aged 8 to 13 years old in two-week sessions over the course of the summer now on until Aug. 23. Campers will have an opportunity to create and experiment with drawing and painting, printmaking and sculpture, video, arts and crafts, pottery and recreation. The cost is $304 for two weeks. To register, call 416-3964026. The centre is located at 225 Confederation Dr. Chess club meets wAgincourt

The Agincourt Chess Club meets this Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. at the L’Amoreaux

Join The University of Toronto Scarborough Community Music Ensembles. There is a new choir launching, which is open to current students, alumni, and community members. This choir is a sister organization of the now threeyear-old Alumni and Community Concert Band. Auditions are not required. Those wishing to take part can simply show up and sing. Rehearsals are Tuesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. at University of Toronto Scarborough. Email to for more information.


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Scarborough-Guildwood: looking beyond transit MIKE ADLER Take away all mention of subways, physiotherapy and cancelled natural gas plants, and the Scarborough-Guildwood bylection campaign hasn’t been about very much. Truthfully, none of the candidates has seemed well-informed on how provincial policies translate into local issues. The riding is the governing Liberals’ to lose on Aug. 1, and their candidate Mitzie Hunter’s closest rivals Progressive Conservative Ken Kirupa and New Democrat Adam Giambrone, when not talking about public transit, have tended to highlight Liberal spending scandals or say the Liberals want to raise taxes. Changes to physiotherapy coverage emerged as a surprise issue, but there are other topics, mentioned in interviews with The Scarborough Mirror over the past few weeks, candidates could have said more about. Scarborough’s two hospitals are studying a merger, partly because the province is changing the way it funds hospitals. Rouge Valley Health System’s Centenary campus is in Scarborough-Guildwood, and probably the riding’s largest single employer. Natalie Mehra of the Ontario Health Coalition said her group

tried to raise the issue because it believes the government wants a merger in order to “ration services,” which will force Scarborough patients to travel further. “The end goal is decided,” she said of merger talks between RVHS and The Scarborough Hospital expected to finish early this fall. “Unless the public makes a lot of noise that’s what’s going to happen.” Hunter said the government has a strong record on health care and she is “confident the hospitals will work together to deliver the absolute best care for our residents.” She deflected charges by other candidates that Scarborough has been short-changed on health care by pointing to increased investments in home care for seniors and the recent completion of an emergency department at TSH’s General campus west of the riding. “Our community is benefitting.” Kirupa said waste in the health care system should be eliminated, but added “patients’ care cannot be jeopardized in any way.” While acknowledging people are concerned about hospital mergers, he said his party will put more money into “patient-centred care,” if it can. Giambrone said he has met doctors worried about closing outpatient programs and beds at TSH and believe a merger may lead to

A byelection to elect the member of provincial parliament for Scarborough-Guildwood takes place Aug. 1.

closing of local emergency rooms. With the information he has, he said, “I would feel absolutely uncomfortable supporting any merger.” Giambrone toured the General on Friday with Green candidate Nick Leeson, who took a positive view on how that hospital responded to funding changes. “They’re using a lot of business strategies to innovate and run things more efficiently, and that’s great,” Leeson said. Leeson, however, also noted the General’s operating rooms were built in the 1950s and aren’t adequate now, for which he blames the efforts of local MPPs: “The

advocates for Scarborough weren’t doing a good enough job.” The campaign coincided with the first anniversary of the Danzig Street shooting, which came after years of provincial, federal and city investment in the KingstonGalloway-Orton Park neighbourhood that saw expansions at the East Scarborough Storefront, East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club and Native Child and Family Services in the riding. At a service for Shyanne Charles, a local teenager killed in the shooting, Hunter delivered passionate impromptu words of encouragement to the girl’s young friends. “Let this little girl be the wind at your back,” she told them, later explaining she thought Shyanne could be a powerful motivator for her circle, “starting with completing an education, which is really the ultimate determinate of a young person’s future.” Kirupa said it was outrageous innocent bystanders “were caught up in the gang fighting” on Danzig and said he’d work with law enforcement, federal and city governments “to restore safety in Scarborough.” Crime rates go down when the economy “is doing okay,” said the Tory candidate, but if Liberal investments and anti-violence programs in the area had been working well, he argued, “this shooting would not happen.”

Meanwhile, Kirupa added, people in the riding say their children cannot find a job in their field. “We have to focus on creating jobs,” he said. “We need lots of plumbers, but nobody’s studying in the plumbing field.” Leeson sounded doubtful on whether Liberal investments and programs are working. Centres for youth, “can only provide a stop gap” if there is no strategy to get jobs for those youths, said the Green candidate. “Youth unemployment is still extremely high in this riding.” The campaign has seen consultations for a provincial Youth Jobs Strategy Hunter said will spend $295 million over two years. “I want to ensure these investments benefit young people in Scarborough-Guildwood,” said the Liberal candidate. “We know the power of work to transform lives.” Giambrone, the New Democrat, said the province invested in Toronto’s Don Valley Brickworks and Wychwood Barns, and should also invest in Guild Park, where the riding’s historic Guild Inn has been left to deteriorate. “They’ve come in when the people who ask them are strong and don’t let them off the hook,” he said.


Visit us online at scarboroughmirror. com for ongoing ScarboroughGuildwood byelection coverage.

Series of violent bank robberies happened in Scarborough ANDREW PALAMARCHUK A $50,000 reward is being offered for information on a series of eight violent bank robberies in which tellers were pistol-whipped, pulled by the hair and put in headlocks. The armed robbery spree began June 1 at the Bank of Montreal at 5540 Lawrence Ave. E. The latest holdup occurred July 22 in Vaughan. “Our concern is the escalation of violence in these robberies,” Staff Insp. Mike Earl told reporters Thursday during a news conference at police headquarters. “These suspects not only just jump over the counter and make a demand for cash, they also have been pistolwhipping tellers, pushing tellers, grabbing tellers by their hair, in one instance grabbing the teller in a choke-hold while demanding the money.” The Canadian Bankers Association

posted the cash reward for information leading to arrests and convictions in the case. “In each instance, at least two masked males enter the bank, produce a firearm, vault the counter and remove a quantity of cash,” Earl said. “The employees were traumatized, some were actually manhandled.” The suspects are black, in their early 20s and 5’8” to six-feet tall. Police believe there could be two groups involved in the robberies though the groups could be connected. “There could be a crossover of individuals in both groups, which we’ve seen before,” Earl said. “All we need is a tip to lead to one of these individuals, which may start the domino effect.” Police released surveillance camera images of the robbers. Four of the holdups occurred in Scarborough. One happened in North York. The others took place

to call the holdup squad at 416-8087350 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222TIPS (8477).


Toronto police Holdup Squad Staff Insp. Mike Earl reviews the videotape from a series of eight armed robberies throughout the GTA, following a media conference held Thursday at police headquarters.

in Peel and York regions. The holdups occurred close to a highway during the middle of the day. Earl wouldn’t disclose how much money was stolen. Anyone with information is asked

June 1: Bank of Montreal, 5540 Lawrence Ave. E., Scarborough June 15: Scotiabank, 305 Port Union Rd., Scarborough June 22: Royal Bank, 75 Rylander Blvd., Scarborough June 25: Royal Bank, 4022 Sheppard Ave. E., Scarborough June 25: National Bank, 295 Eglinton Ave. E., Mississauga July 8: Royal Bank, 27 Rean Dr., North York July 11: Royal Bank, 10098 McLaughlin Rd., Brampton July 22: Royal Bank, 6140 Hwy. 7, Vaughan


To see a video of surveillance camera images of the suspects visit

KILLED BY SUV WHILE CROSSING ROAD ◗SENIOR An elderly Scarborough pedestrian is dead after she was hit by an SUV early Sunday in North York. Police said Lotty Rozendaal, 83, was crossing Sheppard Avenue near Don Mills Road just after midnight with her husband when she was hit by a 2006 Chevrolet Equinox. Her husband was not hit. The couple was not crossing at the crosswalk, police said. Rozendaal died of her injuries in hospital. Police said the driver of the vehicle was cooperating with the investigation and appears not to be at fault. –with files from Torstar News Service


Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-1900, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416222-TIPS (8477),

| SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013


SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013 |



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ith Toronto Public Health now reporting it has found mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile virus within the city limits, residents must take the threat seriously and protect themselves and those they love. Public health monitors 43 mosquito traps across the city, and would not say the exact location where the infected insects were found. Instead, Elaine Pacheco, healthy environments manager with public health, said all Torontonians need to take precautions. While West Nile is not usually fatal in humans, it can be. There have been hundreds of cases reported over the years, and some people have died in our city from the virus. It could happen our view again. For most people exposed to the virus, though, the symptoms don’t Basic even show. For about one in five symptoms can include precautions people, fever, body aches, nausea, vomitadvised ing and headaches. Less than one per cent of people infected require hospitalization, Pacheco said. Last year, Toronto Public Health said 94 people were diagnosed with West Nile virus in the city and there were 100 infected mosquito pools discovered through testing. Residents need to remember there is a chance they could be exposed to an infected mosquito. But by taking some basic precautionary steps, they can be protected. People can reduce their risk by wearing lightcoloured long-sleeved shirts, pants, socks and a hat while outdoors. Mosquitoes are especially active at dusk and dawn, and at those times extra precautions, including the use of insect repellent, are advised. Residents can also lessen the chance of mosquito breeding by making sure the habitats that support them are dealt with. In particular, make sure standing water such as bird feeders, plant pots and the like are either emptied or refilled with fresh water. Mosquitoes love to breed in such environments. Protecting our indoor living space by making sure screens on windows and doors do not have holes is also important. While Torontonians should not live in fear of mosquitoes, we should look after ourselves and continue to make the rest of the summer healthy and happy.


What’s in a name? Plenty, it would seem


o, I was soaking up the gorgeous weather on my favourite park bench Sunday morning when a white-haired gentleman, who had just come out of Now That’s What I Call A Bagel across the street, accidentally dropped his sunglasses on the sidewalk. I was about to let him know, when a kid zipping by on a skateboard beat me to the punch. He came to a screeching stop, scooped them up and yelled out, “Hey oldtimer, you lost something. Over here.” The man winced. “Thanks for retrieving my shades,” he said. “But I don’t care to be referred to as oldtimer. If it’s all the same to you, that is.” “No worries, gramps,” the kid replied cheerfully. The wince turned to a grimace. “I ain’t too high on gramps either,” the man

jamie wayne BUT SERIOUSLY replied. “My apologies again, pops.” “For what it’s worth, I’m also not crazy about pops.” “So how am I supposed to address you elderly, then?” he replied, frustrated. “YOU ELDERLY?” the man repeated incredulously. The kid was digging himself in deeper and deeper, but soldiered on blissfully unaware. “You prefer senior citizen, perhaps?” “Not quite.” “Golden-ager?” “Fraid not.” “Boomer?” “Hardly.” “Zoomer?” “Sorry.” “Double Nickels?

Centurion?” “You’re kidding, right?” The kid was now completely exasperated. “So how do I properly address a member of the

So how do I properly address a member of the graying population, then?

graying population, then?” This time the man just shook his head in disbelief and let out a huge sigh. “So you’re saying there’s nothing I could call you that would make you happy?” “I’m saying no such thing. Why don’t you try Mickey?” “Huh,” the kid replied surprised. “That’s my name. Mickey. Always has been. Always will be. Feel free to

use it to it anytime. Now if you’ll excuse me...” Then the man grabbed the kid’s skateboard, popped a quick wheelie and handed it back to him. “Gnarly ride, junior,” he said. “Uh, I’m not too crazy about being called junior, Mickey,” the kid replied. “What is it with you young whippersnappers today?” Mickey asked perplexed. “If it’s all the same to you, I also don’t like to be called a young whipp...” “Whatever. Later dude, keep it real, know what I’m saying?” And then Mickey hopped on his Harley, popped another wheelie and took off Jamie Wayne is a lifelong columnist, who takes writing very seriously. The topics? Not so much. His column appears every Tuesday. Contact him at


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happening in


it’s happening w Wednesday, July 31

Rouge Park Guided Walks WHEN: 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. WHERE: Rouge Park Trailheads, Please see for complete location details for each walk CONTACT: Diana Smyth, 905-713-3184,, hike@ COST: Free, contributions welcome Walks are year round, rain, shine or snow. Visit for monthly schedules, meeting point and driving details, RSVP info and tips on getting ready for the trail. Free Walking Tour at Guildwood Park WHEN: 6:30 to 7:15 p.m. WHERE: Guildwood Park, 201 Guildwood Parkway CONTACT: John Mason COST: Free A free 45-minute guided walk through the historic Guild Park Where Art Meets Nature. Public tours run Wednesday and Thursday until Aug. 29. Starts at 6:30 pm from the front flagpole of Guild Park. The Misanthrope by Molière WHEN: 7:30 to 10 p.m. WHERE: Guildwood Park, 201 Guildwood Parkway CONTACT: 416-915-6750 COST: Tickets: $25, kids under 12 free Guild Festival Theatre presents

looking ahead

Molière’s The Misanthrope at the openair Greek Stage at the Guild Gardens until Aug. 11. Showtimes: Wednesday to Sunday at 7:30 p.m. and matinees Sunday at 2 p.m.

w Tuesday, Aug. 6

Gentle Fitness on a Chair WHEN: 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. WHERE: St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux Centre, 3333 Finch Ave. E. CONTACT: Siva 416-293-3333, COST: $18 for members and $ 27 for non members Increase the functional fitness of seniors. Exercise done in seated position. Program includes range of motion exercise, light resistance, stretching and relaxation.

w Thursday, Aug. 1

Farmers Market at Providence Healthcare WHEN: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. WHERE: Providence Healthcare, 3276 St. Clair Ave. E. CONTACT: info@providence. COST: Free On Aug.1, 22 and 29 from Ontario produce from local farmers. Everyone welcome. Interview Workshop-New Time WHEN: 1 to 3 p.m. WHERE: On-Track Career and Employment Services, 1371 Neilson Rd. CONTACT: 416283-5229 to register COST: Free Learn interview skills.

w Sunday, Aug. 4

Check out our complete online community calendar by visiting www. Read weeks of listings from your Scarborough neighbourhoods as well as events from across Toronto. 2931, COST: Free Music & Culture students end the semester with a series of classical and contemporary music performances during the annual Chamber Music Recital. Everyone is welcome. Light refreshments will be served.

w Friday, Aug. 2

Chamber Music Recital WHEN: 7 to 9 p.m. WHERE: University of Toronto Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail CONTACT: 416-208-

Birkdale Saturday Night WHEN: 7:30 to 11 p.m. WHERE: Birkdale Community Centre, 1299 Ellesmere Rd. CONTACT: Jim, 416267-6621 COST: $6

Summer Camp WHEN: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. WHERE: Malvern Family Resource Centre Youth Centre, 1321 Neilson Rd. CONTACT: Seema Besai, 416-284-4184, COST: $50-$65 Malvern Family Resource Centre will be offering summer camp for children aged 6 to 12 years old until Aug. 30.

Oral Health for Seniors & Children WHEN: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. WHERE: Immigrant Resource Centre-IRC (CICS), 2330 Midland Ave. CONTACT: Zarmeena Khan, 416-7078259, zarmeena.khan@cicscanada. com COST: Free Learn how to take care of oral health for seniors and children

w Saturday, Aug. 3

Bodhi Meditation Beginner Classes WHEN: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. WHERE: Unit 21-22, 4500 Sheppard Ave East, CONTACT: 416-321-0386 COST: Free Learn the style of Bodhi Meditation. Free lunch provided.

Stratford Summer Music WHEN: 4 to 6 p.m. WHERE: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 115 St. Andrews Rd. CONTACT: Stratford Summer Music, 519-271-2101, www. COST: $25 Gospel Joy & Jamboree with Toronto Mass Choir and band.

w Wednesday, Aug. 7

Move In Sale WHEN: Noon to 7 p.m. WHERE: Tropicana Community Services, 1385 Huntingwood Dr. CONTACT: 426-4399009 COST: Free Workstations, filing cabinets, artwork, office furniture and more. All proceeds go towards Tropicana’s programs.

get listed! Sign up online at to submit your events (click the Sign Up link in the top right corner of the page). We run non-profit, local events in print twice a week in The Mirror.





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| SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013


community calendar

Register today for the Toronto District School Board’s certified ESL teacher training course.

SCARBOROUGH MIRROR c | Tuesday, July 30, 2013 |


sports schedule BIRCHMOUNT BASEBALL LEAGUE TEE BALL TUESDAY, JULY 30 w Purple vs. Royal Blue (Birchcliiff Heights #1, 120 Highview Ave.) w Gold vs. Kelly Green (Birchcliiff Heights #2, 120 Highview Ave.) w Powder Blue vs. Red (Birchcliiff Heights #3, 120 Highview Ave.) w Orange vs. Maroon (Birchmount, 93 Birchmount Rd.) ROOKIE WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 w Playoffs – second place vs. first place (Birchcliiff Heights #1, 120 Highview Ave.) w third place vs. fourth place (Birchcliiff Heights #2, 120 Highview Ave.) MOSQUITO TUESDAY, JULY 30 w Playoffs – third place vs. first place (Blantyre Park, 180 Fallingbrook Rd.) PEEWEE WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 w Playoffs – second place vs. first place (Blantyre Park, 180 Fallingbrook Rd.) w Playoffs – third place vs. fourth place (Birchmount, 93 Birchmount Rd.)

WEST HILL BASEBALL TEE BALL TUESDAY, JULY 30 w West Hill Hockey Red Sox vs. Giants (Charlottetown Park #2, east, 65 Charlottetown Blvd., 6:30 p.m.)


THURSDAY, AUG. 1 w West Hill Hockey Red Sox vs. Braves (Charlottetown Park #2, east, 65 Charlottetown Blvd., 6:30 p.m.) ROOKIE

The Toronto Thunder’s Andre Goulbourne, right, rushes for a first down against the Metro Toronto Wildcats during Ontario Varsity Football League junior varsity action at Birchmount Stadium recently. The Thunder went on to win the game 17-12.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 w Eagle Beaver Red Sox vs. Mariners (Charlottetown #1, west, 65 Charlottetown Blvd., 6:30 p.m.) MOSQUITO TUESDAY, JULY 30 w Port Union Medical Red Sox vs. Braves (Highland Creek, 3550 Ellesmere Rd., 6:30 p.m.) PEEWEE


WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 w Blue Jays vs. Giants (Canmore Park, 101 Canmore Blvd., 6:30 p.m.)

UPCOMING GAME In Clairlea-Westview Soccer Club under 16 action, Our Lady of Fatima – Purple takes on All Hallows – Red in Oakridge Park, at 7 p.m. on Aug. 1.

CLAIRLEA-WESTVIEW SOCCER CLUB UNDER 6 TUESDAY, JULY 30 w Fallingbrook – Sky Blue/White vs. All Hallows – Red/White (J. McPherson West field, 7 p.m.) w St. Bede – Green/White vs. Our Lady of Fatima – Purple/White (J. McPherson Mid field, 7 p.m.) THURSDAY, AUG. 1 w Fallingbrook – Sky Blue/White vs. All Hallows – Red/White (Regent Park, 7 p.m.)

UNDER 7 WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 w Fallingbrook – Sky Blue/White vs. All Hallows – Red/White (J. McPherson West field, 7 p.m.) w All Hallows – Red/White vs. St. Bede – Green/White (J. McPherson Mid field, 7 p.m.)

UNDER 8 TUESDAY, JULY 30 w Fallingbrook – Sky Blue/White vs. Westminster – Royal Blue/White (Regent Park, 7 p.m.) THURSDAY, AUG. 1 w All Hallows – Red/White vs. St. Bede – Green/White (J. McPherson Mid field, 7

p.m.) w Fallingbrook – Sky Blue/White vs. Our Lady of Fatima – Purple/White (J. McPherson West field, 7 p.m.) UNDER 10 TUESDAY, JULY 30 w Westminster – Royal Blue vs. Kingston Road – Gold (Anson Park Public School, 7 p.m.)

SPORTS SCHEDULE For the complete schedule, visit www.insidetoronto. com/scarboroughtorontoon-sports/

Wheels on the Danforth & Fun In The Park Live s Band

Lots of Cars

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Ton of Fus n

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For more photos from these and other local events, visit

Chariot festival in Scarborough

HONOURING LORD GANESHA: Above, a Hindu devotee performs Para Kavadi (he is suspended by hooks attached to his back) during a ceremony for the God Vinaayagar, on Saturday at the Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Hindu Temple. At top left, Hindu devotees pull a large chariot carrying the God Vinaayagar. At right bottom, Hindu devotees perform perform Angata Pradesham as they roll along the asphalt behind a giant chariot. At left, a devotee holds a fire pot during the ceremony.

Staff photos by Adam Dietrich

| SCARBOROUGH MIRROR c | Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Learn to teach ESL

SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013 |


the mirror takes a closer look at the upcoming toronto caribbean carnival

our exclusive look

Making mas in Scarborough



aving shaped it with pliers and masking tape, Clyde Bascombe dabs contact cement on the wire frame of what will soon be a face. He learned the art of wire bending as a young man, and over 30 years since has experimented to improve it. “It is generally believed that the art is dying,” said Bascombe, who was about to drape the frame with gold-sequined fabric at the D’Regulars Arts and Cultural Club in Scarborough. “Kids now don’t really care to do it.” Volunteers with Bascombe’s particular skills are rare, but anyone who can sew, glue, cut, cook or do anything else is welcome at a masquerader band camp. Passionate “Those who are not experts we make experts of them by the end of the season,” said Sandra Davis, in charge of costumes at the D’Regulars storefront camp at Lawrence and Morningside avenues. “Everyone brings their chairs and their tables and their glue sticks. No one’s paid; it’s a labour of love,” Davis said. “You have to be passionate to be able to put up with that.” In Scarborough each year, hundreds do, whether they get intensely involved in a mas camp for weeks on end or just drop by with food or coffee. The grandest events of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival are held elsewhere, but mas is pretty much made in Scarborough. This year, the area was home to 11 of the 12 festival bands, including all of the largest. “This is the pulse (of the Toronto carnival). This is


Above, Chantelle Mohammed-Chesney shows off her outfit at the D’Regulars mas camp in Scarborough as the band prepares for the upcoming Toronto Caribbean Carnival and its many events this week, including the weekend’s parade. Top right, Clyde Bascombe works on one of the costumes.

where the money is spent,” said Davis, adding planning for next year’s carnival begins just after the current one ends.

Everyone brings their chairs and their tables and their glue sticks. No one’s paid; it’s a labour of love. – Sandra Davis

Costume ideas are argued over and materials found. Carnival in Trinidad, the island where most band leaders are from, is watched carefully to spot trends which, like fashions on runways in Milan, turn up in Toronto soon after. “It’s actually a very fierce competition, a lot of bragging rights,” said

Davis, who has been with D’Regulars for three years. “Every time we come to a point where we’re almost there, we look at (a design) and say there’s a change necessary.” Around the May long weekend, bands start staging launches to show their costumes. People are picky about the feathers: if one package is bad, “the talk spreads really fast,” Davis said. D’Regulars is a category C band which will be at the back of the Aug. 3 Grand Parade. Instead of four gigantic costumes, it will send one female individual costume – the one Bascombe was working on – to the King and Queen competition and, since the camp has no loading dock, it must be assembled in the parking lot. The band, always look-

ing for donations and volunteers, hopes a proper presentation in the parade will convince the judges to move them to the B category in 2014.

It’s something that has been in my blood and has stayed in my blood.

– Band leader, Michael Williams

Michael Williams has been the band’s leader for 35 years (for some, D’Regulars appeared as a guest band or teamed up with others) and involved in Toronto’s carnival since 1970. “It’s something that has been in my blood and has stayed in my blood,” he said, adding the festival’s

great success is due to the costumes of the mas makers, the Toronto Mas Bands Association, which produces the spectacle tourists come to see. This year, the D’Regulars camp was also home to young people from Danzig Street, scene of a mass shooting last July at a Toronto Community Housing townhouse complex a few blocks away. The youths were shown how to make every part of the band’s hand-made costumes. “They may even design their own costumes and wear them in 2014,” said Davis. “In order to heal the community people have to believe in themselves, and they have to know from whence they came.” Carnival in most of the Caribbean islands started with colonization

and the slave trade, Davis said, when slaves free to enjoy themselves for a day painted their faces white and wore long dresses to make a mockery of their owners. “There’s a history behind it and a very strong history too.” Williams said most mas camps are in Scarborough because most Trinidadians in Greater Toronto, almost 80 per cent, live in Scarborough. Chris Alexander, CAO of the festival, said another reason for the concentration is camps need to close and move each year, and industrial leases in Scarborough are very reasonable. Volunteers Volunteers come from many places to be part of a mas camp and its atmosphere, added Alexander, who said he had visited two large camps on Howden Road, near Birchmount Road and Lawrence Avenue, the night before. “It reminds you of what you’ve missed in the Caribbean.” Costume for D’Regulars’ eight parade sections – including one in camouflage clothes geared to male masqueraders and known in Trinidad as “war mas” - are still on sale, and Davis said no one needs an invitation to purchase one and join the parade. “We’re all one on that day.”


For more info, visit www. torontocaribbeancarnival. com


Scarborough student wins scholarship

Drawing Contest, presented in part by the Education Foundation of Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC), will take place Sunday, Aug. 11, at Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto in Scarborough. Based in Scarborough, CPAC is holding the contest in celebration of International Friendship Day and will start at 1 p.m. Prizes will be presented to the top three drawings in each category, including cash prizes ($200, $100, $50 for the top three finishers) and trophies. For more information, and entry rules, please visit www.chineseprofessionals. ca MULTICULTURAL MEGA NETWORKING EVENT The Toronto Region Board of Trade holds a Multicultural Mega Networking event next month. Slated for Aug. 14, the

LEARN TO MANAGE CASH FLOW Enterprise Toronto hosts a seminar in August on how businesses can manage cash flow, one of the main challenges facing many small business owners. Poor cash flow can prevent even profitable businesses from operating properly. The hands-on workshop will walk attendees through real world examples and practical tips to maximize cash flow, minimize the need to borrow and take full advantage of the cash flow cycle. The free workshop is presented by Sera Sechapini of TD. It takes place Aug. 15 at the North York Civic Centre, Committee Room 3, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. To register, call 416-3957416.









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Visit for your byelection coverage This Thursday is voting day for the Scarborough-Guildwood provincial byelection and will have the results as soon as all the votes are tallied. Visit us to find out who will be the riding’s next MPP. Candidates in the byelection include Danish Ahmed for the Party for People with Special Needs, Adam Giambrone of the NDP, Independent Jim Hamilton, Mitzie Hunter of the Liberals, Ken Kirupa of the Progressive Conservatives, Nick Leeson of the Green Party, Matt Oliver of the Freedom Party, Bill Rawdah of The People, Raphael Rosch of the Family Coalition Party and Libertarian Heath Thomas. To find your polling station, visit Elections Ontario at or call 1-888-668-8683.





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LY ST JURD - 31 23


presented in English and Mandarin. The Agincourt library is at 155 Bonis Ave.

event takes place at the Royal Ontario Museum from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Toronto is home to one of the world’s most diverse business communities. The casual networking event will allow attendees to develop business connection. For more info, and cost, please visit


BUSINESS INFO AT AGINCOURT LIBRARY Information on government services and financial support for Canadian businesses will be presented at the Agincourt library next month. The session takes place Aug. 28 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Info on what government services and supports are available will be provided. Also, there will be info on start-up guidelines, how to register a GST/HST account, payroll tips and more. To register, call 647-3883762 or the library directly at 416-396-8950. The session will be

���� ���������� B������� �� �����


Scarborough’s Lilly Zhang is among the recipients of this year’s Foresters Competitive Scholarship Program. She was one of 250 North American students to receive the renewable scholarship worth up to $8,000. The scholarship is awarded to students who not only have good grades, but are involved in their communities through volunteer work. Zhang will begin her four-year program at Queen’s University this fall, majoring in commerce. For more on Foresters Competitive Scholarship program, visit



Sales Advisor

Scarboro KIA 2592 Eglinton Avenue E. (East of Midland)

Call: Kia Hotline 416-266-0066

| SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013


SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013 |



Changes a provincial byelection issue in Scarborough-Guildwood

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>>>from page 1 Matthews said the new physiotherapy system will be accessible to twice as many people and provide more value for money. O n t a r i o P r o g re s s i v e Conservatives “are taking the side of these four companies,” the minister said, while New Democrats “just want to criticize everything we do” and have no alternative plan. Adam Giambrone, the New Democratic candidate, said it’s the government’s job to make a better plan after committing to consult on the issue. “The Opposition is supposed to highlight the concerns,” he said. Regular physiotherapy helps with ongoing health challenges the elderly have, increasing their mobility and chances to stay in their own homes, Giambrone said, arguing without these regular treatments, “you actually diminish the quality of life of the individual.” Cutting regular coverage is “probably robbing Peter to pay Paul,” because seniors who lose sessions will end up costing the system more, he added. Lynda Wade, 66, who lives in the riding on $13,000 a year, said she brought up the issue when Giambrone came by her apartment. Eight months of twice-weekly

treatments, including hot and cold wraps and pressure on a nerve in her leg, she said, helped her with the chronic pain of shingles. “It worked for me, because I walk normally now,” without a cane, said Wade, a volunteer for Giambrone. “From what I’ve heard (under the new system) I would only be allowed one treatment a month,” she said, charging this amounts to the government saying “just sit in your wheelchair and go away.” local seniors Matthews insisted there “is no cap on the number of services anyone can receive,” but she did disagree with the use of physiotherapy - which some local seniors have had two or three times a week simply to maintain strength or manage chronic conditions. “Physiotherapy, by its very nature, is designed to be episodic,” such as after a hip replacement, the minister said, adding current patients are being assessed to see whether they need one-on-one physio or would benefit instead from group exercises. “Seniors will be protected as we move forward,” Matthews promised. During a debate this week,

Hunter said seniors should not worry about changes to the coverage and that they will be able to access physio “right in the facilities that they do today.” “It’s really just changing the system in which the services are acquired,” she added. Sarah Elevazo, a regional manager of physiotherapists who is co-ordinating the physio campaign in Scarborough, said she is going door to door handing out window cards made by the Designated Physiotherapy Clinics Association of Ontario. The cards name Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and tell Scarborough-Guildwood voters to “stop the Wynne Liberal cuts to seniors’ physiotherapy” during the Aug. 1 vote, but Elevazo said they are not a bid to defeat Hunter. “I’m not saying (vote) Liberal, PC or NDP. We’re saying (to Liberal supporters) speak to Mitzie,” and get her to change her stance favouring the new system, said Elevazo, who added the association will continue pressing the government to at least delay the changes and consult all stakeholders. For more details about the physiotherapy program for seniors visit us online at www.




Visit our convenient Showroom to see the beauty of Four Seasons sunrooms, windows and more: 1126 Finch Ave. W, Toronto, ON M3J 3J6 TORONTO COMPANY OWNED STORE NOW SERVING: MISSISSAUGA, BRAMPTON, OAKVILLE, MILTON, BURLINGTON AND HAMILTON! VISIT US ONLINE: FOURSEASONSTORONTO.CA




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BRIDLEWOOD METRO GIVES BACK Bridlewood Mall Metro partnered with Beautiful Gate, a non-profit that strives to improve the quality of life of children and families on the African continent, for a charity and fundraising event at the mall on July 20. The event, which brought the community together to celebrate the spirit of unity, included a BBQ, live performances, and play areas for children, games, face painting and raffles.


TTC eyeing GO rail corridors It’s Ribfest time in Scarborough!


he TTC will study using existing GO rail corridors for a proposed subway route. A motion approved by the TTC board asks staff to collaborate with provincial transit planning body Metrolinx on examining the suitability of running a future Downtown Relief Line (DRL) along the Georgetown and Lakeshore East tracks. Metrolinx has placed the construction of a relief line as a priority for its Big Move transit network, and has pledged to build the DRL within 15 years if the project is funded. Station art winner announced wUnion

A Belgian studio has won a public art competition to develop a commemorative art installation for Union Station. Brussels-based LAb[au] was chosen by a five-person selection panel for the right to design and install a multimedia art piece in honour of the city’s first parks body the

rahul gupta TO in TRANSIT Walks and Gardens Trust. The studio’s winning idea fLUX focuses on themes of human motion and flow and will appear permanently on the station’s passenger concourse underneath Front Street. streetcar testing continues wNew

Members of the media had the chance to take a trip on the new TTC streetcar. A testing model of the new low-floor vehicle made its maiden daylight voyage from the TTC’s Hillcrest facility, located at 1138 Bathurst St., to Bathurst Station. If testing is completed on schedule, the new streetcars will be in service next year on multiple routes including Bathurst, though it will likely take until 2019 before all 204 of the new cars ordered from Bombardier are in operation.


Pape station closure back on

Pape Station will close for an extended amount of time after all. The TTC says it will shutter the station from Aug. 19 to 30 during which time both bus and subway service will bypass Pape. LRT tunnelling continues Tunneling for the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit project (LRT ) continues below Eglinton Avenue West. For interested future riders, the light rail vehicle (LRV) to service the 19-kilometre route scheduled to open in 2020 will be on display at this year’s Canadian National Exhibition, which kicks off Aug. 16. Visitors will get to tour the vehicle and have questions answered by Metrolinx staff.



Rahul Gupta is Metroland Media Toronto’s transit reporter. Follow him on Twitter@TOinTRANSIT

It’s time to start marinating the ribs and lighting up the grill for this year’s Scarborough Ribfest! From Friday August 2 to Monday August 5, spend the long weekend at Thomson Park, at the North East corner of Brimley and Lawrence, rolling up your sleeves and indulging in tasty and suculent ribs with the whole family. This year’s festival features

11 award winning ribbers, beer tents, crafters, on-going entertainment, Midway rides and games and lots of parking. The festival runs Friday, August 2 from 11 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Saturday, August 3 from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Sunday, August 4 from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Monday, August 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Presented by The Rotary Club of Scarborough

Kids can groe they everywhseummer want th isvis iting just by rary the li b Check out some of the fun, free TD Summer Reading Club programs going on at your local branch.


The Amazing IncrediBrent Magic Show July 31, 3 pm Prepare to be amazed by this unforgettable interactive magic show! Highland Creek (3550 Ellesmere Rd.) The Mask is the Message August 1, 2 pm Discover the surprising language of masks that come to life. In French. Malvern (30 Sewells Rd.) Reptilia August 7, 2 pm Meet some scaly, slithery guests – and learn about them, too! Free tickets at 1:30 pm. Guildwood (Guildwood Plaza, 123 Guildwood Parkway) OMG Drama August 12, 2 pm Enter the wonderful world of drama with fun and creative games. Free tickets at 1:30 pm. Maryvale (Parkway Mall, 85 Ellesmere Rd., Unit 16)

Visit for a full listing.

TD Summer Reading Club 2013 Developed by

In partnership with

Title sponsor

Community Media Partner

11 | SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013


SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013 |


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JOB POSTING DIRECTOR, DIGITAL CONTENT Reporting to the President, the Director, Digital Content will be responsible for developing the most compelling community sites anywhere, focusing on driving traffic to Metroland Media’s websites and engaging online visitors. The Director, Digital Content works collaboratively with divisional colleagues to strategize, plan and deliver timely, relevant content to Metroland Media’s websites. This position helps to set the agenda and priorities, and facilitates brainstorming for planned content, urgent news and announcements among members of the divisional news team. The successful applicant is expected to embrace innovative ways to present news and information online, measure and report on the effectiveness of online content. The Director, Digital Content evaluates the content’s reach and engagement, and determines the best channel and optimal lifecycle for the content. More specifically, this position will ensure content is optimized for the web and for driving traffic and engaging Metroland Media’s audiences; coach, motivate and advocate for best practices for online content with colleagues across Metroland Media. Lead idea generation, brainstorming and timing considerations for planned content, initiatives and themes as well as evaluating and measuring effectiveness of overall content strategy and specific content, including setting Key Performance Indicators, and monitoring statistics, feedback and participation are key responsibilities of this position. The incumbent will analyze statistics to plan new content, initiatives, topics and the repurposing of existing content and interpreting data to create multi-channel content opportunities and identify areas for improvement. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree and/or the equivalent combination of experience and education and a minimum of five years’ experience writing and editing for online audiences. Previous experience will include: managing internal external content feeds, increasing web traffic and engaging online audiences and planning/managing news and web projects. Mastery of web publishing tools and expertise in social media and user generated content, proactive client relations focus and the ability to leverage mobile platforms to engage audience are attributes we are seeking. If this opportunity is the next exciting challenge you are looking for, please apply in writing, stating salary expectations, before August 2, 2013 to: Anne Williston, Vice President, Human Resources, 3125 Wolfedale Rd., Mississauga, ON, L5C 1W1 or at P.T.General Contractor Inc. Reqd. F/T Construction Electrician Apprentice; read drawings/blueprints, Install wiring, replace/repair electrical boxes, splice, join & connect wires etc. Salary: $18/hr. Exp: 3 yrs Email: Fax:416-757-9102.

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Drivers DRIVERS WANTED AZ, DZ, 5, 3 or 1 with airbrakes: Guaranteed 40 hour work week + overtime, paid travel, lodging, meal allowance, 4 weeks vacation/excellent benefits package. Must be able to have extended stays away from home, up to 6 months. Experience Needed: Valid AZ, DZ, 5, 3, or 1 with airbrakes, commercial driving experience. Apply online at w w w. s p e r r y r a i l . c o m under careers. Click here to apply, keyword: Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE. EOE

JOB TITLE: Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator BUSINESS UNIT: Corporate Sales Department, 10 Tempo Avenue, Toronto THE COMPANY A subsidiary of Torstar Corporation, Metroland is one of Canada’s premier media companies. Metroland delivers up-to-the-minute vital business and community information to millions of people across Ontario. We have grown significantly in recent years in terms of audience and advertisers and we’re continuing to invest heavily in developing best-in-class talent, products and technology to accelerate our growth in the media landscape and strengthen our connection to the community. For further information, please visit THE OPPORTUNITY • We are currently looking for an energetic and inspired Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator to work in our fast-paced Corporate Sales Division at 10 Tempo Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 2N8. Reporting to the Sales and Marketing Support Supervisor, the successful candidate will have a strong work ethic, high attention to detail and excel in a team environment. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES • Work collaboratively with Corporate Sales Account Executives and team to assist and support all client initiatives. • Process electronic orders and materials as directed by Account Executives. • Assist in the preparation of presentations, reports and proposals. • Communicate with internal and external personnel to research, clarify and document requested information. WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR • Degree or diploma in marketing/advertising, or equivalent work experience • Proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint • Positive attitude and excellent communication skills • Strong organizational and time management skills • Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment with strong attention to detail. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU • Opportunity to be part of an exciting company at the cutting edge of the media industry • Work for a well-established and respected company that is connected to your communities • Competitive compensation plan and Group RSP • Be part of a company that is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment • We provide individualized career plans and extensive ongoing development opportunities • We’ve got your health in mind; you’ll receive a comprehensive benefits package and a generous vacation plan If working for a highly energized, competitive team is your ideal environment, please email your resume to by August 2, 2013. Thank you for your interest. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

General Help

General Help

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

FOSTER CARE PROGRAM We are seeking loving homes who want to make a difference in a child’s life. We need foster families that are interested in caring for Aboriginal children, have a willingness to work within our diverse community, and have a fundamental respect for Aboriginal children and their culture. We provide training, support, relief and compensation to our homes. Please contact our Foster Care Hotline at (416) 969-8510 ext. 7788

F/T & P/T DRIVER / HOUSE CLEANER Reliable, energetic. Day Time Driver/ Cleaner. Required immediately. Starting rate$11.00 hr company car. E-mail resume to:

General Help

Up to $400 CASH Daily FT & PT Outdoors Spring / Summer Work Guys'n gals, aged 16 years + GUARANTEED JOB Placement: General Laborers and Tradesmen For Oil & Gas Industry. Call 24hr Free Recorded Message For Information 1-800-972-0209

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Job Title: Outside Advertising Sales Representative Department: Advertising Location: Toronto, Ontario Position Accountabilities: • Provide our valued customers with creative and effective advertising solutions and play a key role in the overall success of our organization • Responsible for ongoing sales with both new and existing clients and able to concurrently manage both sales and administrative processes • Prospect for new accounts including researching advertisers in competing publications and reviewing new businesses in the area • Create proposals for prospective advertisers through compelling business cases • Assist clients in ad designs and co-ordinate the execution of these ads with the Production department • Negotiate rates with clients within acceptable guidelines • Attain and/or surpass sales targets • Address client concerns in a timely and professional manner We are looking for someone who is action-oriented, driven for results, able to learn on the fly, customer-focused, composed and creative. Join a winning team with unprecedented success! If working with a highly-energized, competitive team and market is your ideal environment, please email your resume to: no later than July 31st 2013 Health Care/Medical

We have openings for Pharmacy Assistants at our pharmacies in the following locations; • Scarborough • Stouffville • East York •Oakville Having great communication skills and customer service skills is essential for this position. Experience working in a pharmacy is required. If you have a positive attitude and like working with people in a quality driven environment please email your resume to Dental


Chairside & reception duties (one-write system). MidScarborough. Please call 416-755-1998.

Now Hiring Call (416)

798-7284 to plan your advertising campaign.

Call (416)


Health Care/Medical

Land, Lots, Acreage for Sale 20 ACRES FREE! Own 60 acres for 40 acre price/payment $0 Down, $198/mo. Money Back Guarantee, No Credit Checks. Beautiful Views, West Texas. 1-800-843-7537

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities **ATTENTION: JOB SEEKERS!** MAKE MONEY! Mailing Postcards! www.PostcardsTo NOW ACCEPTING! ZNZ Referral Agents! $20-$60/Hour! www.FreeJob HOME WORKERS! Make Money Using Your PC! www.SuperCash Earn Big Paychecks Paid Every Friday! www.LegitCash

Apartments & Flats for Rent

1 BEDROOM basement apt., separate entrance, shared laundry, access to driveway, no pets/ nonsmoking. $750. August 1st. Contact Dan, 877-663-1054

ONE BEDROOM plus den, 68 Corporate Drive. McCowan/ Progress. $1400. Includes five apALL CASH Drink/ Snack pliances, parking, heat, Vending Business Route. hydro. 416-200-3204 Complete Training. Small Investment Required. 1-888-979-VEND (8363). www. Call


Business Opportunities PAID IN ADVANCE! MAKE $1000 A WEEK mailing Brochures From Home! Helping HomeWorkers since 2001. Genuine Opportunity. NO Experience Required. Start Immediately! www.

Mortgages/Loans $$MONEY$$ CONSOLIDATE Debts Mortgages to 90% No income, Bad credit OK! Better Option Mortgage #10969 1-800-282-1169 w w w. m o r t g a g e o n t a

Houses for Rent BELLAMY/ LAWRENCE3+1 bedroom bungalow. laundry, parking, yard, close to amenities. TTC at doorstep. $1500+ utilities. Call 416-357-1689

Townhouses for Rent MORNINGSIDE/ MILNER: 3 bedroom townhouse for rent. Garage, A/C & playground. Close to schools & shopping. Now accepting applications. Move-in special offer to August 31st, 2013. 416-282-3976

Rooms for Rent and Wanted MEADOWVALE/ SHEPPARD- Private room+ bath in house. Female preferred. Shared kitchen. Available immediately. $500 (negotiable) utilities included. 647-296-0560

Travel & Vacations CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO Risk Program STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248

Health & Home Care DIGNIFIED FOOTCAREProfessional footcare by certified, bilingual R.N. Home visits: Treatments for corns, callus, fungus, ingrown toenails, diabetic care. Call 416-384-0880

Birthday? Call (416) Anniversary? 493-4400 Memoriam? Let your community know with a personal message.

Call 416-798-7284


CEILINGS repaired. Spray textures, plaster designs, stucco, drywall, MASTER PLUMBER HOT TUB (SPA) Covers paint. We fix them all! unclog drain Best Price, Best Quality. w w w . m r s t u c c o . c a plumbing service, new inAll shapes & Colours 416-242-8863


C a l l 1-866-652-6837. w w w. t h e c o v e r KILL BED BUGS & THEIR EGGS! Buy a Harris Bed Bug Kit, Complete Room Treatment Solution. Odorless, NonStaining. Available online (NOT IN STORES)

Articles Wanted


& Collectibles Wanted

25 years experience. Richard & Janet 416-431-7180 416-566-7373


Flooring & Carpeting

416-677-3818 Rock Bottom Rates!

GARAGE SALES Giant Garage Sale & Flea Market

Saturday, August 10, 8am-1pm St. Bartholomew Catholic Church

59 Heather Road

(Brimley & Heather, North of Sheppard Ave.)


416-684-4324 www.fadom

Concrete & Paving


Waterproofing Basement Lowering Under Pinning Sidewalk Patio stones General stonework Brick repair Fence repairs Parging Reasonable prices Seniors 10% off 416-825-3334

Moving & Storage XPRESS MOVERS$45/hr. 2, 3, or 4 men available with any size truck. Short notice ok. Free storage available. 416-845-4279

Landscaping, Lawn Care, Supplies SMALL TREE REMOVAL and pruning. Free Estimates! Call Allan for great rates at 416-755-3420.

Appliance Repairs/ Installation #1 APPLIANCES Licensed Refrigeration Contractor, 28 Years Experience, FREE ESTIMATE, 2 YEARS WARRANTY Refrigerator/ Stove/ Washer/ Dryer/ Hot Water Tank/ Furnace/ Air conditioning Robin: 416-418-1821 ALL CITI APPLIANCES. Appliances repaired professionally. 35 years experience. Fridge’s, coolers, washers, dryers, stoves. Central Air Conditioning & Heating. (416)281-3030

Delivery questions? Call us at:

416-493-4400 or Email:





Since 1967!


WWW.DANARCO.CA 416-791-1234


Lic. # B21358


A Woman’s Touch Landscaping


416-427-3367 •

Specializing in

•Spring Clean Ups • Gardening • Flower Planting • Seasonal Containers Plus many other services. Give us a call. Retain ad for a 10% discount*

Enjoy the spring!



Low Cost, Low Mint, Non Slip, Decorative Concrete Overlay on existing, poorly done, uneven or tiled Concrete veranda, steps, walkway, patio. etc. All Concrete & Interlocking Works & Repairs

Free estimates 416-286-2666


Burton Electric Inc. 416 419-1772

Knob and tube replacement LED Lighting Aluminum wire reconditioning Permits and inspections

Pot lights Service upgrades Breakers/Panels FREE ESTIMATES

Master Electrician * License # 7001220 * Insured

Want to get your business noticed? Call 416-798-7284 to plan your advertising campaign today!

(416) 875-2099 •

*on some services



Replacement & Repairs Faucets, Sinks, Pipes, Drains Etc. Furnace, A/C, Water Heater, Gas 28 Years Experience • 24/7


Metro License #PH23521


for low cost, fast, reliable repairs of: • fridges• stoves• dryers• washers • dishwashers• freezers • dehumidifiers• air conditioners Call Mark (Cert. Tech)


416-267-2384 LIC. #B23188


Fully Licensed & Insured


• Resurface and Build new porches • Specialize in flagstone work • Stone facing around the house FREE ESTIMATES 10% Seniors Discount 36 years in Business

Emergency Restoration Services 24/7 Response Specialize in Basement Flooding Call 1-888-909-0051 For A Free Quote



• Shingles • Flat Roofs • Skylights • Chimneys • Eavestroughs • Repairs • Free Estimates

Save UP TO 15% OFF

• Beautiful Landscape Designs For Your New Patio or Front Entrance • Amazing Lawn Care Programs • Interlock, Flagstone, Rockeries, Gardens, Sodding, Overseeding






stallation, 20 years experiCARPET ence. 647-801-7595 Installed from QUALITY WORK low Peter $1.25/sq.ft. includes prices. Bathrooms, basepad. Hardwood, ments, plumbing, ceLaminate, Ceramic at ramics, drywall, taping, Masonry & Concrete low prices. painting. Seniors dis20+ yrs experience. count. Aldo Free Estimates. BRICK, BLOCK & 416-721-6947 No HST! NATURAL STONEWORK 416-834-1834 Chimneys, Tuck PointWaste Removal ing, Brick, Concrete NESO FLOORING Windowsills and Much Carpet installation More! ALWAYS starting from For Free Estimate CHEAPEST! $1.19/ sq.ft. Call Peter: All Garbage RemovHardwood, laminate at 647-333-0384 low prices. al! Home/ Business. www. 27 yrs experience. Fast Sameday! stardustconstruction Free Estimates. Free Estimates! .com Best Price! Seniors Discounts. 647-400-8198 We do all Loading & Clean-ups! Brick, blocks, Lowest Prices. stonework, Decks & Fences Call John: chimney’s, 416-457-2154 tusk pointing, Seven days 0 ALL DECKS built in 1 porches, flagstone, day. Highest quality. window sills. Lowest Prices! Free dePETER’S All masonry work. sign and estimates. Call DEPENDABLE For free estimates Mike 416-738-7752 JUNK call Roman

REMOVAL From home or business, including furniture/ appliances, construction waste. Quick & careful!











BEST PRICE ROOF REPAIRS • Emergency Repairs • Eavestrough Repairs • Ventilation • Skylights • And much more




CALL 416-820-3634



✓Full roofs ✓Missing Shingles ✓Minor/Major Leaks ✓Raccoon Problems

✓Eaves & Downspout ✓Skylights LIC# L179362 20% Senior Discount



• Shingles • Flat. • Eaves.

• Skylight • Chimney • Repair

Since 1990


• Shingles • Chimneys • Animal Removal

Roof Repair Experts



Cash for Older: Coins, Jewelry, Military, Watches, Toys, Barbies, Silver, Gold, Records, Guitars, Old Pens, Lighters & Old Advertising etc.

From $40/hr Local, Long Distance Packing Service FREE Boxes FREE Storage Junk Removal Insured All sized trucks


Clogged drain, camera inspection Leaky pipes Reasonable price, 25 years experience Licensed/ Insured credit card accepted Free estimate James Chen 647-519-9506


Articles for Sale



BUILDER/ GENERAL CONTRACTORS RESIDENTIAL/ COMMERCIAL. Finished basements. Painting. Bathrooms. Ceramic tiles. Flat roofs. Leaking basements. Brick/chimney repairs. House additions 905-764-6667, 416-823-5120

Moving & Storage


TRUE PSYCHICS For Answers CALL NOW 24/7 Toll FREE 1-877-342-3032 Mobile: #4486



Home Renovations




Quick Service!!! • Experts in Removal of Dangerous Trees • Trimming, Pruning • Stump Removal • Ash Borer Treatment • $2 million Liability + WSIB SUMMER SAVINGS 10% OFF! Call Bobby 416-828-TREE (8733)

Danny • 416 845 3909


• Professional Tree Trimming • Dangerous Tree Removal • Cabling and Bracing • City of Toronto Arborist Reports • Lot Clearing |


Interior & Exterior Methods

Licensed & Insured • 35 yrs experience

Call for a free estimate 416-749-2273 •

To highlight your

Home Improvement Business call


13 | SCARBOROUGH MIRROR | Tuesday, July 30, 2013


SCARBOROUGH MIRROR c | Tuesday, July 30, 2013 |


Hear More... Spend Less This summer we are offering huge savings on our most popular models of hearing aids at all price levels.

Premium Hearing Aids - Regular Price $2,395 – Now $1,495* The most advanced hearing aids available include all the latest features.

Advanced Hearing Aids - Regular Price $1,445 – Now $995*

The most popular technology level of hearing instruments.

Basic Hearing Aids - Regular Price $595 – Now $395*

Provides the basic features needed to improve your hearing. All price levels are available in behind-the-ear and in-the-ear styles. You will also receive: Free Batteries for 3 years • 3 year manufacturer warranty • 90 day trial period

Call today to book your free, no-obligation consultation. *Prices quoted are for hearing aid only and do not include professional fees. Limited time offer. See clinic for details.

520 Ellesmere Rd. Unit 106 (Ellesmere Medical Health Care Centre)


July 30 Central  
July 30 Central