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CHAPTER 6 Vision Forward

Collaborating for Our Future Our Greater San Diego Vision is a starting point to launch important conversations about issues and make critical choices to achieve the future we envision. The San Diego Foundation Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement (the Center) will continue mobilization of the San Diego region in the quest for solutions. It will be a hub of civic leadership – a place that generates information and ideas, spurs vigorous conversations about San Diego’s future, helps launch ambitious initiatives, and contributes to the development of action plans.

• San Diego has a history of innovation that boosts the local economy.

The Center will build on our robust history of San Diegans coming together to do great things and add to the myriad of forward-looking efforts going on today.

• We have a network of organizations that are protecting and connecting natural lands.

• Municipalities are working to develop community centers, diversify housing options and increase public transportation. • The region already has world-class education and research institutions. • SANDAG just dedicated $2.58 billion to expand non-automobile transportation and will be updating the Regional Comprehensive Plan.

The region’s many communities will participate and provide insight to deepen understanding of the most pertinent issues. Ongoing public engagement about values and priorities will ensure that the Vision is a living thing so that community’s aspirations and needs are met for generations to come.

The Ongoing Role of The San Diego Foundation Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement The Center will provide a new framework for community problem-solving, civic education, and policy analysis. The Center will work with other institutions and individual leaders, serve as a place to bring together different ideas and perspectives, mobilize philanthropic support, and pursue other resources to protect and enhance our quality of life. Main activity areas will be: convenings, cutting-edge research, major forums, strategic and proactive grantmaking, informing regional public policy, assisting sub-regional visioning efforts, and communications.


Our Greater San Diego Vision

Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

San Diego County is a vast area of more than4,500 square miles, larger than the states of RhodeIsland and Delaware combined. The region isho...

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