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CHAPTER 5 Supporting the Vision’s Goals

#6: Convenient Transportation Choices Are Available for People to Go Where They Want Potential strategies to achieve goal #6: 1. Connect people to major regional amenities through transportation and technology.*

7. Plan and design transit corridors to meet the needs of a full range of users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, and transit riders.

2. Expand regional open space, arts, community, and cultural amenities as needed so that capacity keeps up with demand. *

8. Explore which elements of Our Greater San Diego Vision could be incorporated into the next revision of the regional transportation plan.

3. Consider building a new international airport.*

Supporting actions to consider:

4. Balance growth throughout the urban areas of the county.*

• Retrofit existing commercial roadways to accommodate denser uses, and pedestrian and bike facilities.

5. Continue to expand all modes of transportation to meet regional needs.

• Consider connecting the airport, or an additional airport, to rail transit.

6. Increasingly tie transportation planning to regional goals such as economic development, housing affordability, and conservation.

• Consider implementing road-use pricing to manage congestion.

Big Ideas Inter-City Rail Based upon 4:1 support in the Choosing, the region should consider a convenient travel alternative to the automobile, allowing travel to other places in California without the frustration of driving in traffic. Riding in a comfortable rail car provides the opportunity to connect to the office, read a book, or simply relax. Rapid, convenient rail service to Los Angeles and other California cities will also connect job clusters and improve business access, promoting economic development. Various technology options should be explored to determine their costs and benefits.


• Connect public transportation to existing attractions and locate future attractions near public transportation. • Make real-time transit information readily available to users. • Plan new housing, employment, and services near transit corridors such as the Sprinter Line. • Invest in bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

credit: California High Speed Rail Authority

Our Greater San Diego Vision

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