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CHAPTER 5 Supporting the Vision’s Goals

#5: Nature Is Accessible, Connected, and Protected for People to Enjoy Potential strategy to achieve goal #5: 1. Support ongoing conservation and protection of natural resources as a top priority.* Supporting actions to consider: • Collaborate regionally to identify and preserve additional key open space areas.

• Continue to enhance and improve the existing park and open space infrastructure. Potential strategy to achieve goal #5: 4. Plan land-use and transportation investments to protect, integrate, and create access to nature. Supporting actions to consider:

• Establish comprehensive funding mechanisms for protecting, acquiring, improving, and maintaining parks, open space and trails.

• Consider protection of, integration with, and access to nature in land-use and transportation planning.

• Create incentives to encourage higher density in concert with conservation and habitat preservation in key areas.

• Connect people to natural areas with regional way-finding, educational and interpretive signage.

Potential strategy to achieve goal #5: 2. Complete efforts to create a regional open space trail network that links beaches, bays, canyons, mountains, rivers, and parks.* Supporting actions to consider: • Target land acquisition and dedicate funding to continue the creation of a connected system of accessible open space. • Collaborate regionally to create a comprehensive network of pedestrian and bicycle trails. Potential strategy to achieve goal #5: 3. Ensure all residents are provided information about and have access to parks and open space locally and regionally.*

Big Ideas Create a Regional System of Connected Parks and Trails Target land acquisition and dedicate funding to create even more of a connected system of accessible open spaces from the mountains to the beaches. Projects of this kind increase accessibility to nature, provide active and healthy-living recreation choices, and protect sensitive natural and cultural resources. A great example is Otay Valley Regional Park: A multi-jurisdictional effort resulting in a regional park surrounding the Otay River valley from the Otay Lakes to South San Diego Bay.

Supporting actions to consider: • Continue to identify and prioritize development of recreational opportunities in areas lacking parks and open spaces. • Continue outreach to connect residents to recreation and open space opportunities available for their enjoyment.


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