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CHAPTER 5 Supporting the Vision’s Goals

#4: Neighborhoods are Safe, Vibrant and Convenient Centers of Community Life, Arts and Culture Potential strategy to achieve goal #4: 1. Create community through culture, the arts and education. Supporting actions to consider: • Initiate a region-wide assessment of the region’s arts and cultural assets, needs, opportunities, and resources, and establish an agenda for the future. • Encourage the adoption of arts-friendly public policies in every municipality. • Increase the availability of social gathering spaces and places – formal and informal – in which arts and cultural activities can take place.

* Indicates specific strategies and actions that were part of the Show Your Love campaign and were supported by people across the region.

Big Ideas Create and Integrate Arts Districts Within city centers, plan and cultivate mixeduse areas with a high concentration of artists, cultural facilities and creative industries, to attract and retain a young, creative and highly educated workforce. The arts will play a critical role in establishing a network of places that are vibrant centers of culture, creativity and innovation. This could be modeled after the I.D.E.A. District in San Diego: a living laboratory that fosters creative and collaborative energy in innovation, design, education, and the arts.

• Invest in cultural organizations and artist-run venues that advance individual creativity and innovation. • Increase the placement of works of art in neighborhood and community settings to reflect the diverse history, cultures and peoples of the region. • Enhance a sense of “place” by encouraging excellence in architecture and thoughtful historic preservation. • Explore “big ideas” that promote cultural tourism and showcase the region’s creativity, multi-national culture and unique history. • Create a cultural vitality measurement system to track the ongoing health of the arts, culture and creative industries. Potential strategy to achieve goal #4: 2. Promote and facilitate renewal of existing communities through targeted development.

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