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CHAPTER 5 Supporting the Vision’s Goals

Big Ideas Establish a Public Education Fund As demonstrated by the Choosing results, San Diegans are ready for innovation and experimentation in education. Creating a local public education fund that blends public and private resources would support and encourage cutting-edge education practices and ensure all learners are able to access a wide array of high-quality offerings. San Diego remains the only major metropolitan area in the nation that does not have a public education fund.

Supporting actions to consider: • Encourage competition to drive quality, innovation, and affordability among providers.* • Provide guidance to learners and parents to help them navigate and select options, and change options when appropriate.* • Create systems where education providers are held responsible for stated outcomes and quality measures, but have flexibility in content and delivery methods. • Provide learning options in a variety of settings such as museums, libraries, public service departments, community centers, and small and large businesses – in addition to public and private schools. Potential strategy to achieve goal #3: 6. Promote learning about the arts, civics, culture, and healthy lifestyles.* Supporting actions to consider:

• Provide learning options which allow people to acquire and improve skills as changes occur in the economy or in their interests, employment or career status.* • Provide career and educational counseling, financial assistance, and mentoring programs to students long before they finish secondary education. • Ensure everyone has affordable access to learning offerings throughout their lives. Potential strategy to achieve goal #3: 5. Explore and implement innovative opportunities to expand the marketplace of learning options.*


• Integrate arts, civics, culture, and healthy lifestyle learning as elements of each school’s activities, curriculum, mission, and teacher training.* • Through the specific involvement of community and cultural organizations, promote and expand activities, resources, and programs that focus on this goal and that are accessible to all people.* • Support existing collaboratives working to increase school districts’ capacity for K-12 arts education. • Increase professional development opportunities for teachers in methods that use the arts to teach math, science, technology, engineering, and social studies. • Support more partnerships between area higher education institutions and the arts community.

Our Greater San Diego Vision

Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

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