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NECESSARY? A Great Place to Live Although the residents of the San Diego region live in a diversity of neighborhoods and cities, we have much in common. One thing is for sure, we all love this place. We are all residents of a larger region, and we rise or fall together. Bigger than any one neighborhood, bigger than any one city, the region demands an all-encompassing perspective to effectively cultivate and protect the things we want most. This area has a long history of multiculturalism. Native tribes inhabited the region well before the arrival of the earliest Spanish missionaries and European settlers. After the Mexican War of Independence, the San Diego region became part of Mexico, from 1821 until 1848, when it was annexed by the United States following the Mexican-American War. Our history created a multinational culture that has continued, in part, due to the region’s immediate proximity to the communities of Baja California. More recent immigration has also contributed to the multicultural nature of the region. Today, almost one-third of San Diegans are Hispanic or Latino, with substantial representation from Asian, African-American, and other ethnic groups. The minority population is expected to continue to grow, becoming the majority as soon as 2020.1


San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

The San Diego region boasts a mild, Mediterranean-like climate and extraordinary natural beauty. Most of the population lives near the coast, where there are beautiful beaches and bays, along with a naturally protected port. Rivers, canyons, hills, and mesas connect the coast to inland mountains, and to the deserts beyond.

Our Greater San Diego Vision


Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

San Diego County is a vast area of more than4,500 square miles, larger than the states of RhodeIsland and Delaware combined. The region isho...

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