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CHAPTER 5 Supporting the Vision’s Goals

#3: A Quality Learning Environment Effectively Prepares People for Life

* Indicates specific strategies and actions that were part of the Show Your Love campaign and were supported by people across the region.

Potential strategy to achieve goal #3:

Potential strategy to achieve goal #3:

1. Explore and implement innovative opportunities to personalize learning.*

3. Explore and implement innovative means to prepare learners for success in a global economy.*

Supporting actions to consider: • Teach each learner in the manner and style in which he/she learns best.* • Allow learners to move as fast as they are able, with advancement to new concepts based on mastery.* • Use technology to expand learning options, teach in personalized ways, connect learners with one another and with other places and countries, and continually assess competency.* • Expand the role of a teacher to include traditional roles such as direct instruction and mentorship, as well as new roles such as creating personalized learning plans, selecting optimal learning options, and analyzing assessment data. Potential strategy to achieve goal #3: 2. Explore and implement innovative opportunities to prepare children to learn.* Supporting actions to consider: • All parents are able to take advantage of affordable pre-natal care so that children are born healthy and ready to learn.* • Educate parents in how to best prepare their children to enter the education system.* • Prepare children for formal learning through universal pre-school and kindergarten education.*

Supporting actions to consider: • Teach multiple languages to all learners, and utilize technology to connect them to native speakers in other countries.* • Provide learners frequent opportunities to develop and practice workplace success skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork, communication, adaptability and resilience, creativity, and information analysis.* • Engage learners in a variety of artistic and cultural experiences throughout their schooling. • Expose learners to a number of career options, provide career planning, and give opportunities for career mentorship through business partnerships and on-line resources. • Evaluate learning options and outcomes against international best practices. Potential strategy to achieve goal #3: 4. Explore and implement innovative opportunities for universal post-secondary learning.* Supporting actions to consider: • Prepare all students for post-secondary education using rigorous curricula, high-quality learning options, and world-class instruction.* • Provide apprenticeship options which provide individuals with employable skills.* Our Greater San Diego Vision


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