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CHAPTER 5 Supporting the Vision’s Goals

Big Ideas

Potential strategy to achieve goal #1: 3. Foster San Diego’s major economic growth opportunity – its innovation economy.*

South Bay University

Supporting actions to consider: • Promote growth of existing and new research and educational institutions for communications, life sciences and emerging technologies. • Encourage regulatory policies that attract and retain innovation and technology companies and entrepreneurs. Potential strategy to achieve goal #1: 4. Ensure that all businesses and residents benefit from the region’s economic growth.* Supporting actions to consider: • Continue to invest in community-based training to help residents benefit from growing industries.*

Continue planning efforts to establish a new university in the South Bay area as an international hub for job creation. With no four-year university in the southern part of the region today, this would provide area learners accessible, higher education opportunities and increased higher-paying employment opportunities. Additionally, it would contribute to a larger, higher educated workforce, resulting in ability to recruit more diverse businesses and employers to the region. Like other universities in the region, it would catalyze economic development by spurring research and development and attracting employers. Moreover, a multi-national, multicultural university could enhance our economic relationship with Mexico.

• Put new jobs closer to a greater share of the region’s workforce (South and East County). • Provide more technical assistance to local businesses that have the potential to provide goods and services to the traded economies.

Philanthropic Venture Fund Create a philanthropic venture fund to invest in locally based, pre-screened, start-up companies which would be supported and monitored by a qualified not-for-profit.

credit: Irene Tena, CommNexus

Participating companies would be committed to building their business here in San Diego County as a requirement for funding. The highly successful model, EvoNexus, which has supported 24 new companies, helped them secure $82 million in capital, and created more than 300 jobs in relatively short order, is a good example.

Our Greater San Diego Vision


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