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CHAPTER 5 Supporting the Vision’s Goals

* Indicates specific strategies and actions that were part of the Show Your Love campaign and were supported by people across the region.

#1: A Prosperous Economy Provides a Broad Range of Good Job Opportunities Potential strategy to achieve goal #1: 1. Make critical investments so the entire region can participate in the 21st century economy.* Supporting actions to consider: • Invest in the expansion of existing job centers and the creation of new ones.* • Continue to enhance infrastructure systems including transportation and utilities.* • Expand investment in the commercialization of technology and manufacture of new products (keep all stages of product development and production here).* • Increase the educational attainment and training of the local workforce.* • Continue to invest in important catalysts: tourism attractions, research institutions and universities, and military facilities.* Potential strategy to achieve goal #1: 2. Promote the continued prosperity of San Diego’s major traded economies:10 innovation, the military, and tourism.* Supporting actions to consider: • Find opportunities for convergence among innovation, tourism, and the military, as well as the local-serving industries. • Foster greater collaboration among economic development organizations to promote growth of clusters across the region.

The three most significant traded economies in the San Diego region are the military, tourism, and innovation.

• Increase training for residents and increase the number of graduates in post-secondary programs in science, mathematics, engineering, computer science, hospitality management, and tourism.


10 As described above, this term refers to the three major San Diego industries that bring money into the region from outside. This money then circulates through the region’s economy.

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