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CHAPTER 4 Our Greater San Diego Vision

7. Trusted Regional Leadership, Collaboration, and Participation Create a Future That Fulfills People’s Hopes and Dreams At the outset of Our Greater San Diego Vision, San Diegans said that the region needed leadership to develop a long-range vision for the future. San Diegans want to be, and will become, more involved if they are provided with clear choices and a way to participate. In this effort, San Diegans set a national record with their level of participation. Future public engagement can be equally or even more successful.

The number of San Diegans who said that the region is doing an excellent or good job of planning and preparing for the future increased by 10% during the visioning process. San Diegans have a history of coming together to do great things for the future. All of us can continue that tradition to build on the past and continue to improve the quality of life of the San Diego region for tomorrow.

Future collaboration should involve diverse stakeholders, incorporate San Diegans’ values, and present clear choices with a simple and convenient way to respond. This process should drive ongoing engagement.

Our Greater San Diego Vision


Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

San Diego County is a vast area of more than4,500 square miles, larger than the states of RhodeIsland and Delaware combined. The region isho...

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