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CHAPTER 3 San Diegans Make Choices about Their Future

Learn: Education and Learning

Ready for Change It is clear that San Diegans are ready to try new approaches to improve the quality of education and learning, including some approaches that would require significant changes. San Diegans want a learning environment that prepares people for a global economy, a civil society and democracy, and a lifetime of personal achievement.

The quality of the region’s educational environment and learning systems is important for attracting a competitive labor force and employers, fostering multicultural awareness and understanding, building a participatory democracy, and maximizing the opportunity for all San Diegans to succeed. San Diegans clearly communicated the importance of education in the values research conducted early in the visioning process.

Presenting Choices to the Public Optional approaches for the future of San Diego’s education system came out of the process and from the Learn Task Force. First, participants were asked to consider three goals and were given 100 points to allocate among them. Next, participants ranked seven specific strategies in order of importance. Participants were then shown five general approaches to improve education and learning and asked to rank them in order of their importance and then allocate 100 points among the five approaches. They could also allocate points to continuing the existing education system.

Show Your Love Results Remarkably, San Diegans registered almost equal support for all three goals, suggesting a balanced learning and education system that is not narrowly focused on any one approach. All seven of the specific actions received strong support, with a clear majority of San Diegans rating each action either important or extremely important. FOR GREATER EDUCATION

Participants allocated 100 points among three goals. The numbers represent the average number of points allocated for each approach. Listed in order of the Choosing results. online choosing

Enable individuals to participate effectively in a dynamic, global economy. Maximize individual potential and well-being.


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Prepare individuals to be well-informed and actively engaged in civic and political matters.


Our Greater San Diego Vision

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Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

San Diego County is a vast area of more than4,500 square miles, larger than the states of RhodeIsland and Delaware combined. The region isho...