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CHAPTER 3 San Diegans Make Choices about Their Future


Approaches were ranked in order of their importance. online choosing

Percentages represent the proportion of people who ranked that approach #1. Listed in order of the Choosing results.

Protect and connect natural lands. Protect, promote, and connect our tremendous natural and outdoor amenities, including beaches, bays, canyons, rivers, mountains, and parks.


scientific survey

30% |



• All communities have access to parks and open space. • A regional open space network links beaches, bays, canyons, rivers, mountains, and parks. • Key open space areas are acquired and protected.

Expand education’s focus on physical activity, arts, civics, and culture. Support education to help people live balanced, productive and happy lives and respect other cultures and diversity. 24% | 28% • Every student learns about arts, civics, culture, and a healthy lifestyle in school. • Community and cultural organizations increase educational programming, activities, and resources. Ensure access to major community amenities. Ensure access for all residents to important regional amenities (natural or man-made). 19% | 21% • As the region grows, existing amenities are improved or new amenities are added. • A variety of transportation options provide access to major amenities. • Technology facilitates virtual access to amenities and programs. Provide access to gathering places. Ensure that all communities have access to physical and virtual gathering places. 14% | 10% • Gathering places may include parks and open space, recreation centers, schools, virtual gathering places, and facilities for arts and cultural programs. • People can get to gathering places on foot or by bicycle. Promote San Diego’s unique culture and history. Protect, preserve, and educate residents and potential visitors about unique aspects of the San Diego region’s culture and history. 12% | 9%

credit: Vincent Blocker

Participants also allocated 100 points among the approaches. The chart shows the average number of points allocated for each approach. online choosing

16 | 17


24 | 25

18 | 18

scientific survey (right)

21 | 20 21 | 20

• Arts, design, architecture, and innovation. • Bi-national arts, culture, and experiences. • Unique regional history as the bi-national birthplace of California.

Note: Pie chart slices represent the online choosing results.

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