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CHAPTER 3 San Diegans Make Choices about Their Future

Enjoy: Cultural and Community Amenities Long-Lasting Impacts The region’s focus on enhancing community and cultural amenities can have a significant impact by:

San Diegans love the place they call “home.” They value access and proximity to the beaches and the many other amenities that provide opportunities to enjoy good times with family and friends. They enjoy their neighbors and a sense of community, safety and belonging.

• Attracting and retaining employers and employees.

The San Diego region is unique in its multinational culture and history, combined with the remarkable natural and man-made amenities. These amenities include parks, open spaces, beaches, trails, sports, libraries, museums, places of worship, performing arts, and theme parks, among others.

• Increasing tourism and its economic benefits.

Presenting Choices to the Public

• Improving quality of life.

• Enhancing multicultural education, awareness, understanding, and respect. • Reducing obesity and health care needs through healthier living.

Participants in Show Your Love reviewed five potential approaches for the region’s culture and community, along with specific actions for each approach. The choosing included two exercises. First, participants were asked to rank the five approaches in order of their importance to culture and community. Next, each participant allocated 100 points, representing limited resources, among the approaches.

Show Your Love Results San Diegans registered their highest support for “protect and connect natural lands,” reflecting the great importance of being able to preserve, access and enjoy natural amenities.


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