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CHAPTER 3 San Diegans Make Choices about Their Future


Strategies were ranked according to their importance.

Participants identified three preferred economic development strategies.

Percentages represent the proportion of people who ranked that strategy #1. Listed in order of the Choosing results.

online choosing (left)

scientific survey

Support our local economy and its relationship to the region’s major industries: Ensure that local-serving businesses have the resources they need to thrive, and

27% |


23% |


22% |



that our diverse community is well-prepared to fill jobs. Harness the power of innovation: Greatly expand one of the region’s three traded economies and, the innovation industry. This includes life sciences, clean-tech, high-tech manufacturing, wireless, defense and security, research institutions, etc. Promote the continued prosperity of innovation, military and tourism: Focus on expanding existing major industries to provide a diverse range of job opportunities for people of varying skills, education, and interest. Expand beyond the three existing major industries: Increase regional job diversity by building an additional export industry, which is to be determined. 15% | 12% Create a cross-border mega-region: Leverage the advantages of surrounding areas (San Diego County, Imperial County, and Baja California Norte) to create a globally competitive mega-region. 13% | 9%

Participants identified several potential priority actions.

Actions were ranked according to their potential positive impacts. Percentages reflect the proportion of people who gave it the first or second highest possible score (a 4 or a 5). Listed in order of the Choosing results.

Improve infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, cyber infrastructure, and the port.

77% |


Commercialize technology and manufacture new products in the San Diego region.

74% |


Invest in training and education, to assist our diverse communities.

74% |


Grow new employment centers.

71% |


Invest in catalytic institutions (such as universities) that support economic growth.

70% |


Reduce regulation to make it easier for companies to add jobs.

67% |


Increase the percentage of advanced-degree recipients. 60% | 42% Ensure easy travel across the border for people and goods. 50% | 27%

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