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Work: Jobs and the Economy

Top Three Sectors in the San Diego Regional Economy

The public identified challenges related to employment and income as primary concerns at the outset. San Diegans made clear that the overarching goal was to ensure an abundance of good jobs to provide them, and their children and their grandchildren, with the ability to live comfortably in the region. The San Diego region’s economy benefits from its remarkable natural environment, its strategic geopolitical location on the Pacific Rim, and visionary investments in educational and research institutions. The result of these natural gifts and investments is a diversified economy supported by three “traded economies,” or clusters of businesses: tourism, the military, and advanced technology/innovation. Representing about 35% of the region’s jobs, these three clusters are the primary importers of money into the San Diego region. The money they attract – visitors’ spending on hotels, restaurants, and attractions; federal military-related spending; and the sale of technological innovations (goods or services) globally – effectively supports the entire regional economy.

~ 35% ~ 65%

Research and technology ~ 173,000 Convention and tourism ~ 153,000 The military ~ 142,000 Other local jobs ~ 750,000 Total jobs in the region ~ 1,218,000 Source: San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and CONNECT

Our Greater San Diego Vision


Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

San Diego County is a vast area of more than4,500 square miles, larger than the states of RhodeIsland and Delaware combined. The region isho...

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