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CHAPTER 2 The Visioning Process

4) Congestion and Transportation Choices

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The amount of traffic congestion and time spent traveling frustrates San Diegans. The average driver in the region spent 37 hours in traffic congestion in 2009, at a cost of $838 in lost time, in addition to 31 gallons of fuel wasted.7 Roads are clogged and public transportation is limited, making it difficult and time-consuming to travel.8 Current congestion is projected to increase in the coming decades. As the region grows, the inability of people and goods to move efficiently and conveniently threatens quality of life, along with economic development.

5) Water Availability


With our region’s projected population growth and current water consumption rates, we will require 37% more water in 2050. But our arid region faces significant challenges from currently limited water supplies, as well as from climate change and its potential impacts on those supplies. In fact, local scientists project that our major sources of water – the Colorado River, and the Sacramento Delta – could shrink by 20% or more in coming decades, making it even more difficult to meet future demands.9

6) Political Fragmentation The region includes one county, eighteen municipalities, and eighteen Native American tribal governments, each largely pursuing its own plan, while many of our most important issues and challenges cross the formal boundaries of these jurisdictions. Through SANDAG’s efforts, the San Diego region is known as a leader in regional planning. This level of cooperation and collaboration is needed across all areas of inter-governmental coordination. Unified, concerted action and strong, visionary leadership that invites and listens to public input will be necessary to tackle the many challenges facing the San Diego region.



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Our congested roads are also unfriendly to pedestrians. In fact, over 1/5 of San Diego area traffic deaths were pedestrian in 2010. Transportation for America and Surface Transportation Partnership, Dangerous by Design.


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