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Our Greater San Diego Vision July 2012 If there is a single word that describes the San Diego region, it is “paradise.” And this paradise is our home. We love this place and want to protect it for future generations. Welcome to Your Vision, presented here as Our Greater San Diego Vision, which is both a unique process and a priceless outcome. The process was designed to be big – to span the entire region, to engage more people than had ever been engaged, and to weave together all the issues that impact our quality of life. The product is a framework for further conversations to inform future planning. It is not a plan. Our Greater San Diego Vision was created out of a desire to capture the community’s vision for the future of the region – through unprecedented engagement that involved more than 30,000 people. San Diegans’ input from the very beginning ensured that this would be the people’s vision and that it would speak to what all of us care about most. This vision is about preserving the best of the past and protecting all that’s good today, while creating an even better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. A massive effort spanning three years began with an in-depth study to determine our collective hopes and dreams, our worries and fears – our values. Those values pointed to four areas that are critical for a bright future – jobs and wages, community and cultural amenities, housing/transportation and cost of living, and life-long learning – Work, Enjoy, Live and Learn. The four areas provided a framework for subject-matter experts to flesh out issues, and then for the public to choose among reasonable alternatives. Thirty thousand people voiced their choices and we heard them. We learned that our collective vision for the future is a San Diego region where: •

A prosperous economy provides a broad range of job opportunities.

Housing options match what people want and can afford.

A quality learning environment effectively prepares people for life.

Neighborhoods are safe, vibrant and convenient centers of community life, arts and culture.

Nature is accessible, connected and protected for people to enjoy.

Convenient transportation choices are available for people to go where they want.

Trusted regional leadership, collaboration and participation create a future that fulfills people’s hopes and dreams.

Our Greater San Diego Vision is a blueprint, a map, and it is much more. It weaves together aspiration – seeing what tomorrow could and should be – and inspiration – the excitement and energy to make that tomorrow real. This is just the start. From here, together, we must act. The San Diego Foundation Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement will steward the Vision and help move the region forward by convening stakeholders, informing decisions, engaging people, and impacting the evolution of this paradise we call our home. Start here, and look to the future with hope and with commitment. Start with this shared vision – Our Greater San Diego Vision – a process and a product, and the first step in a journey.

Bill Geppert Chair, Our Greater San Diego Vision

Jennifer Adams-Brooks Chair, The San Diego Foundation Board of Governors

Bob Kelly President and CEO, The San Diego Foundation

Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

San Diego County is a vast area of more than4,500 square miles, larger than the states of RhodeIsland and Delaware combined. The region isho...

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