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CHAPTER 2 The Visioning Process

increasing the number and quality of jobs, along with improving education, topped the list.

San Diegans’ Top Regional Priorities

San Diegans rate their quality of life higher than people almost anywhere else in the nation; living in this special place matters, and preserving the quality of life for future generations is a top priority.

• Increasing the number and quality of jobs

The values research identified four primary values that focus on the qualities we seek in our communities and the region. These values highlight what we love about the San Diego region, what concerns us most, and our hopes for the future. In fact, future initiatives will be judged by their ability to protect and promote these core values.

• Increasing water resources and quality

Core Values Quality Jobs and a Reasonable Cost of Living The high cost of living in San Diego County, especially housing, combined with the inability of some people to find a goodpaying job, forces many to live a lower quality of life or move out of the area. The resulting worry and stress rob them of peace-of-mind and happiness. Concern over the high cost of living is the single largest “value-driver” of the San Diego region. In no other region in the country, where similar values research has been done, are there so many residents concerned about the cost of living and a primary value focused on a negative aspect of their region.

• Improving education • Reducing crime/making neighborhoods safer

• Improving leadership to deal with challenges of region • Improving affordability of housing/living • Building public trust • Increasing economic development • Improving and resolving border issues • Increasing access to quality healthcare • Reducing traffic congestion • Improving social equity and justice • Increasing civic involvement • Increasing enjoyment and access to culture and arts

Residents envision a future where: • We have income to provide for ourselves and our families. • Living here is sufficiently affordable to have a high quality of life, free from stress and worry. • We have the opportunity, time, and resources to enjoy life with family and friends. • We can afford a place to live close to where we work or to public transportation.

Our Greater San Diego Vision


Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

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