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CHAPTER 2 The Visioning Process

Values Research Methodology In 2010, a series of focus groups and interviews, combined with online and telephone survey research, illuminated the hopes and dreams of San Diegans using a values research technique. The technique starts by understanding which attributes or characteristics of the region have the greatest impact on quality of life, such as jobs, parks, schools, transportation, shopping, and health care facilities. From there, the research identifies the functional and emotional benefits that result when those things are present (or absent) in one’s life. Finally, the research connects those benefits with personal values, such as security, safety, family, accomplishment, and peace-of-mind.

Values and Priorities that Guide the Future of Our Region The things that we consider important to us are synonymous with our values. Values research helps to identify the priorities that matter most to people. Its primary purpose as part of this visioning process was to assess how various options for our region’s future (transportation, economy, environment, education, and culture) might impact those values. The Our Greater San Diego Vision process and outcomes have been focused by, and based on, our shared values. Residents love the proximity to many activities and amenities, the family-friendly communities, low crime rates, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Yet, there are significant negatives threatening the overall quality of life. Greatest of all is the high cost of living, which, when combined with lack of affordable housing, is three times more frequently mentioned than any other concern. Lack of job opportunities coupled with low wages is the second greatest issue regarding quality of life. So it is not surprising that, when asked to rate the importance of several regional priorities,

Factors That Have the Most Significant Impact on Quality of Life High cost of living / expensive to live here

The high cost of living is the greatest concern for San Diegans. Despite this, more than 2:1 reported that the positives of living in the greater San Diego region outweigh the negatives.


Lack of job opportunities and low wages


Too much traffic and congestion/ not enough transportation options


Lack of affordable housing


Lack of leadership on important regional issues


Everything so close and convenient


Family friendly: great place to raise a family


Low crime and safe neighborhoods


Outdoor recreation opportunities/ enjoying the outdoors High-quality schools (K-12)

Negative Impacts

Postitive Impacts

4% 4%

Percentages represent the proportion of people who consider that factor to have the most significant impact on their personal quality of life. This is only a partial listing.


Our Greater San Diego Vision

Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

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