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CHAPTER 2 The Visioning Process

Scientific Validation In addition to the Show Your Love campaign, a scientific survey of more than 1,000 randomly selected San Diegans was conducted to validate the results. The survey was conducted online in February 2012 and ensured that the choosing results represented the views of the entire population, statistically controlled to reflect the region’s demographics as reported in the 2010 U.S. Census. This also provides opportunities for extensive analysis of the results by various interested groups.

Demographic Data

Everything about this visioning process was focused on providing the public with real, plausible and well-analyzed choices for the future of the region, and listening carefully to the voice of the people.

Innovative Engagement The iPad Outreach Team. A key outreach effort was the use of volunteers who took iPads into various communities throughout the county. Students from San Diego State University’s Consensus Organizing Center engaged communities with low or no broadband access (including seniors with limited mobility and transportation, the homeless, and non-English speaking residents) and encouraged them to participate. This use of iPads in a regional visioning process was a highly successful and ground-breaking technique. Community Partners. More than 200 community partners helped spread the word about Show Your Love to their constituents. These included businesses, schools, religious groups, community centers, foundations, libraries, and others. Each partner was given a specific web address, or URL. This unique URL made it possible to track the effectiveness of each partner and to encourage partners to maximize their efforts to engage the community.

Data from online choosing (left) and scientific survey (right). 17 and under:

12% | –


33% | 39%


33% | 34%


21% | 27%

Mean age:

39 | 43

White/ Caucasian:

49% | 65%*

Hispanic/ Latino:

22% | 32%

African-American: 9% | 4% Asian:

9% | 11%

Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander:

1% | 1%

American Indian or Alaskan Native:

1% | 1%


3% | 9%


– | 9%

Decline to answer: 6% | – * A portion of this category was also counted as an ethnicity in another category.

After Show Your Love, when asked how well the region is planning and preparing for the future, positive responses increased by 10%. Survey results from September 2010 (left) and February 2012 (right).


4% | 8%


33% | 39%


45% | 45%


18% | 8%

+ 10% - 10%

credit: U-T San Diego

Huddie Dean takes the online survey using an iPad on Island Avenue near 17th Street. Assisting him is volunteer Heather Marzan.

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