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CHAPTER 2 The Visioning Process

Task Forces. Task forces were created to explore the four focus areas derived from the values analysis (jobs and the economy; cultural and community amenities; housing, environment, mobility, and cost of living; and education and learning). These were made up of leaders, experts and stakeholders representing broad regional interests. Each was asked to delve into the challenges at hand, to create a wide range of choices or potential solutions to be presented to the public, and to help determine possible strategies based on the public’s choices. Regional Workshops. In September 2011, six workshops involved more than 600 San Diegans to explore potential scenarios for the future of the region. They came to talk about what really mattered to them and their communities, and to tackle tough questions about how to preserve and improve upon the things they love most. The workshops were held in various locations at different times to make them as accessible as possible. The ultimate goal of the workshops was to receive public input, and to refine the choices and strategies presented in the threemonth-long Show Your Love for a Greater San Diego! (Show Your Love) campaign. Participants answered instant-polling questions and then engaged with others in small groups to create maps of the future showing what kind of growth they would like to see and where. The instant-polling results and maps were all entered into computer software to discern common themes and trends. This information led to the refinement of the materials to be presented in the online Show Your Love public choosing.

Regional Vision Workshops Participants responded to instant polling questions that identified potential solutions in economic development, education, cost of living, and cultural and community amenities. Participants also took part in a mapping exercise, working in small groups, to plan for the future based on the projected growth forecast for 2050. Each group discussed their goals and placed small pieces of paper, representing a mix of future housing and development types, on a regional map. Participants were also given markers to draw new public transportation routes and roads, as well as areas to preserve.

Our Greater San Diego Vision


Our Greater San Diego Vision-Full Report  

San Diego County is a vast area of more than4,500 square miles, larger than the states of RhodeIsland and Delaware combined. The region isho...

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