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View from The Samfund office in Boston, MA. 22

LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN Dear Samfund supporters, This past year has been full of excitement and growth for The Samfund. With two grant cycles in place, we are proud to announce we have now awarded a total of $1.6 million to young adults as of June 2016. The Samfund family continues to grow every day with new volunteers and grant recipients. We have welcomed new Board and Advisory Council members, published our first academic article, and hosted our first Sambassador retreat in Chicago this past April. Attending this retreat was incredibly meaningful for me. I had the privilege of leading sessions on leadership and storytelling, and watching our Sambassadors grow and connect during the weekend was truly inspirational. Please take a moment to read our FY 2016 Annual Report to learn more about what this past year has meant for The Samfund, and why we are so grateful for your continued support.

The Samfund provides support to young adults who are struggling financially because of cancer. Our hope for the future is that all young adults, regardless of cancer, will be able to achieve their goals.


LETTER FROM THE CEO Dear friends of The Samfund, One of the highlights of the past year was publishing our first academic article in Cancer Medicine. In it, we shared insight into the unique financial challenges that young adults face because of cancer: obtaining affordable health insurance for the first time, stacks of medical bills with nothing left in savings to pay them, and a high rate of unemployment. As a matter of fact, one of the most striking things we found was that our grant recipients have an average net worth of -$35,000, compared to $68,000 for their peers (using US Census data for comparison). That’s a $100,000 difference. This article gave us a voice. It provided visibility within the medical community and opened up new opportunities for collaboration. It established us as a leader in this space. Most importantly, it energized us to find creative ways to support young adults, during and after their cancer treatment, so that recovering financially doesn’t become a lifelong struggle. Going forward, we are positioned to make a greater impact than ever before. I am so proud to share this Annual Report with you because you are the ones who make these milestones and accomplishments possible. Thank you so much for all of your support -past, present, and future.


PROGRAM UPDATES Grants The Samfund is proud to have awarded over $252K during this fiscal year to deserving young adult cancer survivors, bringing our total grants awarded to over $1.6 million. We are thrilled to announce that for the first time, we now offer two grant cycles -- one in the summer and one in the winter.

“The financial help that I received from The Samfund really helped to propel my dreams forward, even though my life was halted and slowed at times due to the after effects of cancer.� -Jacquae, Samfund Grant Recipient

Total Grants Distribution FY16


PROGRAM UPDATES Grant Recipient Regional Breakdown

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Samfund Family Additions Fertility issues are common for many in the young adult cancer population. Starting a family through any process other than the traditional way can be prohibitively expensive, and many cancer survivors lose hope that they'll be able to become parents as a result. Since our first grants in 2005, we've awarded over $86,000 towards family building and helped young adult cancer survivors become parents through adoption, IVF, IUI, embryo transfer, surrogacy or sperm/oocyte/embryo storage. We have a special place in our hearts for the birth announcements and letters we receive from those who have welcomed babies and children into their families with help from a Samfund grant. Here are two of our most recent additions, below.

Brandon F. and family

Laura G. and family


SAMFUND STORIES From FY16 Grant Recipients

“The Samfund grant that I received was one of the greatest blessings I have ever had. The grant was put towards my car payment, which in turn, gave me the opportunity to help support my family more since my father lost his job. It’s an incredible, empowering feeling to be able to support the people that loved and cared for me throughout my diagnosis and treatment. I am forever grateful to The Samfund for helping me to move forward!”

Christina S.

“One would hope to only worry about fighting and getting better. Unfortunately, the first thing that comes to mind when you’re diagnosed is 'How am I going to live, stay in my house and pay my bills?' The grant came exactly at the right time and relieved a mountain of stress from my shoulders. On top of having minimal resources I also am a single father. The Samfund allowed me to focus on my health and relax a little while on disability and enjoy the time that I have with my daughter. I am extremely thankful.”

Guy K.

“Cancer wasn’t easy on my finances, which is where The Samfund came in. I was awarded a grant for rent assistance so that I didn’t have to worry about making rent for 3 months...The Samfund’s tagline is #cancerisntfree, and this is so true. Overcoming the financial repercussions of a cancer diagnosis for young adults isn’t easy, but with The Samfund’s help, I’ve been able to begin to move forward with my life.”

Claire S.

7 7

NEW ADDITIONS This year we have been lucky enough to welcome new members to our Board of Trustees and Advisory Council. Join us in welcoming Lex Friedman, Carolyn Jasinski, Patricia Graca, and Doug Woodward. We are so lucky to have them!

Board of Trustees Lex Friedman

Lex is the EVP of Sales and Development for Midroll Media, the world’s largest podcasting company. Previously, Lex worked as a product director at Intermix (acquired by News Corp), co-founded a diet tracking startup called The Daily Plate (acquired by Demand Media), and worked as the senior director of product at Demand (which IPO’d). Lex also worked as a senior writer at Macworld, and is the author of four books. He is a longtime supporter of The Samfund. He’s a donor, built a custom application system that the organization used for several years, and an occasional provider of tech support, too. He was named The Samfund’s Volunteer of the Decade in 2014.

Carolyn Jasinski

Carolyn has been a champion for The Samfund since 2010 when she jumped into service as a grant reviewer, fundraising “consultant” and Team Samfund member. Carolyn is Director of Leadership Relations at Northeastern University in Boston. In addition to supporting The Samfund, Carolyn currently mentors for the T.E.A.M. program, serves on Emerson College’s alumni board, and has led a Global Village Habitat for Humanity build team in Zambia. Carolyn is inspired by The Samfund family and committed to offering support and fundraising on its behalf.

Advisory Council Patricia Graca

Whole and Simple, Creator and Founder Patricia recently created and founded an affiliate marketing business, after working at Hewlett-Packard for over 22 years, leading eCommerce, CRM and social media teams. She became involved with The Samfund through a volunteering project for a website audit. Her work helped inform our newly redesigned website. Patricia advises The Samfund on Digital Customer Experience.

Doug Woodward

DW Advertising, Creator and Founder Doug shoulders the business and management roles at DW by bringing laser focus to project planning and priorities. He’s also an award-winning creative with a combination of agency and corporate experience, serving small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. From helping The Samfund in its marketing and communication efforts to refreshing The Samfund logo and identity, Doug and his team are committed to the cause—and proud to be part of The Samfund team.



This year we published our first peer-reviewed article in Cancer Medicine, found here. We knew we had a unique story to tell, and decided to analyze our data to offer a new perspective to the conversation. Our larger goal is to draw attention to the unique financial struggles YAs face due to their age and stage of life and we are now positioned to make an even bigger impact.

The Samfund has become a contributor to, writing articles on topics including collaboration and internet crowdfunding. For each 1,000 page views, AJMC donates $100 to The Samfund. Help us increase those numbers by reading the articles found here!

“6 Ways Millennials Can Prepare for The Unthinkable: Cancer� featured in

The Huffington Post

For more recent articles visit our pressroom here. 99

NATIONWIDE PRESENCE Critical Mass In November, we traveled to Chicago for the annual Critical Mass conference: a meeting of the minds in the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer world. Sam was on this year’s planning commitee and presented with Nick Yeager, a pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Their presentation “Tackling the Elephants Together,” focused on collaboration, and why those of us in the AYA community aren’t doing it nearly as often as we should.

Roswell Park’s Young Adult Wellness Retreat To kick off National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week in April, Sam traveled to Buffalo, NY to present the keynote address at Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s annual Wellness Retreat.

ASCO Annual Meeting Sam and Michelle attended this year's ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Annual Meeting with a patient advocate booth and shared The Samfund’s work with over 38,000 other attendees.



This April, we welcomed 25 Sambassadors to Chicago for our first-ever retreat. As a Boston-based organization with volunteers spread out across the country, our goal was to make everyone feel connected to one another and to a greater effort. Well, we hardly had to do anything - our Sambassadors connected instantly! In addition to sessions led by our Board Chair, Steve Bandrowczak, Jonny Imerman, of Imerman Angels, led a workshop on advocacy. The events of the weekend opened a new chapter in our Samfund journey. We all left Chicago with enormous energy and passion for our mission, a stronger sense of connectedness and community, and a renewed sense of purpose. The future of The Samfund is bright with these amazing volunteers at the helm!


EVENTS Magic Castle Our August fundraiser at The Magic Castle, the exclusive Academy of Magical Arts located in Los Angeles, CA, was one of our most successful fundraisers to date. We had 135 guests in attendance thanks to our team of Samfund alumni and volunteers who put this event together.

Paint with a Purpose Thank you to our wonderful Bay Area Samfund alumni and volunteers for putting together our Paint with a Purpose fundraiser! Thank you to Create, Mix and Mingle in San Mateo for being wonderful hosts and for all the local businesses who participated in our raffle!

Starwood Golf Tournament This year we were the charity recipient at Starwood Hotel & Resorts Annual Golf Tournament in Kingston, MA. Starwood employees enjoyed the sunshine and generously donated to The Samfund. Samfund CEO Sam Watson and Alumni Leadership Council member Erin McCabe were invited to speak at the reception.


EVENTS Chicago Casino Night Casino Night was one of our favorite events of the year. Guests played blackjack, roulette, and craps, and raised money for young adult survivors. We look forward to making this an annual event . A big thank you to Casino Party Planners and our wonderful event committee for making the night one to remember.

Unmasque Cancer We hosted our Unmasque Cancer masquerade ball in Los Angeles. Notable guests included Amy Paffrath, host of “Dating Naked,” Keean Johnson of “Nashville,” and Tanisha Belnap of “So You Think You Can Dance.” A big thank you to T Squared Productions for helping us put together such a beautiful evening!

NYC Comedy Night Our 12th Annual NYC Comedy Night was the perfect way to close out the fiscal year. On June 29th, 200 of our most loyal supporters gathered at Broadway Comedy Club. This year’s headliner was Quincy Jones, a young adult undergoing cancer treatment himself, who starred in his own HBO special “Burning the Light” this past June. Jones and the other comedians helped show that sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.


COMMUNITY & CORPORATE PARTNERS We are thankful for our community and corporate partners who have sponsored events, offered their services free of charge, and supported The Samfund.

The Downey-Short Foundation Graham Family Foundation 14


The full financial report is available upon request. Email to request a copy.


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Glenn Fleishman Dionne Fleming Jenny Floros Martina Flynn Janice Flynn-Welter Amy Foster Siddeeqah Foster Wendy Foster Andy Frank Dan Franks Jordan Franks Janet Franzen Jessica Franzen Michelle Franzen Irene & Richard Frary Kelly Fraughton Donna Frazier Abigail Freed Eli Freedman Samuel Freedman Paul Freudenberg Irene & Ellis Friedman Ronnie & Julian Friedman Lauren & Lex Friedman Alene Friedman Jeannette Fusia Margaret Gade Donna Gale Ryan Gales John Galvan Juan Galvan David Garcia Rick Garcia Viviana Garcia Blaine Gardner Andrea Garzouzi Miriam Gassel Philip Gassel Justyna Gawlik Alice Geller & Scott Levine Donna & Bruce Genderson Betsy George Nancy George Michele Germann Sarah Gershman David Gerstein Lucy Gertner Stephen Getreu Tara Gewanter Melisa Girton Leah Glashow-Mandel Elliott Glass Valerie Glassman William Glidden Katee Gmitro Zack Godfrey Eric Goines Sharyn & Leonard Gold Sherry Gold Marilyn & Morley Goldberg Susan & Cappy Goldberg Deborah Golden

Myrna & Herb Goldman Jayne & Burt Goldstein Joan Goldstein Toby Goldstein Ayana Gonzalez Lawrence Goodman Dorine Goodro Courtney Gordon Margaret Gordon Mica Gornail Antonia & Jim Gorton Erika Gottesman Ella Gower Gale Antokal & Neil Gozan Karen & Jeff Grabelsky Heather Grady Cathleen Graham Maryanne & Daniel Gramza Jennifer Green Gail Greenberg Jack Greenberg Jessica Greenberg Kathryn Greenberg David Greenburg Brian Gress Mary Grey Heidi & Joseph Groeger Joseph Groeger Jeffrey Groenke Amy Jane & John Gruber Ava & Elliott Grubman Sarah Guido Lynda Gulley Katherine Gunn Jennifer Gurr Robert Gustafson Barbara & Kurt Guter Samantha Hagar Joyce & Gabriel Hakim Tamir Halaban Nisha Hale Margaret Haley Alexandria Hammons Connie Han Holly Han Nora Hanafy Sarah Hankey Erik Hansen Stephanie Hansen Joel Harary Rob Harol Robin Harpak Brian Harris Brock Harris David Harris Erin Harris Yamila Harris Carol Harrison Naomi Hartono Nicholas Hartung Heidi & JR Hatch Robin Hayes


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Darlene Sammon Patricia & Arthur Samuels Svitlana Sangary Moniva Sarkar Karla Sarni Robert Sarullo Senthil Sathiya Kelley Savacool Jenna Savage Hollie & Mike Savitt Andrea Sayles Mark Schacht Philip Schachter Heather Scharf Laurie & Harold Schiffmiller Amy Schlumberger Carolyn Schlumberger Lauryn Schmerl Sandra & Lou Schneider Brandon Schneider Maxine & Arthur Schoenwald Sarah & Steve Schubert Andoni Schultz Barbara & Stuart Schwartz Gail & Ed Schwartz Joel Schwartz John Schwartz Shraga Schwartz Shana Schwarz Theodore Sclavos Jan Scott Jim Scott Remington Scott Jana Scott Contreras Arden & Charles Scranton Jonathan Seff Cecilia Segawa Tannenbaum Joanna Seidenstein Stephanie Seidl Hank Seifert Elizabeth & David Seigerman Susan & Barry Seigerman Bella Seigerman Sam Seiler Lauren Selman Sharon Seneker DeJule Laura Senn Sheila Seno Hilary Sepe Peter Sepe Darren Shaffer Miranda Shaft Nina Shah Adam Shain Stephen Shane Debra & Aithan Shapira Robin & Steve Shapiro Dan Shapiro James Shaughnessy Cheryl Shea Christine Shebelski Laura & Matt Sheers

Lil & Joe Sheers Deborah Sheers Nicholas Sheers Barry Sheils Edward Sheldon Xiao-Yan Shen Patrick Sheridan Yukari & John Sheriff Tricia & Scott Sherman Claudia Sherman Steve Sherman Janet & Larry Shiff Chari Shifrin Ken Shubin Stein Ann Sickon Aubrey Siegel Karen Siegel Kenneth Siegel Kevin Siegel Bobbi & Steve Sievers Kate & Christopher Sievers Carol & Joel Silbert Peggy & Marc Silbert Bria Silbert Joyce & Bernard Sillins Elizabeth Silver Lori Silverman Roz & Phil Silverstein Julie Rae & Brian Simmons Janie Simmons Amy Simon Barbara Simon Jason Simon Cyndy & Phil Simons David Sinclair Matthew Singer Christina Siracusa Ajit Sivadasan Michael Skloff Andrew Slater Jenniger Slattengren Joe Slavin Janis & Ted Slepian Barbara & Gary Slutzky Joshua Small Michael Small Joanne & Timothy Smee Jennifer Smilk Sheryl Smiloff Jacqueline & Robert Smith Alexia Smith Ari Smith Brad Smith Katie Smith Kirsten Smith Laurence Smith Ronda Smith Vanessa Smith Carol & Daniel Smokler Kevin Smokler Katharine Smyres Cecil Smyth


DONORS Lauren Snell Rachel Snyder Ceevah & Irwin Sobel Debra Sobol Michael Sokoloff Marjorie Solferino Rosa Solis Louise Soper Shmuel Sorkin Betty Sorstein Lara Sortomme Daniel Soshnik Rina & Paul Souppa Craig Spero Andrea & Zack Spigelman Steve Spignese Matt Spill Eleanor Spitz Judith Spitz Jonah Spivak Kristina Staab Anthony Stanizzi Laurie Starr Sarah Starr Carolyn Stearns Stacey Stearns Wendy Stebbins Shannon Stein Nancy & Allan Steinberg Nancy & Bernard Steinberg Richard Steiner Cecilia & Michael Stern Arlene Stern Dr. Alexandra M. Stevens & Michael W. Miles Jaime Stickler Marnie Stiglitz Kristi Stimac Judith & Raymond Stockless Sheryl & Jim Stockless Brian Stucki Vickie Stumpf Dave Stutz Nancy Styer Angela Suel Edmund Sullivan Melissa Sullivan Marshall Summer Valerie Sun Shelby & Russ Sundling Lathrop Prashanthan Surendran Frank Svoboda Amy Sweet Cindy Swenson Vanessa Swenson Linda Szema Miranda Tacchia Kimberly Tamny Robert Tanenbaum Nathan Tardiff Elaine & Paul Taylor

Beverly Taylor Mark Teitelbaum Adam Tendler G. Thaddeus Bissell Lauren & Daniel Thal Debra Thal Douglas Thal Jeffrey Thal Loren Thal Bridgette Thom Megan Thompson Toni Thompson Leslie Thomson Millie Thomson Thornburg Investment Management, LLC Cesario Tio Rani Tiruveedhula Bob Tobin Michael Tobin Thomas Tobin Alessandra Tocco Linda & Jogn Toce Owen Toland Kelsey Tom Dean Tomlinson Dr. Martin & Margaret Topper Sandy Tran Trung Tran Marjorie Transou Rebecca Trevethan Melanie & Jeffrey Tucker Ethan Tufts Tracey Turk Catherine Turley Jessica & Josh Turnof Jeffrey Ullrich Leslie Unger Jennifer Unterberger Christina Uticone Diana Valezuela Katharine Van Dusen Cathryn Van Dyke Jaap Van Reijendam Megan & Blake VanderGeest John Vang Dayna Varano Paulette Veit Ingrid Velmonte Sonia Velmonte Margie Venuto Virginia Veraszto Adrienne Verdone Elizabeth Viramontes Will von Bernuth Mary Hust & Andy Vu Phuong-Chi Vutien Tara Wabbersen Ramneet Wadehra Elizabeth Wahbe Pam Wahbe Paul Wahbe

Jen Wahl Jean & Allen Wolman Darrel Waite Jean Won Ellen & David Waksberg Stephen Wong Ruth Walker Teresa Wong Edward Wallace Lauren Woronowich Mike Wallden Geoff Worrell Lew Walter Elizabeth Wright Virginia Wann Nancy & Ken Wruk Martha & Tom Ward Nicole Wylie Seamus Ware Kimberly Wyman Michael Warner Mark Wysolmierski Ryan Warner Andrew Yachnowitz Amy Waters Heather Yaeger Marilyn & George Watson Ali Yarkhan Samantha & Adam Watson Marc Yassky Niles Watterson Krysten Yezak Staci Wattier Day Yi Rachel Waxman Patrick Young Scott Webb Cheng Yu Don Webster Dan Zankman Cassie Weidemiller Brad Zebrack Eric Weinberg Caren & Steve Zeitler Lindsey Weinger Jamie Zeitler Shirley Weinger Joanna Ziarnik Janna Weinstein Ann Zsido Lindsay Weiss Donna Zurick Lisa Weiss Gillian Zwick Nate Weiss Robert Zwick Nathan Weiss Kurt Weissling Katie Welter Lexie West Jamie & Leslie Wester Sherry Westphal Julie Whelan & Noel Hainsselin Rosemarie Citroni & Kathy Whitcomb Judith White Michelle White Tony White Jaren Whitfield Ann Whorton James Whorton Jack Widman Marti Wiedman & John Quick Kauikeolani Wilcox Douglas Wilkins Elizabeth Williams Steve Williams Andrea Williamson Cheryl Wilson Meg Wimbiscus Sara Wimbiscus Gail Wine & Lance Ramshaw Stephen Winokur Rob Wolf Elizabeth Wolicki Lauren Wolken Carol Wollenberg Keith Wollenberg Lance Wollenberg Nancy Wollenberg-Kostelnik



We would never be able to do all that we do if it weren’t for all of you, our dedicated donors, volunteers, and friends. We can’t say thank you enough, but we will keep on trying!

IN MEMORIAM We’d like to recognize those The Samfund family has lost over the years. Their memories motivate us to work even harder to do what we do. Rebecca Babcock, Andre Bellis, Jason Brightfield, Brian Hahn, Tara Pietromonaco, Lisa Rapp, Adam Thomas, Rhonda Ulmer, Marcie Williams, Christy Wilson, Tanya Wray, Lauren Wollenberg, Board Member: Jeremy Hill 22 22

The Samfund FY 2016 Annual Report  
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