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December 2009

South African



Auckland Dukes ex-SA Minstrel Band in NZ see page 12

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South African

From the

editor I

have just got back from a whirlwind tour of South Africa starting in Cape Town going to Durban and then ending up in Johannesburg. Well, what has changed in the year since I was there last, you may ask? Lots of very good, positive things like the construction of some major soccer stadiums for the soccer world cup in 2010. They are six months ahead of schedule and the Gauteng train from the airport to the city is nearly completed. Unbelievable! Well it goes to prove that South Africa can still do these big projects successfully. Wherever we traveled there was road construction; making roads wider and better in anticipation of the enormous crowds. There will still be traffic congestion but it will be controlled. South Africa is still a sport mad country. I was at Newlands on Saturday when the semi final between the Bulls & Western Province took place. The stadium was full and the buzz in the city was unbelievable. This was not the All Blacks playing South Africa, this was local rugby, the semi- final of the Curry Cup, but so well supported. The Newlands Hotel was full of supporters coming from as far away as Nelspruit. Simona and I took a few days off and stayed in chalets in Knysna where the ultra rich rub shoulders with street vagabonds. Sad really. The new government is more interested in who has the biggest BMW than housing for the poor. If something is not done about this it will create the downfall of South Africa. Already the people have revolted and started burning down buildings to protest against lethargy in the City Councils. They had to call in the army to maintain peace and order while we were there. A number of people were killed. People who have jobs and businesses do not seem to be affected by the recession and are still spending. Most of the hotels and restaurants we visited were full of people laughing joking and drinking champagne or the most expensive wine. In the Bull Run Steakhouse in Johannesburg there is a red wine named after Ernie Els which sells for $300 a bottle, yes R1, 500 a bottle. South Africa has had its best year in tourism with 9.5 million tourists visiting the country bringing in billions of Rands. The top hotels are 80% booked up for the whole of next year. What a nice position to be in. I thought New Zealand was doing well in the recession. Personal security at functions, malls and shopping areas is extremely good with car guards, police and private security firms. I found less people carrying guns around, you only need them at home now. Some of the new security measures are laser beams in the gardens so you have ample warning that there is an intruder on your property. All in all I found the average successful South African full of optimism and happy with their lot but when you put on the TV there is corruption in every corner. A great place to visit family, do some shopping and see the wild life, but I am happy to be home. Thank you New Zealand. Please support our functions and thank you to all the advertisers.

Peter Woodberg


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FRONT COVER “Aristocracy’’ by Nico van der Hoven

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South African

Letters to the Editor


Hi Norma,

resident Thabo Mbeki, who has led South Africa since contributed to a 26% unemployment rate. The number of people living in Thank you - we have been blown away by the stunning editorial andabsolute poverty has doubled since the ANC came to power in 1994. 1999,inagreed on Saturday 20thhadSeptember 2008 to go advert your October issue. We have an immediate response - with Mr. Mbeki’s breathless drive to monopolize power has led him to attack quietly after the ruling ANC asked him to resign. Mr. Mbeki one of our new customers asking if our shop is the new South Africanthe independence of the judiciary. According to a High Court judge, he tried leavesshop? behind a largely incompetent government fraught to influence the judicial proceedings against his nemesis, former Deputy with nepotism and corruption, and a despondent country President Jacob Zuma. It was that apparent abuse of state power that finally Many of our fellow ex-pats could relate to the editorial and we are sure with weakened institutions, declining education and health gave the ANC leadership an excuse to ask Mr. Mbeki to resign. to link with many of them in the months to come due to your wonderful What South Africa is crying out for at this stage is a man or woman who standards, article. out-of-control violent crime and an HIV/AIDS has a “Mandela spirit� i.e. one that can put the past behind them and move pandemic. Troublingly, Jacob Zuma, the man who is likely to ahead in co-operation with all of the diverse races and creeds that make Thanks replace Mr. Mbeki, inspires even less confidence for the future up the country. Kevin Somehow the thought of Jacob Zuma brandishing a machine gun in his of South Africa.van den Berg

Inkworks Glenfield Mall To understand the disappointment of the last decade in South Africa, hand does not inspire the vision that we are looking for! P (09) 444-4952 it is important to contrast Mr. Mbeki with his predecessor. When Nelson Mr. Tupy is a policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Centre for Global Liberty and Mandela emerged from his 27-year incarceration, he preached forgiveness Prosperity. Acknowledgements to Dow Jones and Company for the use of his article. and compassion and set about to forge a nation in which the whites – his former jailers – had an important role to play. Mr. Mbeki, on the other hand, remained a Marxist ideologue who never overcame the pain and prejudices of his life in exile. Dear Editor, Dear Peter, In Mr. Mbeki’s view the West oppressed the rest of mankind. Obsessed with race colonialism, Mbeki undermined theMagazine response(issue to the11), It Afterand seeing the latest Mr. issue of The South African I picked up a copy of your magazine today at our local South HIV/AIDS in South Africa. To him, orthodox science is with pandemic absolute delight that I would like to comment on just“portrayed how far your African shop in Howick. black people‌.has (as)grown victims of progressed a slave mentality.â€? Rejection of the HIV/AIDSvalue magazine and in the past 2 years. I certainly I was impressed with the print quality and clean layout. orthodoxy wasand necessary to confront “centuries-old whitethis racist beliefs and the effort hard work that goes into producing magazine every 2 The articles and advertisements are also very relevant to any concepts about Africans.â€? Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of South months. immigrant from South Africa. Africans needlessly while Mr. scientists who claimed Thedied magazine is proving to Mbeki be bothdefended successful and informative for not Thank you for an excellent publication. AIDS was not caused by HIV. only South Africans, but also showcases our talent and business acumen to Similarly, it was Mr. Mbeki’s warped ideology that led him to support the Kiwi community. Regards, Zimbabwe’s dictator. I feel it’s giving ex-pat South Africans a reason to be proud of their fellow Robert Mugabe couched his devastating economic in revolutionary countryman and the content is very relevant topolicies long-term as well as new Charl Louw terms -- as a just fight against alleged British plots and other delusions. immigrants. Mob: 021 073 5121 For eight years Mbeki begged for more time for his “quiet diplomacyâ€? to Freelance Photographer work while If the recent power-sharing deal between Mr. FromZimbabwe Deborahburned. van Wyk. Botany Downs, Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai works, it will not do so Switched On Marketing. AUCKLAND because of 413 Mr. Mbeki’s but because of his departure. Mr. Mugabe 09. 8040diplomacy, may yet find it more advantageous to compromise with Mr. Tsvangirai than to deal with Jacob Zuma who has criticized Mugabe in the past. Mr. Mbeki’s foreign policies have seen him cozy up to Cuba, Iran and Libya. South Africa’s intelligence minister visited Iran last year where he praised Hezbollah and Hamas. In sum, Mr. Mbeki never encountered an antiWestern tyrant he did not like. At home, he exhibited the authoritarian tendencies he had learned during his stint in the Soviet Union. He transformed the state-owned South African Broadcasting Corporation#$I%.$I% 1SFU

into a personal propaganda machine that banned some of his critics from appearing on it. He banished some of his competitors in the ANC by accusing them of trying to assassinate him. Mr. Mbeki was rightly praised for following good macro-economic policies 4VJUF /PSUI4IPSF.FEJDBM$FOUSF that saw the budget deficit and public debt fall, and growth increase. But 4VOTFU3PBE .BJSBOHJ#BZ being tight with "VDLMBOE /&8;&"-"/% the public purse did not make Mr. Mbeki “business-friendlyâ€? ‌.SA business entities are heavily taxed (35%) and highly regulated. They 5FMFQIPOF4VSHFSZ   also have to follow onerous race guidelines in employment and promotion 'BY   that are highly prejudiced against white employees. Micro-economic over )PNF   regulation has kept growth low (expected to come in at 2% this year) and



Mike Hackner Architects Ph. 09- 580 1914 mobile : 021-459 110 Email: Website:

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his issue we proudly present the life and times of Nico Van Der Hoven, whose magnificent work, Aristocracy, we feature on our front cover. The inspiration for “Aristocracy” came from a visit to KwaZulu Natal where Nico was captivated by the cultural traditions of the Zulus and the way the Royal descendants dressed to distinguish themselves as royalties in the community. Nico was born in 1952 and grew up in the Free State town of Kroonstad. His interest in art was kindled by a project his daughter brought back from school and in his enthusiasm to help; he got drawn into painting himself. He only started painting in 1997 at the age of 45 and many years later his love of painting keeps growing. He then discovered that he had a talent and set out to teach himself different painting methods and techniques by studying art books from several artists. He also learned to do colour mixing and after experimenting with acrylic, he finally chose oil as a medium because of the richness and life it brings to the canvas. This self-teaching style is still with him today, as he experiments with colours, composition and various painting techniques. Nico gets his inspiration wherever he goes. Sometimes it could be a cloud

constellation, the reflection on water, a tribal icon, traditional dress or even a couple on the beach. An artist sees the world through different eyes and as a result Nico is constantly finding new images to create into paintings. “I paint all kinds of subjects, like figures, landscapes, still life, street scenes, historical sites, harbours, boats, seascapes, but my favourite subject is landscapes because of the beauty of the colours and the variation of techniques that can be applied to get the final, accurate result. If I can be critical of myself, I would say that I tend to paint too graphically and precisely and sometimes I need to loosen up. For me it is always a case of ‘what you see is what you get’, and as accurately as possible,” says Nico. Nico and his family have lived in the Garden Route area for the past 25 years and they enjoy the nature and peace that the area has to offer. He works as a financial planner with FNB Bank in Knysna and his painting was originally just a hobby, has now it has become a creative outlet and takes up most of his spare time. Some works were exhibited in galleries in Cape Town and Port Alfred, but most of his art is exhibited online on the website www.SouthAfricanArtists. com and sold to offshore galleries and collectors. Contact Nico van der Hoven on PO Box 109, Sedgefield 6573 South Africa email:

Tap into more than Half a Century of Insurance Experience


riginally hailing from Pretoria, Fritz Swart has been advising on insurance for more than 25 years and wife and personal assistant Marie-Louise has been involved in the admin side of insurance for more than 30 years. They have been together as a team since 1991 and the family moved to NZ in 2001.

Dr Mairi Wallace Specialist Gynaecologist:

MBChB (Stellenbosch), MMed O&G (Stel), FCOG (SA), FRANZCOG

Special interests;

• • • •

Incontinence Vaginal prolapse Menopause symptoms Abnormal smear/colposcopy

9 St Marks Rd, Remuera Tel: (09) 523 5959

They Specialize in Life and Health Insurance Products, and apart from also advising on House and Car Insurance, Mortgage Loans and last Wills and Testaments, they have assisted many new New Zealanders over the years on how to deal with unfinished policy business in South Africa. Recent changes in regulations in SA now permits owners of Retirement Annuities to cash in these policies on grounds of emigirating from SA. Previously, payments from such policies were not allowed before the policy owner reached age 55. Fritz has advised many people on cashing in their RA’s. According to Fritz, one of the most overlooked issues with insurance, is a lack of full disclosure that may exist on many policies and its negative impact at claim time. Generally, insurers in NZ have a good claims paying reputation but sadly, some immigrants do not fully disclose all relevant medical history in the old country, believing that this will remain undetected. When a condition re-occurs, the history is normally disclosed to the Insurer by the local Doctor in the claims process and this can render such a claim void due to non-disclosure at time of application. Fritz advises that, if policy owners have doubts about full disclosures on their applications, to speak to their broker to rectify it. Fritz is willing to investigate possible non-disclosures for those who do not have a dedicated Fritz Swart - 09.473 5210 Insurance Adviser.

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South African

“Made in New Zealand... wow!” In this issue we present Bruce and Marian Reen and their new shop, ‘Nikau New Zealand Made.’


ith “retail” blood pumping through their veins, brand new ex-SA immigrants Bruce and Marian Reen couldn’t resist the offer by the business broker to purchase a business that fulfilled both of their dreams.

season,” says Bruce. “We visit with our daughter Vanessa in Auckland, almost every weekend as she has been in New Zealand for the last 6 years and we are still catching up. We are so happy to be part of her life again. We are living in a rental property in Hauraki Corner by Takapuna, as we have not yet sold our house in S A. We are fortunate to have our pet dog, Milly with us, who has recently come out of four months quarantine, and comes to work with us.” Both Bruce and Marian have retail experience. Bruce has worked in his family business “Halls Mica Hardware” in Amanzimtoti for over thirty years and Marian has run her own “Gifts and Crafts” shop in La Lucia. Bruce and Marian, like most immigrants, miss their friends terribly but feel that they no longer have to worry about their parents living in crime ridden SA, because both have now passed on . Their middle daughter Tammy is teaching in Switzerland and they hope that she will move to New Zealand in time to come. “New Zealand is now our new home, we love the relaxed life style here and we can’t wait to travel and explore the country, sourcing out New Zealand Made arts and crafts for our customers who are passionate about buying New Zealand made products,” says Marian.

They loved the concept of selling ONLY goods produced here in NZ and their passion for their new homeland can be seen in the way that they market their products! Bruce and Marian Reen arrived in New Zealand in May 2009 and set out to establish themselves in a business. They arrived with their youngest daughter Jacqui, who was offered a 10 week work contract to teach English almost immediately. They approached a business broker and “Nikau New Zealand Made” was the first business that they were shown. “It ticked all the right boxes for us, it is a beautiful shop in a lovely area: Mairangi Bay,” says Marian, who is thrilled with the purchase of their new business “Nikau New Zealand Made.” The shop is brimming with a variety of beautiful gifts to suit every budget. Their possum and merino knitwear is of the highest quality and the jersey, scarves, gloves and socks are sent all over the world to family and friends. They also stock 100% organic T-shirts for men and women, skin care products, Rimu wood gifts, Paua shell jewellery, ceramics, photographic art and “Nikau New Zealand Made” address : Shop 4, 404 Beach Rd. Mairangi Bay. Ph. 09.478 8781. much more. “We are currently building up our stock levels for the coming Christmas The shop opens from 9am - 5pm Mon. to Fri., 9am - 3pm on Saturday and is closed on Sundays.

Quality New Zealand Made Gifts

For Home, Family And Friends. Gift Wrapping-Parking at Door Monday-Friday 9.00-5.00pm Saturday

Shop 4, 404 Beach Rd, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0630, New Zealand Ph/Fax: 09 478 8781 Marian & Bruce Reen (Owners)

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South African

Carrol Boyes Functional Art


arrol Boyes is a South African artist creating distinctive sculptures, crafted in a fusion of metals, to use, grace and adorn your home and office. Her love for all things African and the beauty of the human body inspires her to create beautiful and quirky pieces of art, which through their functional design, become accessible to everyone. Carrol studied fine art and majored in sculpture. She subsequently combined her creative flair and talent for sculpture with her jewellery-making experience to introduce the functional art range in 1989. This range of over 1500 exclusive lifestyle products has become the perfect choice of gift. It features cutlery, flatware, tableware, gift items, homeware and small furniture items. Trademark materials include a fusion of pewter, aluminium and stainless steel. These are also used in combination with leather and wood. Carrol implements the initial design of all products from her Cape Town studio. The pieces are then handmade at her manufacturing facility in Limpopo Province and come with detailed care instructions, ensuring that these collectables will last a lifetime. In addition to her human forms, there is a wide range of abstract designs. At the factory each piece is hand-made. Then they are carefully checked to meet with the highest quality standards. The imperfections you may notice, are only the signature of handmade quality work. The pieces are then shipped back to Cape Town where they are hand polished before being packed and dispatched to stores in South Africa and around the world. Owning a piece by Carrol Boyes is owning a quality, hand-crafted lifestyle product which celebrates art and the pure enjoyment of everyday life.

Enduring love lasts forever, so does a gift from Carrol Boyes. Stephanie Happe Agencies is the sole agent for the Carrol Boyes range of products in New Zealand. For a retailer near you go to www.

For more product details contact Stephanie Happe on 021 663 611

Have your Havecake... your cake...

For a retailer near you, please call 021 66 3611 or visit

Special DiScounteD inSurance rateS available less than standard market insurance rates for:


Life Cover; Trauma Cover; Income Protection


Hospital; Specialists & Tests; General Practitioner; Dental & Optical


Access to Bank & Non-Bank options

investments: Unit Trusts; Managed Funds; KiwiSaver


EAST COAST BAY DENTAL Ltd phone: 09 915 0100, email:

neil b clarke cFp (Sa) - ex Durban

758 EAST COAST RD- BROWNS BAY Ph: 09 478-1300 / 021 192 9592

(10 years in nZ - HWp ltd trading since 2001)

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South African

“No barriers – only solutions” This is the motto of ex-Capetonian, Neal Petersen who has become a living inspiration for those who want to dream big and achieve great things in their lives.


eal Peter s en has lived a modern-day adventure, affirming that one can overcome adversity with determination and hard work. Neal’s dream was to sail in an around-the-world yacht race and he did it in a boat he designed and built with his own hands in Mossel Bay, SA. Neal’s amazing life story is one of overcoming adversity; adopting a positive attitude; believing in the power of a dream; life-long learning and aspiring to the dictum –“the application of knowledge is power.” Neal grew up during the apartheid era of South Africa in Cape Town, facing a number of challenges. His were physical, financial, and political. Neal is no stranger to adversity. He has faced and overcome hurdles most of us cannot imagine – but, he always responded by looking for opportunities and solutions. He was born physically challenged with only one hip joint and into a working class Cape-Coloured family during South Africa’s racist era. Neal was the least likely person to become an international yachtsman, especially in a perceived “white, wealthy and elite sport.” “When you overcome obstacles, you become strong,” Neal says. His dream was to have his own yacht, and to race across the world’s toughest oceans, and eventually alone around the globe. Many said that he could not do it. Neal persevered, overcame his handicaps, working hard and saving money that enabled him to fly to California at age 17 to enroll in the world’s best commercial diving school. Upon graduating Neal worked as a commercial diver in the oil rigs around the world and eventually, when homesick, Neal returned to SA to run the only deep water diamond mining operation off the coast of SA. This would give him the means to eventually design and build his own boat, and at age 31, he raced in the “AroundAlone;” a 27,000 mile, 9 months at sea, solo yacht race, around the world via New Zealand, the Southern Oceans and Cape Horn, to become the first black man to race solo around the world. Neal believes his disadvantages were really a source to learn from and overcome. He lives by a powerful philosophy of hope and dedication and the will to never let anything stand in the way of one’s goals or dreams. While racing Neal established the “No Barriers Education Foundation” to help young children believe in themselves, work hard, dream big – and never give up! Today, Neal resides in Charleston, South Carolina, USA with his wife, Darlene Kristi, who manages his speaking career. They also have a home in Knysna, SA. Neal is an award winning author and his autobiography Journey of a Hope Merchant won the National Outdoor Book Award 2005 for best book of the year. Neal travels the world as a widely successful motivational speaker inspiring fortune 100 corporations such as Microsoft and Intel. In addition he attends and addresses delegates to the World Trade Summit, the United Nations, global business leaders and associations; inspiring them to think about the choices they make and how they will impact our global community today and the next generation of tomorrow. He carries a treasure chest on stage challenging his audience to carry treasures instead of baggage! Neal does between 80-100 keynotes a year; his theme is “In Life There

Are No Barriers – Only Solutions.” When not traveling the world, he and Darlene board their 50 foot carbon fibre catamaran in the Caribbean and cruise the islands for some blue water adventures and relaxing fun. Neal’s goal today is to turn his success into significance to impact the lives of others. Neal and Darlene can be visited through or contacted through: Darlene Kristi:

2005 National Outdoor Book Award Winner “If I were on a boat in trouble, or anywhere in danger for that matter, I’d want Neal Petersen beside me. He never gives up, never quits; he always finds a way to fix something, to get the thing done, to stay alive. “Journey of a Hope Merchant” is a wonderful account of the world’s most unlikely and most determined sailor, who hauled himself up and out of apartheid South Africa into the cockpit of his own, home-built, round-the-world racing yacht. Petersen’s life is a terrific and inspiring story of triumph over adversity achieved by courage and ability, and his rise above shameful race prejudice is a prolonged act of grace. To put it simply, Petersen is a true hero.” Derek Lundy, author of the New York Times Bestseller “Godforsaken Sea”. Quite simply, this is a wonderful story of the sea, and one man’s hope, determination, and joy for life.

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South African

“Be your own boss” Self employed ex-SA entrepreneur and businesswoman, Judy Kraidy, tells us the secrets of her trade: Judy Kraidy

Anyone can be an entrepreneur.


veryone has the ability to market their skills confidently in the hope and expectation that someone else will take the risk and responsibility for employing them. So why not employ yourself? Many people wish that they could be self-employed but either do not know what they want to do or can do or they do not have the funds to get started. But we intuitively know what we do not want. The ultimate goal of self-employment should be to give yourself the time, money and freedom to live the lifestyle that you desire. Self-employment should not be the purchase of a job from which there is no escape. It is mostly fear or limiting belief that prevents us from taking that leap of faith into self-employment. Discovering what we are truly capable of and what we are really worth is challenging and enormously gratifying. Once you have an entrepreneurial mindset you will feel that you have control of your life. In May 2008 I found the perfect home business and I got started immediately. My business consists of my laptop, the internet and my phone. It is not a franchise and not traditional multi-level marketing. I can run my business

from anywhere and market anywhere in the world. My business has already taken me to Los Angeles, Australia, Mexico and Hawaii. This summer on fine days I will be working from the beach (you will find me under the green umbrella in Mission Bay) and next Winter I will spend three months in the Kruger National Park and it will be “business as usual”. I work in a booming multi-billion dollar industry that is unaffected by the usual cyclical economic trends. Our growth has continued to be exponential through this recession. It is a smart but simple 21st century business. Start up costs are very affordable, monthly overheads are minimal and the return is as huge as you aim to make it. The products will be a life changing investment in yourself and your family. If you are considering working from home and would like more information about this fantastic opportunity please visit my website or call Judy Kraidy on 021 521 854.

Be Your Own Boss Escape the Rat Race

No more deadlines, targets, peak hour traffic, office politics

The Perfect Home Business

using your laptop & mobile from just about anywere

Call Judy: 021 521 854 FREE DVD

“ Know For Yourself”

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South African


  

                                                                                                                                                                                        “Enjoy extraordinary         adventures with no        limitations!”                    9 Mono Place, Ellerslie, 571571-3390  Sundays 9.30 & 5.30 Horizon Church 9 Mono Place, Ellerslie ph 09 571 3390      

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South African

SUNDAY SERVICES 10am & 6:30pm South African Pastors Jaco & Mari Grobler

Senior Pastors Peter & Bev 794 East Coast Road, Browns Bay 0800 CHURCH

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“Good business in bad times� by Keith MacKenzie


reg Frittelli and his team at ILG hosted a conference meeting at North Harbour Stadium, Auckland on 9th October.

This well organised, informative and well attended seminar addressec relevant subjects that were well presented and of current interest. Guest Speakers: Martin Hawes - leading financial Author, commentator and business consultant speaking on “Good Business in Bad Times� and Hon. Rodney Hide (MP) - Minister of local Government speaking on “Super City� Martin Hawes’s address on “Good Business in Bad Times� was extremely topical in the current economic climate and was presented with his usual flair and enthusiasm for all things financial. It was also very interesting to hear “firsthand� from Rodney Hide about his vision for the Auckland “Super City� and for the creation of greater transparency and accountability to the public by Government and its representatives. The event was also used to introduce Anna Hamilton as the recipient of the 2009 ILG Regional Scholarship which is awarded annually by ILG to one deserving and talented North Shore resident as part of the AMP Scholarship programme to assist them in turning a dream into a reality. A very successful annual event, Greg hosts this seminar annually as a way of updating his clients with info and with the latest financial, investment and insurance information. INSURANCE & LENDING GROUP, Unit 6, 76 Paul Matthews Road, Albany, Tel: 09 448 2092 Ext 209, Email: ,


Freedom to focus on the things that count‌

General Accounting, Compliance and Taxation Services for all entities. Your first consultation is free, so call today and also ask about my “Agreed Fee� option.

Mary Garcia CA

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Dr Bernie Brenner


Gynaecologist and Uro Gynaecologist

Specialising in: • Female Urinary Incontinence and Urodynamic Assessments • Minimally Invasive Surgery for Bladder Leaking • Menopause - Hormone replacement therapy • Colposcopy (the treatment of abnormal cervical cytology) including Laser • Office Hysteroscopy for diagnosis of menstrual problems • Gynaecological Ultrasound • Laporoscopic Surgery - for removal of Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts and Endometriosis

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South African



Lifting education standards

ohn Key, New Zealand’s Prime Minister recently met with the children at Glen Taylor School in Auckland with Education Minister Anne Tolley. They were there to launch National Education Standards in reading, writing, and maths. Introducing National Standards was one of National’s major election policies. They will lift achievement levels for children in primary and intermediate schools, and report children’s progress on literacy and numeracy to parents in plain English twice a year.

Promoting science New Zealand’s success rests on our ability to make the best use of our scientific expertise. Yet the achievements of our scientists often go unrecognised. Thus was launched the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science. The prizes were another election promise. The Government will provide $1 million a year across five prizes to help lift the prestige of science and attract more young people into science careers.

Delivering on law & order promises We’ve had a busy few weeks in Parliament passing some of the legislation we promised during the election campaign. Last week, in a speech to the Police Association Annual Conference, I explained how we are delivering on the 10 steps in our Action Plan for Violent Crime: • Clamping down on gangs and P dealers by giving police and courts more powers to monitor gang communications, dismantle fortifications, and seize the proceeds of crime. Read my opinion piece on P here.

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Restoring acc to financial health I’d like to thank those of you who have commented about ACC levies. National is determined to maintain a comprehensive, 24/7, no-fault accident insurance scheme. However, ACC is in serious financial difficulty. Its liabilities have ballooned to almost $24 billion. This is $13 billion more than its assets. We now have the difficult task of rescuing it financially. The ACC Board has proposed a 64 per cent hike on worker levies and an average 44 per cent increase to employer levies. We don’t think that’s fair, so we’re proposing several measures to reform ACC and reduce levy increases. Law changes to support this reform will be examined by a select committee. We’ll be listening to your views throughout this process.

n z .n wi al to lob ail .co in s G em ear be lu rd acl To alkP e ca lstr e a T on @t ph mos o pr rd ca


Now's Good to Phone Home

• Tackling violent youth crime by giving the Youth Court a new range of interventions and sentences. • Strengthening bail laws to make it harder for violent criminals to get bail. •  Removing the right of the worst repeat violent offenders to be released on parole. • Training an extra 600 frontline police officers. • Giving police the power to take DNA from people arrested for imprisonable offences. • Introducing on-the-spot protection orders to help protect victims of domestic violence. • Establishing a Victims Compensation Scheme funded by a levy on criminals. • Increasing sentences for crimes against children. • Making our prisons smarter by increasing drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and work programmes for prisoners.

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Terms and conditions: Rate is charged on a minute plus minute basis. Rate is for calls to and from landlines. 15c per month account fee applies. Rate is valid from 16 July 2009, and may change without notice. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated. Standard TelstraClear prepaid cards terms and conditions apply. See for full terms and conditions. Draw closes 31 January 2010.

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South African

John Key, N.Z. Prime Minister with on left Michael Pasqualie and on his right Amorai Van Der Merwe

The Auckland City Dukes - main event at the opening of the Sir Barry Curtis Park in Manukau.

Tahir Williams (4yrs), Laylah Waggie (5yrs) and Atiqa Small (6yrs)

Introducing The Auckland City Dukes…. by Ruthewaan Waggie


uthewaan Waggie(alias Riedewaan). originally from District 6 and Bontehuewel moved himself and his family from Cape Town to New Zealand seven years ago.

Ruthewaan, a Physical Education & Health, Geography and History Teacher, studied at Hewat Education College in Athlone, and amongst some his fellow student graduates are Nazeem Smith and Peter De Villiers. Ruthewaan’s wife, Nadia is a nurse who has worked at Somerset and Groot Schuur Hospitals. They arrived here in New Zealand with their 3 daughters to create a new life in this country. Ruthewaan’s dreams would also offer new opportunities and create new ways for himself and his family to develop their talents to the full. Since his arrival in N.Z. he’s been extensively involved with culture, education and rugby and is the founder member and spokesperson for The Auckland City Dukes. The Auckland City Dukes, a Cape-Klopse, entertainment culture group, based on the North Shore of Auckland has been going here in N.Z since 2002. This Cape-Klopse group can consist of up to 40 members (depending on

performance) and it can be described as a Minstrels-performing-arts-Group. It has become an important part of showcasing a bit of South African Cape culture in New Zealand and has been part of the Browns Bay “Cape To Cairo” and Howick “Taste of Africa” annual festivals. The Auckland City Dukes have taken many years and lots of dedication to become what they are today. Ruthewaan was originally asked to perform at the Howick Festival and this lead to link-ups within the community. Driven by his passion for his culture and after years of performing and being visible within the greater SA Community, people gradually started acknowledging the Klopse culture and then approached him to become part of this musical group. It was this sense of shared passion and identity for and with the Cape culture and a sense of belonging, that gradually started people gravitating towards this group. There is such diversity even amongst the Cape Community in New

MEDICAL PRACTICE FOR SALE Birkenhead, North Shore City

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Established solo general practice for sale Reliable night and weekend cover Stable patient base, 20 years, still growing. Capitation funding is 50% income Excellent administration backup from local PHO Lease for premises can include adjacent 1 BR flat Good relationships with local ancillary services Very desirable area to practice and live Enquiries to Barbara Westra Ph 021-395824 Fax +64-9-4192182

~ A Family With Open Arms ~ Services at 9am, 10.30am & 5pm – full programs for children and youth. A warm, vibrant community of believers who welcome your visit.

Come and discover if Long Bay is your new church home.


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South African Upcoming SA musical production in NZ...


historical first will be a S.A. Musical production called Raccoon The Musical, which will be staged on 14, 22 & 23 May 2010, at the TelstraClear Theatre in Manukau, Auckland. Nazeem Smith, Ruthewaan, Peter de Villiers and support-staff member SA Springboks captain, John Smit being welcomed at Auckland Airport by The Auckland City Dukes.

Zealand, but this Minstrel group is contributing towards uniting this migrant community, all whom have originated from the Western Cape. They have a strong relationship with all S.A. migrant groups especially the Afrikaans Club, SANZ and the Rainbow Support group, which stems back to 2003. They have been entertaining crowds at some Super 14 rugby games and have been especially supportive of our S.A. rugby franchises. Recently they organised the WELCOME RECEPTION of the Springbok rugby team at Auckland international airport on 10 September 2009. This airport reception delighted our SA rugby team and John Smit went on record, saying that ‘this reception was amongst the best ever that he had experienced as a Springbok captain.’ The unified, colourful and dignified manner in which the S.A. supporters in conjunction with The Auckland City Dukes displayed their passion towards their former countrymen, took the N.Z. as well as the S.A. media by complete surprise. This reception positively showcased the passion and connection that S.A. ex-Pats living in N.Z feel towards their fellow countrymen and sportsmen.

Ruthewaan is the producer of the production which will reside under the banner of the Whakakkotahi/One People Trust. This project has taken a few years from what was an idea and a dream to now being a reality. Also involved in production is Jackie Eksteen from Athlone who is director of production and brilliantly re-wrote the early script into what it is now. Osman Abrahams from Mitchells Plain – Cape Town, came to New Zealand specifically to be involved in this production and is the Music director. The musical will exhibit the diverse S.A. ancestral past via the pathway of theatre, music & dance. The production team consists of South Africans of diverse backgrounds as well as prominent New Zealanders. The acting, singing and dance-cast also consists of 50% South African & 50% New Zealanders. The script, music and choreography are all excellent original resource material, composed and compiled by South Africans living in New Zealand. This alone is quite momentous as our collective efforts within the production team reflect the MASAKANE/Nation-building process in S.A. as well as New Zealand. The project will officially be launched on 6 March 2010, in the form of a black-tie dinner launch at Milford primary school hall in Milford. High profile N.Z. guests have already confirmed their availability as guests. This dinner has been endorsed by the S.A. High commissioner, Mr Tony Mongalo. Special invites and requests to attend this function will be forwarded to SANZ and other organisations. For more about this production, contact Ruthewaan Waggie at To be invited to the Raccoon dinner launch; contact: Patricia van der Merwe ph. 09 415 0154 or Ruthewaan Waggie ph 09 442 1086

The Auckland City Dukes were invited to play at the Ex-Pat Jewish Community Cultural Event in Sydney in November 2008. This was a great honour and as the décor-theme of the event was the Malay quarters in Cape Town, their musical presence brought a real vibrant, colourful piece of Cape Town to this special day. Dezmond Paulse and Derek Solomon are executive members of The Auckland City Dukes, along with Ruthewaan and can be contacted for engagements and bookings. Ruthewaan: 021 115 2581

Dez: 09 834 5472

bk row from left: Dezmond Paulse (Auckland City Dukes), Bill Tangariki (Whakakotahi Trust), Nazeem Smith (Auckland City Dukes), Ruthewaan Waggie (Producer), Adrian

Kingsley (Production & Image consultancy). Ft row from left Patricia Van der Merwe (Production), Mr. Anthony LCK Mongalo S.A. High Commissioner, Jackie Eksteen (Stage director). Not present: Jo-Anne Fisher (Cape Town choreographer)


New to New Zealand ? Any questions regarding the health system here? See Penny Gordon (ex Durban ) and her team at Rosedale Pharmacy 372 Rosedale Road, Albany

Phone : 09-415 3065


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Goldfish by Ted Woodberg


icture the scene: - Disco fever pervades the venue. To the average avid disco aficionado this is quite normal. After all, isn’t disco/dance music all about electronics? Well, not really. The guys up there are Dominic Peters and David Poole, two quite normal lads, and the venue is a disco/dance night club in up market Sandton, South Africa. They call themselves “Goldfish” and with a number of other musical team members they have created a unique genre of music that combines hard disco beat with raw African jazz. Their new style of music has taken the world by storm and they now have to their credit an enviable record deal which they have signed with Pacha Recordings, one of the biggest club and lifestyle recording brands in the world. Both now in their early twenties, the two lads, who hail from Cape Town, began their musical careers at very tender ages.

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Dominic was about eight years old when he mastered the electronic keyboard, playing mainly “Roxette” numbers. In his teens he discovered jazz and went on to study this form of music at the University of Cape Town. This was followed by a frenetic period as jazz session musician in the media of piano, keyboards and double bass. David’s early music career began with a sadistic violin teacher at age six. Ultimately he had to choose his favourite instrument and at age 10 he chose the saxophone. A few years down the track and he was playing “jazz” sax with a band that later became known as “Dorp.” Like Dom, he went on to study jazz at UCT but found himself spending more time behind the sound mixer than in front of it. Thus began his love for music production and, as fate would have it, he bumped into Dominic and they started jamming together like two kids in a sandpit. Their choice of band name resulted from Dave’s observation that Dom had an incredible memory when it came to irrelevant data; but was quite often unable to locate the whereabouts of his car keys! Thus FISH BOWL was born! The band’s self-released first album Caught in the Loop was considered a re-invention of the DJ as they combined live instruments such as the double bass, saxophone and flute with electronic synths, samplers and other special effects. “This is an incredible dream come true for us,” Peters told “We have put in a lot of work over the last three years and taken a lot of chances. To have it pay off like this is incredible and we are excited, grateful and nervous all at the same time!” Pacha Recordings launched a worldwide release of the bands second album Perceptions of Pacha last month, thus amplifying the bands sound on the international dance-music stage. In addition, Goldfish will perform at Pacha Ibiza, the record label’s flagship nightclub in Spain, every Friday night for a three month summer residency between June and September. Goldfish will play alongside other dance music favourites such as Faithless and Basement Jaxx. Goldfish has since earned itself a strong following in South Africa and abroad. The band’s international tours include appearances in the US, UK, Ibiza, Dubai, France, Japan, Namibia, Malawi, and the Seychelles. Local fans can catch a glimpse of Goldfish before the duo heads off to Spain. Peters and Poole have just embarked on a national tour that will see them perform in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and other South African towns. Perceptions of Pasa is available through all major CD outlets. For more information, visit


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South African


King of the road - Bruce Fordyce by Ted Woodberg


he main road between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa became the testing ground for one of South Africa’s greatest ever long distance marathon runners, Bruce Fordyce. The race was the COMRADES MARATHON.

He was a prodigious runner and between the years of 1977 and 1990 he became the most successful competitor ever in this most grueling 90 kilometre road race that has now attracted competition from all over the world. This was encouraged with the introduction of a cash prize for the winner, including the now famous gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to those who came in the top ten. The race is unforgiving, because it winds its way through the rough terrain of the hills and valleys of a mountain drainage area. The Drakensberg Mountains of Southern Africa send rivers coursing across Kwa-Zulu Natal and down on to the Indian Ocean over a distance of a few hundred kilometres. This creates an undulating landscape that plays havoc with the hamstrings as the runners adjust to rapidly changing up and down gradients. When Fordyce first ran the race in 1977 he was 22 years old. He was placed 43rd, but four years later in 1981 after better placings each year, he took the number one spot, staying there for an incredible 8 consecutive years until 1988; and winning it again in 1990. No other runner in the history of the race had ever achieved such a feat and neither has any other athlete done so since then. During the 1980’s it was as if Fordyce was competing against himself, because he would try and beat his own previous “up” and “down” times each year. And sure enough, he achieved this additional feat, year after year. His “down” time record of 5:24:07, set in 1986, stood for an unbelievable 21 years before it was broken by Russian Leonid Shvetsov. Fordyce proved that he could compete internationally too, winning the London to Brighton Marathon three times in succession and in the process setting a world 50-mile record. The Comrades Marathon was catapulted on to the world stage during Fordyce’s decade. Locally it attracted thousands of spectators; taking place on a public holiday in the middle of Natal’s mild winters. From the 6am start by the sound of the official firing gun the sight was amazing as the urban pigeons filled the skies and the slow heaving

mass of humanity slowly rolled out of the city and into the dry, dusty country roads. The people ran along the roadsides, clapping and cheering as the official camera operators zigzagged in and out of the crowds on motorbikes. In 1980 the field of competitors numbered only 4 000, but by the end of the eighties the number of qualifying entrants had grown to over 10 000. The half way mark at Drummond had an almost carnival type atmosphere with first aid tents mingled amongst food caterers, race officials and colourfully dressed spectators all having themselves a real good time. The unmistakable smell of “braaivleis” permeated the air as a good deal of the runners, suffering from muscle strains and heat exhaustion, gave up the race and joined the revelers, pain written all over their faces. Fordyce was always ahead of the pack during his decade. We will never forget the blonde shock of hair and that broad forehead of his with hardly a drop of sweat on it. He had a narrow, bony frame and after the race hardly dropped a breath. He spoke coherently to the race officials, holding his gold medal high above his head. Bruce Fordyce was born in Hong Kong in 1955 and came with his family to settle in Johannesburg when he was 13 years old. He attended Woodmead High School and later went on to achieve an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in 1979 at Witwatersrand University. During his time at Wits he was a member of the Student’s Representative Council and a committee member of the Wits Athletic Club. He has always been an outspoken critic of apartheid, often wearing a black armband during the Comrades Marathon to signal his protest. Today Bruce still competes on a much lower key in the Comrades and the 120-kilometre Dusi Canoe Marathon, which also take s place between Pietermaritzburg and Durban. He has written a book “The Marathon Runners’ Handbook” and rigorously supports a number of charities. He is also CEO of the South African Sports Trust, an independent body established in 1995 to fund sports development. Thank you, Bruce, for your inspiration to athletes all over the world. We will never forget how you impacted all of our lives during the eighties.


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Is your SA passport current, or is it due to expire soon? by Peter Tuohy


ooner or later South Africans living in New Zealand will have to deal with the tricky matter of renewing their South African passports. One needs to be aware that this is a lengthy process and it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months before the new passport arrives back in New Zealand from Pretoria, so don’t leave it to the last minute! The passport renewal process needs to be commenced well before the existing passport expires. Help is at hand in the form of a Visa specialist company called Travcour (public brand name Visa Direct), which also assists in the renewing of passports. Travcour understands the trauma that is associated with this process that needs to be handled over such long distances. They are highly experienced with the passport renewal process and work closely with the South African High Commission in Wellington in order to maintain relationships and ensure that documentation is being presented properly and concisely. This serves to smooth the administration process and speed up the processing of applications between New Zealand and South Africa. Applicants can pay for this service, including the cost of couriers by direct payment to Travcour by

cash, cheque or eftpos. A common myth is that South Africans cannot hold dual citizenship. This is possible, but permission should be obtained from South Africa before taking out New Zealand citizenship. If this is not done, one automatically loses one’s SA citizenship and can only enter South Africa as a NZ citizen (i.e. no visa under 90 days, onward ticket required and no work permitted). It should be noted that if you still hold dual citizenship you must enter South Africa on your SA passport otherwise problems are likely to arise. Part of the passport renewal process is to complete a fingerprint form in the presence of the NZ Police. With increasing numbers of South Africans living in New Zealand requiring this service, some Police stations will only now provide this assistance on an appointment basis only. The waiting time for an interview in Auckland can be up to one month. While Emergency passports are a possible option for those needing to travel urgently, these are reserved for people with genuine emergencies. A child born in New Zealand to South African parents who are not NZ Residents will not be able to claim New Zealand Citizenship for the child and must therefore register the child as a South African citizen born abroad. Visa Direct can assist with this process. The moral of the story is to keep your passport up to date and allow plenty Peter Tuohy DDI 09 366-0578 of time for processing!

SOUTH AFRICAN PASSPORT SERVICES We can assist with the processing of renewing or replacing lost/stolen SA passports Present this ad & receive 10% off processing fees until 28/2/10

Ground Floor, Qantas House, 191 Queen Street, AUCKLAND. Ph 09 3660578

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Emergency Immigration and Insurance Medical Services 16

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Why Risk being refused Entry to New Zealand? Do You Want To Stay In New Zealand? For a new migrant the prospect of finding the right job that qualifies for a Work Permit and ultimately Permanent Residence and dealing with all the paperwork can be a daunting task. With the current economic crisis it is more important than ever to get it right the first time. Immigration New Zealand will limit the time you have here to achieve your dream of being permitted to stay here permanently, The applications require very detailed, precise and accurate documentation, which can be very challenging to the uninitiated. From the 4th May 2009 only Licensed Immigration Advisers are by law permitted to give Immigration advice. Make sure you talk to the right people and Simona Woodberg IAA Adviser No 200800958 get the right advice by consulting North Shore Immigration Services. Our skilled Licensed Advisers have the knowledge and experience to work through any issue with you and give you the right advice from the start. They will take you step by step through the process and take away all the guesswork. Take the risk out of the process and safeguard against any unnecessary move back to South Africa by letting us assess your circumstances and advise you of your chances of being accepted by New Zealand Immigration. Member of

Call now on 09 415 3392 North Shore Immigration Services

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South African

Educating kids the “Redmelon” way! by Sue Wiehahn


x-South African Sue Wiehahn has harnessed her teaching and selling skills into a business that deals in books and toys aimed at young students: RedMelon Education Products Ltd.

Sue, her husband Cecil and their two teenage kids arrived in NZ in 2004. Cecil is a qualified clinical psychologist, so he was able to find employment fairly quickly. Sue had already spent a number of years in South Africa marketing “Smile” products, an educational range of books and toys aimed at the young student market. She looked for similar employment here and found a job as purchasing manager for a large North Shore book company, giving her a good basic understanding of buying practices and tastes in New Zealand. Being a person who enjoys challenges, sitting behind a desk all day was not stimulating enough and she and her husband decided to take up the challenge of working towards fulfilling Sue’s dream of helping Sue Wiehahn parents find good quality educational toys, games and resources for their children. The business started off as a part time venture with initial sales being achieved through Trade Me and the RedMelon website. This expanded to include teaching resources after a teacher friend suggested including products in her range which teachers desperately needed but lacked the time to outsource. RedMelon Ltd is a retail business based in Rosedale Rd, Mairangi Bay

selling educational toys and games, (including the Smile range of products which most South African families are familiar with) children’s books and Teachers resources. The business also holds the sole New Zealand agency for the ‘Smile’ range of educational toys and games which are imported from South Africa. Sue Wiehahn owns and operates the business. Sue trained and worked as a teacher in her native South Africa and therefore has a strong affinity with the products she is now selling. Sue’s main target market with RedMelon is two fold, firstly educators and therapists (preschools, primary schools, remedial therapists), and secondly parents who want to stimulate early childhood development. Her products are aimed at children from birth to the top end of the age range being about 10 years. “I love helping people, and through running the Redmelon online business and shop I have been able to combine helping people with my passion for child development and education. I especially like getting together with a group of mums to share about how children learn and advising them on the best products suitable for the child’s age, developmental needs and ability level, says Sue. I only sell educational products I can endorse so, guided by my knowledge and experience, I carefully choose only good quality products that offer the most educational benefit. I am therefore confident I can recommend fun and educational activities and games parents can play with their children and advise on which products work best for which purpose and in various educational settings. Redmelon games, toys and books have also been chosen because they offer the best value for money, are made of good quality materials and are enjoyed by children as they gain educational benefit. So, visit online or come on into the RedMelon shop. I would love to have a chat about helping your child develop to his or her potential. RedMelon is currently expanding its reach throughout NZ and is looking at offering interested, friendly and confident sales oriented people an earning opportunity to sell educational products to Preschools, Kindergartens, Daycare, Schools and parents from Invercargill to Kaitaia.


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Dr Dottie Prinsloo (Bloemfontein Graduate)



• GP Care – Acute & Chronic Dr Ellen Selkon (Stellenbosch Graduate)

• Accident & Medical

• X-Ray/Community Lab on site Westgate Shopping Centre Fernhill Dr, Massey Tel: 09-833 3134 Dr Richard Selkon (UCT Graduate)

Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm,

W/E & PH: 9am-6pm


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South African

SANZ social

nbury d Chantelle Ba Greer Young an e, ba De lle te relia and Es Terry Smith, Au Didier Debae,

Lance & Janette Abrahams

Sue and George Deeb with Daroish and Judy Kraidy Alan & Angela Silberstein

Lesley Langer, Cynthia O’C onnor and Wilf Langer

tert d Fiona Mos n, Chris an ey St lle he ic Peter and M

UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENTS Come and be a part of the vibrant ex- sa community here in Auckland. Join in the fun and help each other by networking effectively. SOCIAL EVENTS: We have a monthly fun social get together at the Browns Bay Bowling Club, Bute Road, Browns Bay on the first Friday evening of each month starting at 6pm. It is a lovely family outing, so

bring everybody along including granny and grandpa but leave the dogs at home!

BUSINESS NETWORKING: : As new immigrants in a strange new land we need to help each other by promoting our new businesses or special projects amongst each other. We have some well established businesses here run by ex-SA immigrants who pride themselves in the services that they offer. They value your support and by the same token, they need to know what YOU, the new immigrant has to offer.

You will be given a chance of introducing yourself to the regular attendees and we will ensure that you are entered on to the SANZ Business data base in order for all members to be able to access your details. Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at he Browns Bay Bowling Club, Bute Road, Browns Bay commencing 6pm.

PUT THESE DATES IN YOUR DIARY:- All social functions are hosted at Browns Bay Bowling Club 6-10pm Friday 4th Dec - SANZ Social. Sponsor: Health Wealth & Preservation Insurance Brokers - Neil Clarke, Food: borewors rolls and frankfurters. Peter Plus Disco, dancing from 8-10pm Friday 1st January - no social meeting Friday 5th February - social meetings resume SA New Arrivals Club (2nd Wednesday of each month) 6-7:30pm. Venue to be advised contact Michelle Steyn - email Wednesday 9th December Wednesday 13th January

see you there!


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South African

“Nadine” Rocks!


here is no doubt that new South African Afrikaans music star Nadine, a gorgeous young lady from Johannesburg will make an indelible mark on most of the hearts of ex-pat people here in NZ, because ALL of her national shows were total sell-outs! She has a unique style of contemporary adult pop music that has captured the interest of everybody here. From Auckland to Christchurch during October, Nadine followed a rigorous routine of shows right across North and South Island that all had rave reviews! Believe me! Her shows were extremely well booked out as she moved from venue to venue, thanks mainly to the support of Brokkies, South Africa’s Afrikaans internet link with NZ, and the efforts of Die Afrikaanse Klub and a number of Afrikaans churches across the country. The highlight of her tour was in Auckland where she gave away one of her CD’s to leukemia sufferer Leon Combrinck, who now has a malignant brain tumour as a result of the therapy that he had to undergo for his disease. The gesture by this petite pop star brought the house down. Nadine’s career in show business began at a young age on the small screen as a children’s TV show presenter. Her crystal clear, emotive voice has enabled her to produce world-class recordings that match the best adult contemporary and pop albums released globally. Her voice has been likened to Celine Dion. Well done, Nadine. You made a lot of people happy and homesick; many laughed and some cried but you lifted our community up with your heart felt songs. We hope to see you again soon. Check out Nadine’s website: Source: Brokkies. Editorial by Ted Woodberg.

Ex-SA Magdalena Schoeman crowned “Miss New Zealand.”


ife has become a wh i r lwi nd re c e nt ly for newly crowned Miss World contestant, ex-South Afric an girl, Magdalena Schoeman. As Miss New Zealand, and currently living in Christchurch, she will represent her country in the prestigious Miss World contest that will ironically be held in December this year in Johannesburg, South Africa! As part of her campaign she is fund raising for diabetes sufferer Amy Lloyd (15 yrs), also from Christchurch. Magdalena departs for Jo’burg on the 12th December for the Miss World contest. Congratulations, Magdalena. All of us South Africans are proud of you. Please bring the big crown back with you. See “” on www.


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South African

Jenny Harrison, a best selling author launches new book in New Zealand Jenny Harrison lived in Johannesburg with her husband, Howard, and four children. In 1997 her first book, Debbie’s Story, was published and became an instant bestseller in South Africa. Jenny and Howard immigrated to New Zealand at the end of 1997 and has gone on to author 5 other books. Her latest book “Accidental Hero” was launched in Takapuna in mid November. Jenny writes under her nom de plume Wren Harris. Accidental Hero is based on no one particularly, but presents ‘George’, a likeable bumbler who has ‘conversations’ with his computer. A light and entertaining read.

Norma Vaz of SA Magazine, Jenny & Howard Harrison.

Jenny Harrison Author of Debbie’s Story, A New Life in New Zealand, The Falling of Shadows, To the Child Unborn, The Indigo Kid and Accidental Hero

Explore NZ in style! RENT OUR CAMPERVAN “T he Flying Dutchman’s” three joint owners: Jos & Thema, Cornelis & Linda and Roelof & Rikie. Jos and his family have lived in New Zealand for 8 years after emigrating from The Netherlands.

After a career with Shell International he and his wife Thelma enjoy relaxing

Red Hot Sale $3750 was $6750

in this beautiful country. Their friends Cornelis and Linda emigrated in 2001 to New Zealand in pursuit of a more relaxed lifestyle. They since had two children, Oliver now 3 and Rosalie who has just turned 1. They are self employed and love spending time in the beautiful nature NZ has to offer. Roelof and Rikie are Linda’s parents, who are now retired from their painting company and love visiting them as often as possible. Jos and Cornelis are both keen montain bikers, and often go to Woodhill (West) for their adrenaline rush. One time, they got talking about Linda and Cornelis’ dream to own a motor home. They got brainstorming on how to make this affordable by renting out the CV to friends and family. When Linda’s parents heard about buying a CV together, they straight away wanted to participate. Every time they visited NZ they loved renting a small camper and travelling through NZ for 6-8 weeks. As they get a bit older though, they were keen to get a more spacious one. So one thing led to the other, and after visiting the Caravan and Motorhome expo and comparing many different models, they all agreed the Pacific Horizon 6 berth model had the best layout. Cornelis and Linda recently enjoyed a few fantastic days in their new CV and both them and the kids loved the freedom it brings. See their website for pictures! contact Jos Van Der Werff on their website or email if you have any questions.


1 Ct Diamond 18 K Gold

was $2200

0.33 Ct Diamond 18 K White Gold

$1699 was $3200 Saphire 18 K Gold


0.5 Ct Diamond Earing

was $2500

Phone us today

(09) 550 7808 J









or visit us: shop 3, 145 Kitchener rd, Milford


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A passion for matching people and places M eliss a arrived in New Zealand some 13 years ago from S outh Afric a, and chose to settle on Auckland’s North Shore. She has chosen a career in the Real Estate Industry and brings with her a wealth of knowledge from both the Finance and Hospitality Industries. This perfectly complements her people orientated personality. She loves working with her clients and assisting them in realising their goals. She is a well rounded person who enjoys all aspects of her life from walking, boating, yoga and reading, and in particular her delightful 15 month old daughter.

“I understand your property or properties are probably your most valuable assets, so when it comes to selling your home or the management of your rental property, you’ll need someone you trust, not just to provide you with the best price and service, but to take care of all the details in a professional manner. Real Estate is more than a career to me - it’s my passion. Please allow me to show you that I deserve your trust and will help you to successfully manage or sell your property.” Contact Melissa on: 021. 020 65670

Ray White Albany is a real estate company service provider for a wide range of real estate needs on behalf of established property owners, investors, and new arrivals in the region. Albany is situated on the beautiful North Shore. Our office is part of the centrally located area with many businesses offering friendly and professional service. We have a great level of local market knowledge and specialize in both residential properties for sale and rental properties in the Albany, The Bays, Greenhithe and Paramoremo areas.

Toyota Corolla 1.8GX Hatch

Toyota Rav 4 2.4 5 Door Petrol SUV From $41490

From RRP $34490 Leasing

Full Maintenance Operating Lease Drive a new vehicle for a fixed cost, for a fixed period of time. Vantage Lease Lease your vehicle(s) with the option to offer to purchase for a fixed amount at the end of the lease.


Driveway A flexible source of finance for all your vehicle purchasing needs. Classic Finance Drive the vehicle you want now and pay it off as you go. Choices Finance Drive now, pay as you go, and choose what happens to your vehicle at the end of your plan. Albany: Cnr Gills & Main Rd, Albany Village (09) 415 7890 or 0800 657 755 Email: Service centres at Albany, Browns Bay (09) 479 2802 and 14 Karepiro Dr, Whangaparaoa (09) 424 4808

Toyota Vehicle Insurance Available VEHICLE INSURANCE


AAA debt credit rating from both Standard and Poors & Moodys (One of only six corporations in the world with this rating) * Lease prices based on fully maintained operating lease, 36 months/50,000 term, excluding GST, subject to Toyota Financial Services approval.


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