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The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Area Command



Our Mission

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

A Message From the Area Commander

Dear Friends, Each day a needy person or family in our community goes without proper food, shelter, and other essential needs due to a variety of factors including low wages, joblessness, illness, age, domestic violence, or other unforeseen hardships. It is The Salvation Army’s calling that if a man, woman, or child is down-and-out, The Salvation Army does more than just feed and clothe them. We find ways to help them get back on their feet permanently. Inside this annual report you’ll find true accounts of the many new and innovative initiatives being instituted in Salvation Army programs and services throughout Metro Atlanta. Every local Salvation Army program is designed and implemented to not only meet the client’s immediate needs, but to equip him or her with the skills and encouragement needed for effective, long-term change. The Salvation Army specializes in helping people grow and we couldn’t do it without you. These accomplishments are made possible only because you continue to show how much you care with your generous donation of time and monetary support. On behalf of The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Area Command staff, volunteers, Advisory Board and Auxiliary, I thank you for your significant help. You are a cherished and valued friend and we are truly grateful for your support. God’s continued blessings upon you,

Major Todd Hawks Metro Atlanta Area Commander

Captain Bethany Hawks Metro Atlanta Assistant Area Commander

A Message From the Board Chair

As Chairman of The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Advisory Board, I am pleased to share with you this 2017 Annual Report. Since its inception over 125 years ago, The Salvation Army has been at the forefront of positive social change throughout Metro Atlanta. That tradition continues today under the qualified leadership of Major Todd and Captain Bethany Hawks, a professional staff, Salvation Army Corps Officers, and dedicated volunteers from the communities in which we serve. Each year, through the combined efforts and the generosity of countless donors and community leaders, The Salvation Army is able to provide an array of effective community outreach and assistance programs ranging from disaster relief, after-school programs, worship services, anti- human trafficking initiatives to emergency food, clothing and shelter for the homeless and impoverished. I am continually impressed by The Salvation Army’s efficient allocation of its staff, resources, and funds, and its ability to leverage these limited resources in innovative and practical ways in order to meet an ever-changing number of requests for services. Inside these pages are testimonials of the many ways this viable charitable organization has helped to strengthen the lives of Atlanta’s less fortunate. Testimonials made possible only through the continued support of local individual, corporate, foundation and faith community donors and an amazing army of volunteers. We thank you for your generosity and unwavering commitment. With your continued prayers, volunteer efforts and financial support, The Salvation Army can and will continue Doing The Most Good for our friends and neighbors in need.

Bill Byron Concevitch Advisory Board Chairman

Ramona Client / Recipient There’s so much pain in the lives of the people we serve, sometimes it can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a haven to women who need safety. The Haven ATL (Haven Atlanta) program is dedicated to seeing the city of Atlanta free of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, as well as the damage it does to our society. The goal of the program is to give girls and women a place to receive the resources they need to leave a harmful lifestyle, realize their worth and dignity, heal from the wounds of abuse and be a beacon of hope for other women. According to a recent study from the Urban Institute, Atlanta ranks among the highest in the nation for commercial sexual exploitation. Atlanta’s underground sex economy netted $290 million from an extensive network of prostitution. Worldwide, the sex trade industry produces almost $10 billion annually. It’s numbers like these that keep Melba Robinson up at night. As program director of Haven ATL, Robinson and her team work to help women go from victims of abuse to leaders in their communities. “These girls are powerful,” Robinson says. “They’re smart. They’re intelligent. They just really need support and they need to be held accountable and have a place to grow, so that’s what we try to do.” No matter the type of help offered to these women, it can make a difference. The smallest gesture can leave a hopeless person feeling like they are not alone, and that simple reassurance may be all they need in order to turn bad situations around. Ramona, a former trafficking victim and addict sought help at The Salvation Army after being trapped in that lifestyle for 18 years. Ramona now works with Robinson’s team to reach out to individuals in the community who may be too afraid or ashamed to seek help. She’s now one of the organization’s community leaders and a uniformed Salvation Army soldier at the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center. Ramona calls herself “a walking testimony” for what Christ can do for everyone who calls upon His name. “I’m not scarred up”, says Ramona. “That is nothing but God having His hand over me! I learned how to love myself.”

The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta 2016 Annual Report

Metro Atlanta 17,196 34,304


total toys distributed

Total Clothing items distributed

meals provided

9,841 Days of Camp provided

lives touched number of family cases


individual interviews / sessions provided


families helped with rental assistance


total visitations



food pantry orders

2016 At-A-Glance (Fiscal Year: October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016)

144,503 nights of shelter

Operating Expenses


volunteer hours

  $8,926,326   $6,828,428   $1,713,759   $2,950,943   $2,521,816

Social services (39%) Corps community center (30%) Management and general (7%) Residential services (13%) Fund raising (11%)

$22,941,272 Total operating expense

thanks to your contributions last year


total men, women and children

were helped in georgia The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta 2016 Annual Report

Virginia Volunteer In 1984, Virginia began volunteering with The Salvation Army by helping with the Angel Tree program. Today, she continues to volunteer at the Lawrenceville Corps and has served in many capacities from fundraising, food collection, warehouse sorting, spiritual care and more. “I come in a few days a week and check the food that has been donated and make sure nothing is expired and everything is sorted by type,” says Virginia. “After I get the shelves stocked, I start to make the food baskets for the clients who come in to get help.” Over the 30 years of donating her time, she has seen people in desperate need of food or a warm bed and shelter for the night. These experiences help her feel thankful for all she has been given, and grateful to have an opportunity to help those in need in her community. “The Salvation Army is so dependent on having people, like Virginia, who come alongside us as volunteers. Virginia is someone who goes way beyond the call of duty,” says Lieutenant Jeremy Mockabee. Virginia doesn’t have any plans to stop giving back to her community. “This is my mission.” Virginia says, “The Salvation Army not only helps people with their physical needs, but it also helps with their spiritual needs.”

The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta 2016 Annual Report

A nnual


R eport





Financial Statement FY 2016 Statement of Cash Transactions of the Year Ended September 30, 2016

Public Support and Revenue Contributions Allocated by federal fund organizations Fees and grants from government agencies Other revenue

Total Public Support and Revenue

$19,139,107 $736,646 $1,953,898 $1,288,828


Expenses Program Services Corps community services Residential and institutional Other social services Total Program Services

$6,828,428 $2,950,943 $8,926,326 $18,705,697

Supporting Services Management and general Fund raising

Total Supporting Services

Total Expenses Net Assets Beginning of the Year Net Assets End of the Year

$1,713,759 $2,521,816


$22,941,272 $2,539,068 $2,716,275

The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta 2016 Annual Report

Camp Grandview Each summer, Camp Grandview, located at the foot of Sharptop Mountain in scenic Jasper, Georgia, comes alive with children making lifetime summer memories. Camp Grandview is available for everyone, but thanks to the generous donations of supporters, it is affordable enough to give thousands of children from low-income families the opportunity to enjoy fresh air, exercise, good food, and develop new and healthy friendships. Their camping experience is more than just a pleasant vacation. Children learn new skills and self-reliance in a safe place from trained counselors who understand their emotional needs and are able to help them mature. Each week during the summer months, about 250 children from age 6 to 15 come to Camp Grandview from all over Georgia. They get to see and climb mountains, canoe across a lake, swim, dive off a diving board supervised by certified life guards, fellowship with children their age, and experience Bible study and worship every day. Campers also get the chance to learn music, dance, and drama through the music and creative arts conservatory where professional instructors help develop their creativity and imagination. Camp Grandview makes a huge impact on every child who gets to experience camp life. From the first time a camper steps off the bus, to the moment they leave, they are able to see a place filled with fun, peace, good people, and a professional staff. Campers also experience Christ in a tangible way and experience that learning the Bible can be fun and adventurous. Campers who have the opportunity to experience God’s love through camp are changed in a positive way. There are countless stories of wonderful camp experiences, and Camp Grandview wants those stories to continue for the next generation. When it’s time for the kids to leave and go home, you can see them getting on the buses filled with joy because something wonderful has happened in their lives. They have been loved, they’ve been cared for, and they’ve been encouraged. And hopefully, their time at Camp Grandview will help sow the seeds that will help see them through many years to come.

The The Salvation Salvation Army Army Georgia Metro Atlanta Division 2016 Annual Report



The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta 2016 Annual Report  

The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta 2016 Annual Report

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