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The story behind a church with a passion to reach an entire city!


One man with a passion for an entire city!

Myron shared his testimony about how he began Bridge Church and how he was introduced to Abide Network. He was in a community custody prison, attending Grace University, and volunteering at Compass Ministries. He met his wife, Kristen, through a mutual friend from Compass. Kristen introduced Myron to Ron Dotzer, founder of Abide. Ron invited Myron to share his testimony at Bridge Church. Two weeks later, Ron invited Myron to be on staff with Abide's Bridge Church. Immediately Myron made an impact. Starting a prayer movement called 4:30 (named after the time they pray for the city every morning), and launching A Team (a group that shares the Gospel on the streets). Many came to Christ, and lives were transformed. In four years, Bridge Church has gone from 40 members to 440, most of these being new believers that include gang members and prostitutes. You are about to plant a new church, Passion City Church, in Colorado Springs. Describe the vision and process of Passion City. Myron: In July of 2012, I had a sense from God to plant a church in Colorado Springs. My wife had a dream of us moving from Omaha. The next several weeks, the confirmation kept coming to champion a move of God in Colorado. I was called to plant a church in Colorado Springs. A team of ten people quit their jobs to join me in this vision. How did Bridge Church respond to you leaving? Bridge Church was very supportive. The board of directors and overseers gave me their blessing. They have a culture that says when God calls you to another place, it is time to go and be obedient to the call. Bridge is all about making an impact on the world. What Bible verses have led you in the vision? In Genesis 12, God told Abraham to leave his country, outside family, and move to the land God will show him. I have to leave what is comfortable and what I am accustomed to in order to move into the calling. The other verse is Joshua 1: God tells Joshua as a new leader to be strong and courageous. I need to be courageous and lead the people. What are the short- and long-term goals for Passion? We want to start 4:30 prayer in three months, which is praying daily for the city. We would also like to start A Team evangelizing teams. These would be teams that would go door-to-door, sharing the gospel with the neighborhood. We would like to launch Passion City Church with 500 people on Easter. We want to establish small groups with the people that are reached. The long-term goal is to reach 1,000 people for Christ in one year.

By Chad Johnson

What have youl learned that you wish you knew when you first came to Christ? “What we speak shapes what we see.” I know now that when I stop talking I start losing, because life and death are in the power of the tongue. I have to not just think it, but say the words out loud. The other thing I have learned is that if my vision is not intimidating to me, it is probably an insult to God. The future belongs to people who dream big. Without vision, you and the people you lead perish. How can people contact and help with Passion? We need to have prayer partners committed to pray for Passion Church. E-mail is You can donate gifts online at There is also a need for a trailer and children’s toys. To sum up prayer and finances, we have 1/3 of the budget. Dear Salt Magazine,

November 10th, 2012

What an adventure we have been on since getting married! We have been working for Abide Network and Bridge Church since the summer of 2008 and our experience with ministry has expanded. Most recently, we have started praying at 4:30 am and more than 300 people from all over the city have joined us. We have seen many miracles; people healed of breast cancer and arthritis, an individual coming out of a coma (that the doctors lost all hope), and gang members not only saved but hanging out and getting along with those from opposite gangs. We have also started something called the “A Team” which is a time where we take a team of people out into the community and witnesses to people on the street in an effort to reach people far from Christ. To date, close to 100 people have come to Christ in the last 3 months! Bridge Church has gone from about 150 people attending to over 400 in 4-6 months as a result of prayer, the A team, and encouraging those who attend Bridge to be “bringers”. While Bridge has been growing, so has Abide! Abide started by taking on one neighborhood and has grown to taking on over 40 neighborhoods. Dilapidated homes are being purchased, refurbished, and families are moving into the homes to “take on the neighborhood”. The block parties that are sponsored by Abide have grown over the years to over 1,000 people. This summer, the block parties had to be moved to Skinner Elementary to accommodate everyone. The Lord is doing great things in North Omaha and will continue to do so. In January 2013, we will be moving to Colorado Springs, CO. Why would we be moving if everything is going great? To make a long story short, Myron received a word from the Lord to move to Colorado and reach the city, at the same time, Kristin had a dream that they were standing in front of Bridge Church and announcing that they were leaving. That week, the Lord kept confirming that He has amazing things planned for us in Colorado: “Go to Colorado Springs, plant a church and reach that city!”

Some of the details that are included in the vision are planting a church called Passion City Church. We have identified an area in Southwest-east Colorado Springs that needs to be reached and are planning on planting there. God has called us to reach thousands of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in Colorado Springs! We’d love your partnership by praying for us daily and participating financially! Will you consider a monthly commitment over the next 12 months or a sacrificial one time gift. This includes staffing, building costs, and ministry operations, and missions. We would love for you to prayerfully consider being a part of this movement that God has called us to. Please call us if you would like to hear more about our upcoming adventure, we would love to share more! You can donate online at or all checks can be made out to Passion City Church,3207 Seward St, Omaha, Ne 68111. Love, Myron & Kristin Pierce

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Passion City Church  

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