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Religions: Muslim - 86.7% Christian - 12.8% * Political unrest has led to increased persecution of Christians. See detailed prayer points at: * source: Voice of the Martyrs

Remove Ancient Strongholds Give more time for mercy

Thanks for protecting Jesus End the people's desire to riot

Bring peace to the peopl

The new government


t You allow

Pray for


Make Egypt a center for You

Remove Corrupt Government Ignite a fire of REVIVAL!!!!!!!

r love to go forth!!!

Prayer Requests for the Philippines 1. May Jesus provide for the 1.9 million documented orphans.* 2. An end to poverty and homelessness. 3. Protection for this 98% Christian nation. See detailed prayer points at: * source - Unicef 2011.

Feed the hungry, Lord Jesus

Provide shelter

Clothe the naked orphan

Pray for the


t of Asia d the The Ligh lle a c is s e in p on, The Philip hristian nati C % 8 9 a is very because it countries with f o a se a y b rightly to surrounded y God shine b a M . fs lie e b t differen g nations! all surroundin

Prayer Requests for India 1. May Jesus reach the Hindu people. 2. An end to poverty related to/caused by the caste system. 3. Improved health care. See detailed prayer points at:

Light a fire of TRUE enlightenment

Remove ancient strongholds

Expose fals

se religions

Pray for


Unite India under

Jehovah Jireh - Lord Provide!!!


54,559,615 abortions were reported in the USA alone from 1973–2011. * From 2009-2011, the annual estimated amount of abortions in the USA was 1,212,400.* An estimated 2,372 babies were aborted in Nebraska in 2011. ** The three areas of the state of Iowa with the highest number of abortions in 2007 were: Polk county(Des Moines) - 1,244; Johnson/Iowa Counties (Iowa City) - 512; Linn County (Cedar Rapids) - 438 *** For a more detailed breakdown of the abortion epidemic, see: *Source: Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life since 1968 website: ** Source: Nebraska 2011 Statistical Report of Abortions website: %20of%20Abortions.pdf *** Source: Iowa Right to Life. Website:

birt STOP Partial

h abortions

Sanctify Life

in us all

Pray for the end of


rocity Expose this at

Life Win !!! JESUS, Let

International Prayer section 1  

Let's focus our prayer life for these select international countries and crisis. For more articles on prayer and flavoring your world, pleas...