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Bene • ts Cou nse ling

Adu lt Day Car e Adult da y c are provide s act ivities, m edic al mo nitoring, and c areg iver respi te for s en iors o uts ide of their home . Mar ian E. Bur c h Ad ult Da y Car e C ent e r 269-962-1750

One-on-o ne c ouns eling helps s eniors d etermine be s t opt ions for pres cript ions a nd health c are. Ca l. C o . Of• c e o f Sr. Se rvic e s 26 9- 781 -08 46 o r 87 7- 645 -52 43 Reg ion 3B Area Agen cy on Aging 26 9- 966 -24 50 o r 86 6- 642 -45 82 Fo rks Se nio r Ce nt e r 51 7- 629 -38 42

Dent al Service s

Commun ity Car e Op tions Provide s in-home as s es sm ent and a rran ges for s ervices to keep a s en ior se cure in his /h er home. Reg io n 3 B Area Age ncy o n Ag ing 269 -9 66 -2 450 or 866 -6 42- 4582

Dentures, extractions, ! lling s, and o ther de ntal se rvices a re available to low-income se niors with no o the r de ntal ins uranc e. Fa mi ly He a lth Ce nte r Alb io n & Ba ttle Cr e e k Call Fountain Clinic for Eligibility Fo unt a in C linic - Ma rs ha ll 26 9- 781 -09 52

Heal th Services for Uninsu red

Hearing and Vision Service s

Con nect ing se niors to he althrelate d g oods a nd se rvices including pr esc ription m edi cat ion s a nd di abetic test ing s upplies through co mmunity Navigation.

Low-income s eniors w ithout insu rance c overage can receive he aring sc reening s, he aring aide s, eye exams, a nd g lass es tha t help t he m m aintain o r increase the ir inde pe nd ence.

Co m muni ty Hea lthC a re Co nnec tion s 269 -9 69 -6 494 or 866 -5 62- 9812

Ca lho un Co . P ublic He a lth De pt . 26 9- 969 -63 77

Chore Service s Provides chore s ervices to ho mebound s enior res idents , to attain better he alth, s afety and ability to live ind epend ently in the ir own homes . Se nio r Se rvic e s o f SWMi 866 -200- 8877 Option 4

Guard iansh ip Service s Elderly people in need of as s is tance mana ging the ir pers ona l and ! nanc ial affairs are appointed a guardian by the probate court. Gua rd ia n Fina nc e & Advo c a c y Se rvic e s 269 -788- 1693 or 866- 96 3- 325 3

Home Heating Assi st ance Low-inc ome s eniors may receive up to $750 per year for ho me he ating fue l of any type to ins ure the y can remain in the ir ho mes . Co mmu nity Ac tio n 269 -965- 7766 or 877- 42 2- 272 6

MEALS: Nut rition

Minor Home Rep air

Le g a l Se rvic e s o f So uth Cent ral Michi ga n 269-965-3951 o r 800-688-3951

Home Delivered Me als are available to ho mebo un d se niors , and S enior Cong regate Dining Sites also a vailable througho ut the Coun ty.

Mino r home repairs are provided to low-income s enior ho meowne rs to inc reas e the ir ability to remain s afe and he althy in their own ho mes .

Se nio r Se rvic e s o f SW Mi 86 6- 200 -88 77

Co mmu nity Ac tio n 269 -965- 7766 or 877 -422- 2726

Money Man age me nt Ass istan ce

Per so nal Emer gen cy Resp onse Systems

Prescri p tion

Legal Assis ta nce Lega l a dvice, leg al represe ntat ion in c ourt a nd admi nist rative pr oc eedings , and lega l repr es en tat ion to s en iors .

Low-inco me se niors wo rk with a traine d c oac h who helps them s olve !n anc ial pr obl em s , compl ete insu ranc e forms and a dd res s a ny o the r relat ed problems . Guar d ia n F ina nc e a nd Advo c a cy Se rvic e s, Inc . 269-788-1678 o r 866-963-3253

Homebo und l ow-income se niors a re pr ovide d a pe rso na l electronic d evice to se cure he lp in a n e mergenc y to he lp t he m remain sa fe in the ir ho mes. Re g ion 3 B Are a Ag e nc y o n Ag ing 26 9- 966 -24 50 o r 26 9- 441 -09 73

Senior Center Activity

Senior Trans port ation

Albion a rea s en iors c an pa rticipa te in recreationa l, enrich ment, health insu rance a ss ist an ce an d ! tne ss program s . C all for addi tiona l program information.

Count y-wide for m edic al, work, nu tritional a nd r ecreational trips : M-F 8am - 4:30 pm 24 -ho ur no tice pr eferred.

Fo rks Se nio r Ce nte r – Alb ion 517-629-3842

Transpo rtation se rvices are provide d by C ommun ity Action.

Se nio r Tra ns p o rta tion D is p a tc h 26 9- 565 -41 44 o r 80 0- 994 -98 76

3 1 5 We s t G r e e n S t r e e t , M a r s h a ll, M I 4 9 0 6 8 Of• ce : ����������������Tol l Fr ee :����������������Fax : 269- 781- 0770 w w w.c a lh o u n c o u n t ym i.g o v/ s e n io r s e r vic e s

Rx Vouchers for lower income s eniors with high pres cription cos ts caught in the Medicare gap or age 60-64 with the Pres cription Drug Acces s Program (PDAP). Co mmu nity He a lthCa re Co nne c tio n 269-9 69-6494 or 269-9 66-9 579 Fo unta in Clinic - Ma rs ha ll 269 -781- 0952

Whole Person Wellness Seniors can participate in health education, guided exercis e, as well as health s creening s and ongoing progres s monitoring at s ites throug hout the Coun ty. Se nio r He a lth P a rtne rs A c ommunity p artners hip of Brons on Battle Creek, Ce ntraCa re, Region 3B Area Agency on Aging, and Summit P ointe. 269 -441- 0948

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