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The Chantilly Highlander Your Community Newsletter Serving Chantilly Highlands June 2010

Chantilly Highlands Summer Slam! Sunday, June 13 1757 Golf Club & Restaurant 45120 Waxpool Road Sterling, VA 20166-6923

Community Party and Grill

6-9 pm

This family-friendly happy hour event on the beautiful patio of the 1757 Club House will include a live band, grill food/ barbeque, cash bar, charity raffle with great prizes, and a number of free activities for adults and teens. Tickets are $10 per person in advance, $15 per person at the door. Here is a great way to kick off the summer with your neighbors! Come out and relax; school is almost over. Cash or check made out to Mike Tillman, drop off any evening at 3038 Jeannie Anna Ct. EMail: Check the web site at for details. Advanced Tickets will be sold through June 6! After that, the price goes up!

Charity Golf Event

1:30-6:30 pm

There may be a few spaces left, and we are trying to negotiate a few more tee times. Send an e-mail ASAP and we’ll let you know by the end of the week. Price is $85 per person, and includes: 18 holes with cart, range balls, prizes, food, charitable donation to Cue Camp Virginia for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and the patio party with live band. Contact Mike Tillman at . Check the website at for details.

Volunteers Needed Adults and Students Welcome! We have a few community events on the calendar, but really need help in various areas, including activities, raffle prizes, decorations, and coordinating volunteers, in order for them to be a success. Events include:  Pool parties—July 10 and August 14  Community Day—Sept 12 from 2-5 PM  Halloween—October 30 Don’t wait until the last minute to step forward to help (remember that our Spring Egg Hunt was cancelled due to lack of volunteers). Get your friends and neighbors together and have some fun giving back to the community! Volunteer before the events or during, or both for maximum selfsatisfaction! Contact Michelle Doucette at to help.

We are looking for anyone interested in running/stocking the soda machine for the pool season. You will need to meet deliveries and stock/ restock machines. Please call Jeff Boehlert at 703-435-2836

Half page ad sizes now accepted! Residents $100; Non-residents $120 Half Page 7½”W x 4½”H Same specifics as for other ads - See page 11

POOL OPEN! See Pool Rules starting on page 4. Note that community privileges, including pool use, are suspended if HOA Dues are not paid in full.

Volunteers are needed to assist ACC and board members with this year’s walk-through inspection of our neighborhood, noting each property’s compliance with ACC guidelines. ACC guidelines are in place to help maintain safety and property values for all homeowners. If you’d like to volunteer, contact one of the ACC committee members listed on page 11 of the newsletter or

In This Issue: Community Notices Board Minutes Calendar Pool Rules Classified Ads Board & Committee Contacts

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The Chantilly Highlander

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Chantilly Highlands Homes Association Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday, May 5, 2010 Minutes are tentative and will be reviewed and approved at the next Board Meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Members of the Board present were: Bob Bevins, Mike Donatello, Michelle Doucette, Brian Keagy, Dan Overbey, Greg Zilberfarb. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:32 PM. Visitors were welcomed and given the opportunity to introduce themselves. The minutes from the April Board meeting were accepted by unanimous vote. The Board voted unanimously for a motion to allow a church group use of the Community Facility on Sunday mornings subject to the usual rules and fees required for renting the Community Facility. The Board voted unanimously for a motion to allow a Chinese Exercise group use of the Community Facility subject to the usual rules and fees required for renting the Community Facility. The swim team task force made a report concerning progress on developing a plan for the Chantilly Dolphins swim team. The Board held discussion on the topic. The Board voted unanimously in favor of a motion to allow the CHHA Treasurer to consult with the auditor on the viability of three proposals for governance of the Chantilly Dolphins swim team. Mike Donatello made a report concerning the Architectural Control Committee. The Board held discussion on the topic in which it was noted that there had been no new volunteers to help with the walk-through. Mr. Scott Peters indicated he was interested in volunteering. Bob Bevins made a report concerning Community Facilities. The Board held discussion on the topic.  The Board voted unanimously in favor of a motion to

rekey the Community Facilities based on a quote previously received from a vendor.  The organizers for the 6th grade pool party require en-

gagement on the issue of liability. Bob Bevins will contact the Peters.  Broken pool furniture needs to be disposed of. Brian

Keagy agreed to make arrangements for a work party and disposal.  In a discussion related to land use, it was noted that the

playground trashcans are often overflowing. Dan Overbey made a report concerning the Treasurer’s Report. The Board held discussion on the topic.

Michelle Doucette made the Community Events report. The Board held discussion on the topic. The Board voted unanimously to reschedule the Community Day to Sept 12 from 2-5 PM due to an event conflict. Greg Zilberfarb made the Communications report. The Board held discussion on the topic related to the selling of the larger size ads now permitted. Due to the late hour, the CHHA Board President tabled discussion concerning the (1) Playground improvements. The meeting was adjourned at 9:48 PM.

2010 Reduced Cost Rabies Clinics It is a state law and county ordinance that all dogs and cats over four months old be inoculated. Remaining future dates for the reduced cost rabies clinics are August 22 and September 19. For more information, including locations and times, visit

June 2010

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June 2010 Sun












Pool 11 am-8 pm

6 Pool noon-8 pm

13 Summer Slam

7 Pool 11 am-8 pm


8 Pool 11 am-8 pm


7:30 PM CHHA Board Mtg

Pool 11 am-8 pm

9 Pool 11 am-8 pm


Pool 11 am-8 pm

10 Pool 11 am-8 pm


Pool 11 am-8 pm

11 Pool 11 am-8 pm


Pool 11 am-8 pm

12 Deadline


Pool 11 am-8 pm


(see page 1) Pool noon-8 pm

20 Pool noon-8 pm

Pool 11 am-8 pm

21 Pool 11 am-8 pm



Pool noon-8 pm

Pool 11 am-9 pm

Pool 11 am-8 pm

22 Pool 11 am-8 pm

29 Pool 11 am-9 pm

Pool 11 am-8 pm

23 Pool 11 am-8 pm

30 Pool 11 am-9 pm

Pool 11 am-8 pm

24 Pool 11 am-8 pm

Pool 11 am-8 pm

25 Pool 11 am-8 pm

Pool 11 am-8 pm

26 Pool 11 am-9 pm

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SPRING SPECIALS ANY HOUSE WASHED FOR ONLY $199.00 (We use SOAP—NOT POOL CHLORINE) We DOUBLE WASH & DOUBLE RINSE each side to ensure the best cleaning results. Bio-degradable solutions!

DECK CLEANING SPECIAL! $65 for the first 200 SQUARE FEET! Most decks cost less than $399.00 to clean & seal! Larger deck and staircases slightly higher!



CHANTILLY HIGHLANDS POOL FACILITY 2010 RULES AND REGULATIONS These rules and regulations were approved by the Community Facilities Committee in coordination with the Board of Directors. Their purpose is to assure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at Chantilly Highlands Pool. All Homeowners, their families, and guests must abide by these rules. Revisions may be made at any time by the Community Facilities Committee. The safe operation of the pool depends on every parent being responsible for his or her own children and that the Pool Manager has adequate enforcement authority. These rules are not intended to replace or diminish the parents’ responsibility for the safety of their children. Non-swimmers and novice swimmers require special attention of their parents. Children using the baby pool, which is not guarded, require constant supervision. Throughout these rules, the term “Pool Manager” will be used to denote the actual Pool Manager or, when not present, his/her designated assistant. A “Responsible Person” is defined as a parent, guardian, or other individual, 14 years old or older, designated by a parent. Section I. ENFORCEMENT OF RULES The Pool Manager has complete authority and responsibility for the safety and orderly operation of the pool. He/She may deny the use of a section of the pool to any person of any age that does not exhibit adequate proficiency for that section. Any situation not covered within these rules will be subject to the judgment of the Pool Manager. Failure to obey the direction of a lifeguard is cause for removal from the pool facility. If you see a rule infraction please bring it to the attention of the Pool Manager and if the situation isn’t resolved immediately, please contact (posted out front) the Pool Company’s Manager or Bob Bevins so that it can be dealt with and corrected. The Pool Manager has complete authority to eject anyone at any time from the pool enclosure for the remainder of the day. Such action will be documented on a special form and reported to the Community Facilities Committee within a timely manner. If the offender is under 13 years of age, he/she must stay within the pool enclosure until a Responsible Person is contacted. Serious or repeated infractions of the rules and regulations will be documented in a log and will result in dismissal from the pool for the remainder of the day. A second dismissal will result in a one week suspension from the pool. A third dismissal See POOL RULES on page 5

June 2010

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POOL RULES from page 4

will result in suspension from the pool for the remainder of the summer. Parents will be notified after each incident resulting in dismissal. The penalty for extreme incidents may include suspension of pool privileges for the individual or the entire household. Any matter requiring immediate action should be discussed with the Pool Manager. Homeowners with comments or complaints about the operation of the pool should submit them in writing to: Michelle Doucette -Board of Director’s President. Bob Bevins, Board of Director’s Liaison; Jeff Boehlert, COMFAC committee member; The photographs of each lifeguard with their names, The Pool Company Manager, Bob Bevins and Jeff Boehlert’s as well as phone numbers will be posted at the entryway into the pool. Any incidents or comments can be directed to the Pool Company Manager and/or Bob Bevins. If the need is immediate or there is a serious safety issue that needs to be addressed the Pool Company Manager or Mr. Bevins can be called. Section II. MEMBERSHIP Membership is available to all persons whose primary residence is located in Chantilly Highlands. Membership privileges will be withheld for all persons residing in a home for which the homeowner’s dues (including late fees) are not fully paid, pool guest fees are unpaid, or failure to complete registration. Funding for the Pool comes directly from homeowner’s dues. Babysitters, 14 years old or older, will be admitted with a note of authorization from a parent. Members must provide up-todate membership data and a recent family photo for pool entry. All members must sign in with their name and Chantilly Highlands Lot Number at the front desk before entering the pool area. Section III. POOL SCHEDULE AND HOURS The Pool will open for the season at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 29, and close at 8 p.m. on Monday, September 6. The Pool hours from May 29 through June 25: Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sundays

12 noon - 8 p.m.

The Pool hours from June 26 through September 6: Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sundays

12 noon - 8 p.m.

Special hours of pool operation and special events will be See POOL RULES on page 6

The Chantilly Highlander

Page 6 POOL RULES from page 5

posted at the pool and, to the extent possible, be listed on the calendar in the CHHA Newsletter. The pool will close at 4:45 p.m. prior to selected Community and Swim Team evening events. The pool will open at 1 pm on Saturdays after swim meets. Section IV. GUESTS Guests must be accompanied by a homeowner who is a Responsible Person and must depart the pool facility when the homeowner departs. Guest Fees: The cost of guests will be paid at the pool at the time of admission. The rates are: Adults /Children (over 2 yrs.) $3.00/day Monday - Friday; $5.00/day Saturday & Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day Pool pass cards may be purchased at the pool house for $20.00. Each card will have ten punches equivalent to $2.00 per punch. Weekday admissions with pool pass card is one (1) punch ($2.00/day) per person Saturday & Sunday admissions with pool pass card is two (2) punches ($4.00/day) per person A maximum of five (5) guests per homeowner household will be admitted per day. Homeowners will be responsible for the conduct of their guests and responsible for any damage to pool property. If a guest damages pool property, the cost of the damage will be charged to the homeowner. Section V. HEALTH AND SANITATION • All persons must wear proper bathing attire and take a shower before entering the pool. • Admission will be refused to all persons having colds, coughs, inflamed eyes or infections, or individuals wearing bandages. • No pets are allowed within the pool enclosure. • No smoking is allowed within the pool enclosure. • Eating, drinking, and gum chewing will be confined to the umbrella picnic areas. • No eating, drinking around the concrete pool deck or baby pool. • All children using the pool facilities who are not reliably toilet-trained must wear swim diapers and an appropriate bathing suit. DISPOSABLE AND CLOTH DIAPERS ARE PROHIBITED IN THE POOL. All persons are encouraged to use the diaper-changing tables located in the dressing rooms. See POOL RULES on page 7

Page 2010 7 June

Page 7

POOL RULES from page 6

Section VI. DIVING • Divers will not dive until the previous diver has cleared the area below the board. AND ARE AT THE LADDER EXITING. • After surfacing, a diver must swim directly to the nearest ladder without delay. • Only one person is permitted on a diving board or ladder at any time. • Excessive bouncing or horseplay of any kind is prohibited on the diving boards. • Flotation devices of any type are prohibited in the diving area, even when such devices are authorized for other parts of the pool. • The diving boards cannot be closed if any one person wishes to dive. Section VII. SPECIAL RULES FOR CHILDREN Children under 16: In order to prevent excessive fatigue or chilling, children under 16 are required to leave the main pool, upon signal of the lifeguards, for a 10-15 minute break period once every hour. This rule will not apply to the baby pool. This rule will apply whether or not a child displays the swim test emblem. Children under 13: To encourage children to develop strong swimming skills, a swim test emblem will be awarded to any child 12 and under who demonstrates swimming proficiency by passing a swim test conducted under the supervision of the Pool Manager. This test consists of: Swimming one length using any combination of strokes Treading water for one minute in an upright position EMBLEMS MUST BE ATTACHED TO BATHING SUITS TO BE VALID. Children 11 years old may come to the pool unaccompanied only if they display the swim test emblem. Any child 12 and under who does not display the swim test emblem must remain in the roped-in shallow section of the main pool or must be accompanied by a responsible person who will remain within easy reaching distance of the child. Children 12 and under may use the diving boards only if they display the swim test emblem. Children under 11: Children 10 years or younger will not be admitted to the Pool unless accompanied by a Responsible Person. Section VIII. BABY POOL See POOL RULES on page 8

The Chantilly Highlander

Page 8

(i.e. bats, baseballs, footballs, basketballs, lacrosse equipment, soccer balls, etc.).

POOL RULES from page 7

Only children 5 years of age or younger may use the baby pool. All children using the baby pool must be accompanied by a Responsible Person who must remain within the baby pool enclosure at all times. Food is not allowed in the baby pool enclosure. No chairs are allowed in the baby pool. Section IX. CAPACITY Maximum pool capacity is 244. The Pool Manager will post a notice at the pool entrance when the maximum capacity is reached. When the number of members and guests within the pool enclosure reaches 180, only members will be admitted. Guests will not be admitted until the attendance declines to below 180. When the pool attendance is at capacity, members must wait in the parking lot area and will be admitted as others leave the pool facility. Members will be admitted in the order in which they arrived. Section X. RULES OF CONDUCT • Running, pushing, wrestling, dunking, fence jumping or causing undue disturbance in or around the pool area is prohibited. • Abusive, offensive, or profane language is prohibited. Unruly, offensive behavior is prohibited. • No skateboards, scooters, roller blades, bicycles, etc. are allowed on the pool grounds. • No persons under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs will be permitted on the pool property. • The cost of any property damage will be charged to the member responsible. • Swimming goggles are permitted for eyewear usage only. They must not be used as projectiles or diving toys. Section XI. ACCESSORIES (Floats & Toys) • No snorkels, hard balls, rafts, canoes, inner tubes, or any other type of aquatic equipment is permitted in the main pool, except upon specific approval of the Pool Manager and on designated float nights. The size of floats used on float nights must not exceed 5 feet by 3 feet. Snow tubes are prohibited, regardless of size. Nerf and Koosh balls are allowed unless the situation becomes unruly as determined by the lifeguards. • Children with water wings must be under adult supervision. • Radios, tape players and CD players are prohibited except when earphones are used. • No heavy sports equipment will be allowed in pool enclosure,

• Masks must be of the plastic or tempered-glass type. • All bicycle riders will park their bicycles in the designated area. Bicycles, strollers, etc. are prohibited on all sidewalks to allow for access of emergency vehicles. • Lifeguards may remove a toy at any time if it is being misused or causing safety problems. • Tuesday and Thursday’s will be Noodle Day from pool opening to closing. 

Float nights will be July 7, July 21, August 4 and August 18 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Section XII. FOOD

• Food is permitted only in the umbrella picnic areas. • Glass bottles, jars or other glass containers are prohibited in the pool enclosure. • No alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere on the pool premises, including the parking area. • Snack sales occur during break time. There are no snack sales during the last break of the day. Bills larger than a $10 will not be accepted. Section XIII. GENERAL All swimmers must wear appropriate bathing suits: cut-off jeans or baggy clothing will NOT be allowed in the pool. Street shoes are not permitted on the pool deck. No persons will use the pool facilities unless it is officially open and the lifeguards are on duty. All injuries that occur on the premises must be reported immediately to the Pool Manager. The swimming lane nearest the diving boards will be roped off at all times for the use of those wishing to swim laps. Others should stay clear of this area. During periods of heavy lap lane use, the Pool Manager may move the rope to include two lanes, provided that doing so would not cause undue crowding in other parts of the pool. Tables may not be reserved by placing towels and/or personal belongings on them. No sitting on tables or the backs of chairs. No jumping any of the fences. All members will respect the property rights of homeowners in the neighborhood. Do not use lawns for shortcuts or in any way violate the rights of other people. CHHA and the pool management company will not be responsible for the loss of personal property or damage to personal property. All lost articles turned over to the Pool Manager will be held for about 15 days. There will be a lost/found container place near the soda machines. All unclaimed articles will be See POOL RULES on page 9

June 2010

Page 9

POOL RULES from page 8

disposed of at the discretion of the Community Facilities Committee. Section XIV. PARKING AND SPEED LIMIT The parking lot is for the vehicles of the pool members and their guests while utilizing the pool, tennis courts, playground, or picnic area. All other uses including overnight parking, driver training, commuter parking, and vehicle maintenance are prohibited. Vehicles in violation will be towed. The cost for towing and storage will be the responsibility of the member. The speed limit on the driveway and parking lot is 5 mph. Section XV. AFTER-HOURS TRESSPASSING/ VANDALIZING VIOLATIONS Anyone caught trespassing/vandalizing any CHHA property after the pool is closed will be subject to arrest and also having his or her pool admittance and community center privileges revoked.

DID YOU KNOW... § 46.2-1078. Unlawful to operate motor vehicle, bicycle, electric personal assistive mobility device, electric power-assisted bicycle, or moped while using earphones. § 46.2-1078.1. Use of handheld personal communications devices in certain motor vehicles; exceptions; penalty. A. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a moving motor vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth while using any handheld personal communications device to: 1. Manually enter multiple letters or text in the device as a means of communicating with another person; or 2. Read any email or text message transmitted to the device or stored within the device, provided that this prohibition shall not apply to any name or number stored in the device nor to any caller identification

Don’t forget to submit an ACC Exterior Alteration Application BEFORE starting your next home improvement or remodeling project! Also remember to contact Miss Utility before you dig in your yard—it’s the law! Go to for more information and to request marking your yard or call 811. Find our ACC application online at

information. B. The provisions of this section shall not apply to: 1. The operator of any emergency vehicle; 2. An operator who is lawfully parked or stopped; 3. The use of factory-installed or aftermarket global positioning systems (GPS) or wireless communications devices used to transmit or receive data as part of a digital dispatch system; or 4. Any person using a handheld personal communications device to report an emergency.

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The Chantilly Highlander

Classified Advertising Experienced and responsible college student with over 8 years of pet care experience in the neighborhood. references available. call Jennifer @(703)595-9261. Breamar model mini-blinds, pine-stained wood for family room windows (1 needs wand repaired) and French doors, blond plastic for 1st-floor bathroom. Contact 703.424.2956 $100 OBO Spanish or English Tutor-Chantilly Highlands resident, recent college graduate, available May 18-August 8. Contact Kim at 703-689-4941. Need your grass mowed? Responsible 18 yr old Chantilly Highland resident available to take care of all of your lawn needs. Call Max 703-471-0329/ 703-577-4238. Almighty & Co—Painting Int/Ext, local references, drywall & rotten wood repair, power washing, wallpaper removal, mouldings. 26 years, family run. Call Carl at 703-378-5602 or cell 703-926-8700. Superior Landscaping, Inc. Landscape Renovations; Paver walkways, patios & walls; Machine Grading/Lawn Extension; Drainage issues resolved; Mulching, Edging, Trimming & Sod. Since 1985. Excellent References from your neighbors in Chantilly Highlands. or 703-830-8800. Lawn Mowing+: Mow, Fertilize, Weed control, Aerate, Seed, Mulch, Shrub Pruning, Spring/Fall Cleanups. Reliable svc w/prof results since 1991-Professional Property Maint. Inc.703-273-9626 Residential and commercial cleaning -MSC, LLC has been servicing the Washington metropolitan area for 20 yrs offering competitive rates and great references. Free estimate, (703)723-3850, Certified Personal Fitness Training IN YOUR HOME Indiv. programs, nutritional guidance, weight loss, prenatal/post-partum, yoga, pilates & more. All ages/fitness levels. 17+ yrs exp! Stephanie 703-542-2595.

June 2010

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COMMITTEE INFO Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Community Center. Meetings are open, and all residents are welcome and encouraged to participate. To include a specific item on the agenda, please contact the Board President. Architectural Control Committee (ACC) meets monthly at the Community Center. Contact any ACC member or appropriate Board member if you have ACC questions or concerns. Chantilly Highlander newsletter welcomes your articles and community photos of specific events. Advertising questions and other information may be emailed to or mailed to the Editor at P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA, 20171. Civic Affairs Committee for comments or questions contact Jeff Parnes at; enroll in the Civic Affairs mail group at to receive related notices. Community Activities Committee organizes events for Chantilly Highlands families. The committee meets as events are scheduled, and chairpersons vary throughout the year. Interested residents should please contact a Board member. Community Facilities Committee (ComFac) meets as needed regarding our swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, Community Center and its grounds. To become involved and participate in the meetings, contact Jeff Boehlert at 703-435-2836. Land Management Committee handles all issues that involve the common areas of our community, primarily lawn care and snow removal, meeting as needed. Contact Paul Thurneysen at 703-318-1468 with questions or to help on the Land Management Committee.

The Chantilly Highlander is a monthly publication which informs the community of upcoming events, committee meeting highlights and decisions, and provides a forum to communicate items of interest to your neighbors! Articles are reviewed (subject to editing), and published at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Published advertisement is accepted, however it is not considered an endorsement by the Board. Electronic submissions are encouraged via email; however, please also provide a “camera ready” printed copy for comparison if there are graphics or fonts (print styles) that must be maintained. Email address: (Include ‘Chantilly Highlander’ in the subject line so it is not deleted as spam) Mailing address: CHHA, c/o The Chantilly Highlander, P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171 Please submit articles, advertising (with payment), and photos so they are RECEIVED by the 12th of each month for consideration in the next month’s issue: be sure to allow sufficient time for mail processing. Submissions or payments received after the 12th will be held for the following month’s issue. Any non-profit notices will be included only if space allows—guaranteed placement must be paid advertising. Classified & KidWorks ad wording should be no more than 30 words to fit on 4 lines, and is subject to editing due to space constraints.

Advertising Rates: KidWorks (Under 18 yrs) Classified Ad Business Card 3½”W x 2”H Quarter Page 3¼”W x 4½”H Half Page 7½”W x 4½”H

Resident $ 3.00 $ 15.00 $ 30.00 $ 55.00 $100.00

Non-Resident $ 10.00 $ 20.00 $ 50.00 $ 70.00 $120.00

CUT OUT AND HANG BY YOUR PHONE FOR HANDY REFERENCE! When calling board or committee members, please be mindful that they are volunteers, with jobs and families, making sacrifices to serve our community. Try to contact the appropriate liaison or committee chair for the best response to a concern/question.

Chantilly Highlands Committees Architectural Control (ACC)

Carla Abbud 703-925-0949 Brian Keagy 703-909-7698 Michelle Doucette See to the right Civic Affairs Jeffrey Parnes 703-904-0131 Community Ctr Rental Answering Machine 703-435-0736 Community Events Michelle Doucette Community Facilities Jeffrey Boehlert 703-435-2836 Database Administrator Greg Zilberfarb Garden Club OPEN OPEN Paul Thurneysen Land Management 703-318-1468 Gerard Eldering Neighborhood Watch (see Comm Facilities) 703-435-2081 Pool House Phone Lori Manik Resale Packages 703-796-1061 Karin Johnston Swim Team Chair 703-437-5452 Steve Edwards Tennis Courts 703-742-3353 Greg Zilberfarb Webmaster Greg Zilberfarb Web Posting

2010 CHHA Board of Directors PRESIDENT Michelle Doucette VICE PRESIDENT Bob Bevins TREASURER Dan Overbey SECRETARY Mike Laverdure 703-481-4511 COMMUNITY FACILITIES Bob Bevins LONG RANGE PLANNING Mike Laverdure 703-481-4511 ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL Mike Donatello NEWSLETTER, DATABASE & WEBSITE Greg Zilberfarb NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, LAND MGMT Gerard Eldering COMMUNITY EVENTS & CIVIC AFFAIRS Michelle Doucette

BOARD MEMBERS Brian Keagy 703-909-7698

Chantilly Highlands Homes Association P.O. Box 710238 Oak Hill, VA 20171