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The Chantilly Highlander Your Community Newsletter Serving Chantilly Highlands V i s i t u s o n t h e w e b a t w w w . c h h a . o r g— n o w i n C O L O R o n l i n e !

November 2006 WINTER GARDEN LIGHTING CEREMONY AT THE COMMUNITY CENTER Bring out the entire family for the Winter Garden Lighting Ceremony! This event will be sponsored by the CHHA and the CH Garden Club on Sunday, December 3, 2006, at 6:30 PM at the Community Center (rain date Sunday, December 10, 2006, at 6:30 PM). As the holidays draw near and we retreat to the warmth of our homes, we often overlook our furry and feathered friends outside. Winter is a time when wildlife is in greatest need of our help. Come help decorate the tree with wildlife ornaments in front of the Community Center (ornaments will be made and provided to everyone by the Garden Club). Chris Tacinelli, CHHA President, will light the garden at 6:30 PM. The Garden Club will distribute ornaments to all present to help decorate the trees while we listen to live music played by the Sapphire Trio, consisting of Wendy Hunt, CHHA Secretary, her husband, Andy Hunt, and Sunil Pai. Refreshments of cocoa, coffee, and cookies will be served in the Community Center immediately following the tree decorating. Please mark your calendars to join us for an evening of warmth and fun and kick off the holiday season by giving a gift to our feathered friends.

VOTE Tuesday, November 7, 2006 Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. for registered voters. More information can be found at eb/homepage.htm

Mark Your Calendars for the Winter Wonderland! Saturday, December 9th 11 AM - 2 PM There will be crafts and refreshments, and the return of the horse-drawn ‘carriage’! So bundle up the family, and create some magical together memories at this special time of year! Join us at the Community Center on December 9th from 11 am—2 pm for the activities and refreshments. Canned goods will be collected for the Embry Rucker House in Reston. Organized and Hosted by Girl Scout Troop 3122

NOVEMBER GARDEN CLUB MEETING The Garden Club will be meeting on Wednesday, November 29th, at 7 PM, at the Community Center. Please come and join us to make birdseed and dried fruit ornaments to pass out to the CH Community when we get together to light the garden and decorate the trees in front of the Community Center on December 3rd. All hands will be appreciated!

In This Issue: ACC Community Walk Update……………..3 Board & Committee Contacts……………..11 Board Minutes………………………………..2 Classified Ads……………………………….10 Community Calendar……….……………….4

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Chantilly Highlands Homes Association Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, September 7, 2006 Submitted by Wendy Hunt Minutes are tentative and will be reviewed and approved at the upcoming Board of Directors meeting.

Board Attendees: Mark Hassinger, Wendy Hunt, Larry Miller, Chris Tacinelli, and Darin Welt Absent Board members: Jon Roe, Wendy Osborn, Paul Thurneyson and Jeff Boehlert Homeowner attendees: 2 Chris Tacinelli called the meeting to order at 7:39pm. Mark Hassinger made a motion to approve the September minutes. Darin Welt seconded it and the Board approved the September minutes unanimously. Homeowner Items: Discussed land maintenance issues and the need for a mowing map identifying the areas in the community that are mowed by the Landscaping Contractor, dog feces/leash law issues and the steps that are being taken through the R-Tap program to reduce vehicle speeds on neighborhood streets. Treasurer’s Report: Budget actuals/forecasts will be sent out for board members to review this month. There are 9 lots with outstanding homeowner dues. The new book keeper has been hired and as she was a previous bookkeeper for CHHA, we are very fortunate. The board will hold the annual budget meeting after the November Board of Directors meeting. Community Facilities: The pool house needs to have work done. Board members will do a walkthrough and see what needs to be replaced and revamped for the pool house and the community center including a complete review of all pool equipment and the pool house facilities. These estimates will be figured into next years budget where practical. Land Management: Board member was absent. Lawn mowing map will be worked on. Architectural Control Committee: Another work session with the Board and ACC has been set up to facilitate the completion of the annual walk. Community Activities: Community Day went well and Halloween plans are underway. Winter Holiday and

possible future adult activities were discussed. Civic Affairs: Lincoln development property is going forward with their plans. The Newsletter Committee will attempt to obtain an article updating their activities and providing information about the upcoming public hearing with the Fairfax County Planning Commission. Neighborhood Watch: Security and surveillance systems in and around the pool and community center are being examined and will be upgraded/improved as appropriate. Communications - Newsletter and Website: Content, design and use of the CHHA website was discussed and will be improved. Announcements, articles and upcoming deadlines were discussed. Directory ads have been sold and the directory will be issued to the Community by the end of the year. Long Range Planning: Board member was absent, so no new business was discussed. Database: Board member was absent, so no new business was discussed. Old Business: We have a payment totaling approximately $14,000 for the land that was taken by VDOT as part of the Centreville Road widening project. The Board consulted with several professional volunteers who commented that the amount was a fair value for the construction impacts and land taking that has and will occur. R-Tap: The Board President has received a letter from the supervisor’s office requesting that Fairfax County Department of Transportation prepare a petition map and develop traffic calming strategies. Several residents have volunteered to be canvassers to help petition the neighborhood to obtain opinions to whether the proposed improvements should be implemented. The goal is to determine what improvements can be made and wrap up the process by the end of this year. Board nominating committee: One person has stepped forward to volunteer for the Board and there are two other potential candidates. Meeting Adjournment: There being no new business to discuss, Larry Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Darin Welt seconded it. The board unanimously approved the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.

November 2006

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Can Your Ashes What could be better than curling up in front of the fireplace or wood stove on a cold winter's night? What would be worse, however, than seeing your house go up in flames because you didn't properly dispose of the ashes? Every year, millions of dollars in property damage occurs, hundreds of families are displaced, and, tragically, some people lose their lives. Fireplace ashes retain enough heat to ignite other combustible materials for several days after a fire; it is important to learn the following ways to dispose of fireplace and wood-stove ashes properly: -- Do not discard ashes into any combustible container such as a paper or plastic bag, a cardboard box or a plastic trash can. Put ashes into a noncombustible metal container with a lid. Pour water into the container to make sure the ashes are cool. -- Keep the ash can outside the house. -- Do not place an ash container on decks, porches or in garages. -- Teach all family members safety with ashes from your fireplace or stove. If you have any questions about fireplace or wood-stove safety, contact your local fire and rescue station or the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department's Public Information and Life Safety Education Section at 703-246-3801, TTY 703-385-4419.

ACC Community Walk Update The CHHA Board of Directors periodically performs a comprehensive community walk to ensure that architectural standards are being maintained by all homeowners in the community. The neighborhood is aging, and it is important that routine maintenance and upkeep be performed by all homeowners to ensure that our property values remain high, and that Chantilly Highlands continues to be a desirable place for families to live. Our CHHA board and committee members have been hard at work, and after several months of effort our volunteer board and committee have completed “community walk” reports and have begun to send out violation notifications. If you receive a notice, please be aware you are responsible to provide a resolution plan within 14 days of notification. In most cases, the violation(s) are minor and are easily rectified. Please feel free to contact ACC Committee representatives if you have any questions regarding correspondence you may receive at P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171-0238 or email at Thank you for your continuing cooperation in these efforts, and remember that our volunteer board and committees are looking for volunteers to help with our “selfgovernment”. One of the most common violations is the item of missing window grids. Big Blue Window Company is one of several companies that can provide replacement grids for most window sizes. Their website is Please be reminded that all exterior alterations (window, roof, garage door replacement, etc.), need to be committee approved BEFORE the start of the project. Simply visit to download the architectural application, and follow the steps outlined. If you have questions concerning other items, please refer to the Architectural Committee Guidelines and Standards booklet or direct them to a member of the Architectural Control Committee.

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SAVE THE DATE THE CHANTILLY HIGHLANDS HOMES ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING will be held January 18, 2007, at 8 PM at the Community Center. Board Members will be elected. Be a responsible pet owner and a civic-minded, law-abiding resident—clean up (poop scoop) after your dog, dispose of properly at your home, and do NOT put in the storm drains!

Missing Camera

A Kodak disposable "waterproof" camera disappeared in late August from the deck near the shallow end of the community pool. The owner is hoping that someone would return it. Please call 703-437-3094 with info.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Mother Well Ct.—in late August a GPS unit was stolen from an unlocked car. The rear window of a car was smashed in late September. Any info on either of these incidents should be reported to the police at 703-691-2131.

November 2006 Sun



Wed 1




Election Day

7:30 PM CommFac Mtg

Thu 2


7:30 PM— Bd Mtg








Veteran’s Day




















29 7 PM Garden Club Meeting


Save the date: CHHA Annual Meeting January 18, 2007, at 8 PM

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Page 5 November 2006

Plan Now for School Closings Register now for Keep in Touch, a service that allows employees, parents and others interested in emergency messages and other information about the school system to receive updates via e-mail. You set up individualized profiles and receive the most up-to-date information as soon as it is available. To sign up (or update your profile), visit the FCPS web site at and choose ‘Keep in Touch’ on the left hand side. While you’re at it, make sure to solidify plans for your children in the event that you are not nearby or otherwise available for an early school closing, such as due to inclement weather—make plans with someone who can pick them up for you. Also decide who will watch your children if school is canceled and you still have to work—remember that the public library is not your babysitter and you cannot leave children alone there.

Board Members Needed We need volunteers to fill four Board of Directors positions beginning in January 2007. Please think about getting involved. If you are interested or know of someone who can help, please contact the Board at or contact Wendy Osborn, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, at 703-834-7978. Take the first step and make the call to find out more! Fairfax County Public School Calendar November 6-7 November 22 November 23-24 Dec 25-Jan 1 January 15 January 25-26 February 19 March 30 April 2-6 May 28 June 18

Student Holidays Two Hour Early Release Thanksgiving Holidays Winter Vacation Martin Luther King Jr.'s Holiday Student Holidays President's Day Holiday Student Holiday Spring Vacation Memorial Day Holiday Last Day of School

Carlos H. Monsalve, D.D.S. Pediatric Dentist When planning your holiday travels by car, be sure to check out the pertinent websites for road conditions, including construction and weather delays. Don’t forget to have your car serviced before any long distance travel! Below are some phone numbers and websites to keep handy. Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) (800) 367-ROAD Dominion Virginia Power 1 (888) 667-3000 for power outages Washington Gas 703-750-1400 to report a natural gas leak 703-750-1000 Main phone number Fairfax Water 703-698-5800

Member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Infants, children, Adolescents, Special needs children

Franklin Farm Professional Building 13350 Franklin Farm Rd., Suite 310 Herndon, VA 20171

Phone 703-481-1115

Se Habla Español

Emergency Calls

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Virginia Summit Features Climate and Energy Experts

Town Hall Engages Citizen and Politician Responses to Future Energy Challenges

The Northern Virginia Climate Change Summit, where leaders, citizens, activists, and experts meet to discuss energy issues that are affecting our region, will be held at the GWU Virginia Campus on Thursday , November 9th at 7pm. The program will feature engaging presentations from four guest speakers, followed by statements from local elected officials and a moderated Q&A session. The event is free and open to the public. This Town-hall style forum will meet at the George Washington University, Virginia Campus, 20101 Academic Way, Ashburn, VA. (map & directions found at This event was planned by the sponsors to respond to the increasing attention drawn to the issue of global warming, worldwide oil/resource depletion, and increasing citizen interest in addressing these challenges. More info can be found at

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Page 7 November 2006

Franklin’s TSA (stands for Technology Student Association)

Would like to TSA (meaning Take the Stress Away from)

Your Holidays! Order your holiday pies made fresh for us by Mom’s Apple Pie Co. in Herndon, to help raise funds for Franklin’s TSA National Competition in Tennessee. Last year six students competed at the TSA Nationals in Texas, in various technology related events. 4 You’ll have enough work preparing the holiday meal. Let “Mom” take care of dessert! 4 Are you celebrating with others? Bring dessert! 4 The pies are shrink-wrapped and travel reasonably well. 4 Having company? Put a pie on the buffet table. 4 Don’t fight the traffic. Pick up your pies at Franklin MS ORDER FORMS PRINTED BELOW Additional order forms can be found on Franklin’s website at or by contacting Deb Neuberger at 703-709-0194 or Additional information about TSA can be found at Information about Mom’s Apple Pie Company and their products can be found at

Thank you for your support!

bring with this order form to the Franklin MS office.

bring with this order form to the Franklin MS office.



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Opening doors and closing sales! Sellers •Time is money: I provide customized marketing programs to sell your home quickly and at the highest price. •Resources: I utilize traditional methods, as well as the latest technologies, to effectively market your home or property. •Enthusiasm: As a fellow Chantilly Highlands resident, I know that this is a terrific neighborhood in an extremely desirable location, and my enthusiasm works to your benefit.

Community Day Recap By Wendy Hunt, Community Activities Director, CHHA Board

Lee Abbud

Buyers •Commitment: I listen to your needs and goals, and provide personal service that allows you to make the best decision regarding a residence or investment property. •Knowledge: I have knowledge of the many diverse neighborhoods in the region, new home builders, and market trends; and I apply that knowledge to your advantage.

Please call me at (703) 362-2657 or Email me at

What a fun day! On Community Day the Community Center parking lot was filled with treats for the senses! The luau theme sparkled through the sounds of the very talented Aloha Boys (compliments of the History Church), and later in the afternoon were spun by our very own former radio disc jockey! Our CHHA board President, Chris Tacinelli and Vice President, Wendy Osborn handed out the leis and signed people up for the door prizes for a free dinner in from Giant or a lovely dinner out from San Vito’s! Yum! Smells of popcorn, cotton candy, and good old fashioned fair food filled the air thanks to our local girl scouts. The troop pitched in, worked hard, helped set up the entire fair and said they had the biggest turn out ever! Thanks girls and leaders!! The History Church at Oak Hill Elementary came out in droves and manned our games (bean bag toss and limbo), sculpted balloons with us, painted faces, handed out helium balloons, luau game prizes and bottled water, and supervised the moon bounces from BLM Entertainment. A nicer bunch of people could not be found anywhere. They were a joy to be around. The petting zoo was a favorite. Thanks to Jennifer Caton for such a wonderful treat! Goats, pigs, ducks, bunnies, turtles and other animals were hanging out waiting to be adored by the kids. The cake walk was definitely a popular event - filling the tummies of the lucky winners with home baked specialties from the kitchens of over 20 Chantilly Highland homes. Thanks ladies and thanks to Ellen Green for organizing the event! Thanks again to the CHHA board, Debbie Bowen, Andy Hunt, Deb Neuberger, History Church, the Girl Scouts, Jennifer Caton, Brian Trace, The Aloha Boys, neighborhood clowns Stephanie and Chelsea, and the many volunteers that made this day a success. There were so many happy faces, and you made that happen!

November 2006

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19 year resident of Chantilly Highlands Direct: 703-283-2722 Office: 703-709-0101 x130 Debbie Gibbons ABR, e-PRO, GRI, SRES Realtor®

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Classified Advertising For Sale: Two beautiful Broyhill bookcases. Please call 703-431-7231 if interested. A&S Home Improvement-Remodeling Bath/ Kitchen, Ceramic floor/wall tile, Painting, Drywall, Electrical, Plumbing, Ceiling fans & more. Lic., Honest, Experience. Free estimates. 703-860-4734; cell 703-944-3135. Decorating for your home; in your home. Hrly Consulting-walls/floors/windows/furnishings/accessories. Quality custom svcs/reasonable prices-rungs, Hunter Douglas, draperies, top treatments, upholstery, bedding and more...30 yrs exp. Diane 703-404-2041,

Almighty & Co.—Painting-Int/Ext, Local References. Drywall repair-Power washing-Rotten wood repairWallpaper removal-25 years-Free estimate. Call Carl at 703-378-5602 (voice mail), 703-926-8700 (cell). Francis Day Care: Located in Fox Mill Estates, openings for infants/toddlers. Frfx Co permit, CPR/First Aid certif., USDA Food Program. Exc. ref. Speaks English, Swedish, Farsi. Call Francis at 703-860-4734.

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November 2006

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COMMITTEE INFO Board of Directors meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Community Center. Meetings are open, and all residents are welcome and encouraged to participate. To include a specific item on the agenda, please contact the Board President. Architectural Control Committee (ACC) meets monthly at the Community Center. Contact any ACC member or appropriate Board member if you have ACC questions or concerns. Chantilly Highlander newsletter team welcomes your articles and community photos of specific events, or just whatever is going on in your neighborhood! We would also love your suggestions and ideas for new features as well as feedback on current content. Advertising questions and other information may be emailed to, or mailed to the Editor at P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA, 20171. Community Activities Committee identifies and schedules events for the participation of Chantilly Highlands families. The committee meets as events are scheduled, and chairpersons vary throughout the year. If you are interested in leading an event or have ideas for a community activity, please contact a Board member. Community Facilities Committee (ComFac) meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Community Center. Issues pertaining to our swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, Community Center and its grounds are managed by the Community Facilities Committee. If you would like to become involved in this committee, contact Jeff Boehlert at 703-435-2836. Land Management Committee handles all issues that involve the common areas of our community: primarily lawn care and snow removal. Meetings are held as needed. You may contact Wendy Osborn at 703-834-7978 with questions and if you are able to help on the Land Management Committee.

The Chantilly Highlander is a monthly publication which informs the community of our accomplishments, upcoming events, committee meeting highlights and decisions, and provides a forum for you and your family to communicate items of interest to your neighbors! Articles are reviewed and published at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Published advertisement is accepted, however it is not considered an endorsement by the Board. Electronic submissions are encouraged via email; however, please also provide a “camera ready” printed copy for comparison if there are graphics or fonts (print styles) that must be maintained.

Email address: (Please include ‘Chantilly Highlander’ in the subject line so it is not deleted as spam) Mailing address: CHHA, c/o The Chantilly Highlander, P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171 Please submit articles, advertising (with payment), and photos so they are RECEIVED by the 12th of each month for consideration in the next month’s issue: be sure to allow sufficient time for mail processing. Any non-profit notices will included only if space allows—for guaranteed placement it must be paid advertising. Advertising Rates:

KidWorks (Under 18 yrs) Classified Ad Business Card 2” x 3½” Quarter Page 3¼” x 4½”

Resident $ 2.50 $ 10.00 $ 25.00 $ 45.00

Non-Resident $ 10.00 $ 15.00 $ 40.00 $ 60.00

CUT OUT AND HANG BY YOUR PHONE FOR HANDY REFERENCE!  When calling board or committee members, please be mindful that they are volunteers, with jobs and families, making sacrifices to serve our community. Try to contact the appropriate liaison or committee chair for the best response to a concern/question.

Chantilly Highlands Committees Architectural Control (ACC)

Carla Abbud Cindy DiPalma Brian Keagy Civic Affairs Jeffrey Parnes Community Ctr Rental Answering Machine Community Events Wendy Hunt Community Facilities Jeffrey Boehlert Database Administrator Dave Puchrik Garden Club Denise Miller Land Management Wendy Osborn OPEN Neighborhood Watch (see Comm Facilities) Pool House Phone Lori Manik Resale Packages Paulette Rogers Swim Team Chair Steve Edwards Tennis Courts Jeffrey Parnes Webmaster Jane Huang Web Posting

703-925-0949 703-471-1874 703-909-7698 703-904-0131 703-435-0736 703-467-8188 703-435-2836

703-707-0891 703-834-7978 703-435-2081 703-796-1061 703-481-1082 703-742-3353 703-904-0131 703-707-8889

2006 CHHA Board of Directors President………………... Chris Tacinelli Vice President………….. Wendy Osborn Treasurer……………….. Darin Welt Secretary……………….. Wendy Hunt Community Facilities Liaison…………………. Jeffrey Boehlert Architectural Control Liaison………………….. Mark Hassinger Communications Liaison.. Larry Miller Long Range Planning & Database Liaison……….. Jon Roe Civic Affairs & Neighborhood Watch Liaison…………………. Paul Thurneysen Community Events Liaison…………………. Wendy Hunt Land Management Liaison…………………. Wendy Osborn

703-787-0315 703-834-7978 703-787-3883 703-467-8188 703-435-2836 703-435-4810 703-707-0891 703-904-9396

703-318-1468 703-467-8188 703-834-7978

Drummond’s Painting & Drywall Interior & Exterior Painting Rotten Wood Replacement Drywall Repairs/Basements Carpentry Work Pressure washing - Houses & Decks Wallpaper Removal

703-263-1561 Office 703-501-7484 Cell Kevin Drummond FREE ESTIMATES Serving the Chantilly Highlands and Franklin Farms communities for over 20 years! Local references available. LICENSED & INSURED

Chantilly Highlands Homes Association P.O. Box 710238 Oak Hill, VA 20171