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December 2005 What Makes Chantilly Highlands Special? PEOPLE! That is what makes our community special! As most of you know, Chantilly Highlands is one of the most popular, sought after neighborhoods in the area. The strong sense of community, excellent schools and great people make Chantilly Highlands the “place” to live. We hear it over and over from people moving to the area – it is quite a compliment to all of the residents of Chantilly Highlands. The other point we hear frequently about the neighborhood is that the annual Association dues are among, if not the lowest, of all homeowner associations in the area. Every home has unlimited access the playground, tennis courts, swimming pool and common areas offered within the neighborhood. Oak Hill School, with its great scholastic achievements, is centrally located in the heart of the neighborhood. A large factor in keeping the annual dues low is the fact that the neighborhood Board of Directors is a 100% volunteer organization. Many other homeowner associations have gone to outside, independent management companies to run their communities – we have never had to look at outside management because of the strong volunteer base here in Chantilly Highlands. Each year we look for three new homeowners who are willing to commit to the Board. This year, because of several factors, we need five new members for the nine-member Board. The term will begin in January of 2006. Can you help by considering one of the vacant positions? Do you know of someone you can speak to about volunteering? Any and all volunteers are appreciated by the Board and the other committees within the community. Failure to fill the open positions with a full nine-member Board may require looking for outside management which would at least double the annual dues assessed against each homeowner. BOARD continued on page 3

Join us for a Winter Wonderland! Saturday, December 10 11 AM - 2 PM There will be crafts and refreshments, and the return of the horse-drawn ‘carriage’! So bundle up the family, and create some magical ‘together’ memories at this special time of year! Join us at the Community Center on December 10th from 11 am—2 pm for the activities and refreshments. Horse-drawn sleigh rides will be available from 11:30 am—1:30 pm. Canned goods will be collected for the Embry Rucker House in Reston. Organized and Hosted by Girl Scout Troop 3122

Remember to Scoop the Poop County Code states you must clean up the poop that your pet deposits on the property of another, including public areas. This applies if your child walks the dog. Also, county laws stipulate that dogs must be kept under control, on leashes. Do not dump it in the storm drain. This causes environmental problems. Also, do not put your poop bag in someone else’s trash can just so you don’t have to carry it back home with you. The waste leaves a foul odor in the trash receptacle, and the garbage men may inadvertently leave the very small bag in the large trashcan, resulting in a stinky mess in your neighbor’s trash for yet another 4-7 days.

In This Issue: Board & Committee Contacts……….. Board Minutes…………………………. Classified Ads…………………………. Community Calendar……………….… Garden Club News…………………….

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Chantilly Highlands Homes Association Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, November 3, 2005 Submitted by: Mary Kerr Minutes are tentative and will be reviewed and approved at the upcoming Board of Directors meeting.

Board Attendees: Jim Ceh, Mark Hassinger, Mary Kerr, Chris Tacinelli, and Darin Welt Absent Board Attendees: Jeff Boehlert, Debbie Bowen, Karen McGreevy, and Wendy Osborn Home Owner Attendees: One Resident. The Chantilly Highlands Homeowners Association Meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by President, Jim Ceh. Meeting Minutes: The October Minutes were reviewed and accepted as written. Treasurer's Report: Chris Tacinelli reported that the budget continues to look good. There may be a need to transfer money from the reserves for pool repairs if not enough money is received from newsletter ads and community center rentals. Community Events: The Halloween Party was held at the Community Center and was a huge success. Many residents attended the event. The Holiday Party is being organized by Pam White and her Girl Scout Troop. Long Range Planning: The white coating of the pool will be completed prior to the 2006 pool opening. Monies allocated will be enough to cover the cost. Community Facilities: Three bids were received for the white coating of the pool. Splash came in under bid and this included pouring a cement pad for the storage shed that houses the pool cover in the summer. Land Management: Nothing to report at this time. Neighborhood Watch: A woman in the Franklin Farm area was approached by a mask man and assaulted. Police are looking for a white man in his twenties. Architectural Control: The board members have walked the community looking for ACC violations. Findings have been turned into the ACC Committee

for follow-up. Newsletter: Nothing to report at this time. Old Business: An article was placed in the newsletter recruiting residents to fill the board positions in January. A few individuals have shown an interest. New Business: A resident asked that a stop sign or a pedestrian sign with penalty be installed at Ladybank Lane and Stone Heather. Cars are not stopping to let individuals cross the street in the crosswalk. VDOT is the one that provides those signs. Jim Ceh will be contacting VDOT to see if one or both of these signs can be installed. Adjournment: Chris Tacinelli made a Motion to adjourn the meeting and Darin Welt Seconded. The Board approved and the meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.

With Deepest Sympathy to the Wang Family The Chantilly Highlands Community wishes to express their condolences to the Wang family on the passing of Mrs. Bowen Wang on October 26th. Mrs. Wang leaves behind her husband, Haipo, and her 5-year old triplets, who are kindergarteners at Oak Hill. Her in-laws moved in to help care for the children during her illness and after her passing. Mrs. Wang's parents, sister, and brother live in China. Mrs. Wang was diagnosed with breast cancer when the children were about one year old. She faced the disease and her treatment bravely. She tried to remain active during this time so she could spend as much quality time with her children as possible. The family will miss her dearly. To help with future expenses a trust fund has been set up for the children. If you are interested in donating you may send a check to the Chantilly Bible Church, 4390 Pleasant Valley Road, Chantilly, VA 20151. Their phone number is 703-263-1188. Checks should be made payable to Chantilly Bible Church and include "Bowen Wang Trust Fund" on the memo line of the check. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.

December 2005 BOARD continued from page 1

Please think about offering to help. In the past, many of your friends and neighbors have volunteered their time on the Board (some even for multiple terms!). If you are interested or you know of someone who can help, please contact the Board at Your assistance is truly appreciated. Remember, “Many hands make lighter work”.

Sully District Info Interested in what’s on tap for the Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee? There will be a meeting on December 5, 2005 at 7:30 PM in the Sully District Governmental Center meeting room 1, 4900 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly, VA, 20151. For an agenda of the meeting go to Lots of useful information can be found at their main website at

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Opening doors and closing sales! Sellers •Time is money: I provide customized marketing programs to sell your home quickly and at the highest price. •Resources: I utilize traditional methods, as well as the latest technologies, to effectively market your home or property. •Enthusiasm: As a fellow Chantilly Highlands resident, I know that this is a terrific neighborhood in an extremely desirable location, and my enthusiasm works to your benefit.

Lee Abbud

Buyers •Commitment: I listen to your needs and goals, and provide personal service that allows you to make the best decision regarding a residence or investment property. •Knowledge: I have knowledge of the many diverse neighborhoods in the region, new home builders, and market trends; and I apply that knowledge to your advantage.

Please call me at (703) 362-2657 or Email me at

Plan Now for School Closings Register now for Keep in Touch, a service that allows employees, parents and others interested in emergency messages and other information about the school system to receive updates via e-mail. Participants set up individualized profiles and receive the most up-to-date information as soon as it is available. To sign up, visit the FCPS web site at and choose ‘Keep in Touch’ on the left hand side. While you’re at it, make sure to solidify plans for your children in the event that you are not nearby or otherwise available for an early school closing—i.e. make plans with someone who can pick them up for you. Also decide who will watch your children if school is canceled and you still have to work—remember that the public library is not your babysitter and you cannot leave children alone there.

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For Exterior Home Improvements you need to submit an ACC Exterior Alteration Request Form BEFORE starting your project! Get your request form online at or call Carla Abbud at 703-925-0949 for a form.

Chantilly Highlands Garden Club Put December 2nd on your calendar and come kick off the holiday season by making evergreen garlands. This is a great opportunity to learn how to work with live greens for outdoor display. This is a great community service project – if interested, contact our President, Jim Skaptason, to arrange participation. Meetings start at 7:30pm at the Chantilly Highlands Community Center on Kinross Circle, unless otherwise specified. Telephone President Jim Skaptason, 703-7426228, to say you’ll be coming and will need craft materials. (The next meeting is schedule for January 17th, so mark it on your calendar!)

December 2005 Sun




Thu 1

7:30 PM Board Mtg

Fri 2

7:30 PM - Garden Club Mtg—Making Garlands

Sat 3




PM Comm 7 7:30Fac 8 Mtg




















New 31 Year’s Eve

25 Christmas 26 Hanukkah begins

Kwanzaa begins


11 AM-2 PM Winter Wonderland party

December 2005

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Can Your Ashes What could be better than curling up in front of the fireplace or wood stove on a cold winter's night? What would be worse, however, than seeing your house go up in flames because you didn't properly dispose of the ashes? Every year, millions of dollars in property damage occurs, hundreds of families are displaced and, tragically, some people lose their lives. Fireplace ashes retain enough heat to ignite other combustible materials for several days after a fire; it is important to learn the following ways to dispose of fireplace and wood-stove ashes properly: -- Do not discard ashes into any combustible container such as a paper or plastic bag, a cardboard box or a plastic trash can. -- Do not place an ash container on decks, porches or in garages. -- Put ashes into a noncombustible metal container with a lid. -- Pour water into the container to make sure the ashes are cool. -- Keep the ash can outside the house, away from your fireplace or stove. -- Teach all family members safety with ashes from your fireplace or stove. If you have any questions about fireplace or woodstove safety, contact your local fire and rescue station or the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department's Public Information and Life Safety Education Section at 703-246-3801, TTY 703-385-4419.

If you or another active adult you know can provide INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital with three to four hours a week in volunteer service, please call (703) 391-3659 for information regarding the next orientation for volunteers.

Drummond’s Painting & Drywall Interior & Exterior Painting Rotten Wood Replacement Drywall Repairs/Basements Carpentry Work Pressure washing - Houses & Decks Wallpaper Removal

703-263-1561 Office 703-501-7484 Cell Kevin Drummond FREE ESTIMATES Serving the Chantilly Highlands and Franklin Farms communities for over 20 years! Local references available. LICENSED & INSURED

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Your Fall/Winter Honey-Do List As fall quickly becomes winter, and heating costs promise to give your wallet a beating, it is time to make sure that you take care of maintenance around the house (or pay someone to do it for you!). By performing preventative maintenance on an ongoing basis, you'll avoid expensive repairs and protect the investment you’ve made in your home. Here are monthly and fall maintenance checklists:

Put up storm windows or window film. Ensure that windows and skylights close tightly. Make sure all doors to the outside shut tightly. Renew weather stripping as required. Check your chimney for obstructions, such as bird's nests. If you have a wood-burning fireplace make sure to have it cleaned by a reputable chimney sweep at least annually (perhaps more frequently if you burn a lot of wood in one season).

Monthly Test your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. Check the filters on your heating and cooling systems. Be sure to clean and change according to the manufacturer's schedule. If you have a humidifier or an electronic air filter, check these as well. Check faucets for drips. leaks.

Check plumbing for

Fall/Winter Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Change their batteries twice a year. Have your furnace/ heating system serviced by a qualified service company. If you have electric baseboard heaters, vacuum them to remove dust. Remove the grills on forced air systems and vacuum inside the ducts. If you use a portable humidifier, it's time to clean it.

Clean gutters and test downspouts to ensure proper drainage from the roof. Turn off the water supply to outdoor hose faucets and drain. Drain and store outdoor hoses. Protect young trees and bushes for cold winter winds and put down mulch to winterize gardens. Store/cover outdoor furniture and grill.

December 2005

Support Our Officers Let's show the 110 officers of our district police station how much we appreciate them! The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Fair Oaks District Police Station is raising money for the purchase of seven ballistic vest covers for the bike officer unit. Among other duties, these are the officers who patrol Fair Oaks Mall and parking areas protecting YOU while you do your holiday shopping! Amounts collected over the $500 cost of the vest covers will go to purchase other needed items. Make your check (any amount helps!) payable to: Citizens' Advisory Committee (or CAC) and mail to: CAC Crime Prevention Office Fair Oaks District Police Station 12300 Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway Fairfax, VA 22033 For those of you who do not know what CAC is, take a minute to read a brief summary. In 1979, the Fairfax County Police Dept. established a program to enhance its ability to communicate with and better serve the community. This program took the form of advisory groups, know as Citizens Advisory Committees, comprised of citizens representing a cross-section of the various neighborhoods and businesses of Fairfax County. Each of the eight police stations formed a CAC to work hand in hand with the station commander on issues confronting the district. The committees meet on a monthly basis and meetings are open to the public. The purpose of the committees are to: provide a forum for obtaining citizen input about the delivery of police services, provide a formalized process that will facilitate citizen and community cooperation with the police, and identify specific and potential problem areas concerning police services. The CAC meets the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM. Their next meeting will be on January 17th at the Fair Oaks Police Station at 7:30 PM.

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To the Runners Among Us Congratulations to some of our residents who participated in the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Some that we know of include Carolgene Reardon, Lorraine Tacinelli, and Katie Karabulut.

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Winter Woes With winter just around the corner it is time to get ready. Below are some items to put on your ‘To Do’ list so you are not caught unprepared. Get Ready for School Closings If you have school-aged children, get familiar with the school’s Inclement Weather and Emergency Closing Plans. If your children are too young to be home alone, be sure to make plans now with family, friends, and/or neighbors to be available for your child in the event you are unable to be home or get him/her from school. Know where to tune to for closings. You can sign up to have emails sent to you for Fairfax County Schools at, and go to Keep in Touch E-mail. Do You Have an Emergency Supply Kit? Prepare yourself for the cold by preparing an emergency supply kit. Various websites contain useful suggestions on what to include in your kit. These are similar to emergency kits suggested during previous weather and terrorist emergencies. Keep an ample supply of bottled drinking water, canned/no-cook food, manual can opener, battery-powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries. Make sure you have a snow shovel and rock salt/ sand to clear your driveway and sidewalks. Do this all BEFORE the threat of the first snowfall. Keep the Sidewalks Clear Once the snow starts to fall, you have moral and legal obligations to keep the sidewalks clear of both snow and ice for pedestrians. For those of you on corner lots, you may have more work than your neighbors if the sidewalk continues on the other side of your property. Additionally, the corner sidewalk ramp should be kept clear of snow to allow pedestrians to cross the street. Realize that we have a lot of young people in our community and they need to have a safe path—don’t force them to walk in the street! Even if you don’t live on a corner lot, consider lending a hand to help keep the sidewalks and corners clear. Remember, though, to pace yourself and not to overdue—many heart attacks occur while shoveling snow. Get Your Car Prepared Make sure to keep your car fueled with at least a half a tank of gas. Make sure it has had periodic maintenance checks, such as oil changes, tune-ups, tire air pressure,

etc. Check your windshield wipers and, if necessary, replace before the winter weather hits. Keep an emergency supply kit in your car as well. This kit should include a blanket, extra hats and mittens, snack foods, bottled water, flashlight, small shovel, windshield scraper, road salt and sand, and a bright-colored distress flag. Before you head out for a visit to Grandma’s or a ski trip, make sure to check road conditions. For current conditions in Virginia, call the 24 hour Highway Helpline at (800) 367-ROAD. Use this number to report unsafe, slick, or icy roads as well. You can access this information online at their website at Another useful tool available to you if you have internet service are traffic cameras. Before you head out on a trip, or just to work, check out TrafficLand at They have nearly 300 cameras at various spots in the northern Virginia, Washington, DC, suburban Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Chesapeake Bay Bridge areas. Save Energy and Keep Warm When you look around your home, consider making a few improvements. Check for drafts and insulate, caulk, or weatherstrip as needed. With the heating costs estimated to be significantly higher than last year, every minute you spend improving the energy efficiency of your home will be time well-spent. Clear gutters to prevent ice from backing up and working its way under your roof or causing your gutters to pull away from the house. Look at the trees in your yard for potential problems if they were to snap off during a storm—trim as needed. Make sure to turn off the water supply to your outdoor hose spigots and drain the remaining water in the pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Consider installing an insulated cover over the spigot to further protect the pipes. Potholes Spotted Although VDOT can’t make permanent repairs of potholes when the weather is cold, temporary patches can be made, but only if VDOT knows about them. With over 16,000 lane miles of road to care for, VDOT needs your help to report potholes, which will occur. Use the same number and website you’d use to check road conditions for a trip: (800) 367-ROAD and

December 2005

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Calling all Volunteers for Upcoming Events in 2006!

Free Market Analysis

At this time we still do not have a Social Liaison for the Board. There are many potential events in the coming year, and it would be a shame for the community to miss the opportunity to get together and share in the events that many of us enjoy. Please consider investing a little time and help keep our unique neighborhood activities successful. Please contact Debbie Bowen at if you would like to volunteer or if you have any questions.

Full Service Listings ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Full color brochure detailing highlights of your home Listings in MRIS and on my website Open Houses Advertising in the local newspapers

I offer varying commission plans designed to meet your needs! Even “For Sale by Owner” Options!

Margie Barr 15-year Resident of Chantilly Highlands (703) 652-5763 (703) 930-4131

Buyer Services ♦ Monitor all new listings to

match your individual needs with available properties ♦ Develop a customized home search for you ♦ Send you e-mails whenever new listings come on the market

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There’s no time like the present to begin experiencing the rewards of simplifying your life.

Janet Schiesl


COMMUNITY CENTER RENTAL INFO When planning your next party, meeting, or gathering, consider renting the community center: $15/hour + $35 cleaning fee + $200 deposit (which will be cashed, with a refund check processed about two weeks after your event). Call and leave a message with your name, phone number, and possible rental date(s). The Community Center Coordinator will return your call.

Call (703) 435-0736

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Windows Doors Siding Trim • Keep your energy bills low and your home comfortable • Upgrades increase the market value of your home • Maintenance-free products • Lifetime Warranty - Customer satisfaction guaranteed • Huge variety of colors and styles from which to choose • Easy tilt-in cleaning features



Classified Advertising KC PetWatch...Experienced, dependable, in-home pet care. Daily walks, feedings, TLC, meds. Will handle mail, papers set security. Certified Pet CPR. Reservations/references. (703) 435-3408. A & S Home Improvement - Remodeling bath & kitchen, Ceramic tile, Floor & wall tile, Painting, Drywall, Electrical, Plumbing, Ceiling Fans, and more. Licensed, Honest, Experienced. Free estimates. 703-860-4734. Cell (703) 9443135. For Sale: Walnut dining room table (oval), good condition, with two inserts and custom pads. About 50 years old. No chairs. $150. (703) 435-3923.

KidWorks (Youth in Business...18 yrs & under) Pet Care. 9th grader willing to take care of your pets anytime. Experienced, Responsible, and Dependable. References available. Call Jennifer at (703) 787-9323. Babysitter/Pet sitter...10th grader, CPR, Childcare & Emergency Care Certified. Loves games, all sports & all types of animals. Call Erinn at (703) 390-1091.


18 year resident of Chantilly Highlands

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) (800) 367-ROAD

Dominion Virginia Power (888) 667-3000 for power outages

Office: 703-709-0101 Direct: 703-283-2722 Debbie Gibbons ABR, GRI, SRES Realtor®

13001 Worldgate Drive Herndon, VA 20170

Weichert One Brochure

Washington Gas 703-750-1400 to report a natural gas leak 703-750-1000 Main phone number

Buying, Selling, Owning, Living… A complete source for all your real estate needs. Call me for your free copy!

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Personal Service + Attention to Detail = Realtor for Life winterweatherf.shtm

Invite me in!

December 2005

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COMMITTEE INFO Board of Directors meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Community Center. Meetings are open, and all residents are welcome and encouraged to participate. To include a specific item on the agenda, please contact the Board President. Architectural Control Committee (ACC) meets monthly at the Community Center. Contact any ACC member or appropriate Board member if you have ACC questions or concerns. Chantilly Highlander newsletter team welcomes your articles and community photos of specific events, or just whatever is going on in your neighborhood! We would also love your suggestions and ideas for new features as well as feedback on current content. Advertising questions and other information may be emailed to, or mailed to the Editor at P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA, 20171. Community Activities Committee identifies and schedules events for the participation of Chantilly Highlands families. The committee meets as events are scheduled, and chairpersons vary throughout the year. If you are interested in leading an event or have ideas for a community activity, please contact a Board member. Community Facilities Committee (ComFac) meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Community Center. Issues pertaining to our swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, Community Center and its grounds are managed by the Community Facilities Committee. If you would like to become involved in this committee, contact Jeff Boehlert at 703-435-2836. Land Management Committee handles all issues that involve the common areas of our community: primarily lawn care and snow removal. Meetings are held as needed. You may contact Wendy Osborn at 703-834-7978 with questions and if you are able to help on the Land Management Committee.

The Chantilly Highlander is a monthly publication which informs the community of our accomplishments, upcoming events, committee meeting highlights and decisions, and provides a forum for you and your family to communicate items of interest to your neighbors! Articles are reviewed and published at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Published advertisement is accepted, however it is not considered an endorsement by the Board. Electronic submissions are encouraged via email; however, please also provide a “camera ready” printed copy for comparison if there are graphics or fonts (print styles) that must be maintained.

Email address: (Please include ‘Chantilly Highlander’ in the subject line so it is not deleted as spam) Mailing address: CHHA, c/o The Chantilly Highlander, P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171 Please submit articles, advertising (with payment), and photos so they are RECEIVED by the 12th of each month for consideration in the next month’s issue: be sure to allow sufficient time for mail processing. Any non-profit notices will included only if space allows—for guaranteed placement it must be paid advertising. Advertising Rates:

KidWorks (Under 18 yrs) Classified Ad Business Card 2” x 3½” Quarter Page 3¼” x 4½”

Resident $ 2.50 $ 10.00 $ 25.00 $ 45.00

Non-Resident $ 10.00 $ 15.00 $ 40.00 $ 60.00

CUT OUT AND HANG BY YOUR PHONE FOR HANDY REFERENCE! When calling board or committee members, please be mindful that they are volunteers, with jobs and families, making sacrifices to serve our community. Try to contact the appropriate liaison or committee chair for the best response to a concern/question.

Chantilly Highlands Committees Architectural Control (ACC)

Carla Abbud Andrea Ward Cindy DiPalma Civic Affairs Jeffrey Parnes Community Ctr Rental Answering Machine Community Activities OPEN Community Facilities Jeffrey Boehlert Database Administrator Dave Puchrik Garden Club Joanne Abrams Land Management Wendy Osborn Karen McGreevy Neighborhood Watch (see Comm Facilities) Pool House Phone Lori Manik Resale Packages Bill Marlin Swim Team Chair Steve Edwards Tennis Courts Jeffrey Parnes Webmaster Jane Huang Web Posting

703-925-0949 703-481-3192 703-471-1874 703-904-0131 703-435-0736 703-435-2836

703-444-0328 703-834-7978 703-435-1141 703-435-2081 703-796-1061 571-203-0440 703-742-3353 703-904-0131 703-707-8889

2005 CHHA Board of Directors President…………... Vice President…….. Treasurer………….. Secretary………….. Architectural Control Liaison…………... Community Facilities Liaison…………... Land Management Liaison…………... Newsletter Liaison… Neighborhood Watch Liaison…………... Community Activities Liaison...

Jim Ceh Wendy Osborn Chris Tacinelli Mary Kerr

703-709-8560 703-834-7978 703-787-0315

Mark Hassinger


Jeffrey Boehlert


Wendy Osborn Darin Welt

703-834-7978 703-787-3883

Karen McGreevy


Debbie Bowen


Chantilly Highlands Homes Association P.O. Box 710238 Oak Hill, VA 20171


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