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March 2002

Chantilly Highlands Champions Thank you to David Howlett, John Tandler, and Bill Jeffrey, whose Board of Director terms expired last month. Each one has brought their enthusiasm, cooperation, and expertise to CHHA. Dave and his family have lived in Chantilly Highlands since 1998. A civic-minded individual who had previously served as a PTA President, Cub Scout Pack Leader, Sunday School Teacher, and Coach of his children’s sports, Dave jumped right in. He began his service in 1999 as Secretary, then Vice President and in his final year, President. In addition to being an officer of the Board, Dave was also the Neighborhood Watch liaison, and Board reviewer of the newsletter. He frequently negotiated tough homeowner concerns with the finesse of a fine attorney. Certainly his training in the US Army prepared him for such situations. He also conducted the Board meetings with the same professional flair. Joining the Board in 1999, John Tandler graciously accepted the position of liaison to the Long Range Planning Committee. Unaware of the great interest in the community on future amenities, the Board and John underestimated the amount of time and effort required. John spent many hours researching, talking with planners, attending meet-

ings, coordinating with neighbors and presenting the pros and cons of the proposed trail, and other improvements such as basketball courts, a potential pool expansion, and additional amenities. Midway through his term, John took on renewing the website domain and finding a new webmaster. With his oversight, has become a website that other home associations have modeled. His final year on the Board he served as the Vice President. Bill Jeffrey was very active on the Long Range Planning Committee before being asked to fill a vacancy on the Board in June of 2000. Bill began his Board position serving as liaison to Civic Affairs and then Neighborhood Watch. Bill remained active on the Long Range Planning committee and will be remembered for many years by future Boards as the mastermind behind the creation of a Capital Improvement/ Operations and Maintenance Budget. This budget allows the Board to be fiscally responsible with regard to having appropriate reserves for future maintenance and repairs thanks to countless hours of research by Bill. David, John, and Bill, your dedication and service on the Board of Directors is appreciated. Your contributions have made our neighborhood a better place in which to live. THANK YOU!

Spring Home Improvements

•CHHA Information


•CHHA Meeting Minutes


•Community Calendar


•Crime Report


•Exterior Alteration Request Form

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•Classified Ads


Thinking about replacing your trim? Painting your home? Adding a deck? Now is the time to start planning your Spring projects. As you prepare for that project, remember to factor in the architectural review process. Many exterior alterations/additions require approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). With Spring comes numerous applications. To avoid the rush, consider completing and submitting your application now. A copy of the Exterior Alteration Application form is on page 12 or can be found on our website at Completed applications should be sent to: CHHA, Architectural Control Committee, P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171-0238.

The ACC meets the first Tuesday of each month to consider homeowner requests. The ACC will send notification of approval/ disapproval to the homeowner within 60 days. All approved alterations must be completed within 180 days of the date of approval by the ACC. Apply now to keep your project under your control!

CHHA Committees Need YOU! Consider volunteering on a Chantilly Highlands committee. A list of committees and a calendar of meeting times is located on page 7. New members are always welcome!

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CHHA Board Of Directors President

Barbra Mooney


Vice President

Elizabeth Grasty



Jim Ceh



Jim Wright


Board Member

Bill Wolff


Board Member

Vicki Danoy


Board Member

Will Gregory


Board Member

Wendy Osborn


Board Member

Dan Feer


Highlander Information The Highlander is a monthly publication for the residents of Chantilly Highlands. The deadline for articles, ads, and payment is the 15th of the month. Letters to the Editor must be signed for consideration. Materials received after the 15th will be considered for the following issue. Please email materials to with The Highlander in the subject line or mail to:

Corinne Graver 13210 Caroline Court

The Highlander or P.O. Box 710238 Oak Hill, VA

Photos are always CHHA Advertisement Type

CHHA Committees and Liaisons



Res. Free Non. $28.50

Classified: Personal Ad *



Res. $28.50 Non. $28.50

Classified: Business Ad *



Res. $28.50 Non. $42.75


Newsletter Business Card Ad 3½” wide x 2” tall



Res. $85.50 Non. $98.33


Newsletter Quarter Page Ad 3½” wide x 4½” tall



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Newsletter Half Page Ad 3½” wide x 9½” tall or



Res. $285.00 Non. $327.75

Newsletter Full Page Ad 7” wide x 9½” tall



Res. $570.00 Non. $655.50

Barbra Mooney



Patricia Zimmerman


Civic Affairs

Jeffrey M. Parnes


Community Center

Rental Information


Community Facilities

Bill Wolff


Gardener Handyman

Ron Kotula

6 months w/

Classified: Kidworks (16 & Under) * (lost/found,

Architectural Control

Database Administrator Bradley Matthews


Resident Resident Rate Rate

Land Management Long Range Planning Neighborhood Watch 703-437-0723

(for sale, childcare needed, etc.) (sales & service, help wanted,

Newsletter Editor

Corinne Graver

Resale Packages

Doug & Denise Fearson 703-742-8340

Social Activities

Elizabeth Grasty


Tennis Courts

Steve Edwards


* Classified ads are limited to 30 words. More words are allowed for an additional charge.

Web Master

Jeffrey M. Parnes


Write checks to CHHA.

CHHA Numbers of Interest Pool Pay Phone


Garden Club

Virginia Hodge


Swim Team Chairperson

Steve Bachman


Winter Swim Team Rep

Tom Thomas


Visit our website at www.CHHA.

Change of Address? If the address information on this newsletter is incorrect or if you are new to the neighborhood and are receiving it as “current resident,” help us to update the community database. Contact Bradley Mat-

thews at 3187 Kinross Circle, or 703-628-9929.

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March 2002

Chantilly Highlands Homes Association February 7, 2002 Board Meeting Minutes Submitted by Liz Grasty

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM by Dave Howlett, President. Other board members in attendance were Jim Wright, Bill Wolff, Bill Jeffrey, Barbara Mooney, Liz Grasty and Vicki Danoy. Eighteen homeowners also attended the meeting. 1. The board appointed new board members for three-year terms: Jim Ceh, Will Gregory and Wendy Osborn and for the vacated one-year term, Dan Feer. 2. Homeowners sought action from the board for three properties not in compliance with the ACC guidelines. An Ad Hoc Committee was formed to review the complaints and determine a course of action within the Chantilly Highlands’ covenants and Architectural Control Guidelines and Standards. 3. Committee Reports: a. Treasurer, Jim Wright: invoices for the 2002 dues of $192 per home will be mailed by the end of February. Payments must be postmarked by March 31st to avoid a late fee. b. Architectural Control, Barbara Mooney: The ACC approved over 100 applications in 2001. c. Community Facilities, Bill Wolff: The facilities are the pool, playground and community center. The pool repairs have been completed and the pool is covered for the season. Steve Edwards has volunteered to maintain the lights at the two entrances to Chantilly Highlands on Centreville Road. d. Social Activities, Liz Grasty: The children’s’ Spring Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday March 24th at 2:00PM (with a rain date of March 30th) at the Community Center. 4. Election of officers for 2002: President, Barbara Mooney; Vice President, Elizabeth Grasty, Treasurer, Jim Wright and Secretary, Jim Ceh. Board liaisons for the CHHA Committees will be appointed at the March board meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40PM. The next meeting of the Board will be on Thursday, March 7th at 7:30 PM in the Community Center. Everyone is invited to attend. To be placed on the agenda, contact Barbra Mooney at 703-709-8553 or Liz Grasty at 703-904-8151.

2002 CHHA Assessments Due by March 31st Combination dues invoices and database update forms for 2002 were mailed out before the end of February. Payment of the 2002 dues must be postmarked by March 31, 2002 to avoid a $25 late fee. The dues for 2002 are $192 and payment should be mailed to CHHA, P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171. Please be sure to put your lot number on the check.

If you have not received a dues invoice please email the CHHA Treasurer at or call CHHA at 703435-0736 and leave a message. Tenants and renters may want to follow up with their landlords to make sure the landlord has received an invoice and paid it by the due date to allow the tenants the use of the community swimming pool and other facilities.

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Dump the Cost of Trash by Jeff Parnes

Mt. Trashmore, the highest point in Fairfax County and the site of the old trash dump is the current site of a transfer station where refuse is compacted and transferred to the burning facility in Lorton. At this site you can recycle paper, newspaper, cardboard, glass, plastics (#1 & #2), oil, and metal cans. They have drop off for large objects, metal objects (such as appliances), brush, grass clippings and garbage in bags. They have special dates for the collection of environmentally harmful chemicals. You can recycle at no cost. For $3 a visit you can drop off 5 garbage bags of grass and trash (I buy a $25 pass good for 9 visits). Accompanied by a senior citizen (assuming you're not one yet), you can drop off 2 bags for a buck. You can usually include your brush for no additional cost. For large pieces that fit in the back of a SUV, car or station wagon, you usually don't have to pay extra. For pickup loads you might have to pay $10, such as old appliances or discarded carpets. They also grind up the brush and have steaming piles of mulch that you can bag for your own use at no cost. We recycle at my house, and now that my kids are older, I go to the dump once every three weeks, and use that as an excuse to visit Costco and Home Depot, sometimes coming back with more bought than brought! And once or twice a year we load up the mulch for use in the natural area in the back of our house. It’s not the same high quality stuff you'd pay for at the store, but consider your cost. The transfer station is located on West Ox Road between Rt. 50 and Rt. 29 on the right as you are driving south just before the entrance to Costco Shopping Center.

Chantilly Highlands Garden Club By Virginia Hodge

BUTTERFLIES IN OUR GARDENS On March 26, Ms. Mona Miller will speak to the Chantilly Highlands Garden Club about butterflies and provide tips on how to plant our gardens to attract them. Come learn about these beautiful, beneficial insects and how to enjoy them in your garden. All meetings are held at the Community Center at 7 PM and include light refreshments and door prizes. For more information, please contact Virginia Hodge at 703318-9231.

“Let Your Style Grow”™ A Virginia Landscape Service Designing, Consulting, Pruning & Planting

Karen A. Setia Virginia Certified Nurseryman A Member of NVNLA Shrub & Floriculture Specialist

Tel. 703-787-8794


2002 Service Plans I. One Time Service ! Plant Health Assessment Evaluate health, structure, location of trees, shrubs and flowers in your yard including written recommendations for improvements (pruning, fertilization, relocation, removal, replacement, proper mulching) ! Garden or Landscape Design ! Storm Damage Repair ! Annual Plantings ! Vacation Service ! Pruning II. Spring/Fall Clean-up ! Twice a year care for your shrubs, trees, and flower gardens includes plant health assessments, weeding, bed clean-up, pruning, fertilizing, deadheading, and once a year mulching with VA Fines pine mulch III. Monthly Care ! Monthly evaluation, maintenance and care for your small trees, shrubs, and flowers (bulbs, annuals and perennials) ! Includes seasonal plantings, weeding, deadheading, fertilizing, once a year mulching with VA Fines pine mulch IV. Weekly Care ! Same as monthly service, but weekly for complete luxury and maintenance-free gardening for the homeowner, even includes watering all plants

EARLYBIRD SPECIAL: Sign your 2002 Maintenance Contract (Plan II, III or IV) by March 15th and receive $50 in FREE ANNUALS, including planting. Call today to enjoy a beautiful yard all year!


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March 2002

Summer Lifeguard Positions Crystal Aquatics is pleased to have the opportunity to serve the Chantilly Highlands Community again during the 2002 summer. As always we remain committed to providing you with a safe, clean and fun swimming pool facility. Plans are currently being made for the upcoming swimming pool season. The management team at Crystal Aquatics has started the process of interviewing prospective applicants for the 2002 summer. Applications are now being accepted for all positions. You can apply by contacting Casey at Crystal Aquatics, 703-323-5010, or you may submit an application online at www.

Don’t miss your opportunity for a great summer job right in the Chantilly Highlands community. No experience is necessary, as Crystal Aquatics will be holding life guarding classes during the spring. Space is limited so call Casey at 703-323-5010 to sign up. Crystal Aquatics will also be holding swim lessons again this summer. Registration sheets will be posted at the pool on Saturday, May 25, 2002. Payment for the classes will be required at the time of registration. Class space is limited and will be provided on a first come, first serve basis. Have a great winter and we look forward to seeing you all again this summer at the pool!

Annual Community Yard Sale by Susan McCullough

Now that Spring Fever has begun to grip us all, it’s time to clean out the closets and the garage for the Annual Community Yard Sale. The sale will be held on Saturday, April 27th from 8 AM until 12 noon, rain or shine. Maps Our map handout was very successful last year so we are going to distribute them at each of the community entrances on the morning of the sale again this year. The first page of the handout will be a community map, and each additional page will contain a listing of participating addresses by item categories. Inclusion in the vendor listing is completely voluntary, and each Antiques & Collectibles Appliances - Small Appliances - Large Audio/Video Electronics Automotive Books Cameras/Photography Children’s Collectibles (Beanie Babies, Pokemon, Baseball Cards) Clothing, Toys & Equip. - Infants Clothing, Toys, Books & Equip-

home may sign up for as many categories as you wish. These categories currently include the list below. It is our hope that by distributing these maps and vendor handouts, we are helping to bring more potential buyers to your home. If you would like to suggest additional categories to include in our listing, please contact Susan McCullough at (703) 904-8453 or e-mail by March 10th. In the April Highlander, we will provide information on how to contact us for inclusion in our map distribution. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to assist us in our yard sale planning, please contact Beth Smith at (703) 834-1903 or Susan McCullough at (703) 904-8453.

ment - Toddlers Clothing, Books & Toys - Children Clothing - Men’s Clothing - Maternity Clothing - Women’s Computer Equipment & Supplies Crafts & Sewing Supplies Fitness/Recreation - Adults Fitness/Recreation - Children Furniture - Indoor Furniture - Outdoor

Home Repair & Improvement Household - Linens, Towels & Bedding Household - Miscellaneous Kitchen - Dishware/Glassware/ Utensils Kitchen - Cooking Supplies Kitchen Miscellaneous Lawn & Garden Lighting Fixtures Musical Instruments Office Furniture & Equipment Moving Sale

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McLearen Square Texaco

Soft Cloth Car Wash

3043 Centreville Rd., Herndon 703-318-7744

Try our Soft Cloth Car Wash 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Everyday weather permitting

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Inspect Brake System Install Lifetime Pads Machine Rotors Repack Bearings

$20 OFF* prices vary * most cars & light trucks Call or stop by for FREE estimate Expires 3-31-2002

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March 2002

Community Calendar March



Tues. 5

8:00 PM ACC Meeting*

Thurs. 7

7:30 PM BOD Meeting*

Mon. 11

7:30 PM COMFAC Meeting*

Wed. 13

7:30 PM Swim Team Meeting

Fri. 15 Sun. 17 Sun. 24 Tues. 26

Deadline for next Highlander St. Patrick’s Day! 2:00 PM Spring Egg Hunt 7:00 PM Garden Club

Sat. 30

2:00 PM Rain Date for Egg Hunt

Sun. 31

HOA Assessment is due

Spring Egg Hunt The children of Chantilly Highlands are invited to participate in the Spring Egg Hunt

Date: Sunday, March 24th Time: 2:00 PM Sharp Place: Community Center Refreshments for children and their parents follow the Egg Hunt. We will have four age groups: under 2, 2&3, 4-6, and 7 & up. Each age group will have their own "hunting ground" and a special Golden Egg will win a prize in each age group!

Come Celebrate Spring and bring your cameras!

*CHHA Committees These committees are always open for new members. The liaisons are listed on page 2. Call ahead or just show up at the next meeting with your ideas! CHHA Board of Directors (BOD) - Meeting is open to all CHHA members. Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month. Architectural Control Committee (ACC)- Requests for architectural changes and discoveries of noncompliance are reviewed. Volunteers welcome. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month. Community Facilities Committee (COMFAC)- Decisions are made concerning the pool, playground, tennis courts and community center. New members always welcome. Meetings are held the second Monday of each month. Land Management Committee - Care of our common areas, land, signs and snow removal are considered. Meetings scheduled as needed. Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) - Long range plans and capital improvement projects are considered and presented to the board. Meetings are held as needed. Neighborhood Watch Committee - Coordinate the crime prevention program. Everyone’s invited. Meetings held as needed. Social Activities Committee - Plan social functions for the community. Volunteers always needed. Join the fun. Meetings held when necessary.

Raindate Saturday, March 30th at 2:00 PM

Chantilly Highlands Crime Report Emergency Dial 911 Non-Emergency 703-691-2131 Report All Suspicious Activity!

Week Ending




Vandalism-the window of Ladybank Lane a vehicle was smashed 13100


Vandalism-the tire of a vehicle was slashed

Scotsmore Way 13300

Page 8

Chantilly Highland Dolphin Swim Team is Gearing Up By Terri and Bill Marlin

We are looking forward to our sixth year as head coaches and are hoping for our best season yet. To help families prepare their busy summer schedules, below are the practice schedules. A few changes have been made to this year’s practice schedule to accommodate our growing number of swimmers. We encourage anyone ages 6-18 to come and swim on the team this summer. Registration will be held in April. We practice weekdays beginning Tuesday, May 28th and have swim meets on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. There are several social events including pep rallies, 4th of July breakfast, trips to a water park and an awards dinner to conclude the season. The swimmers are put into practice groups based on both their age and ability. As coaches we will assign swimmers to the group that we feel will allow them to get the most out of summer swimming. Until school gets out, practice on Fridays will be for the 11 & over swimmers. This will allow for us to have a parent’s meeting and socials for everyone after practice on Friday’s.

Typically our 8 and under age group is our largest. This year we are going to split this group into two separate practices. We would like to have half of the swimmers swim Monday and Wednesday and the other half swim Tuesday and Thursday (until school is out). We ask that at registration you sign your swimmers up for the two days that work best for his or her schedule. It is not a problem if they cannot make every single practice, but we will ask that they stick to their scheduled days. We are hoping that this will allow us to give each swimmer more individual attention and will keep them in the water and warmer longer. We sincerely hope that none of these changes drastically affects anyone. If you have a particular concern please feel free to discuss them with us as the season gets closer. Look for the registration form and more information in the April Highlander. See you all in May!

Summer Morning Practice After School Practice 6:00-6:30 PM*

8 & Under—½ M & W 8 & Under—½ T & TH

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

9-10 and new 11-12 & Camp Kids

8:45-10:00 AM 11 & over

6:30-7:15 PM 9-10 and new 11-12 M-


½ 8 & Under

7:15-8:15 PM 11 & over M-TH


½ 8 & Under

6:00-7:00 PM 11 & over F*


Mini Dolphins

Female Owned & Operated ♦

7:45-8:45 AM

Wallpaper installation, removal & repair Painting Drywall repair Carpentry Ceramic tile

Prompt service FREE estimates licensed, bonded & insured

“The Best for Less!”

Against the Wall, Inc.


Chantilly Highlands Community Center Rental For when you . . . • • • • • •

need a place to celebrate a special occasion just don’t have a room big enough want to dance need a location with easy access want convenient guest parking would like an affordable place to meet (only $15 per hour)

Call 703-435-0736 for rental information and

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March 2002

Water Wisdom The Answer Man

What do I gotta do to get my kid on the Swim Team? Mona: Please answer the above question. Answer Man: Show up at the community center on April 22nd or 25th between 7:00 & 9:00 PM with a check for $89.00 per kid. Mona: How good a swimmer does my kid gotta be to be on the team? Answer Man: He or she has gotta be able to swim one length of the pool on his belly & one on his back, to the coach’s, satisfaction and be at least 5 years old. Perry: Is it true that if my kid is on the swim team, that I as a responsible, caring adult must volunteer to help since it takes 40 parents to put on just one swim meet? Answer Man: It is true. Perry: What are some important dates for me to put on my calendar, assuming that I am interested at all? Answer Man: Time trials are on 6/16 (time trials give the coaches a base time from which to calculate season improvement, help determine what level practice group would best benefit the child, and determines the line-up for the first Saturday meet which is on 6/22. Herndon Olympics are 7/9 and All Stars is 8/3. Candy: I don’t know a thing about swimming. Do you think I still might have what it takes to be an effective volunteer? Answer Man: Sit down peacefully in a shady spot and review your personal skills portfolio. Say to yourself, “Can my finger depress a button in a timely manner when my brain cells are activated by a prescribed set of visual stimuli? “If someone gives me a dollar for an item costing fifty cents can I give them the correct change without using a calculator?” “Can I carry a small piece of paper from here to there, without knowing or caring what is on this paper?” “ Do I have the guts to say to a child, “ Are you Timmy Wilson? If so, please sit here.” “Can I move a 9 lb. pool chair from point A to point B?” “Can I write the name Christopher Giovinazzo on the back of a ribbon, without messing it up?” So, if you are confident that you can answer at least one of these questions in the affirmative, you will be an effective swim team volunteer.

Mona: I have brought heartbreak, despair and misery to every organization that my child has ever been involved with. I am totally self centered, it’s all about me, me, me. My child is faultless. When he burps, I swear it’s Beethoven. I know the best way to do everything, and no one can meet my standards or make me happy. Do you think I can find contentment as a swim team Mom? Alert Reader: Hey, didn’t that woman ask that same question last year? Answer man: Yes, but I really liked it so I thought she should ask it again. Answer Man: Absolutely! I don’t know exactly how it happens, but when you become a swim team parent all that psychological baggage just falls away and your neuroses will dissipate like the ethereal mist rising from the Chantilly Highlands pool in the cool of the morning. Candy: You know, that list of swim team volunteer duties is basically mundane grunt work. I am a very busy and important person. Name one other person that is more famous and/or busy than I am who would stoop to do such plebeian tasks. Answer Man: Joe Jacoby, former All Pro offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins, holder of three Super Bowl rings and business owner. Joe and his wife do the same grunt jobs for their kid’s swim team as you will be doing for yours. Monty: Is it true that you were timing in the lane next to Joe Jacoby when your daughter beat his daughter in the final heat of a neck and neck race and did you jump up and down and go crazy?” Answer Man: It is true, but I didn’t jump up and down or say a word. I am an experienced swim team parent. We only go crazy inside. Besides his daughter whipped my daughter two events later. Parent: Will I see Joe Jacoby this summer? Answer Man: No, but you can see him about six times between September and April if you decide to swim in the winter league. Parent: You know, if big Joe will mingle with the proletariat and carry little pieces of paper from point A to point B in order to be of service to the children of the area I to will serve, with joy in my heart and a smile on my face. Answer Man: Good.

Page 10

Full page Danny Samson Ad

Page 11

March 2002

Notes on Wildlife Residents are reporting more sightings of skunks, fox, ground hogs, mice, and rats in the area. To help keep wildlife away from your home, the following ideas from the Fairfax County Health Department may be helpful. Remove attractants from the vicinity of your house. Attractants include garbage in plastic bags and pet food left out at night. Bird feeders where the ground is littered with seeds and shells are a sevencourse meal for rats! Eliminate convenient den sites such as wood and rock piles, elevated sheds, openings under concrete slabs and porches, and access to crawl spaces under houses. Openings in buildings should be closed with screening extending eight to ten inches underground. Openings under concrete structures should be back-filled with dirt, and debris piles should be removed or stacked neatly to eliminate suitable cavities. Remember, do not approach these animals. Let them move away from you and, if you notice abnormal behavior, please contact the local animal control authorities at 703-830-3310. For removal, contact a local pest control company through the Yellow Pages.

Lawn Services, Inc. Let Shamrock take care of your lawn and landscaping needs. Mowing, Edging, Mulching, Fertilizing & Planting In business 12 years—8 years of maintaining Chantilly Highlands.

Our Prices Can’t Be Beat! FREE estimates 703-742-6250

3500 Lillard Court Fairfax, VA 22033

(703) 742-6250

Shortfall in Next Year's School Budget Excerpt from the 23 January 2002 Sully District Council Meeting Minutes By Jeff Parnes

Mario Schiavo, Coordinator of the Fairfax County Public Schools Office of Budget Services, presented the proposed school budget to the Sully District Council at their 23 January 2002 meeting. The proposed budget of $1.6 billion represents a planned increase of 9.2% ($136 million). In order to accomplish this the School Board needs the County Board of Supervisors to allocate $1.23 billion with the remaining funds coming from the state. Based on the budget outlook for the county and the state the county expects to receive $10 million less in sales tax revenue than it received last year. In addition, the school board projects 2959 new students for next year, with a needed increase of 372 full time positions. With the expected loss of $36 million in tax funds and the additional growth needs of $27.8 million there exists a

$63.8 million shortfall. Taxes collected in Fairfax County are distributed throughout the state. If a half-cent sales tax rate increase is authorized for Fairfax County after passage by the General Assembly this term in Richmond, and passed by the voters, the schools could realize an increase of $50 million earmarked for capital construction costs. The per pupil cost for Fairfax County is in the middle of the range for the Washington Metro Area. The full school budget is available on the Fairfax County Public School web site news/fy2003.htm and the PowerPoint presentation is available for viewing at FY2003ProposedSchoolBudget.ppt.

Page 12

Chantilly Highlands Homes Association Architectural Control Committee Exterior Alteration Request Form P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171 (Please Print Legibly) Name:


Phone: Home: (

) _______________

Work: (

) _______________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________ Lot #:______________ Estimated Start Date: _____________ Description:

Estimated Completion Date: ______________


___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Attach a picture or drawing of the proposed alteration and a photocopy of your House Location Survey (Plat Map) which you received at settlement. For paint requests, include a color swatch. Indicate the location of the proposed alteration on the plat. These submissions must be kept in the committee files for future reference and will not be returned. It is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain any and all permits in order to comply with all Fairfax County regulations concerning the proposed alteration. Nothing herein contained nor in subsequent CHHA approvals shall construe that the alteration to land or structures in accordance with these plans is allowed to violate any of the provisions or building or zoning codes of Fairfax County or the Commonwealth of Virginia, to which the above property is or may be subject. Further, nothing herein contained nor in subsequent CHHA approvals shall be construed as a waiver or modification of any said restriction.

Date: _____________________



Changing Your House Color? Putting a New Roof On Your House?

Contact the ACC for information about approved colors. Chairman, Barbra Mooney: 703-471-6323

Page 13

March 2002

Over-mulching Dr. Diane Relf, Virginia Cooperative Extension

With mulch as with many good things, too much can be deadly. Organic mulch is so valuable in the landscape that it is easy to see why gardeners could over use it. Proper Mulching Helps Trees and Shrubs Properly used, mulch stops the growth of weeds and grasses that compete with roots of trees and shrubs, robbing them of water and nutrients. This is especially important in the first few years while the plants become established. In addition, mulch slows down the evaporation of water from the soil surface. This means the soil contains more water for plants to use for a longer period of time. But perhaps equally important, organic mulch and slightly more moist and friable soil make it easier for surface water from rain or sprinklers to penetrate the soil, thus reducing runoff and conserving water. A fine mulch of 1 to 2 inches or a course mulch of up to 4 inches is adequate. It will keep the soil cool, reduce water loss by evaporation, give the landscape a neat appearance, and allow easy penetration of water into the soil. Replace the mulch only when it has decomposed and the soil begins to show, but do not over do it. Shallow raking of existing mulch will give the landscape planting that freshly mulched appearance until new mulch is required. Why Does Wrong Mulching Look Right? Fortunately, we have, at last, acquired an appreciation of the aesthetics of mulch in the landscape, somewhat like the leaf mold on the forest floor. Unfortunately, our tastes are influenced by what we see, and we have seen so many wrong examples of mulch around trees and shrubs that some people think they are correct. When you pile the wood chips or pyramids of mulch high around the base of a tree, you are simply following a common, but sadly mistaken model. In trying to control several problems, you create several new ones. The heavy application of mulch probably got started with the simple directions to apply 4 inches of loose, course mulch. As the mulch began to decompose or just discolor and look less attractive, the application was repeated and repeated, until the original mulch was a foot or more deep. The next logical step has been to start off with 12 to 18 inches of mulch and then keep it that deep. From these mistakes come the multitude of problems.

MARY KAY JOAN G. FURR Independent Beauty Consultant 13431 Muirkirk Lane Herndon, VA 20171-3306


Deep Mulch Can Cause Problems The deep mulch can suffocate the roots by stopping free air exchange and in some cases causing soil compaction. It blocks the penetration of water and fertilizers into the soil. Death from over mulching is very gradual, starting with a decline in plant vigor and rate of growth. The leaves do not grow to mature size and show symptoms of iron chlorosis in late spring. Every year, the symptoms will get worse and worse. However, recovery can occur if the mulch is removed from around the plants before the decline progresses too far. Some species initiate new roots from the stems into the mulch rather than expanding the root system into the soil. This make shrubs and trees prone to both drought and freeze damage as the roots are more exposed. Many trees are killed because mulch piled around the stems encourages diseasecausing organisms that thrive in the cool, moist environment of heavy mulch. Mice and other rodents can also nest in the mulch and will feed on the bark.

----------------------------------------Dr. Diane Relf is an environmental horticulturist with Virginia Cooperative Extension and a member of the faculty of Virginia Tech. More gardening information is available in the monthly Virginia Gardener Newsletter. Subscribe by contacting Diane Relf, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0327. Cost is $5 a year payable to Treasurer, Virginia Tech.

For household painting, services and repairs, call a company you trust!

Classic Painting has built a solid reputation for consistently providing quality painting and home maintenance services at competitive prices. Join the large group of satisfied Homeowners in Chantilly Highlands.

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Drywall repair

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Deck staining & sealing

Pressure wash siding & decks Wallpaper removal

$ $ $ $

Finish Basement Screen door installation Interior changes Carpentry and wood repair

Call for a cost-free estimate!

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March 2002 NO MINIMUM ORDER $3.75 per bag

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch 3 cu/ft Bags

Cub Scout Pack 160 Mulch Sale 3 Cu. Ft. BAGS of Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

FREE DELIVERY Will be delivered and stacked in your driveway Delivery available Saturday April 13, 2002 TO ORDER: CALL KEN RICH (703) 435-3034 Mail Form and Check (Payable to Troop 811) To: 13624 Old Dairy Road Herndon, VA 20171 NAME:

Saturday, March 16, 2002 $3.25/Bag

Pick up at Oak Hill parking lot between 7 & 9 a.m.

Mail Form and Check By March 5, 2002 to 13222 Caroline Court, Oak Hill, VA 20171 Make Check Payable To: Cub Scout Pack 160 Contact Chris Hough at or 703-709-7242 with questions.

PHONE: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Cut Here - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NAME:________________________________________________


ADDRESS:_____________________________________________ Number of Bags:

Amount Enclosed:

PHONE:_______________________________________________ NO. OF BAGS:__________AMOUNT ENCLOSED: $________

“Thank you for supporting your community Scouts”

Thank You!

HOST FAMILIES NEEDED FOR AUSTRIAN STUDENTS Families are needed to host a group of Austrian exchange students and their 2 teachers from April 3 to April 24. The students are in the junior grade level grade of their school and come from the town of Graz, the capital of Styria, located in the southeast of Austh tria. This is the 5 year that students from Graz have come to our area, and the annual trip to America has become a highlight of each school year. The Austrian teens will practice their that will enhance their learning of also spend a day or two visiting what life is like in an American

English and participate in field trips American history and culture. They will classes at the local high school to see school.

Host families are asked to provide and from the meeting point each day.

housing, meals and transportation to

If you are interested in hosting a student or one of the teachers, please call Francesca Contento, program coordinator, at (703) 237-0916.

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March 2002

In Memory of Lucerne Donnon Winfrey

Girl Scout Cookie Sale 4th Grade Junior Girl Scout Troop 3171 is selling cookies to raise funds for a 6th grade trip to Savannah, GA. Call 703-709-8040 to order your favorite flavor and we'll deliver to your door.

“Don” was a familiar face in the neighborhood as he took his daily walks. Many remember him in the winter months with a burgundy and gold knit Red Skin cap. He and his family have been residents of Chantilly Highlands since 1986. Don served in the U.S. Army Air Force from 1946 to 1949, earning the World War II Victory Medal and the Army of Occupation Japan Medal. He then served ten years as an analyst with the Federal Aviation Agency in Washington, DC and Oklahoma City, and twenty years as a trial attorney with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC. He earned his BA and MA degrees from the University of Missouri, Columbia; and his Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University.

Thank you for supporting the Oak Hill Girl Scouts!

His family extends their appreciation to the neighbors of Chantilly Highlands for their support. Don will be missed by both family and friends.

GE to Fix Dishwashers Consumer Reports

In an expansion of a highly publicized and disputed product recall, General Electric is offering free repairs on millions of dishwashers with potentially faulty switches that could melt, ignite, and cause a fire. The recall involves 3.1 million dishwashers sold under the General Electric and Hotpoint brands. Until repairs are made, consumers should stop using the dishwasher and unlatch the door to prevent the possibility of fire, GE says. The defective dishwashers, made between April 1983 and January 1989 (Centex installed these in new homes at that time), were first recalled in October 1999. At the time, GE only offered consumers rebates of $25 to $125 toward the purchase of a new dishwasher. As part of the current recall, a GE-authorized technician will rewire the sliding switch that allows the user to choose between “heated dry” and “energy saver” functions. GE is still offering rebates of $75 to $125 to con-

sumers who prefer to replace rather than repair their aging dishwasher with another GE model, or $25 toward the purchase of any competing brand. Those who buy a non-GE dishwasher will also receive a free extended warranty backed by GE. Consumers who heeded the earlier recall will get no further compensation. What You Should Do Dishwashers included in the recall bear a GE or Hotpoint nameplate and have model designations beginning with GSD500D, GSD500G, GSD540, HDA467, HDA477, or HDA487. To qualify, the suspect unit must also have a serial number whose second letter is A, M, R, S, T, V, or Z (for example, FM234567). Both model and serial numbers are located on a rectangular label affixed to the left or right front edge of the tub. To arrange for repairs or for more information, call G E a t 8 0 0 -59 9 -2 92 9 o r v i s i t w w w .

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WATER HEATER 40 or 50 gallon Gas/Electric Water Heaters By A.O. Smith Water Heaters

$475.00 Installation Package * SALE Includes Removal of Old Heater Specialties Include: Service Work Plumbing & Gas Work ♦ Renovations ♦ Gas Logs ♦

Call JED MECHANICAL to set up an appointment today!


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March 2002

CLASSIFIED Garage Sale in Chantilly Highlands on Saturday, April 27th from 8 AM til Noon. Don’t miss the bargains! Everyone is invited to participate. Clean out your basement and join the fun! See the article on page 5 for more details. Ski Heavenly at beautiful Lake Tahoe. Private home sleeps 6-8, located one block from Heavenly & one mile to Lake & Casinos. Start planning your vacation at this dramatic Alpine Lake. Call 703-476-0957.5/02 Free classified ads for kids under 16. Ads can run for 3 months, and be renewed after that. Don’t miss this great way to advertise your special skills to neighbors. Fundraising Opportunity—The Community Garage Sale Committee is in search of a group (scouts, sports team, etc.) that would be interested in selling refreshments during the April yard sale. The community center has already been reserved for this purpose. A refreshments announcement can be included with our advertising, and the group may keep all of the profits. Please contact Susan McCullough at 703-904-8453 if interested.

Free Weights - GREAT DEAL! Includes Marcy bench with leg attachment, two straight bars, one curl bar, two sets of dumbbell bars, and a variety of weights for $100. Call (703) 709-0194.

BUSINESS AK Painting & Construction— Carpentry, hardwood floors, rotted wood repair, tile work, drywall, & power washing. Please call (h) 703-378-1521 or (p) 703-397-1671. References available. 03/02

KC PetWatch: Dependable In-Home Pet Care while on vacation or business. Daily walks, feedings, TLC, medication if needed, mail & papers collected, security set. Licensed and Insured since 1999. For reservations call Cheryl 703-435-3408. 6/02

Montessori-based program & extended care— Franklin Farm resident's home. Reading, Math, Science, Geography, Spanish, Art, Music, Field trips, & More! Ages 3-6. Contact Kathleen Logan 703-391-7428. 8/02

Oscar’s Painting—int. & ext. painting since 1991. Fast, quality service & reasonable prices. Call for a FREE estimate. 703-423-5233. Mention this ad to save $50, plus free caulking & minor drywall repairs. 08/02

KIDWORKS Call Greenstone Friends at 703-435-5992 for snow shoveling, mowing or odd yard jobs. Reliable and Flexi-

Maria’s Cleaning Service-Residential * Daily * Weekly * Monthly * References available. Call for Free Estimates. Carpet Cleaning Available. Licensed, bonded & insured. Call 703-787-3326.

For Sale: Like-new Sega Dreamcast. With 3 controllers and 3 memory cards that can hold the amount of 13 single memory cards, plus 15 games. This package would retail for almost $700.00. I am asking for $400. Please call (703) 709-0553.

Decorating a room and don’t know where to start? Having trouble picking out a color to compliment your room? Call Stromboli Brothers Interior Design and Paint Experts. For a free consultation and references call 703-930-6504.

Baby Sitter: Red Cross certified, responsible & reliable. References available. Call Allison 703-787-8794. 04/02

Pet Sitter: Animal lover, dependable & experienced. For info. or to get on schedule call Alyssa 703-787Twin Babysitters: Brittany and/or Rachel, will work together or separate. Experienced and Red Cross Certified Franklin Middle School students. Call: 703-7420748. 05/02

Mother’s Helpers & Pet Sitters: Available for light housework and child care. 3 6th grade residents love children & animals, dependable & experienced. Available after school & weekends. Call Sandy 703-435-8066 to schedule a helper. 05/02



Bucks Brothers Landscape - Experienced teenagers looking for summer job with new equipment. Responsible and Reliable. We do Mowing, Weed Whacking, Edging, Fertilizing and Laying Mulch. Call for a free estimate (703) 400-7645.

Chantilly Highlands Community Center Rental only $15 per hour

Call 703-435-0736 for rental information and availability

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Dulles, VA

2002 CHHA $192 Assessments Due by

Disk or CD also available at an extra charge.

Franklin Farm 703-318-0600


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