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September 2001

Residents of Chantilly Highlands are Invited to the Annual

Community Day on

Saturday, September 8 from 3-7 PM Don’t Miss the Fun!

ACC REMINDERS: * Trash and garbage containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection. Garbage containers shall not be placed for pickup prior to 6 P.M. or dusk, whichever comes first, on the evening before pickup. All containers must be stored out of sight, either in the garage or behind the house. * All vehicles must be parked only in designated areas (driveways, streets, garages). At no time may residential lawns, yards, open space, general turf areas, etc., be used for the parking, storage, or other recurring use to support vehicles of any type. * All CHHA residents are reminded that Notices of Discovery are being issued to homeowners who fail to comply with the ACC guidelines.

New Voting District Lines in Chantilly Highlands Chantilly Highlands is split into two voting precincts: Franklin, which covers the western end and votes at Franklin Intermediate School, and Kinross, covering the eastern end and voting at Oak Hill Elementary School. Previously both precincts were represented by the same elected officials for Congress (10th District), County Supervisor (Sully), state Delegate and Senate (both 33rd). This year, as a result of last year's census, the Franklin precinct was placed into the newly created and currently vacant 86th delegate district, while the Kinross was placed in the existing 36th district with delegate Kenneth Plum the incumbent. All the other elected officials remain the same. There was also a redrawing of the lines between the Franklin and Kinross Districts. Until this year the line between the Franklin and Kinross precincts followed the stream valley that runs through the storm water detention area south of Kinross Circle north (just west of the sledding hill) and followed the stream just west of our pool. If you live east of the stream on the Oak Hill Elementary School side you were in the Kinross precinct

and voted at that school. If you live west of the stream on the Franklin Intermediate School side, you were in the Franklin precinct and voted at that school . The new boundaries through our neighborhood are basically the same until the stream crosses Kinross Circle just west of the pool. Instead of the boundary then following the stream valley due south, it follows Kinross Circle east at that point and turns south on Stone Heather Drive. This area south of Kinross Circle and west of Stone Heather Drive is now in the Franklin precinct instead of the Kinross precinct. Your new voting place is Franklin Intermediate rather than Oak Hill Elementary. The What’s one amusing result of this reCHHA Information Inside: 2 districting is that although the BOD Meeting Minutes 3 Kinross precinct still votes at Community Calendar 5 the Oak Hill Elementary Crime Report 7 School, the school itself now CHHA Golf Classic 7 resides in the Franklin precinct! CHHA Clean Up 13 Classified Ads


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CHHA Board Of Directors President

David Howlett


Vice President

John Tandler



Jim Wright



John Jaacks


Board Member

Bill Wolff


Board Member

Bill Jeffrey


Board Member

Barbra Mooney


Board Member

Elizabeth Grasty


Board Member

Vicki Danoy


CHHA Committees and Liaisons Architectural Control

Barbra Mooney



Celine Contos


Civic Affairs

Jeffrey M. Parnes


Community Center

Rental Information


Community Facilities

Bill Wolff


Database Administrator Lisa Kearns



Karen Setia



Ron Kotula


Land Management

John Jaacks


Long Range Planning

Bill Jeffrey


Neighborhood Watch

Bill Jeffrey


Newsletter Editor

Corinne Graver


Resale Packages

Doug & Denise Fearson 703-742-8340

Social Activities

Elizabeth Grasty


Tennis Courts

Steve Edwards


Web Master

Jeffrey M. Parnes


Highlander Information The deadline for articles, ads, and payment is the 15th of the month. Letters to the Editor must be signed for consideration. Materials received after the 15th will be considered for the following issue. Please e-mail materials to

Corinne Graver 13210 Caroline Court Oak Hill, VA 20171 or The Highlander P.O. Box 710238 Oak Hill, VA 20171

Photos are always welcome!

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CHHA Numbers of Interest Pool Pay Phone


Garden Club

Virginia Hodge


Mom & Tot Play Group

Wendy Kisiday


Swim Team Chairperson

Steve Bachman


Winter Swim Team Rep

Anamaria Lucas


Visit our website at

Change of Address? If the address information on this newsletter is incorrect or if you are new to the neighborhood and are receiving it as “current resident,” help us to update the community database. Contact Lisa Kearns at 13638 Dornock Court, lkearns@cox. or call 703-733-0892. Thanks!

September 2001

Chantilly Highlands Homes Association

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Board Meeting Minutes: August 2, 2001 Submitted by John Jaacks

Board Members in attendance: David Howlett, John Jaacks, Jim Wright, Elizabeth Grasty, and Vicki Danoy (late Arrival). Others in attendance: Doug Fearson and Corinne Graver. (Insufficient Number of Board Members present to conduct community business at the meeting time. Notes reflect informal discussions conducted by those present.) Meeting began at 7:39 PM. 1.

Treasurer’s Report (Jim Wright): A. Two lots have outstanding dues. B. Discussed money rate affects on community finances. C. Rate increase in telephone service identified. Jim will check on telephone options to obtain lower rate.


Committee Reports: A. Architectural Control: · Five Notice of Discovery mailed starting with section 1. B. Land Management (John Jaacks): · Master plan including labor, materials and schedule for community gardening beyond that completed by general grounds to be developed by John Jaacks and Karen Setia, Community Gardener. C. Newsletter (David Howlett): · Nothing to report D. Social Activities (Elizabeth Grasty): · Teen Pool Party scheduled and ready to go. · Community Day execution of planning and obtaining activities ongoing for September 8th. · October 8th is the Golf Tournament for CHHA verses Franklin Farm at the Penderbrook Club.


New Business - None


Meeting adjourned at 8:31 PM. Next meeting on Thursday, September 6, 2001 at 7:30 PM in the Community Center.

Isn’t Swimming Over Yet? By Steve Bachman

Q- I thought that the Swim Team was over by the beginning of August. A: Nah. Swimming is never over it just goes inside. Q-With over 160 kids on the team, it might take you months to summarize all the wonderful things the children

of our community accomplished, might it not? A: Yes. Q: In your articles you said that the coaches and other luminaries of the swim team power structure value other qualities in the children beside

pure flat out speed. If so what would they be? A: At the end-of-year Awards Banquet, attended by 250 sterling citizens of Chantilly Highlands, the following honors were bestowed:

Most Improved: Boys 8 & U Joshua Wallace Ben Hirsh 9 - 10 Daniel Graver Michael Summerill 11-12 Colin Dwyer 13-14 K.C. O’Malley 15-18 Brad Siragusa Girls 8 & U Mariah Powers Courtney Ericson 9-10 Christina Lidwin Julie Aurora 11-12 Michaela McKinstry Taryn Saunders Erin Nichols 13-14 Meredith Bachman 15-18 Grace Kingdon

Hard Worker Awards: Boys: Matt Siragusa Bryan Fearson Andrew Mitchell Craig Penman Joe Lidwin Girls: Julie Dwyer Tana King Kate Zimmerman Grace Gardner Rebecca Keatinge Coaches Award: Geoffrey Olivera Competitive Spirit Outstanding Sportsmanship Attitude Camaraderie Hard Worker

Authors note: Next month watch for our all star line-up and the age group champion awards.

Chantilly Highlands Website:

www.CHHA. org.

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September 2001

Community Calendar Septem-


Sat. 1 Pool Open

11 AM-8 PM

Sun. 2 Pool Open

12-8 PM

Mon. 3 Labor Day-Pool

11 AM-9 PM

Tues. 4 ACC Meeting

Thurs. 6 BOD Meeting Sat. 8 Community Day!

Buy any Dinner Entrée at regular price & get 2nd entrée of equal or lesser value for 1/2 price.


Mon. 10 COMFAC Meeting

8:00 PM

7:30 PM 3-7 PM 7:30 PM

Sat. 15 Deadline for next Highlander Sat. 15 Community Clean Up 9:00 AM Tues. 25 Garden Club Meeting 7:00 AM

CHHA Committees

(Job opportunities available, inquire within)

Lawn Services, Let Shamrock take care of your lawn and landscaping needs. Mowing, Fall Fertilizing, Planting and Cleaning Up In business 11 years—7 years of maintaining Chantilly Highlands. Our Prices Can’t Be Beat!

FREE estimates 703-742-6250 3500 Lillard Court Fairfax, VA 22033

(703) 742-6250

These committees are always open for new members. The liaisons are listed on page 2. Call ahead or just show up at the next meeting with your ideas! CHHA Board of Directors (BOD) - Meeting is open to all CHHA members. To add to the agenda, contact David Howlett at 703-689-9840 or any of the board members listed on page 2. Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month. Architectural Control Committee (ACC)- Requests for architectural changes and discoveries of noncompliance are reviewed. Volunteers welcome. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month. Community Facilities Committee (COMFAC)Decisions are made concerning the pool, playground, tennis courts and community center. New members always welcome. Meetings are held the second Monday of each month. Land Management Committee - Care of our common areas, land, signs and snow removal are considered. Meetings scheduled as needed. Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) - Long range plans and capital improvement projects are considered and presented to the board. Meetings are held as needed. Neighborhood Watch Committee - Coordinate the crime prevention program. Everyone’s invited. Meetings held as needed. Social Activities Committee - Plan social functions for the community. Volunteers always needed. Join the fun. Meetings held when necessary.

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September 2001

My Walk Around the NeighborMy daughter was recently working on her Girl Scout Cadets Silver Project. It required making a survey of the neighborhood's wildlife support, food, shelter, and water. She was putting in the required number of hours, so, even though it was about 95 on the thermometer, I decided to help her pass out flyers to the homes in the neighborhood. What a great neighborhood we have! All of us started out with houses that looked basically the same as the other houses in our section. But the transformation of our neighborhood over the years has been wonderful. Each house takes on its own personality as families add trees, bushes, flowers, and assorted garden items. Several of the houses have their own orchards. One of my favorite entrances had a wonderful eclectic assortment of birdhouses. It was amazing to see all the houses from a postman's view. When my daughter and I got back to the car and the air conditioning, thank heaven, she said, "I can always spot which people should be in the garden club with one glance at their yards. He should be in it, they need to be in it, she should be in it..." I have been a member of the Garden Club for several years now and am NO expert, but I have learned so much from the other members. I have learned the right way to start new beds, take care of my grass, what species work best where, and the meaning of community. We trade plants when we have too much of a good thing. We help out with the neighborhood events when and where we can, such as community clean up, decorating for holidays, assisting with the planting around the community. Some of us have helped with Frying Pan Park and Mrs. Thomas' garden. Our meetings are easy to manage, once a month, at night, usually the last Tuesday of the month at the community center. We have new gardeners and experienced gardeners. We are of all different ages and walks of life. We have survived births, graduations, weddings, and heart attacks. We just do it with a flower and a pair of clippers in our hands. We come from the Oak Hill and Franklin Farm area (large and inclusive). And we don't sting like some garden pests. Well, I'm off to help my daughter pass out more flyers, more houses and gardens to view. My daughter was right, more of you should join the garden club. Or at least take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the view.

Chantilly Highlands Crime Report Week of August 10 3200 Block of Allness Lane Window broken on parked vehicle.

Important WEB SITES: Fairfax County Police Department: police Reporting malfunctioning streetlights: gov/dpwes/UTILITIES/Streetlight_Main.htm

Important Numbers: Health Department Zoning VA Dept. of Transportation (VDOT) Police Non-Emergency Fair Oaks District Station Animal Control

703-246-2300 703-324-1300 703-383-8368 703-691-2131 703-591-0966 703-830-1100

We have a new Captain at the Fair Oaks District Station. His name is Captain Dennis Wilson. He actively supports the Neighborhood Watch and Community Policing Programs. Please come out and meet our new Captain and show him our support with the program. Our next Citizens Advisory Council & Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Meeting will be held September 18, 2001 at 7 PM at the Fair Oaks District Station.

Attention All Golfers! The CHHA Annual Fall Golf Classic will be held on Monday October 8, 2001 (Columbus Day) at Penderbrook Golf Course in Fairfax. Tee times will begin at 9:00 am. This year, CHHA will take on Franklin Farms in a friendly neighborhood competition. Women are encouraged to participate, too! Sign your team up by September 30th. Contact Lawrence Shorten at (703)4357760 or Lawrence@LMG

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Samson real estate ad Full page

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September 2001

Water Wisdom By

The Answer Man

Harlan: I beg your indulgence, I can contain myself no longer. I must use this public forum to sing the praises of my wife.

Carlton: I put my kid on the swim team for the first time this summer because he swam like a beagle. After two months, he still swam like a beagle.

Answer man: Sing away. Just make sure your song contains something about swimming.

Answer man: Yes, but a much faster beagle.

Harlan: It does. Therein lies my dilemma. My wife is incredible: Thrifty; she spends not a cent on frivolous self decoration. An unbelievable cook she puts succulent full course meals on the table 7 days a week, using only food purchased on 1/2 price special. My clothes go straight from the dryer to my chest of drawers, neatly folded and color coordinated. If my printer starts eating paper, she can fix it. Even after 15 years of marriage, she treats me like a fairy tale prince; building me up in public and never making helpful suggestions for my self improvement. She still runs to the door with enthusiastic affection when I come home. She sings to the neighbor ladies “Maybe he’s no Romeo, but he’s my lovin’ one man show.” She wishes to follow your advice and enter into the swimming life. However, she is concerned that this might detract from her main goals of meeting my every emotional, physical and spiritual need and ensuring that my life is heaven on earth. What should I do? Answer man: Forget swimming. Marvin: My marital relationship bears no resemblance to that guy above. What should I do? Answer man: Feel free to enter the year round swimming life. A good place to start is the Dolphin’s Saturday night swim at the Oak Marr Rec. Center from 6-7 PM starting mid- September. We still have a few spots open. Please contact Tom or Laura Thomas at 703476-5787 to sign up.


Carlton: You mean the swim team can’t cure “beagleness” in two months? Answer man: Carlton, kids learn all sorts of things at different rates. All the technically proficient swimmers on our team once swam funny. It takes time. Some kids may not catch on for a number of seasons, or until their muscular coordination matures. Some Olympic champions didn’t start swimming until they were teenagers. According to Fred Naber, (one of our swim team volunteers) his brother John, an Olympic gold medallist in backstroke, didn’t start swimming until junior high. So help your kid stick with it. He will improve. Bertram: Thanks so much for corresponding with me. I have followed “step 1” of your advice and purchased a home in Chantilly Highlands. Now I am ready for “step 2”: find a wife to bear a child so that I to can enter into the swim team life. Answer man, will you guide me in finding a soul mate who will also be the perfect swim team volunteer? Answer man: Happy to help Bert. Author’s note: Be sure to follow Bertram in the months ahead as the Answer man guides him through the wife selection process, the wedding, childbirth and entering into the swim team life.

4 Seasons Gardens “Let Your Style Grow” A Virginia Landscape Service

Karen A. Setia JOAN G. FURR

Virginia Certified Nurseryman Shrub & Floriculture Specialist

Independent Beauty Consultant 13431 Muirkirk Lane Herndon, VA 20171-3306


Design, Consulting, Pruning, & Planting Maintenance Service Contracts Available Schedule Your Vacation Watering NOW!

Tel. 703-787-8794


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Chantilly Highlands Garden Club Fall Schedule Come join the Chantilly Highlands Garden Club for an exciting fall line up of seasonal and inspiring garden topics: September 25 – Chrysanthemum Care Ms. Atkins, of the Old Dominion Chrysanthemum Society, will speak about the selection, care, and cutting of garden variety Chrysanthemums – a popular fall flower in this area. October 30 – Water Gardening Mr. Richard Koogle, of Lilypons Water Gardens, will present a slide show on water gardens, ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and other water features that have become increasingly popular for gardeners. He will discuss location, proper maintenance and care, as well as fish, plants, filters, and more. November 27 – All About Lilies A member of the Potomac Lily Society will present an informative program on lilies. We will learn about the different varieties, selection, planting, and care of these spectacular flowers. December 4 – Neighborhood Wreaths & Garlands Join the Chantilly Highlands Garden Club in preparing wreaths and garlands to hang at our entrances (on December 8) for the holiday season. All meetings are held at the Community Center at 7:00 PM and include light refreshments and a door prize.

Mom & Tot Corner Join neighborhood moms and tots for any of the below activities. Everyone is welcome. Call Wendy at 703-904-1827 or email her at for more information.

Calendar of Events SeptemFri. 7 Mon. 10

Fri. 14 Mon. 17



Walk the Bike Path Meet at the Cobra entrance

9:30 AM

"Meet Neighbors & Make Friends" Morning Visit at Wendy’s House 13405 Amy Way RSVP 703-904-1827

9:30 AM

September Celebration Crafts & Play at Community Center RSVP Wendy 703-904-1827

10:00 AM

Playgroup at Beth’s House 13310 Glen Taylor Lane RSVP 703-471-5847

10:00 AM

Thurs. 20

Lunch & Play at CHHA Playground 10:00 AM

Thurs. 27

Play at MaryAnn’s House 13370 Scotsmore Way RSVP 703-709-8553

9:30 AM

A Heartfelt Thanks to the Residents of Ladybank Lane I sent around thank you cards to my wonderful neighbors who supported us during and after my son’s illness. However, I thought it appropriate to let everyone in our community know how much my family appreciated your kindness. On July Fourth, my family celebrated the birth of our son Paul. Less than 24 hours after his birth, we discovered that not only was Paul’s birthday on a “special” day, he was a “special” child. We learned that Paul had a congenital heart defect that required open-heart surgery. I praise God that Paul is well now and home with our family. Reflecting back on the months during my pregnancy, I often walked our dog Blaze at 4:45 a.m. As I walked Ladybank loop each morning, I prayed for the families in each home. Little did I know that someday they would come to my rescue during my family’s time of need.

First, thank you to every family who prayed for healing for Paul. Thanks to Jeanne Hargrave for her support. She was on duty in the neonatal intensive care unit at Fair Oaks hospital the day Paul’s condition was diagnosed. The following people were kind enough to offer to prepare delicious meals for my family: The Cardamones, LaFevers, Thurmans, Slaninas, Hargraves, Plummers, Vitrellis and Morrisons. Thanks to the Nicopolus family for allowing Rachel to play with your girls so I could rest. Thank you to the many people offered to drive me places during my recuperation. Thanks to everyone on Ladybank Lane and may God bless you and your families! Sincerely,

The Jacobs Family

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September 2001

Tips on Charities By Bob Dively Assistant Attorney General for Northern Virginia

With the start of autumn, school, and busy schedules, comes the increase in requests for your charity dollars. These tips from the Attorney General’s office are to ensure that your generosity and good intentions are not abused. According to the Virginia Solicitation of Contributions law, any charity wishing to solicit contributions must register annually with the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs, pay a registration fee, and submit an annual financial statement, unless it obtains an exemption. (Churches, certain political parties, political campaign committees, and exempt charities are excluded.) In addition, when making solicitations, professional solicitors must identify themselves and their employers and indicate whether they are paid to solicit. Professional solicitors and fund-raising counsel must also register with the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs, provide copies of all contracts with charities, and, in the case of professional solicitors, file a surety bond. The Virginia Solicitation of Contributions law also requires that charities and professional solicitors disclose to a potential donor that a financial statement is available from the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs and available to anyone who inquires about their activities. Many charities use donations wisely; however, others spend much of your contribution on administrative expenses or on more fundraising efforts; and still others solicit for phony causes. Asking questions about the nature and activities of the organization is the only way that you can be sure the money you contribute will support worthwhile causes. Some charities hire professional solicitors to handle large-scale mailings, telephone drives, etc. Professional solicitors are in business to make money and can legally keep a portion of the money they collect. If you are solicited for a donation, ask if he is a professional solicitor and what percentage of your donation he will keep. If you are not comfortable with the amount, you may want to consider other options for donating. Be cautious when groups that claim to be affiliated with law enforcement or public safety solicit you. Although the words “police,” “sheriff,” or “firefighter” may appear in the name of the group, it may have no official connection with any genuine public safety agency or department. Be especially wary if a solicitor suggests you will receive special treatment for donating. Call your local law enforcement or public safety department to verify the solicitor’s claims. If you are interested in making a donation, ask how the group will use your money and what percentage will go to the beneficiaries as opposed to the professional organizations and solicitors. Some professional solicitors produce and then sell tickets for traveling circuses or variety shows as special fundraising events. In many cases, the solicitor will state that if you are not interested in attending, your tickets will be given to handicapped or underprivileged children. If such claims

are made, ask how many children will benefit, how they are selected, how the tickets will be distributed, and whether transportation for the children is included. In some communities, the number of children “eligible” to receive free tickets is limited, and transportation is not included. If you decide to purchase tickets, pay by check (made payable to the charity, not the individual collecting the money or the company running the event). If you receive unsolicited tickets in the mail, you are under no obligation to pay for them or to return them to the promoter. Tips For Avoiding Consumer Fraud 1. Read charitable solicitations in the mail carefullyespecially the fine print. 2. Be aware if solicitations are for a “charity sweepstakes,” that “winners” may receive only a few cents and you never have to contribute to be eligible to win. 3. Refuse to commit yourself over the telephone. Request a copy of the organization’s annual report. 4. Do not judge a charity by its name. 5. Avoid cash donations. Make checks payable to the charity, and not an individual. 6. Be cautious about giving your credit card number to anyone. 7. Ask for identification. Virginia law requires professional solicitors to identify themselves and to name the charity for which they are soliciting. 8. Call the charity. Find out if the organization is aware of the solicitation and has authorized the use of its name. 9. Know the difference between “tax-exempt” and taxdeductible. Tax-exempt means the organization does not have to pay taxes. Tax-deductible means that you can deduct your contribution on your federal income tax return. 10. Be skeptical if someone thanks you or if you receive an invoice for a pledge you do not remember making. 11. Ask how your donation will be distributed and how much will cover the charity’s administrative costs. If a professional fundraiser is used, ask how much he will keep. 12. Refuse high-pressure solicitations. Do not let yourself be bullied into making a donation. Be wary of charities offering to send a courier or use an overnight delivery service to collect your donation. If you have questions or problems, call my office at 703277-3540, or write to 10333-B Democracy Lane, Fairfax, VA 22030, or contact The Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs, 1100 Bank Street, Suite 100, Richmond, VA 23219, telephone 800-552-9963, consumers.

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Wadden Construction

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September 2001

Bash the Trash!

Thanks from the Smith Family

Saturday, September 15th at 9 AM

Jill & baby Trevor Smith are home and doing well. The Smith family is getting stronger and thanks the community for all their support!

Neighborhood Clean Up!

If you would like to help:

Meals: Christie Snider at 703-707-9623

Grocery Shopping/Housekeeping: Susan Ruth Trahan at 703-787-9184

Tax Deductible Donations: Christ Presbyterian Church, Special Needs Fund, 12410 Lee Jackson Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22033

Oak Hill Post Office

Join your neighbors for the “quarterly” clean up of Stone Heather Drive. Meet at Starbuck’s for a free cup of coffee at 9:00 AM on Saturday, September 15th. Then donate an hour to make Chantilly Highlands litter free! Safety vests will be provided by the Garden Club. Gloves are Suggested.

Sponsored by the Chantilly Highlands Garden Club and Fairfax County’s Adopt-A-Spot Program. Contact Christine Welch at 703-709-6689.

703-464-8360 Rates effective July 1, 2001 First-Class Mail Letter Rate First Ounce


Additional Ounce


Card Rate


Stamped Card


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Over 1 lb. & up to 2 lbs., & Flat Rate


Over 2 lbs. & up to 3 lbs.


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Express Mail Up to 1/2 lb.


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Special Services Certified Mail


Money Order


Thanks The Board wishes to recognize Ron Kotula for his volunteer efforts in repairing and maintaining the community electrical and plumbing fixtures as needed. Thanks Ron!

Classic Painting has built a solid reputation for consistently providing quality painting and home maintenance services at competitive prices. Join the large group of satisfied Homeowners in Chantilly Highlands.

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Drywall repair Pressure wash siding & decks Deck staining & sealing Wallpaper removal

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Finish Basement Screen door installation Interior changes Carpentry and wood repair

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Bert Peters (Owner) 703-787-4637


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Weekend Playgroup Hi! I'm 10 months old and starting to get bored with my parents. Mom says it's okay if I have a few friends over to play on the weekends. If your new to the neighborhood too and would like to get together, have your mom call my mom at 703-925-0940. Let’s get together on Saturday, September 29th at 11:00 AM. Who knows maybe we can make this a regular thing. Remember to call!

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September 2001

Fairfax County Public Schools

C L AS S I F I E D AK Painting & Construction— Carpentry, hardwood floors, rotted wood repair, tile work, drywall, & power washing. Please call (h) 703-378-1521 or (p) 703-397-1671. References available. 03/02

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Montessori-based program & extended care— Franklin Farm resident's home. Reading, Math, Science, Geography, Spanish, Art, Music, Field trips, & More! Ages 3-6. Contact Kathleen Logan 703-391-7428. 8/02

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Oak Hill Elementary School Attendance

703-435-4441 703-435-7438

Benjamin Franklin Middle School Attendance

703-904-5100 703-904-5240

Chantilly High School Sub-school 1 attendance Sub-school 2 attendance Sub-school 3 attendance Sub-school 4 attendance Sub-school 5 attendance Academy attendance

703-222-8100 703-222-8110 703-222-8120 703-222-8130 703-222-8140 703-222-7400 703-222-7460

2001-2002 School Calendar School begins Columbus Day holiday Teacher work days Thanksgiving holiday Winter vacation Martin Luther King Jr. Day Teacher work days

September 4 October 8 November 5&6 Nov. 22&23 Dec. 24-Jan. 1 January 21 January 28-29

Presidents Birthday holiday

February 18

Spring vacation

March 25-29

Teacher work day

April 12

Memorial Day holiday

May 27

Last day of school (if 180 day minimum is met)

June 18

CHHA Contract Reminder The Board is accepting bids for the positions of

Resale Package Coordinator, Bookkeeper and Database Administrator. Interested parties may obtain a job description from Jim Wright at 703-4377067 or David Howlett at 703-689-9840. Prepare a bid including your name, address, phone number, qualifications, references and express your interest in volunteering for the position or your desired compensation. To be considered, enclose a bid inside a sealed envelope, mark which position, and mail in second envelope to CHHA, P. O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171. Bids should be postmarked by August 31, 2001. By submitting your bid, you acknowledge that you have received, read, and agree to perform the job description requirements.

Disk or CD also available at an extra charge.


Franklin Farm 703-318-0600

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Dulles, VA

Reminder: Board Meeting to discuss HOA dues on Thursday, September 6th at 7:30 PM.