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Jonathan Standing

hrough The Wall is the winner of the 2020 English 4-11 Picture Book Awards (Fiction 7–11 category). This powerful graphic novel tells the story of a giant wall separating two civilisations: one of blue people and one of yellow. Each side is forbidden to speak to the other, because they are sworn enemies. One day, a boy and a girl from opposite sides of the wall meet and decide to break down the boundaries that divide their peoples forever. The debut book from the hugely talented Jonathan Standing, this is a stunningly-illustrated story with an important message about overcoming prejudice and fear of the other. He felt shy and nervous. He didn’t know what to say. But before long the boy and the girl from the other side were chatting to each other like old friends.

HB ISBN: 978-1-912904-71-6 PB ISBN: 978-1-913971-30-4 ISBN 978-1-912904-71-6

ISBN 978-1-913971-30-4

They gabbled on about the fun things that they liked doing and all the fun that they could have together…

Communication with the other side is impossible.

• Hardback £11.99 • Paperback £7.99 • 260 x 208 mm; 36pp • Interest 7+ • KS2 English

Until they remembered… the Wall between them.

They do not understand our language.


ISBN 978-1-912904-71-6

9 781912 904716 ISBN 978-1-913971-30-4

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etellings of classic horror novels in modern English for young readers, featuring stunning, atmospheric illustrations, author ISBN 978-1-913337-43-8 biographies and explorations of the cultural impact of the books.

• Hardback £9.99 • 248 x 160 mm; 64pp • Reading age 9+ • KS2 English

ISBN 978-1-913337-43-8


MARY SHELLEY My dear Frankenstein! How glad I am to see you!

A coach arrived, and my old friend Henry Clerval was in it.



9 781913 337438

I’ve quit my job. I’m going to be a student like you. But, what’s wrong Victor? You look so thin and pale!

Nightmares plagued me all night long.

Mary Shelley / Nick Pierce / Isobel Lundie

Henry, I’m so glad to see you!

Wait here...

Nothing… Let’s go to my house.

I woke to see the monster's huge, clumsy hand reaching through my bed curtains.

i ran from the house, my heart thumping wildly.


HB ISBN: 978-1-913337-43-8


I walked the streets of ingolstadt, not daring to go back.


Thank goodness the room is empty!

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