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My first atlas/Whizzz 4 Hello…/Scribblers atlas 5 Touch and Trace/Creature Features  6 Make, read and learn/Booktacular 7 Scribblers book of…/Make and Play 8 Baby’s First Book of…/ See, Search, FindLearn With Me! 9 Look and Say/Black & White 10 First Words and Pictures/Lift-the-Flap 11 Tray of Books/Who’s that Hiding? 12 iDiscover/Learn, Press-out & Play 13 Arty Crafty/Little Learners/ Colour by Numbers 14 Fun Activity Sticker Books 15 Scribblers Sticker Books/ Sticker Activity Model Books 16 It’s fun to draw/Quick start 17 Art Works/Box of books 18 Scribble Monsters 19 The Scribble Monsters! Guide to modern manners 20 Starters 21 The Jane Hissey Collection 22 Snow?/Chase Those Witches! 24 Luna and the Moon Rabbit/ Look, Daddy, Look! 25 Missing Richmond/ The Remarkable Pigeon 26

Edmond, The Elephant Who Forgot/ Billy and the Balloons Hans Christian Andersen/ Mrs Zoom & The Blue Rocket Mine!/Knock! Knock! Myths The Christmas Chronicles/Trixie

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History General Information Facts/Humour Science and Nature Arts and Crafts

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Through the Wall/ The Troll from the Hole Classic Comix Scarlet Hood/Graphic Fiction The Long Lost Secret Diary of… Shivers/ Curse of the Speckled Monster Gladiator School/Timeslip The Shakespeare Plot/Ballet School Evil Eye/Iron Sky

‘Reading age’ in this catalogue refers to the reading level of the text. ‘Interest age’ refers to the appeal of the content of the books and gives consideration to both unenthusiastic and able readers. We see books as an invaluable learning and development aid, especially in the first few years of life, so our books are not only entertaining and stimulating, but also highly engaging and interactive. Our books meet European Safety Standards (CE mark) and all our board books are sturdy and have rounded edges. PAPER FROM SUSTAINABLE FORESTS The virgin paper fibre used in the production of our books, catalogues and office supplies is sourced from sustainable forests. Sustainable forests are ecologically managed to ensure a healthy balance between the demands for paper today and the forests’ natural ecosystem, and to ensure that the needs of our readers and their children and grandchildren can continue to be met in the future. 2


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