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R/T First Class Ticket with British Airways

(LA-Jo'burg Club Class on British Airways for cost of taxes only. Sept 11-Oct.13) Donate to the Stanley Foundation during the month of April to be entered into the draw !

The Stanley Foundation Inc.


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Editor's Note With Spring finally here, and summer right around the corner, I wanted to remind everyone to get outside and spend some time in exploring the world this year. Don't let the thought of Spring Cleaning hold you back! Travel if you can, go on a hike, have a picnic, just enjoy the fresh air, and the rejuvenating feeling of the sun's rays warming your skin. What are your plans for this summer? Are you taking a trip? Do you have an annual event that you host? Or do you plan to just lie around the beach, sipping on your favorite cocktail? Share your favorite summer activities, recipes, and travel ideas with all of us at the USA Expat Magazine. Remember, we encourage a close knit community of South Africans, so get out there, get involved, start a local South African club, plan summer events together, and embrace the beauty of this year alongside your countrymen. Whatever you choose to do, just have fun! Share your pictures and events here! On a quick side note, what do we all think about creating a "Personal/Classified" Section in the magazine? Share your thoughts @

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noodvrag dis die lam en die leeu en die lam so druk hul aan dis die trop: almal was daar dan nie giljoene spesies twee, twee en dour voor innie die drukgang bedink noag: hoe de joos maar dis laai en hie-haaa en protterrrr en sweep en swets en dis oolfant en arnoster haas en struisvogel en al is tevreë, als is wel elkeen kry ‘n tjap en die markprys is goed en dis toe amper almal in is as’t ware op die drimpel dat meerkat mos sy wraak volvoer en ’n hele stuk sening uit leeu se hakskeen uitbyt met die halsomkeer, brul, skrou, spring staan giggel net hiëna onbewus voor leeu… die arme ding wel, ons kan maar sê well, that rocked the boat! toe’s dit net siliva en pees en bloed en tand en die een kies hierdie daai een kies daai se kant en toe’s rome aan die brand en noag verdwaas oor die veld wat so plat gehol is met die uit, uit die ararat-cruise tel huiwerig stotterig sy selfoon teen die oor en hakkel Baas, ons het die oes verloor... hy wou nog iets influister, van darem assuransie toe die lyn: ‘n doodsein klik s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1385839759&sr=1-2&keywords=emily

The Jealous Wife

A woman wanted to reach her husband on his mobile phone but discovered that she was out of credit, she instructed her son to use his own phone to pass across an urgent message to his daddy who was on site. After junior had called, he got back to Mommy to inform her that there was a lady that picked up Daddy's phone the three times he tried reaching Dad on the mobile. She waited impatiently for her husband to return from work and upon seeing him in the driveway; she rushed out and gave him a tight slap. Then she slapped him again for good measure. People from the neighbourhood rushed around to find out what the cause of the commotion was. The woman asked junior to tell everybody what the lady said to him when he called. Junior said: "The subscriber you have dialled is not available at the moment. please try again later".

Who is the Stanley Foundation? The Stanley foundation was founded on the ideology and belief of "making 'someday' today." Taking action is what we do when it comes to lives of innocent animals and we help bring a reality to the dreams of those who hope for a better tomorrow. Although our time as a foundation has been short, we have touched the hearts of many loving animals and have helped in any way that we can to make sure that lives aren't cut short due to financial inability and or neglygents. In our short time we have opened up our home to foster Catahoule Pit Bull puppies, raised funds to pay for medical costs of an ever so painful situation for a bulldog named Brewzer, and rescued amazing and misunderstood Pit Bulls from being put down at high in take kill shelters. The Stanley foundation is also please to announce that we will be a Finish Line sponsor this year at Reality Rally 2014!! We will also be in Old Town Temecula on Saturday the 12th of April with our own personal booth but the best part is for each individual that donates $50(each) to the Stanley Foundation through our website ( the entire month of April, will be entered into our raffle for a FIRST CLASS TICKET TO SOUTH AFRICA with access to the VIP LOUNGE in LONDON! So come check us out and become a part of the promise to animals that so desperately deserve it. The Stanley Foundation is proud to announce our sponsorship for Reality Rally for both organizations have proven that together we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most! Life is too short to delay and to say "someday" so join us, and make "someday," today! We will see you at Reality Rally!!

Top South African Writers Post Apartheid South Africa is far from the utopian ‘rainbow nation’ envisioned by Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. One of Africa’s most prosperous nations, the country is nevertheless still riddled with devastating social problems. South African writers have dealt with these problems in diverse ways within their works, as well as looking back at the pernicious legacy of apartheid, which still haunts the country. J. M. Coetzee 2003 Nobel Prize winner John M. Coetzee is the most internationally acclaimed writer South Africa has produced, and a truly unique and fascinating voice. Tackling politically charged issues such as race and class in sparse and economic, yet hard hitting prose, he is often highly experimental in his approach. His work often inhabits a surreally disjointed terrain, in which the traumas of the country and characters are magnified and symbolic - the effect of a ruptured society manifests itself in the characters’ psychological ruptures. This is taken to extreme in Waiting for the Barbarians which goes beyond allegory to imagine an apolitical, non specific and timeless conceptual space in which Coetzee is able to explore issues of ownership, violence and the nature of civilisation free from the tangled web of his country’s problems.

Lewis Nkosi Known for his gregarious character Lewis Nkosi wrote just three novels and two plays but has been compared to Albert Camus and lauded for his analytical and allegorical style. Writing for DRUM magazine as a young man, Nkosi was part of a young and vibrant, drink and jazz infused Johannesburg set, who were confident and proud of their race and used this as a tool for social activism. Mating Birds, his 1986 debut novel is an ambiguous look at rape, love and seduction and the thin lines that divide these concepts.

Zakes Mda Many have commentated on the disparity between Coetzee and the equally acclaimed Zakes Mda – The New York Times’ Rob Nixon writes that they ‘could be writing about different countries’. Mda’s style revolves chiefly around exterior influences and is panoramic and Dickensian in its descriptions of society. A global nomad, he was born in South Africa, grew up in Lesotho, has lived in America and returned to his homeland – his work discusses the postcolonial concern of fractured identity and the notion of the outsider. He has been praised for his comedic flourishes that give life and energy to dense subject matter.

Nadine Gordimer The highly prolific Nadine Gordimer is another white South African with a Nobel Prize, she was awarded in 1991. She was an anti-apartheid campaigner and has also stood up against censorship – something she has experienced firsthand with several of her novels banned during the apartheid years. Activism is evident in her writing which tackles political and historical dimensions head on, yet with a subtlety and understanding sometimes lost in writing on racial issues. Her style is epic in both scope and tone, heavily indebted to masters such as Chekhov and Dostoevsky.

Breyten Breytenbach Breyten Breytenbach is a white writer even more personally embroiled in the trauma of apartheid than Gordimer. Exiled to France after a mixed race marriage, he founded the resistance group Okhela. In a visceral and direct style, his work explores the position of white identity in South Africa. He employs autobiography frequently – in The True Confessions of an Albino Terrorist he writes of the prison system and his experience of incarceration based on the seven years he spent imprisoned for high treason. Also a poet and visual artist, Breytenbach publishes books in both English and Afrikaans.

Bessie Head Born in South Africa but spending most of her life in Botswana, Bessie Head grew up in the thick of racial conflict as the daughter of a wealthy white South African and her black servant. Her work however avoids the contentious and ‘obvious’ topics for South African writers, largely resisting overt political messages and plotlines. Instead she gives voice to humble people, portraying everyday rural African life in simplistic and honest hues. Another preoccupation of her oeuvre is religion and spirituality which she explores from multiple angles.

Best Things to do at Night in Washington, DC Washington’s lively atmosphere and exciting experiences hardly disappear with the setting sun. With an alluring bar scene and several impressive artistic and sports venues, the capital provides the perfect backdrop to a stellar night out. Head towards the fashionable Penn Quarter or chic Georgetown for some of best nightlife the city has to offer. OFF THE RECORD AT THE HAY-ADAMS This upscale, discrete bar is one of Washington’s top places to be seen and not heard. Recently named on as one of the “World’s Best Hotel Bars,” Off the Record attracts a clientele as chic as its swanky décor. +1 202 638 6600 One Lafayette Square, 16th and H Streets, North West, DC 20006 VERITAS WINE BAR The only true wine bar in DC, Veritas offers over 70 brands of wine. With its sultry lighting and cozy nooks, Veritas is the perfect spot for an intimate evening, though large parties will find its exclusive VIP quarters and private event services equally enticing. +1 202 265 6270 2031 Florida Avenue, North West, Washington, DC 20009

WASHINGTON BALLET Satisfy a culture craving by watching one of America’s most renowned ballet companies perform in the nation’s capital. The Washington Ballet’s current season includes innovative, contemporary pieces as well as fresh takes on the classics, guaranteeing a night of entertainment for everyone. A visit will not disappoint. +1 202 362 3606 ext. 605 3515 Wisconsin Avenue, North West, Washington, DC 20016

WASHINGTON WIZARDS VIP EXPERIENCE With Courtside Gold VIP tickets, basketball fans can get closer than ever to the action! Enjoy access to the Washington Wizards’ private Coaches Club, Courtside VIP Club, row ledge seating and access to the Chef’s Buffet table at the Acela Club Restaurant, The Player’s Club or one of the Verizon Center’s 106 Executive Suites, each of which has its own private bathroom, coat closet, refrigerator, flat screen TV and seating area. Ticket holders also gain privileged access to private team events and functions, a truly VIP experience for any sports fan. Ted Leonsis +1 202 661 5000 Verizon Center, 601 F Street, North West, Washington, DC 20004 THE COLUMBIA ROOM columbia room Located in the back quarters of the Passenger Room, the Columbia Room is an ultra-exclusive cocktail sanctuary. Here you’ll find bartenders who view mixology as an artistry of sorts, crafting cocktails out of premium spirits and hand-carved ice. Be sure to check out the special drink-tasting menu, which includes an amuse bouche with a drink customized to match – you’ll quickly understand how the Columbia Room made it to the top of USA Today’s “Top 10 Classic American Cocktail Lounges.” +1 202 393 0336 1021 7th Street, North West, Washington, DC 20001

Sunday, June 22, 2014 12:00pm until 6:00pm in PDT Angel Island, in San Francisco Bay!! Area Draw B

Decorative Border Designs Decorative borders are a great way of breaking the monotony of any surface. This article gives some great ideas for wallpaper and document borders, takes you through the steps of creating your own wallpaper border, and lists ways you can get a document border online. Borders instantly perk up the appearance of any surface. From documents to wallpapers to flooring, borders are used everywhere. Their main purpose is to break the monotony that comes with a plain surface. Moreover, they also allow you to stamp your personal style on the surface. Hiring a professional designer to create a border for you is an option you can implement, but then you will miss out on all the fun that you would have had by creating it yourself.

For Wallpapers A wall adorned with plain wallpaper looks pretty dull. The large surface covered in a single color gives a clichĂŠd appearance to the room. Thus, contrasting wallpaper borders can add a lot of character to the unglamorous room. If you are planning to do the project on your own, start looking for interesting designs in home dĂŠcor magazines, catalogs, or even on websites. Decide the height of the border by measuring the total height of the wall. If you have a scanner at home, scan the pattern on your computer. Now, using a graphic designer tool, edit the pattern according to your dimensions. If you experience any problem with this particular step, then take your design to a copy shop. You can get the copy of your template according to your dimensions. Now, cut the paper along the lines of the pattern very carefully. Transfer it onto the contrasting wallpaper of your choice. Draw faint lines along the pattern on the wallpaper itself. Cut the wallpaper according to the template. Usually, scalloped borders look better than straight edged ones, hence do not hesitate to experiment with the edges of a wallpaper border. Your border is ready to hang.

Wallpaper Border Designs

For Documents

While selecting borders for documents, you must consider the nature of the document. Flashy, bold patterns should be saved for informal documents, whereas elegant ones look apt for formal documents. Similarly, while designing borders for wallpaper, you must consider the decor of the rest of the room.

by Andrew Colomb Tomato Bredie


1 kg beef or shoulder of mutton 2 T (30ml) oil 1 T (15ml) butter 2 t (10ml) sea salt ½ t (2,5ml) freshly ground black pepper 2 onions, chopped 6 ripe red tomatoes (or 1 x 400g tin whole tomatoes) 1 x 70 g tin tomato paste 1 t (5ml) sugar ¼ t (1ml) chilli powder ½ t (2,5ml) paprika 3 gloves garlic, crushed 1 t (2,5 ml) paprika 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 t (5 ml) mixed herbs 1 ½ cups (375 ml) chicken stock 3 potatoes, diced 1 T (15 ml) potato flour or maizena

Instructions Cube the meat. Heat the oil/butter mixture in a big, heavy-bottomed saucepan until the butter discolours. Add the meat in batches and stir-fry until brown. Remove each batch with a slotted spoon and keep aside. Season the browned meat with salt and pepper. Brown the onions in the remaining oil. When golden, soft and glazed, add the tomatoes, tomato paste, sugar, chilli, paprika, garlic, herbs, water and stock cube. Bring to a slow simmering boil. Add the prepared meat. Simmer the bredie very slowly for 2 hours. Add the cubed potatoes and continue simmering fore another half an hour. Thicken the gravy with a little potato flour mixed with water. The bredie improves with keeping. Prepare a day in advance and leave to mature in the refrigerator. Reheat and serve with fluffy steamed rice to which a handful of chopped parsley has been added.

Peppermint Crisp Tart Ingredients 1 x packet tennis biscuits (or any basic morning tea biscuits) 1 x tin of caramel 2 x 250 ml fresh cream (or can opt for low fat too) 400g Peppermint Crisp chocolate bars - grated (or Aero Mint chocolate will do)

Instructions Cover the bottom of your dish with the tennis biscuits, making sure you cover the whole dish. Place the tin of caramel into a mixing bowl and mix until smooth. In a separate mixing bowl, whisk the cream until stiff peaks form. Add the whipped cream and 100g of the grated peppermint crisp chocolate to the caramel and mix well. Remember you are going to layer the tart, so don’t use all the mixture at once. Spread the mixture evenly over the tennis biscuits. Then add another layer of tennis biscuits and caramel mixture and continue until you reach the top. Sprinkle the remaining peppermint crisp over the top and place in the fridge for 1 hour to set.

Cape Food & Beverage 2080 Peachtree Industrial Court #116 Atlanta, GA 30341

Saturday, March 22, 2014 the South African Store in Atlanta hosted their first customer appreciation braai of the year. Approximately 300 people stopped by at the store and enjoyed some good SA hospitality, Boerewors pap and Sous on the menu. The afternoon was finished off with some freshly made koeksisters.

The idea behind these braai days is to thank our wonderful customers for their loyalty and continued support for our store. It also allows folks to get together, have fun, become friends, network and just enjoy the very South African theme for the day. The weather played along nicely, with temps reaching a wonderful 77F. The store tries to host these get togethers every 3 – 4 months or so, during winter we make Curry and Rice or serve cake and tea to our customers.

Finding Jobs If you are in the process of looking for a job, you recognize that it takes time and planning. And for those with disabilities, finding suitable work sometimes comes with its own set of challenges. Having a disability; however, should not impede your progress or success. There are many approaches you can take, most of which require some upfront planning. Our Finding Jobs guide outlines some of these techniques, including how to begin your job search, readily available tools to help with the process, and how to apply for the right jobs. Regardless of your disability status or what type of job you are looking to secure, the first step in finding a job is creating an action plan. Here’s how to get started. Focus on your abilities – not your disability. A core component of any job search is a skills assessment. You will want to assess your skills and the types of jobs that you can map out with these in mind. Your resume should reflect your career objectives and skills clearly. Target online job boards that cater to disabled Americans. Many online job boards now cater to specific job candidates, such as those with disabilities. By targeting your online job search to these job boards you will be better able to determine the types of jobs and employers who are seeking candidates like you. Take some time to review the skills and requirements employers are including in their job ads, and determine if you are eligible for specific jobs. This will also help you tailor your resume based on these requirements. Look at government or government-subsidized Jobs. The Federal government recognizes that individuals with disabilities have a right to full and fair considerations for any job for which they apply. And most U.S. Government agencies have a special recruiter for disabled people. For information about job availability in a particular agency, you can find a recruiter through the U.S Government’s Selective Placement Program Directory. Determine if you will or will not disclose your disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has leveled the playing field for disabled Americans, with provisions that make it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against prospective job applicants with a disability, barring that the candidate has the qualifications for the position. If your disability is visible, you may have to address this directly with the interviewer. Take a close look at the job requirements and determine if your disability impedes in any way your ability to do the job. If you will not be able to lift heavy materials, for instance, and this was listed as one of the job requirements, you should disclose this during the interview. Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations to their workplace environment. This includes ramps, compliant restrooms and parking, modifying equipment, and more. If your disability is not visible, disclosure of your disability becomes more of a choice. You can choose to discuss this during the pre- or post-offer stage; however, if you do require accommodations you will need to discuss this with the employer so that they can work to have them in place once you begin your new position. Join Networking Groups. Lastly, you can’t discount the importance of networking. If you have not built up your networking group, build one now - both online and off. Friends, family, civic organizations, to online networking forums such as LinkedIn, can connect you to job opportunities and people within your community. Recruiting experts say that networking is one of the best ways to secure a job.

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6 Tactics To Drive Traffic To Your Tradeshow Booth With the time and expense involved in attending a trade show, you want to take every step possible to get crowds to your booth. Nobody wants to be one of the lonely tradeshow displays no one stops at except to ask where someone else’s booth is. Here’s how to assure your tradeshow booth display is one of the top attractions at the event. How to Drive Traffic to Your Tradeshow Booth 1. Use Social Media Social media is really starting to become the way to reinforce and drive traffic to your tradeshow event. Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus followers are the first step to garnering attention to your booth. Generate excitement ahead of time, and use Twitter hashtags, Facebook Events, and YouTube videos to promote your booth. During the tradeshow, keep the conversation going. Offer freebies and prizes for anyone who retweets or shares your news. Also, keep an eye out for any comments attendees make about the event or your booth. Address problems quickly so people are satisfied. If possible, set up a live newscast from the booth to let everyone know what’s going on and what’s coming next that they won’t want to miss. You could even use proximity marketing to engage attendees in addition to your social marketing once they’re at the event. As they near your booth, messages can be sent to their smartphones containing special offers for stopping in, tempt them to play a game at your show booth or any other message you’d like to send. After the event, keep the excitement up with follow-up posts thanking attendees and touting the success of the booth. Be sure to post lots of pictures and videos for people who missed the tradeshow. 2. Offer Things Attendees Need People get hungry and thirsty during a tradeshow, and food or drinks can be scarce or expensive. So if you’re providing refreshments, you’ll be a popular stop. Coffee, tea, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and bottled water are all appreciated. Even the other vendors will be coming to see what’s going on. Booths with lots of visitors tend to attract more visitors, because no one wants to miss the most popular attractions. 3. Construct a Short, Interesting Presentation Definitely craft an interesting, informative presentation, but keep it short. You don’t want people to get tired of watching and mosey on. Use graphics, video, and sound as much as possible. You can even incorporate augmented reality into your trade show display booth space. Emotionally uplifting, funny, scary, and useful presentations are all effective, but use emotion to make it intriguing.

4. Use Floor Mats One way to keep people around longer is to use comfortable tradeshow flooring. Tradeshows are usually held on concrete surfaces, and people get tired legs and feet. If your tradeshow booth is the most comfy to stand around in, people will stick around longer and hear your entire message, even after they’ve been on their feet for hours. 5. Provide Seating Tradeshows are virtual deserts for a comfortable seat. While your booth may be limited in size, try to get one large enough for a few seats. This will be greatly appreciated by attendees carrying heavy bags, older visitors, and those with back or leg problems. Also, the longer they sit, the more time they have to contemplate your sales message. Show your compassionate side by reserving special seating for expectant mothers or senior citizens. 6. Use Visual Appeal Not everyone will hear your social media messages and advertisements on radio or TV, so make sure your tradeshow booth attracts attention from across the room. Use lots of color, attractive graphics, and some music to lure them in. Start planning your exhibit booth at least six months before the trade show for ample time to get booths constructed, flyers printed, videos filmed, and music chosen. Last minute efforts are rarely impressive.

BlueAnt Pump Headphones

The Pump Bluetooth headphones are coated with Teflon and have Kevlar shielding, making them waterproof and dust-resistant. Their battery lasts up to 8 hours and it comes with several ear bud tips to ensure you get a good fit.

Phosphor Touch Time Watch

An upgraded take on Phosphor’s EInk watches, it has a touchscreen interface, alarms, calendar, calculator, chronograph and multiple watch faces are just a swipe away. We love the always-on display, and how easy it is to read in daylight.

LifePrint Wireless Photo Printer A photo printer for iOS and Android devices. Send a photo from your phone to any LifePrint anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi, 3G or Bluetooth. You can also follow other LifePrint users so their images will be sent to your print queue.

Color Me Africa Fine Art - Educate, Empower, Inspire Color Me Africa’s mission is to bring the vibrant fine art and culture of South Africa and share it with the rest of the world. Soraya Sheppard’s passion and love for the visual arts and her birth country inspired her to establish Color Me Africa Fine Art in 2012. Her goal: to sponsor, celebrate and recognize talented African artists across the Diaspora. Sheppard, 25 years after fleeing South Africa’s apartheid regime, decided it was time to face her past and give something back to the country she loves. THE RETURN While checking out the art scene, Sheppard stumbled upon a treasure trove of art by South Africans at a small exhibit in Johannesburg. The art was striking, reflecting the pain and strife so many South Africans felt during the oppressive apartheid regime. An artist at the exhibition told her how black artists struggled there. Sheppard was inspired to act, resolving to help tell the unique stories of artists so often lost or unrecorded. THE VISION Color Me Africa’s vision is to bring the vibrant fine art and culture of South Africa to the rest of the world. Due to exploitation, many artists are not fairly compensated for their work, which art dealers sell for high prices in the open market. Sheppard is committed to helping African artists connect with their audience to build a reputation and a following. Through professionally curated exhibitions and events, Color Me Africa seeks to promote cultural awareness and provide artists opportunities to earn a fair price for their brilliant work. What We Need & What You Get

THE IMPACT At this time, we mostly highlight South African artists, but intend to eventually feature artists from other African countries. By giving them access to a global community, they learn how to be art entrepreneurs that not only uplift their lives but positively impact others in the community. A community is only as powerful as its members. Empower and educate them and watch the community flourish..

Plans for 2014-2015 This year we are planning 3 exhibitions (featuring several up-and-coming African artists). We hope you will be able to attend--if not, we are offering wonderful rewards for your donation. Your Contribution Will Help Fund: Our starting budget is $30,000. This includes: staff, equipment, art supplies, basic utilities, insurance, panels, materials for exhibitions and shipment of the art. Our end goal is to seek grants from art foundations that will enable us to open a permanent gallery where our artist’s paintings can be viewed on a daily basis


A Traveller’s Guide to South African Slang (Part 2) Every country has its peculiar turns of phrase – quirks that give local languages flavour, colour and character. But unless you’re a native speaker, local slang can be a tricky to grasp, let alone use. South Africa, with its 11 official languages, is blessed with a rich slang culture that can be quite daunting for foreign visitors – heck, even some residents flounder when faced with some of the more obscure lingo. To help out travellers from foreign climes (as well as the odd sheltered South African) here’s a directory of common, and not so common, South Africanisms. D. Dikbek: Grumpy, upset, sulky, e.g., He’s dikbek because his team lost last night. Dinges – ding-us: Thingy, whatzit, random item whose name you can’t remember. Dof: Stupid, e.g., Don’t be dof, of course the Springboks are going to win. Donner – don-ner (roll the r): Beat up, e.g., I’m going to donner you if you don’t stop checking me skeef. Doos: Very derogatory for stupid idiot, pretty much equates to female genitalia. Only use it if you’re comfortable with the English equivalent – the c-word. Dop: Alcoholic drink, usually a spirit of some kind. E.g., Are you going to have a dop before you go? Nooit bru, I’m driving. Dorp (or dorpie): Small town, usually in the back of beyond. Doss: Sleep, e.g., Do you want to doss on my couch tonight? Droëwors – droo-ah-vors: Dried sausage, similar to biltong. Dronk: Drunk Dwaal: Lost or loss of concentration, e.g., I was in a dwaal and didn’t see the red robot.

E. Eina – ay-na: Ouch Eish - aysh: General exclamation that can be used in positive and negative contexts. G. Gat – ghut: Hole. Can be used to refer to an actual hole, e.g., Watch out for the gat in the road. And, My bliksemse new pants have a gat already. Can also refer to the buttocks and is used to denote misfortune, e.g., He saw his gat when he fell on the dance floor. Gatvol – ghut-foll (pronounce the g in the back of your throat): Had enough, very angry. E.g., I’m gatvol with Bafana Bafana losing all the time. Gesuip – ghe-sayp: Very drunk. Graze: Eat

A Calorie Is Not a Calorie – Not Even Close

A calorie is not a calorie. Some calories may, for example, make you burn 300 more calories per day (corresponding to 30 minutes of running). The figure above shows that a strict low-carbohydrate diet on average resulted in burning 300 calories more, compared to a diet much higher in carbohydrates. Recommended reading, especially for those who still believe Coca Cola’s favorite argument: There’s no bad food, only bad character. The truth is that an exaggerated intake of sugary drinks may force you to run an extra 30 minutes a day to maintain your weight. If you don’t get hungrier from all the sugar and eat more (which many do), in which case you could need an extra hour of running – per day – to maintain your weight. Exercise is great, but for maintaining weight it’s easier to avoid sugar and junk food.

Grand Canyon Hikes has hiked thousands of people below the Rim since 1999. We attribute our success to our experience in the Canyon and our exceptional level of service. All guides are medically trained as Wilderness First Responders or EMTS and have thousands of miles below the Rim, which ensures the secret areas are included in your adventure. We respect and adhere to Leave No Trace ethics and do everything possible to preserve the Grand Canyon for future generations. Grand Canyon Hikes is prepared to show you the time of your life! Grand Canyon Hikes is a full service company and can make most special arrangements for you if necessary. Our guides will help set up gear at the campsites, prepare all meals, and wash dishes. All of our gear is top of the line. No expense is spared to our clients' comfort - our goal is to show you the greatest natural wonder on the planet, safely and in a way you'll never forget. No hiking experience is necessary! Bring your own boots, clothes, water bottles and headlamp or flashlight, and we provide the rest. If you're a veteran hiker, let us show you some of the most intense trails in the world. If you're a beginner, come see the best views on the planet with confidence. Our hikes are adventures that you will remember for the rest of your life, literally. Sharing the Canyon is our passion and we will bend over backwards to make sure your hike is an unforgettable experience!

Tusker Trail - Born to Trek (Eddie Frank)

With all the wonder of a lost world, through the billowing mists of an ancient rainforest, appears all the majesty of Kilimanjaro. From a distance it looks like a dark island, through a sea of clouds, it is shaped by volcanic fire, and glacial ice, its snow summit shimmering in the harsh equatorial light. It is there that we find a legend; there stands Eddie Frank. Born and raised in Africa, he is the founder of Tusker Trail. In 1977, while leading his maiden four month expedition across Africa, Eddie Frank climbed Kilimanjaro. Since then he has built Tusker Trail into the most trusted name on Kilimanjaro. Building Tusker's rock solid reputation bore a challenge similar to what climbers face at on Kilimanjaro at 19,340ft, the highest solitary peak in the world. With each new step there moons a new obstacle, the ever thinning air and high altitude, the changing terrain, but as you summit, as you reach the top, gazing down at the wilderness from the crown of Africa, looking at the most breathtaking view of your life, and having reached your goal, all you can hope for is to preserve it, to stay there in that moment. Tusker's edge lies in its highly trained, professional mountain guides. Hand chosen and trained in mountain safety by Eddie himself, certified Wilderness First Responder and member of the Wilderness Medical Society, they allow climbers the confidence to fully immerse themselves in the challenge and the spectacle that is Kilimanjaro. Once a towering volcano, and now 800,000 year later, one of the most extraordinarily diverse and uniquely beautiful habitats on Earth. The range of natural beauty that one sees on Kilimanjaro is unparalleled, and with the best gear, and the most experienced guides available, there is no better way to rise to the challenge of Kilimanjaro than with Tusker Trail. A company formed out of a pure passion for adventure, and a true love for the enduring spirit of Africa. Contact them today to book your trek! 775.833.9700 924 Incline Way Suite H Incline Village, Nevada 89451

OUR VINTAGE RACING PROGRAM IS EASY: WE DO ALL THE MAINTENANCE AND PREPARATION, YOU RACE. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. With Olthoff Racing’s Arrive and Drive Program, grab your gear and hit the track. You will find your race car waiting for you, professionally prepared, clean and ready for an exciting weekend of racing. We will provide everything you need, allowing you to concentrate on driving and having fun. Our racing program includes: * Preparing your race car and performing general maintenance. * Transporting the race car to and from the track in an enclosed transporter. * Set up at the track and race tent, complete with an air-conditioned lounge to relax between races. Track side support includes: * Ensuring your vintage racing car complies with and passes tech inspection per the race sanctioning body. * Performing a basic check and clean up after each session. * Setting up adjustments. * Fuel service (fuel is not included). * Tire service (if needed). * Incident repair includes labor only. Parts will be billed separately. Our trailer is stocked with a spare transmission and essential parts. * Post race tear down, cleaning and inspection. * Each driver is assigned one dedicated mechanic in addition to the shared support of the entire crew for quick repairs between sessions. * Snacks, lunch and drinks are provided. Items you will need to provide: * Event registration and fees. * Helmet and driver suit. * Hans device or equivalent, as per regulations. * Proper medical and racing license. * Travel and hotel. * Race fuel and tires (to be billed separately).

Red River Motorcycle Trails, Inc. (RRMT, Inc.), located in Bulcher, Texas, is a premier 2,700 acre off-road recreational park. This unique off-road mecca not only offers riders a place to test their skills and abilities on miles of varied terrain, but also serves as a wonderful place for families because it provides leisure and relaxation for all in one of Texas’ most beautiful, undiscovered paradises. People can ride their recreational vehicles while filling their days with other activities such as hiking, swimming, and lounging in the creek area. The park provides riders with challenging and rigorous trails that give people of all expertise levels enjoyment. While the RRMT, Inc. facility can be the perfect vacation destination, it also is the perfect training facility among professional riders. With some of the toughest terrain known to mankind in North America, visitors to Bulcher leave this off-road haven with a new appreciation for a “must ride” experience. With small town hospitality, this park & its staff are positioned to offer the most discerning rider a truly authentic Texas experience! Red River Motorcycle Trails, Inc. 15393 North FM 373 Bulcher, Texas Phone: (940) 995-2903 Email:

ABROAD: - Police clearances - Expungement of Criminal Records - Birth/Marriage/Death certificates - Dual Nationality - Army Clearances - Matric Certificates - University Degree certificates - Apostilles of documents - Confirmation of SA Driver's License LOCAL: - Applications for British citizenship and passports. - Resumption of SA Citizenship - Australian Visitor/Student/Residence visas, Citizenship and Passports. - Visas to most foreign countries Please feel free to enquire about a service not mentioned above.

5 Reasons Why All NASCAR Fans Should Attend a Live Race Are you a NASCAR fan? If you are, have you ever attended a live race event before? If you have yet to do so, you don’t know what you are missing. All NASCAR fans are encouraged to attend a live race event, even if they only get the opportunity to do so once in their life. Although it is nice to hear that you should attend a NASCAR race live and in-person, you may be wondering what is so important about doing so. After all, you may be content with watching NASCAR races on television and from the comfort of your own home. Even so, there are still a number of reasons why you should at least consider attending a live race. In fact, five reasons why are outlined below. 1 – The Options You Have When looking to attend a NASCAR race, you will find that you have an unlimited number of options. For starters, you will have over twenty races to choose from. These races take place at different racetracks all across the United States. No matter where you live, you should have at least one NASCAR track that is located a somewhat reasonable distance away from your home.

2 – Ease of Acquiring Tickets In addition to having options when looking to choose a NASCAR race to attend, you also have a number of options when buying your tickets. The safest way to buy NASCAR tickets is directly through the track in question. With that being said, you do have more options. These other options include through online ticket websites and online auction websites. Many ticket holders who are unable to attend the race that they have tickets for later turn to their local newspaper classified sections to sell their tickets. 3 – Can Turn a NASCAR Event into Much More Although many NASCAR fans attend a Saturday night or Sunday race and go back home, there are many more who choose to make a whole weekend out attending a race. For example, many NASCAR fans are RV owners or they arrange for rentals. Many NASCAR tracks have nearby campgrounds and RV parks, which are perfect for weekend trips. Throwing tailgating parties is another fun, before the race, activity that hundreds of NASCAR fans enjoy. 4 – Can Meet Other NASCAR Fans As previously stated, many NASCAR fans have fun tailgating parties before NASCAR races. In fact, this is common practice. When hosting a small barbeque or party before a NASCAR race, you will likely get to meet a large number of other NASCAR fans. These are individuals who you can develop friendships with, should you wish. Many NASCAR fans end up attending future races with those that they have met and developed friendships with. 5 – Will Be the Experience of a Life Time For many NASCAR fans, there is nothing better than being able to attend a live NASCAR race. In fact, many diehard NASCAR fans say that true race fans will go out of their way to do so. No matter when or how to you make it to a NASCAR race, you will be glad you did. Attending a live NASCAR race, especially for the first time, is an experience that you will likely never forget. There is nothing more fun and exciting than sitting in the stands with thousands of other cheering fans and hearing over forty cars round the track.

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