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August 2010

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So August is here. Traditionally a month back home for windy conditions and the flying of kites. So far,and touch wood ,the weather has been really kind to us and a few more weeks of the same will be fantastic. In this months issue we look at the repercussions of the BP Oil Spill and the possible impact that it could have not only in the area where it took place but as a worldwide disaster. We also offer a preview of the New London Bus to be launched in 2012.As part of our on-going feature on bands from the 80’s,we will be looking at Depeche Mode in this issue. As usual our Travel,Entertainment,Beauty and all the other sections are jam packed with useful information. We want all our readers to get involved so send us your “Pic of the Month” contribution for a chance to have it published. We are also keen to hear what is happening in your part of the world so let us know and we will gladly publish your non-profitable event in our magazine and on our website for free. For all other advertising requirements please contact us through our website advertising inquiries page or on: Enjoy, until our next issue !




Gary “The Heat” Murray

Our local “Fitness Guru” is being persistent again reminding us to eat the right food and to do the correct exercise. His exercise advise is home based so definitely worth a try.

Roland Gasper is an experienced actor, broadcast-

er, comedian, motivator and professional speaker. His background includes Television, Radio, Advertising, Theatre, Corporate Training, Promotions and Stand-up Comedy. He is an effective communicator and specialist compére, having hosted a wide range of events from charity events and corporate functions to conferences and beauty pageants. His face can be seen on various TV commercials and his voice heard on radio ads.

Contributors Cecil Collett

Cecil has been involved in media for a number of years specialising in art and music reviews.

Lizl Sevenster

Helpful hints and tips and exotic places to visit as usual from our “Travel Expert “ Lizl. Contact her today for all your travel arrangements Editorial Staff: Editor in Chief:

Stephan Theron Design Director:

Gerda van Wyk (Stain Digital)

Breytenbachs Solicitors

Another helpful Legal contribution by UK based Breytenbachs. Whatever your legal requirements,they are always willing to assist and advise.

Lauren Harley

is a ITEC & SAAHSP Qualified Health & Skincare Professional from South Africa who has practised beauty therapy for 7 years. She has owned her own business within a health and fitness centre and a hair salon, worked in shopping centres, hotels and high street salons. She is also on the Advisory Panel for the launch of a new skincare product range in London.


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The Real AUGUST 2010

On the 20

of April 2010,a massive explosion destroyed BP,s Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig in the Gulf of Mexico. This set of a chain of events,first and foremost leading to the largest oil spill the U.S. had ever experience,impacting the marine environment,wildlife, the local fishing industry and regional tourism. The gusher was estimated by the quasi-official Flow Rate Technical Group to be flowing at 35,000 to 60,000 barrels of crude oil per day. For comparison, this is an amount equal to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill every four to seven days. The resulting oil slick covered at least 2,500 square miles (6,500 km2). Scientists have also reported immense underwater plumes of dissolved oil not visible at the surface. Crews have been working to protect hundreds of miles of beaches,wetlands and estuaries along the northern Gulf coast, using skimmer ships, floating containment booms, anchored barriers, and sand-filled barricades along shorelines. The U.S. Government has named BP as the responsible party, and officials have committed to holding the company accountable for all clean-up costs and other damage. th

Following the Oil Spill, on July 27, 2010, BP announced a net loss of $16.97 billion during the second quarter of 2010, with the oil spill costing $32.2 billion so far.Also on July 27, 2010, BP confirmed that CEO Hayward would resign and be replaced by Bob Dudley on October 1, 2010.

Could this BP Oil Spill go around the world?  The BP Oil Spill reaching Europe is very possible, as reported at dated June 03, 2010, “model simulations show that a liquid

released in the surface ocean at the spill site is likely to slowly spread as it is mixed by the ocean currents until it is entrained in the Loop Current. At that point, speeds pick up to about 40 miles per day, and when the liquid enters the Atlantic’sGulf Stream it can travel at speeds up to about 100 miles per day, or 3,000 miles per month.”  After 132 days of oil spill, based on simulations, it will likely appear as shown below:  The way I look at it, when the oil spill reaches Europe, it will definitely affect the United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland and the Arctic Ocean, but there is possibility of oil dilution as the slick travels the world’s ocean. This oil spill disaster, is not only multinational but an international disaster that needs the concerted effort by the league of nations. With BP being one of Britain’s largest companies, the most UK can do is make the company pay, punish officials by imprisonment, and dissolve the company to funnel funds to the effort of containing the oil spill, since polluting the sea with oil is just not acceptable and I consider it not only crimes against the ocean but of the world.  Considering the movements of the world’s ocean currents, this oil spill will likely travel around the world from the continents of Europe, Arctic Ocean, South America, Africa, Middle East, Indian Ocean, Antarctica, Australia, Pacific Ocean, Asia and then back to the Indian Ocean, thereby navigating roughly around the world.  (how ocean currents work pic) This oil spill could truly be one for the books that will reach a level of a very serious global environmental tragedy in the oceans marine ecosystem which would greatly impact on the people who depend on the seas for their




Environmentally here are some of the most glaring effects of the tragedy: a. Toxic and poisoned bodies of water due to the oil slick. “Both the global food chain and the world’s waters are being progressively poisoned by all of this oil.”  b. Massive displacement of the fishing and sea foods industry worldwide.  c. Unquantifiable loss of Wildlife both in the ocean and the wetlands in Louisiana and around the globe.  d. The beauty of the Ocean around the globe will never be the way it was before the accident.


economic survival, whereas nations around the world would be constrained to address the problem despite limited government resources and expertise in battling oil spills. Following the Oil Spill, on July 27, 2010, BP announced a net loss of $16.97 billion during the second quarter of 2010, with the oil spill costing $32.2 billion so far. Also on July 27, 2010, BP confirmed that CEO Hayward would resign and be replaced by Bob Dudley on October 1, 2010. The question remains- “Where to from here?” Has any lessons been learned from this preventable mistake and will governments from around the world take note and implement procedures and regulations that will prevent a similar incident ?

“Polluting the sea with oil is just not acceptable and I consider it not only crimes against the ocean but of the world.”

Edward Tuazon and

This remains to be seen,after-all,oil rules the world! ■ THE SA EXPAT UK EDITION

“Mahalo content is copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license. Under this license, anyone is free to copy, distribute, display, and to use Mahalo’s content to make derivative works provided that the content used is attributed to Mahalo in both plain English and via a hypertext link and notice is given that the content is being used under the terms of this license.  Additionally, should the material be used in print form, the full URL address of the source material must be included in the attribution language.”




London’s New Bus

The final design of the New Bus for London, based on the much-loved Routemaster, was unveiled by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and London’s Transport Commissioner, Peter Hendy.

Pioneering design The bus will use the latest green technology. It will be 15 per cent more fuel efficient than existing hybrid buses, and 40 per cent more efficient than conventional diesel double decks and much quieter on the streets. The pioneering design makes use of lightweight materials, with glass highlighting key features and producing a light and airy feel inside the bus. An impressive glass ‘swoop’ at the rear and offside pick out the two staircases and provide a dramatic visual effect. An asymmetric design for the front-end completes the futuristic look.

Stylish, swooshing exterior The open platform is a defining feature, shared with the Routemaster of old, and allows the reinstatement of a hop-on, hop-off service. Three doors and two staircases will aid speedier and smoother boarding. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: ‘This iconic new part of our transport system is not only beautiful, but also has a green heart beating beneath its stylish, swooshing exterior. ‘It will cut emissions, and give Londoners a bus they can be proud of, complete with cutting edge design, and the freedom of an open platform.





“Futuristic design to become an emblem of 21st century London” “This project is not just about evolution, it’s about revolution.” -Mark Nodder, Group Managing Director of Wrightbus.

Loved by Londoners ‘I expect to eventually have hundreds of these on London’s roads, and for cities around the globe to be beside themselves with envy for our stunning red emblem of 21st century London.’ Peter Hendy, London’s Transport Commissioner, said: ‘Designing and building a new bus exclusively for London is an exciting project to be working on and one of which we are all proud. ‘This beautifully designed, environmentally friendly vehicle built for the Capital will be loved by Londoners for many years to come.’

Quicker access ‘I think the design is genuinely groundbreaking, people are really going to stop and notice these buses on the streets of London.’ Wrightbus and Transport for London (TfL) have been working with Heatherwick Studio as a collaborative design partner taking the lead on the styling of the bus to support Wrightbus in the design and development process. The bus will feature two staircases enabling easier and quicker access to and from the upper deck. There will be two conventional doors and an open rear platform, which has the option to be closed off at quiet times for example during the night. Wrightbus engineers are working on a static mock-up of the bus to be complete later this year with the first prototype to be delivered late next year, the new buses will enter service from early 2012. THE SA EXPAT UK EDITION





with uncertainty


By Roland Gaspar

I was recently asked by the Managing Director of an international company to speak to their executives on the subject of uncertainty. He explained how the company is in a conservative phase whereby restructuring would be implemented and measures taken to manage costs in the light of the recent economic downturn in their industry. I’m sure you’ll agree that when jobs are at stake and future methods of operation are changing, the experience of uncertainty is heightened! As I went through the preparation for the series of presentations I was struck by how much uncertainty, and our experience of this concept, affects us all. In truth, life is one long series of uncertain events and our only certainty is a feeling we have within ourselves. Life is ALWAYS uncertain but we tend to experience less stress when we FEEL as if it isn’t. Bertolt Brecht said it nicely, “Because things are the way they are, they will not stay the way they are.” Best we develop the skills to deal with the uncertainty of change then, isn’t it? One of the widely accepted theories regarding the coping skills needed for dealing with uncertainty is the Subjective Uncertainty Reduction Theory. (SURT) This theory is based on masses of research and academic treatise on the subject of how we experience uncertainty relating to how much stress it causes. In a study published a year ago by Professor Jack Nitschke from the University of Wisconsin Madison, people were shown a series of images preceded by a symbol which warned them about the nature of pictures which they were shown. One symbol (a circle) indicated that the next image would be emotionally neutral, like a desk or a chair. Another (an “x”) warned that the next image would be emotionally negative, like a person with a head wound. A third symbol (a question mark) indicated that the image could be of either sort. Prof Nitschke and his team used functional magnetic resonance imaging


(fMRI) scans to chart the reactions in subject’s brains to the various images. The brain scans showed much stronger reactions to the negative images when they were preceded by uncertainty. People seemed to feel worse about negative stimuli when they weren’t sure it was coming, or conversely people handled negative stimuli better when they had some warning it was coming. He summed up the findings, “If we can reduce people’s feelings of uncertainty, we can reduce their anxiety and their response to bad experiences.” For me, this is an indicator that we can handle tough times better when we have prepared ourselves emotionally ahead of time. This doesn’t mean we need to live in perpetual pessimism. We just need to answer the question within ourselves ahead of time. If we leave the question “What will I do if things don’t go the way I expect them to?” hanging in the air, we will experience negative events with much more stress than if we simply answer the question “I know things can change, but I know I can adapt” or “I can’t know what’s going to happen, but I know some of it will be hard... and I’ve handled tough times before.” If you know future challenges are possible and you remind yourself that you are equal to them, you will reduce your stress if they do arrive. (remember, enjoyable, positive change is just as likely as difficult, challenging change!) I’d like to encourage you to apply the SURT principles by leaving you with my translation of it: When you recognise that you don’t need to worry so much, you will find that you end up not worrying so much! 17


Depeche Mode AUGUST 2010

Get the Balance Right,Route 66,Never

Let Me Down Again. Just a few of Depeche Mode’s chart topping songs that we listened to back in the eighties in South Africa. Most of us wishing that we could experience a live performance of the best electronic music band ever. That happened in 1994 when they kicked of a world tour in South Africa, but for many fans it remained a dream. Living in the United Kingdom,the music capitol of the world,and the country of origin of Depeche Mode,that dream has become a reality. But where did it all start ? Formation and debut album (1977–1981) Depeche Mode’s origins date back to 1977, when Vince Clarke and Andrew Fletcher formed a band called No Romance in China, with Clarke on vocals and guitar and Fletcher on bass.In 1979, Clarke played guitar in an “Ultravox rip-off band”, The Plan, with friends Robert Marlowand Paul Langwith. In 1978–79, Martin Gore played in an acoustic duo, Norman and The Worms, with school friend Philip Burdett on vocals and Gore on guitar. In 1979, Marlow, Gore, and friend Paul Redmond formed a band called The French Look with Marlow on vocals/keyboards, Gore on guitar and Redmond on keyboards. In March 1980, Clarke, Gore and Fletcher formed a band called Composition of Sound, with Clarke on vocals/guitar, Gore on keyboards and Fletcher on bass. Soon after the formation of Composition of Sound, Clarke and Fletcher switched to synthesizers, working odd jobs including carpentry to buy or borrow them from friends. Dave Gahan joined the band in 1980 after Clarke heard him perform at a local scout hut jam session, singing to a rendition of David Bowie’s “Heroes”, and Depeche Mode were born. When explaining the choice for the new name (taken from a French fashion magazine, Dépêche mode) Martin Gore said, “It means hurried fashion or fashion dispatch. I like the sound of that.” The band made their recording debut in 1980 on the Some Bizzare Album with the song “Photographic”, which was later re-recorded for their debut albumSpeak & Spell. While playing a live gig at the Bridge House THE SA EXPAT UK EDITION

in Canning Town, the band were approached by Daniel Miller (an electronic musician and founder of Mute Records), who was interested in them recording a single for his burgeoning label.The result of this verbal contract was their first single “Dreaming of Me”, recorded in December 1980 and released in February 1981, reaching number 57 in the UK charts. Encouraged by this, the band recorded their second single “New Life”, which climbed to number 11 in the UK charts. The next single was “Just Can’t Get Enough”, this relentlessly upbeat piece of synthpop became the band’s first UK top ten hit and it remains one of their best known songs. It was also the first Depeche Mode song to get a music video and is the only one of the band’s videos to feature Vince Clarke. Depeche Mode’s debut album, Speak & Spell, was released in November 1981 and peaked at number ten on the UK album charts. Critical reviews were mixed – Melody Maker described it as a “great album... one they had to make to conquer fresh audiences and please the fans who just can’t get enough”, while Rolling Stone was more critical, calling the album “PG-rated fluff” Clarke departs, Wilder joins (1981–1983) During the touring and promotion for Speak & Spell, Clarke began privately to voice his discomfort at the direction the band were taking. He later expressed his dissatisfaction, saying “there was never enough time to do anything”. In November 1981 Clarke publicly announced that he was leaving Depeche Mode.Soon afterwards, he joined up with blues singer Alison Moyet to form Yazoo (Yaz in the US) and later, the duo Erasure with Andy Bell. Initial talk of Clarke continuing to write material for the group ultimately amounted to nothing (Clarke offered the remaining members of Depeche Mode the track “Only You”, but they declined. It went on to become a UK top ten hit for Yazoo).Gore, who had written “Tora! Tora! Tora!” and the instrumental “Big Muff” forSpeak & Spell, was forced to become the band’s new songwriter. In March 2010, Depeche Mode won the award for “Best International Group - Rock / Pop” at the ECHO Awards in Germany.Proof that they are as good as ever !




Picture by Matt Hobbs

Photography By Matt Hobbs

Festival Photography:Which Camera to Take?

Hooray! It’s festival season! Woo! Another excuse to get our cheapo tents out from the cupboard, forget to pack our suntan lotion and wellies, and to see lots of bands we’ve never heard of. Woo! Oh, and also it’s the perfect chance to take lots of stunning photos of people in strange costumes, your friends having a splendid time or abstract shots of the aftermath of litter as everyone ‘forgets’ to clear up after themselves. There are two types of festival - those where you go and live under canvas in a field for a few days, or those where you can stay at home and walk to the fun fresh, clean and showered. In this article series we focus on the former, but there will be hints that apply to both. We’ll cover which camera to take to a festival, how to pack to be ready to take great festival photos and how to handle your camera at the festival.

What digital camera to take to a festival? Your first decision when going to a festival is what camera to take? Here we’re assuming that you’re serious enough about your photography that using your mobile phone’s built in camera, or using cheap, disposable film cameras is not an option. We’re also assuming that your more expensive film camera, with plenty of spare films and batteries, is not an option - although in reality a backup film camera is not a bad idea.

or website and have to get the photos up online ASAP. So the best bet is to take a camera for which you have plenty of memory cards. Don’t have that many memory cards? Well now’s a great time to buy some cheap memory cards ready to capture those once in a lifetime images. •

How big a camera are you happy to carry round? This depends hugely on the festival and what type of photos you like to take. For a hands in the air dance festival, a big SLR will be banging into you a lot unless you leave it on the ground - thus spoiling the enjoyment of the event somewhat. Either way, make sure you have a good zoom if you want pictures of a band from the back of the crowd.

How waterproof/weatherproof is your camera? Yes, it may well rain at your festival. Sorry about that. On the plus side pictures of people enjoying themselves in mud are wonderful. So think about how well your camera will deal with all kinds of weather, from torrential downpours, through to dust storms - especially at Burning Man! It’s not good having a camera with you if it has to stay in a safe carrying bag all the time, so consider a weatherproof case.

Do you take just stills? Or is video important to you? Higher end cameras tend to only offer still photo capabilities, but sometimes at festivals you really have to video your fave band singing your fave song - so be prepared.

The key points to think about in terms of which digital camera to take are: •

What batteries does it use? In general most tents don’t come with power supplies, so charging your camera batteries will be tricky. Some festivals now offer ‘chill out’ zones which often come with plugs, but don’t rely on it. Having a digital camera that takes normal AA batteries is a real bonus, as you can normally buy batteries on site. Otherwise consider getting hand wound chargers or a solar charger, or just take a lot of spare batteries. Can you Afford to Lose it? Festivals are full of happy, smiley people dancing around and having a good time listening to their favourite bands. Unfortunately this is a great place to come if you like to steal things from people not wanting to think of anything bad. So, expect the best, but plan for the worst. How much storage do you have? Most of us won’t take our laptops to a festival just to download photos from our full memory cards, unless we’re working for a music magazine

A lot to think about. Unless you only have one digital camera of course - in which case it’s all pretty simple, just buy some more storage to be prepared.





Pic of the Month To stand a chance of winning a hamper of South African food goodies worth ÂŁ50, send your pictures to thesaexpatuk THE SA EXPAT UK EDITION



South African Restaurant How often do you run into something that’s not only fun to say,but delicious to eat? Named after a traditional spicy tomato and onion salsa,Chakalaka specializes in all things South African. One of the few truly authentic South African joints in London, Chakalaka caters for both the homesick and the adventurous eater. The cheerful décor sets the scene with brightly coloured walls accented in funky zebra stripes, tribal paintings and artefacts. Taste buds will be tickled at the out-of-the-ordinary variety on the menu, with lots of home grown favourites and imported exotic meats. The wine list features a parade of of South African bottles with many under £20.Friendly,cheerful service is sure to please.





ws e ne t h t n o en eard overnm n h e v g I ha he new a limit o . t t that g to pu the UK s in to on is go gration licati p i m i imm re the cement? ta un Wha is anno h t of

Answer: Yes, it is true that the new coalition government has announced that it will be implementing a limit on the number of workers entering the UK from outside Europe.

points (including at least 80 points for attributes, 10 points under the English Language criteria and 10 points under the Maintenance criteria) and capping the number of Tier 1 migrants (out of country applications) at current levels; and

Government is following a 12week government consultation with businesses on how the final limit • Limiting the number of will be delivered. This consultation certificates of sponsorships will run until the end of September that licensed employers can 2010. The permanent limit on non issue in terms of Tier 2. EU economic migration will then be put in place by the end of March The limit on new Tier 1 (General) applications will only affect 2011. applications for entry clearance In the meantime, in order to avoid a under the Tier 1 (General) scheme last minute rush of applications by submitted abroad. Applicants migrants, they have implemented currently in the UK as Tier 1 an interim limit, which came (General) Migrants or Highly into effect on 19 July 2010. The Skilled Migrants who wish to purpose of this interim limit is to extend their stay in the UK under ensure that the number of visas the Tier 1 (General) scheme, or issued under Tiers 1 and 2 are applicants currently in the UK in below the number issued in 2009. a different immigration category The interim measures include; (e.g. work permit holders) who • Raising the number of points wish to switch their immigration needed for a Tier 1 highly status to Tier 1 (General) Migrants skilled visa from 95 to 100 from within the UK, will not THE SA EXPAT UK EDITION

be affected by the interim limit. The Tier 1 routes for investors, entrepreneurs and the post-study route will also not be affected by the interim limit.

Fortunately, the immigration cap announced by the Home Office at present refers only to the Points Based Immigration System. Visas such as the ancestral Visas are outside the Points Based System. However it is certainly possible that further restrictions will be announced, which could possibly affect the ancestral category. We therefore advise all clients who are considering applying for the ancestral visa, to do so as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact our offices for more information. Hannes Breytenbach Senior Partner at Breytenbachs or info@



The UK Economy in Pictures

These charts and graphs illustrate the UK’s current economic landscape.





11:19 Model behaviour

Camden market is the patisserie of shopping: bright colours, wild textures, accessories of all shapes and sizes and bizarre combinations. Food from across the globe and an infectious energy that leaves you inspired to reinvent your wardrobe. Gerda van Wyk casts her spying eye on the streets of Camden Town. AUGUST 2010






















Beaut y

UV Rays By Lauren Harley

I have decided to write about the Environ skin care product range this month after spending last week at Environ, London Head Office. I have worked with Environ in South Africa a few years ago, but was recently very intrigued by their research and findings on Sun Damage. Best of all Environ is a proudly South African product range which has become one of the UK’s leading brands in skincare. Environ was created by Dr Des Fernandes, a South African plastic surgeon, who obtained The Fellowship of College of Edinburgh. He later went on to assist Dr Chris Barnard in the first successful world famous heart transplant in South Africa before returning to plastic surgery. What intrigued me the most about Dr Fernandes’ research was the facts about UV rays. UVB rays are responsible for burning or tanning. UVC rays are the most cancerous rays but cannot penetrate the earth’s ozone layer with the exception of over Australia and Scotland, where we have holes in the ozone layer. Skin cancer is very common in these countries. UVA rays are responsible for ageing. The fact that worried me the most is that UVA rays are found in every light everywhere. These rays are present all year round. The lights in your house give off UVA rays as well as computer screens. All light everywhere contain UVA rays! So even in the winter, indoors we are being exposed to UVA rays and the underlying layers of skin are ageing. UVA rays penetrate the skins as deep as the Dermis, which is the 7th underlying layer of the skin. This layer is responsible for forming new skin cells which are, over time, pushed up to the surface of the skin. The damage of UVA rays can take up to 10 years to show on the skins surface. So you can’t see the damage


caused until later, when it’s too late. In 1980 Dr Fernandes noticed a worldwide increase in skin cancer. After further research he came across the effects of Vitamin A on the skin and its importance in repairing cell DNA. Skin cancer is the replication of cells containing damaged DNA. Dr Fernandes then, with this knowledge went on to develop and further developed the Environ skincare range. He formulated his first two products in his own kitchen, one of which was RAD – Environs Sun Protection Factor. Environs skin care range is based on Vitamin A which is known to repair the damaged DNA in skin cells. There is no equivalent or alternative to Vitamin A. Cosmetic products only penetrate as deep as the Stratum Spinosum which are the top 4 layers of the skin. Environ skincare is a step above any standard cosmetic skincare range as they penetrate the skin down to the Dermis (7th layer of the skin) and the active ingredients repair the damaged DNA cells. Therefore Environ believes, after medical and scientific research, that you should wear a skin protection factor everyday throughout every season over your moisturiser to protect your skin from UVA rays which are attacking your skin from every light source around you. All of Environ’s moisturisers and most products contain Vitamin A. These moisturisers progress in strength so you can always get better results no matter what your age, level of ageing or skin condition. The Environ Skincare Institute is still, proudly, situated the foot of Table Mountain. All Environ research is still carried out there and Dr Fernandes still has personal consultations from there although he has a waiting period of 9 months. 37


Beaut y Tips and Tricks Static Hair To stop static hair from ruining your style, run a wire coat hanger over the top after you’ve blow-dried and straightened. Stay all day Eyeliner Dip a small make-up brush into clear mascara and dab over you liner to keep it from smudging and smearing. Coating Cuticles Keeping cuticles moisturised is the key to healthy nails. Olive oil and butter are just as effective, so there are no excuses!

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH It goes without saying, my skincare product of the month is: Environs RAD SPF 15 This product is a powerful antioxidant sunscreen. It can be worn on face and body. RAD can also be used on children and babies. The best thing about RAD it is a non comedongenic product which means it does not clog pores and give you black heads like most sunscreens do! RAD is also water resistant for 80 min in moving water. RAD is also approved by the Cancer Association of South Africa.


Unique Physique With Gary “The Heat” Murray

Seconds out-Round Three ! Welcome to the third round of Unique Physique with Gary “The Heat” Murray. I believe that all of you are sticking (or trying) to my hints and tips to get and stay into shape. This month I will be focusing on leg and stomach exercises as well as offering some advise on protein shakes. Why use Protein Shakes ? Protein Shakes are considered and used as a muscle or mass enhancer. It should be used in conjunction with regular exercise and not on it’s own as the required effect will not be achieved. How do I choose the right Product for me ? Before deciding on a product to use,you have to decide what you would like to achieve with your body and what benefits the product will have. The correct product should be chosen that is appropriate for a specific requirement,in this case mass/muscle build. Details on various products are available on-line, but I would recommend that you visit a reputable supplier in-store,such as Holland and Barret, GSN or any USN Stockists. When in-store,a consultant can be asked for advise and you will probably end up being able to explain your needs and requirement much better that you would be able to on-line. Please note that all protein shakes should be taken in conjunction with a training program and the correct diet should be followed.

Basic Exercise – Stomach - Press-Ups – Squads

Stomach Crunch Lay Flat on your back,knees cocked @ 45 degrees,lift upper torso towards stomach with hands on chest. Repeat this 30 times


Side Press-Ups Lay down in normal press up position,raise one arm @ 90 degrees and raise body up. Repeat this 5 times on each side.

Squads Stand upright,legs slightly apart,hands and arms pointing forward as if holding a crossbar when lifting weights. Squad down slowly as low as possible,keep facing forward,chin up. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Rise up slowly. Repeat this 10 times.



The Chemical Brothers go one Further

By Cecil Collett AUGUST 2010

In this MP3 age, where music downloading has turned physical album sales well on its head,

formatting and presentation has become almost crucial in order to attract punters from just downloading a track from the Internet towards actually forking out money for an entire album. The Chemical Brothers are well aware of this, so in addition to releasing their latest album Further in disc form, it also comes with an accompanying DVD featuring a film for every track. Although this kind of venture is nothing new, with artists routinely re-plugging their wares by adding bonus tracks and ‘special’ editions, these are very often shameless rip-offs, which amount to little more than shortchanging the consumer and stretching fan base loyalty. It is with pleasure then that I can report that, for once, this is not the case with The Chemical Brother’s 7th album Further. Incidentally, this latest offering was not eligible for the chart due to the split personality packaging in question, which no doubt hurt sales as it has kept them off the radar for the multitudes who only pay attention to chart success. So much for offering value for money! Would it have been another number 1? Their last 5 records have all been chart-toppers, thanks to constant reinvention and some big-name singers to add to the diversity. Indeed it is quite a feat, especially if you consider the fleeting nature of dance music where fads and fashions change at a dizzying rate. Some would say they have been very lucky and much has been made of how ‘different’ the new record is. Might the Chemicals have run their course?  Upon first listen there is a notable absence of vocalists and the record does not immediately pummel you into submission like some of their previous work. It takes a while for proceedings to start. What is immediately striking though is just how unique they still sound. In today’s music market which is ruled by Auto-tuned vocals and band members chosen on looks by celebrity talent contest, it is a miracle that this unhinged music even has a place. You will be nostalgic for better times even by looking at its arresting sleeve imagery, a woman diving into the deep which evokes the thrill of the unknown. It is classic Chemical Brothers – the pursuit of thrills and a rave which never ends. The difference with Further though is that they don’t immediately pummel you intoFACT FILE submission with a barrage of precision-engineered beats. Things are quite mellow Origin: at the start. Manchester,UK There is also no obvious single, no big name vocalist like New Order’s Bernard 1991 Sumner or The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess, it is largely instrumental and only has eight tracks. But it is this economy that renders this perhaps as their most vital album Studio so far. Despite these departures, the record still takes in all the best Chemical bits Albums: - psychedelia, acid house, techno and blissed-out sound-scapes - but sequences them in what has been labelled somewhat misleadingly as a ‘concept’ album. Sure, Exit Planet Dust it has the peaks and troughs of their astonishing live sets but is really just another 1995 fun, diverse and eclectic record. For all its wistful notions of what was once termed ‘progressive’, it remains catchy and it is this fine balance of melody and artistic Dig Your Own Hole experimentation which result in this possibly being their masterpiece. 1997 It instantly invites you to navigate the journey with them, and is a non-stop opus which is made even more spectacular by the accompanying minimalist videos which Surrender basically run a seamless narrative of the girl diving deep into another world to where 1999 all manner of lights, forms, cardboard horses and organic fluids combine to dance in unison. Every track is ace. The monumental ‘Dissolve’ - featured on Jeremy Come with Us Clarkson’s epic test of the new Ferrari 458 Italia on the final episode of Top Gear - is 2002 the most rock ’n’ roll track ever made by keyboards and is indeed a rollercoaster of a tune. There is a bonkers braying horse on the excellent ‘Horse Power’ which is an Push the Button 2005 appropriately-titled, full-on thumping juggernaut. ‘Swoon’ features singing by one of them for a change, namely bespectacled Tom Rowlands intoning that you must ‘remember to fall in love / there’s nothing / there’s We Are the Night 2007 nothing else’. In short then, the Chemical Brothers are thankfully still cool but with this one they have made something which towers head and shoulders above the Further rest. ■ 2010




FREE StufF to do in London



here are simply loads of free exhibitions in London taking place every month. From some of the big name museums and

galleries to the smaller, independent venues, you can always find something to do for free. London has a reputation for costing the earth, whether you want to eat out, have a drink or bag some culture. Well, that’s simply not true. Here is our selection of some of the best free exhibitions in London taking place over the coming months.

Sit Down at Museum of Childhood

One of the best places for free exhibition in London, the Museum of Childhood invites you to pull up a chair. Sit Down takes place from 6th February - 5th September 2010. Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9PA 0871 971 4232

John Bock at The Curve

The Curve Gallery gets a transformation from the renowned Surrealist and German artists John Bock, with installations, lectures and film screenings taking place throughout the space. John Bock at The Curve takes place from 10th June - 12th September 2010. Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS 0872 148 3086

Close Examination at National Gallery

Get up close and personal with the history of several key paintings in the gallery’s collection and find out just how the experts prove their masterpieces to be real. The show takes place from 30th June - 12th September 2010. Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DN 0871 971 4233

Magnificent Maps at British Library

From a six foot tall atlas to maps that are two thousands years old, this free exhibition is certain to be a big hit for 2010. Decorative, artistic and extremely useful for shedding light onto the people that made them, Magnificent Maps takes place from 30th April - 19th September 2010. St Pancras , 96 Euston Road, Kings Cross, London, NW1 2DB 0870 444 1500

Press Photographers Year at National Theatre

A truly stunning collection of photos are on show at the National Theatre foyer once again as the cream of the crop from the press have their images shown off in their annual exhibition. The show runs from 12th July - 19th September 2010. Upper Ground, Southbank, London, SE1 9PX 0872 148 2025

South Africa Landscape at British Museum

Explore the landscape and foliage of the South African Cape at this unusual outdoor exhibition. Plantlife and trees from a hotter climate will brighten up your summer even if the London skies remain grey. The exhibition takes place from 29th April - 10th October 2010. Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1B 3DG 0871 971 5937




John Singer Sargent, The Derelict, 1876, Oil on canvas, 33.7 x 50.8 cm, Private Collection.

Sargent by Cecil Collett


ore known for his numerous portraits of the aristocracy of the day, John Singer Sargent (18561925) was one of the most prolific painters of his time and this exhibition assembles for the first time a lesser-seen side to this diverse artist. Sargent was widely travelled and flitted about Europe and the USA on numerous occasions thanks to his nomadic parents, who would school him themselves. He would gain credibility, popularity and controversy throughout his career, where he amassed an oeuvre of over 900 oil paintings and some 2000 watercolours. Today he is held in much higher esteem than in his heyday, with accordingly high prices paid for his work. His portraits included such high profile sitters as Theodore Roosevelt, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Claude Monet, all painted in naturalistic yet flattering tones in the lineage of past masters such as Rembrandt and Velåzquez. Yet he maintained himself that his favourite thing to paint was the sea in all its elusive glory, something which he excelled at as this superb assemblage at London’s Royal Academy of Arts is keen to point out. What is really staggering is how he managed to paint in such striking realistic detail being only in his early twenties. The exhibition also features previously unseen working drawings and paintings, some of which seem complete in their own right such was the level of perfectionism Sargent sought in his meticulous quest for light and shade. Later on in his life, around the time of the dawn AUGUST 2010

John Singer Sargent, Atlantic Storm, 1876, Oil on canvas, 58.5 x 81.5 cm, Curtis Galleries, Minneapolis

and the Sea Royal Academy of Arts London Until September 26 of modern art, there was a backlash against his works with some saying he was too old-fashioned, but looking at it today nearly two centuries later tells a wholly different story. With The Derelict (1876), you would be forgiven for thinking it was painted from a photograph. It is rightly revered as one of the best paintings of the sea, up there with Turner no least. Interestingly, on a humorous note, it is said that when Sargent journeyed across the Atlantic to New York on that occasion the only thing he painted or felt inspired to paint was the water. Perhaps he had tired of portraiture at this point. Similarly magnificent is the engrossing Atlantic Storm of the same year which features violent swells of waves the size of mountains ready to swallow the fragile vessel in the foreground. He apparently finished it in his studio aged only twenty. Later works in water colour are also on display and show the artist coming almost full circle both in style and temperament. There is more colour and fluidity in his series of paintings of gondolas in Venice. Throughout his storied too, Sargent always chose rather interesting vantage points from which to paint resulting in many of these works seeming quite contemporary in their composition. This is particularly true of his sketches of boats where he focuses on grainy technical aspects instead of the picturesque which was commonplace in those days. It is thus apparent that Sargent was ahead of his time and that is why his work is both utterly timeless and ripe for rediscovery. THE SA EXPAT UK EDITION



Lizl Sevenster

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Travel Counsellor


Terms and Conditions: These offers are brought to you by Travel Counsellors (Pty) Ltd. Offers are subject to availability and currency fluctuations and can be withdrawn at any time without notice to you. Supplier's terms and conditions are available on request. Offers include airport taxes where applicable and exclude professional service fees. Prices are based on per person sharing. Offers are correct at the time of distribution. Terms and conditions apply. E&OE.



16 Days Tanzania & Kenya - Migration Hunter This safari takes you departing from Johannesburg into Tanzania's Northern parks of Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Manyara as well as Lake Victoria. the Masai Mara, the Rift Valley Lakes of Nakuru and Naivasha. The Serengeti is host to the annual wildebeest migration - a spectacular sight! This trip allows ample time to 'hunt this down' either in Kenya's Masai Mara or the Serengeti. Our safari travels into the best areas of this game-packed region, camping amongst the game with the sounds of the African bush all around as well as visiting Lake Victoria, and the flamingo covered Rift Valley Lake Nakuru. This 16 day tour includes flights from Johannesburg, airport taxes, transportation, accommodation, meals while on safari and your park fees. Valid 01 July - 20 Dec 2010. PRICE PER PERSON

16 Days from R34,530


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01 Oct-06 Nov Its 2035,and were ready to send the first human beings to Mars. Gail and Stephan has been selected from thousands,and are ready to launch. Their four friends and colleagues are following close behind. We want you to come with them. Fun,fast-paced and packed with emotion,Unlimited Theatre’s new is based on the real science of planned Mars missions. Join Gail and Stephan as they defy gravity and go further through the solar system than we’ve ever been before. Ever wondered if you have what it takes?Come and experience all the excitement ,danger and discovery of the next giant leap into space …..

Creative Team Unlimited Theatre and Polka Theatre present Mission to Mars By Claire Duffy,Jon Spooner and Chris Thorpe Written in consultation with Dr Gail Iles and Dr Andy Newsam Directed by Jon Spooner Designed by Rhys Jarmin Lighting designed by Ben Pacey Sound and video designed by Mic Poole


s r e i l l

i o V g r e De to und review e c n a orm

f r e p Bok

Springbok coach Peter de Villiers has met with senior members of the South African Rugby Union in Cape Town but will undergo a formal performance review next week. De Villiers met with his employers at the request of the chairman of the SARU technical committee, Mr James Stoffberg after which SARU gave him his full backing. SARU says the meeting was designed to assist leadership in understanding where they could assist the Springbok coach and management in achieving improved results on the home leg of the Tri-Nations campaign and also to discuss forward planning for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. “We had a very productive meeting and there are areas where Peter will present us with his plans for the future and we will offer our support in realising


them,” said Mr Stoffberg, who is also vice president of the Union on the SA Rugby site. “He has our full support and we are confident that we can quickly be put back on track.” The meeting was also attended by SARU president Mr Oregan Hoskins, Mr Mark Alexander (deputy president), SARU CEO Johan Prinsloo and Andy Marinos, manager of national teams. Rugby officials said earlier this week that they would not be changing coach in the middle of the TriNations but SARU now says that a formal performance review of the Springbok coach will take place next week.   “We had an informal chat this morning and we intend to have a full review with him next week,” SARU president Oregan Hoskins told Reuters.

“We would normally only have a review at the end of the Tri-Nations series, but this time we see the need to have one in the middle of the competition given the gravity of the situation.”   “It’s important that you don’t change management at this stage, although it is certainly a grave situation. After three losses, we need to take stock and try to rectify the wrongs,” Hoskins said.   “History is one thing, but recently we’ve done better over there and we won the Tri-Nations last year,” Hoskins said.   “We want to improve rather than go backwards and we feel this year may be a step back.” Ref:Tri Nations



FIA Formula One World Cha




endar Constructor S t a n d i n g s 1 McLaren-Mercedes 300 2







Mercedes GP






Force India-Mercedes






BMW Sauber-Ferrari



STR-Ferrari Lotus-Cosworth HRT-Cosworth


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