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TELL IT LIKE IT IS DALLAS TETARENKO TALKS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF SEXUAL HEALTH EDUCATION When dialogue about inclusive education for individuals with intellectual disabilities is engaged, it is typically rooted within the contexts of academic progress shared with a defined peer group. Sexual wellness, however, is often missing from the discussion about the function and responsibility of the education system; it is just as important as all other aspects of an individual’s holistic development and well-being.



There are approximately 16,500 individuals living in Saskatchewan with an intellectual disability. There is a pervasive attitude among many people within our society that a person with an intellectual disability - which can be defined and labeled in a multitude of ways - is not capable of expressing themselves as a sexual being. They cannot see the person beyond the disability. It is easy to understand that this idea

leads to the fostering of ignorance, fear and shame about sexuality for individuals with intellectual disabilities to navigate complex social environments and situations. As a result, people are far more likely to be the victims of sexual abuse in the community and unable to make the determination of how a positive, respectful relationship should feel. Withholding information and guidance around sexual development dis-

Dialect - Spring 2017  
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