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June 2010 Issue 41 Vol 5

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June 2010 Issue 41 Vol 5



e fifth anniversary of the Baiah (Pledge of Allegiance) to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah falls on Wednesday. “e Baiah” is the traditional Islamic system of the subjects expressing their approval and welcoming a new ruler. Since the Pledge of Allegiance on Jamad Al-ani 26, 1426 Aug. 1, 2005 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed enormous achievements in all fields, including education, health, social affairs, transport, communications, industry, electricity, water and agriculture. Commenting on King Abdullah’s rule in the past five years, Speaker of the Shoura Council Abdullah AlAsheikh said the past five years have brought a new era of security, stability, national unity and social cohesion combined with progress in all fields. “History will record that King Abdullah fulfilled his com-

The Saudi Australia Bulletin looks into some of the King’s most notable achievements in the past 5 years mitment to the citizens when they gave him the Pledge of Allegiance five years ago. His major concern since then has been the welfare of the people of the Kingdom. He visited all parts of the Kingdom to see them in person and learn their needs. He initiated huge projects worth billions for their welfare,” Al-Asheikh said. e launch of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation was a clear example of the King's efforts to promote understanding between cultures and civilizations. e king approved the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Heritage and Culture as an extension of his noble actions to build bridges of contacts between cultures and civilizations. e king has been ranked the first among the leaders having the most popular support in the Islamic world and one among top 10 most influential personalities in the world. e Kingdom has been awarded Prize of Merit from the World Bank in recognition of the steps taken recently in the area of economic reforms. e Kingdom also figures in the

2 June 2010 Issue 41 Vol 5


Saudi students pursuing higher studies in Australia New Zealand, US and Canada, on their own expense can now also benefit from the King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program, Higher Education Minister Khaled AlAnqari said. “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has approved a proposal allowing these regular Saudi private students to join the foreign scholarship program,” the minister said, welcoming the king’s gesture. Ali bin Sulaiman Al-Attiyah, deputy minister of higher education, commended King Abdullah’s continuous gestures toward Saudi students abroad. Up to four children of a scholarship beneficiary can benefit from allowances, he pointed out. The King Abdullah Scholarship Program has made remarkable progress during the last five years in terms of quantity and quality. At present more than 80,000 students in 25 countries benefit from the program.Thirty-two cultural attaches have been appointed at foreign missions to supervise these students.The program has been expanded recently to accommodate technical students who will be sent to at least 20 countries for higher studies, including the US, UK and Australia. list of the top 10 countries that have undertaken economic reforms. King Abdullah announced the allocation of $500 million in soft loans through Saudi Development Fund for financing projects in developing countries. He also announced the Kingdom's donation of $1 billion for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip at the Kuwait Economic, Developmental and Social Summit in 2009. e king made a grant of $500 million to the Lebanese people for the establishment of an international Arab fund for the reconstruction of Lebanon. In the third Paris Conference in January 2007, Saudi Arabia provided Lebanon with aid totaling $1 billion for developmental projects. Another step the king took in the direction of transform-

ing the Kingdom into a knowledge-based society was to send a large number of students abroad for higher studies. As many as 80,000 men and women have been sent to more than 25 countries under the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Program for Foreign Scholarships. During the king’s rule, 24 government and nine private universities have been established. ey provided higher education to some 1 million men and women and employed a teaching staff of 33,000 in 2009-2010. e king also established 34,000 schools for five million students. e schools employ 470,000 male and female teachers. In 2009, the king was awarded ''Prize of World Champion in the Battle Against Hunger in 2008'' in recognition of his support for UN humanitarian programs and his donation to World Food Program. e Kingdom has spent more than SR70 billion for the development of the two holy cities in Makkah and Madinah in recent years. “e most notable of the king’s service to the Haram was the expansion of the Masaa (the running space between Safa and Marwah) to four floors at a total cost of more than SR3 billion so that pilgrims can perform the Haj rites comfortably,” Al-Khozaim said. Besides the expansion work of the courtyard of the Grand Mosque, he referred to the huge expansion work, including the installation of 182 giant umbrellas, being undertaken at the Prophet’s Mosque.


June 2010 Issue 41 Vol 5



Nazer holds Dinner  in honour of H.E Dr. Khaled Al Anqari


is Excellency, e Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Khalid Al Anqari has visited Australia on an official tour which lasted several days. e visit was opened with an official dinner held by Ambassador Hassan Nazer at the Parliament House in Canberra, in the company of several parliament offcials, accompanying delegations of the Minister

H.E Dr. Khaled Al Anqari with Ambassador Hassan Nazer

and members and officials of the Saudi Embassy in Australia. In the Ambassador’s speech, he acknowledged the Kingdom’s efforts along with those of the Minister of Higher Education, in promoting the Education of Saudi students in Australia. “I am very pleased to see the rapid growth in the numbers of Saudi students in Australia, which was only a few dozens in 2006 with a budget of not more than 50 million dollars, As these numbers increased reaching an amount of well over 12000 students in 2009, the yearly budget was also increased to a value of 500 million dollars,” said the ambassador. H.E Dr Khaled Al Anqari and H.E Ambassador Hassan Nazer with MP Maria Vamvakinou and MP Bruce Scott of the Saudi Friendship Association

4 June 2010 Issue 41 Vol 5


“The rapid development of the Kingdom at this prosperous reign is due to Allah Almighty and then to the wise leadership of King Abdullah, where he envisions the growth of capable Saudi citizens into those whom are both achievers and innovators” H.E Dr Khaled Al Anqari


is Excellency Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khalid ibn Mohammad Al Anqari patronized at sydney the graduation ceremony for the students in Australia this year, in the presence of more than1500 scholarship students from various of Australian states. e ceremony was attended by officials of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Embassy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the cultural mission in Australia. At the beginning of the ceremony Dr. Al Anqari opened the scientific achievements exhibition associated with the ceremony, which a group of outstanding students, obtaining a patent in Australian universities presented a projects and scientific innovations, manufactured by Saudi hands, and won the global and local credits, then began the march of male and female graduates, who numbered about 850 students from various disciplines and Australian universities.


June 2010 Issue 41 Vol 5



His Excellency Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khalid Al Anqari and Mr. Hassan Talat Nazer the Saudi ambassador to Australia has inaugurated the new premises of Saudi cultural mission in Australia, and the program of electronic trading system, which links the mission with the Ministry of Higher Education. Dr. Al-Anqari said "the transfer of the cultural mission in Australia for its new premises is one of the steps which represent actual and productive responsive, towards the ongoing development and expansion that have occurred on a daily basis the King Abdullah Scholarship Program". Dr. Anl Anqari then went to meet with Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Senator Hon. Kim Carr at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). (pictured right)

AMBASSADOR NAZER OPENS NEW ZEALAND CULTURAL MISSION Saudi Ambassador H.E Hassan Nazer has opened the buildings of Saudi Consulate General and Cultural Attaché Office in the city of Auckland, New Zealand. e opening ceremonies were attended by Saudi Consul General in New Zealand Ahmed Al-Juhani and Cultural Attache Abdulsalam Sheikh. e Ambassador said that the opening of the two new buildings shows the interest of the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz in all Saudi embassies and cultural attaché offices to facilitate services for Saudi citizens and students on scholarships.

6 June 2010 Issue 41 Vol 5


H.E Dr Khaled Al Anqari and Ambassador Hassan Nazer with MP Julia Gillard (above) and (below) MP Stephen Smith


tudent exchanges and research collaboration will be encouraged under a new education agreement signed by Australia and Saudi Arabia. Education Minister Julia Gillard met her Saudi counterpart Dr Khalid bin Mohammed Al Ankary in Canberra. e pair signed a memorandum of cooperation which Ms Gillard said built on the ties the two nations already shared. Dr Ankary and Ms Gillard discussed their commitment to sharing information and resources between Saudi Arabian and Australian high education institutions at the meeting. eir memorandum will encourage research cooperation, the exchange of academic staff, researchers and students and support international scholarships. It also fosters the translation of both nations' distinguished research, to allow expertise to be shared beyond language barriers.

7 June 2010 Issue 41 Vol 5




NZ EDUCATION AGREEMENT WITH SAUDI e Saudi Minister of Higher Education has visited both Sydney University and UNSW in a bid to increase ties of cooperation. He also met with NSW Governor Mrs. Marie Bashir and signed agreements of cooperation with Sydney University.

Education Minister Anne Tolley and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Minister of Higher Education, Dr Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Ankary have signed an agreement to strengthen and increase New Zealand's educational and science engagement with the Kingdom. "Saudi Arabia is an important education partner for New Zealand," says Mrs Tolley. "It is it now our fifth largest source of international students, worth an estimated $250 million in revenue each year. Many New Zealand education providers also have long established links with Saudi Arabia for the delivery of our education services there. "This agreement is a significant step for New Zealand. Relationships between our Governments are a prerequisite for establishing and maintaining student numbers from Saudi Arabia.” The agreement outlines the basis for New Zealand's education engagement with Saudi Arabia over the next five years in the educational and scientific fields, in both the compulsory and tertiary sectors. Collaboration could include joint research projects, joint academic programmes and student and faculty exchange particularly in the science, technology and medical fields.

8 June 2010 Issue 41 Vol 5

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