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Feb-March Issue 31 Vol 4

P H.E Ambassador Hassan Nazer with PM Kevin Rudd

rime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, has received in Canberra the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Australia Hassan Talaat Nazer. During the meeting, Ambassador Nazer conveyed to the Australian Prime Minister the greetings and appreciation of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and Crown Prince, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, and their wishes of health and happiness for him and further progress and prosperity for the friendly Australian people on the occasion of the National Day of Australia.

The Ambassador Hassan Nazer congratulated the new Saudi Minister of Culture and Information Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohieddin Khojah on the Royal confidence bestowed on him, appointing him as Minister of Culture and Information, and wished him success in his new post.

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Feb-March Issue 31 Vol 4

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Mr. Rida Al Nuzha delivers a poem written by Saudi Minister Ghazi Al Ghozaibi


mbassador of the Saudi Arabia to Australia Mr Hassan Talat Nazer has praised the activities and cultural events, held on the fourth session of the multi-cultural festival, in the Australian capital Canberra, under the presence of approximately one hundred and fifty thousand people and the participation of 44 foreign countries and 578 exhibitors from Australia and

ACT Minister of Multicultural Affairs MP John Hargreaves

abroad. Included days of this year Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Al Khaimah Exhibition presented by the Souraharmin Mosques as well as photographs and paintings are part of the heritage of the Kingdom and its modern renaissance, as the distribution of a large number of books, publications and press releases telling the story of the Kingdom and the achievements in the growing, while the President and members of the club of the students Saudi presence in the capital Canberra, the national dress in the tent of Saudi Arabia provided during the coffee and dates, which has had the attention of the public and the festival tent made of Saudi Arabia, one of the most attractive to visitors to the tents, as well as a tent inside a documentary film in English to ensure the full profiles of

Feb-March Issue 31 Vol 4

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life in Saudi Arabia and cultural development. The opening ceremony of the festival included a large space for art in the traditional Saudi dance performed by students for the first time on the festival stage and mingled with the enthusiastic voices of the surrounding scene as swords and drums and banners carried by the unified Saudi students, chanting songs of joy and which all Arab embassies of Arab States peace. adopted in Australia, read poems of Arab poets Meanwhile, on the sidelines of the festival hosted by in Arabic with English translation. Cultural the theater (Canberra Tiatr) an evening of poetry, in poems were read by the Embassy’s Mr. Rida Al Nuzha which was written by Saudi Minister Dr. Ghazi Al Ghouzaibi. The Ambassador H.E Hassan Nazer expressed his gratitude and stressed the importance of participating in various cultural events to bring the message of the Kingdom’s emerging values of civilization and modernity to all Australian people and the friendly people of the world at large. The ambassador thanked the director of the Embassy Information Department Mr Rida Nuzha, who expressed his satisfaction of the Saudi Cultural Exhebiton and all others, praising the great efforts in preparing and arranging the participation in the festival. The Ambassador, His Excellency thanked the headmaster of the Saudi cultural attachÊ, Dr. Ali human, and the President, members of the Saudi Student Club in Canberra and students who participated in the Saudi Cultural Days festival, valuing the estimated efforts and great effort from everyone. For his part, Minister of multiculture in the Australian capital, Canberra, the minister John Hargreaves expressed his appreciation on his tour of the Saudi Arabia tent. Saudi Arabia thanked the participation of all important actors in the festival, and also highlighted the gratitute towards the Canberra Multicultural Festival for its opportunity to provide a rich source of exposure to the rest of the world and praised the festival for its succesful objectives.


ll the talk in Saudi Arabia these days concerns change, renewal, and development, following King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz's cabinet reshuffle in the administrative, judicial, and religious sectors. The talk surrounding the government reshuffle that took place in Saudi Arabia last Saturday is lengthy and complex, and there is much discussion surrounding the appointment of a woman to a high government position for the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia. That is the

Feb-March Issue 31 Vol 4

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appointment of Dr. Nora Al Fayez, to the position of Deputy Education Minister. There is also the talk surrounding the new officials appointed to leadership positions in the judiciary after the winds of change swept through this sector. This is all part of King Abdullah's grand plan to reform the judiciary, a significant part of which has already been implemented, while other parts [of this plan] are yet to be put into effect. Then there is the talk surrounding the appointment of new Ministers at the Information and Culture Ministry, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education and the Health Ministry. A new figure was also given directorship of one of the most controversial agencies within or indeed outside of Saudi Arabia; I am talking of course about the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice [CPVPV]. This is not to mention the other new appointments made to the Council of Senior Ulama [Scholars], which is the highest religious body in the Kingdom. In brief, the largest changes have taken place to the judicial and religious branches [of government]. Change has also occurred within the Education sector, with a complete change of leadership; the former Education Minister and his two deputies have been replaced by a new

“Change is the secret to eternal life. For without the cells of a body continually and routinely growing and being renewed, that body would falter and age quickly. This is a natural rule of life that there is no alternative to. For change is crucial and necessary in an age where there is no room for procrastination, indecision, or waiting for a problem to solve itself, for a problem will only ever be solved when one attempts to solve it themselves.�

Feb-March Issue 31 Vol 4

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dure, surviving many challenges becoming a society which is solid and firm. Since oil was discovered, the greatest challenge to Saudi society has been the creation of a moderate, productive, and confident Saudi individual. A Saudi individual that is capable of transforming the product of Saudi oil wealth into a permanent development of knowledge, and innovation in the creative and economic sectors. The Saudi individual, from the northern deserts to the southern mountains, from the sea in the East to the Gulf in the West, is full of hope, dreams, and adventure, especially since a large proportion of the Saudi population are youth. The questions that the Saudis are asking, more precisely the questions the young Saudis are asking, all revolve around issues of the future, education, development, transparency [in actions], accountability, and religion and the state. The [Saudi Arabian] challenge in open-mindedness. The new the past was to plant the seeds of Justice Minster, Mohamed Ala political society built upon a de- Issa informed Al-Arabiya that "the new amendments show the finitive creed, and then ensure Custodian of the Two Holy that this society endures and does not collapse. And this soci- Mosques keenness to have cultural diversity in the Kingdom." ety did indeed take root and enSheik Saleh Bin Hamid, Chairman of the Higher Judicial Council, brought glad tidings with his announcement of a new judicial era, declaring that the door is open to qualified jurists provided that they undergo a specific judicial training course. What took place in Saudi Arabia is nothing short of a renewal and revitalization; a shot of adrenalin into the heart of Saudi Arabia. These are what the headlines say. The most significant of the decisions made by King Abdullah is the re-emphasis on harmonization between politics and religion in this new Saudi era, which is something that we are witnessing, and we hope to continue to witness.

Minister and three deputies. The changes that took place occurred with the replacement of Ministers or Directors in order to foster development and reform. In order to examine the main changes made in this [governmental] reshuffle, I will look at the relationship between religion and the state in Saudi Arabia which is an intimate and special one. Saudi Arabian social make-up is built upon a special link between

Feb-March Issue 31 Vol 4

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audi Ambassador to Australia Hassan Talaat Nazer patronized the first conference of the board of directors of Saudi students clubs in Australia and New Zealand. The conference were held throughout the two day in Canbeera in the presence of the Saudi Cultural Attaché Dr. Ali El-Bishri, the Embassy officers and Cultural Attaché staff. The ambassador inaugurated the conference with an address in which he thanked the government of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud for supporting foreign scholarship programs. He said that the Kingdom and its leadership cherish its Saudi scholarship students and their important role in building the bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and the Australian and New Zealand peoples. Attaché El-Bishri praised the academic achievements of the Saudi students in Australia and New Zealand. He maintained that the conference should come up with recommendations for proper work strategies. Clubs chairmen thanked the Am-

bassador and the Cultural Attaché for their continuous interest in the Saudi students in Australia and New Zealand. Workshops on communication and media were held on the sidelines of the conference. At the conclusion of the conference, Ambassador Nazer and the Cultural Attaché held a press briefing highlighting the recommendations made by the conference on issues of interest to the students.

Feb-March Issue 31 Vol 4

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Ambassador Nazer at the conference of Saudi Students to New Zealand and Australia


audi Ambassador to Australia Hassan Talaat Nazer has met recently the Australian Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister Tony Burke in the latter office at the parliament House building in Canberra. During the meeting, they discussed investment opportunities and promotion of increased cooperation in the agricultural field between the two countries. The Australian minister reviewed his forthcoming visit to Saudi Arabia at the invitation of Saudi Minister of Agriculture Dr. Fahd bin Abdulrahman Balghunaim during which their meeting's agenda will include the signing of the joint declaration and approval of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote agricultural investment and the development of Australia's agricultural trade cooperation with Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East region.

Saudi Ambassador Hassan Nazer has congratulated Kuwaiti Ambassador Mr Jamal Al Ghunaim on the occasion of the 48th National Day and its liberation


Feb-March Issue 31 Vol 4

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day, commemorating the years of friendship and unity between both countries.He also urged the two countries to continue to promote solidarity and unity within the Arab nations.

he director of La Trobe University Internation College Dr.Martin Van Run has akcnowledged and thanked the Saudi and Muslim students in the La Trobe University for their fund raising efforts during the Friday prayer sessions over two weeks where funds of over $3, 300 were managed to be raised for the Red Cross Bush Fire appeal.

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