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List Building Secrets for Beginners It is often believed that the longer the list, the greater the profits. But that's not the whole truth. The reality is that the quality of your list ultimately matters in determining the amount of profits that you'll earn. When building a list, your first priority should be the quality of the list. As a matter of fact, quality and quantity are inversely related. Methods of high quality list building academy If you have managed to obtain great traffic to your website, you need to hold on to as many of them as possible by acquiring contact information of the quality customers. There are many ways of building a list: 1. Pop-ups. These may be disliked by many visitors but webmasters know that they actually work in building a list. 2. Squeeze pages. These pages, which require name and email of visitors before allowing them in, are increasing in popularity. 3. Opt-in boxes. These are areas on every page that enable the visitor to enter their contact details. The success of the above three methods in list building depends on how captivating your copywriting is. Depending on how the visitors got your website, like via article links, AdWords, search engine results, etc., you can get a conversion rate of 20% or more. How to consistently obtain high quality conversions The first rule of marketing is: don't annoy your prospective customers. So before you ask for their names and emails addresses, offer them some free material. This is actually a great way of list building because you allow your customers to sample the kind of content that you are going to sell them. As against self-praising methods like headlines, this method ranks highly among customers. In addition, if the prospects sign up for your list after approving of the sample, there's a high chance of them becoming your customers.

Quality always scores over quantity. However, even if you think you have the best list in the world, it doesn't mean that all your prospective customers are captivated with your site. And most emails get deleted without being read. Hence your job is to create a name for yourself so that you are known as the supplier of choice. For this you must mail your list at least once a week. Once you're done with building a list of high quality, don't ruin your reputation by trying to sell something in each email. Provide lots of freebies and offer something for sale every fourth email or so. Even then, offer something which you personally use and enjoy. Quality listbuilding academy is not easy; so protect it once you've made it. This list will earn you an amazing lifestyle.

List Building Secrets For Beginners  

Methods of high quality list building academy If you have managed to obtain great tra...