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The Royal Reporter Volume XLVI | ISSUE VIII | Rosary High School | Fullerton | April 2012


By Jordan Felix Staff Writer After a four week recovery from our annual Red and Gold performance, let’s take a look at the remarkable moments the Red Team has shared. The Little Red Riding Hoods did a phenomenal job at putting together the student-led production of Red & Gold. Directed

by producers Mary Kate Domino and Katie Swinnerton, the whole performance revealed all the hard work of the 50 captains since the day of kick-off. The Friday of kickoff was filled with excitement. The girls found out what team they were on and were thrilled to be on Red. The script, courtesy of Peeps Burge and Elise


1. Script Captains Elise Cimino and Peeps Burge await the moment of truth. 2. Kelsi Wildermuth and Erin Bracken, the stars of Red’s performance, led their team to a Drama Commendation.


Recap: Red Wins!


Cimino, was one- of- a kind and definitely led the way to a win. The dances and drills were certainly memorable ones. Each had a purpose in the show and was used to illustrate different scenes and dramatic actions. Drill Captains Megan Shanholtzer, Amy Windisch, and Erica March did an amazing job showing the dramatics of the show. The Minions drill was very entertaining and showed a lot of character just like the drama minions did. On

the mirror image drill, choreography, organized by Amy Windisch, was very creative and impressive. Erica March did a magnificent job of preparing her team for the big show for the second year in a row. This year, all the Red Dance captains happened to be on the National Winning Varsity Dance Team. Each dance had a unique style. Senior Yesenia Cortes, Captian of Rio de Janeiro dance, says, “I had the Cont. Page 3

on a journey to help out their grandfather, who was played by senior Liz Sarni. In this quest the three children only have “24 hours” to complete the task and save the city of Auram from harm. Kina De Santis excitedly says, “I was so surprised to be cast as a lead role. I was super excited. I never thought I would dress up like a guy on stage in front of a bunch of people.” Red and Gold cannot be a complete performance without dances and drills, so the Gold Team collaborated their fierce and spunky jungle fever attitude with the safarithemed play. There was a wide variety of dances, which won special commendations for the Gold Team. Some of these dances include transforming into cheetahs with dance captain Nicolet Leubke, becoming roaring volcanoes with second dance captain Angela Natividad, and ending in rolling rivers

with dance captain Lexi Cross. Junior Emily Vitogiannis, who was on Lexi Cross’s dance, states, “I loved the costumes; they were so pretty. I hesitated on learning the dance, since I am not a dancer, but it turned out to be a lot easier and it was so much fun!” Drill Captains Paige Catton, Cierra Murrietta, and Bridget Jacob choreographed exciting drills with their intense stunts and breathtaking tumbling. Sophomore Georgie Hoss states, “The different ideas of our drills were exciting to hear. I loved the idea of creating police officer outfits for Bridget’s drill, and I really enjoyed seeing Cierra’s drill come together with its intense outfits; they were really cute.” Without Producers Marie Nisco and Tori Brkich, Gold’s performance wouldn’t have been enjoyable Cont. Page 3


Going for the Gold

Miranda Barrigas, Liz Sarni, Kina DeSantis, and Dani Davila starred in Gold’s performance. By Ali Colvin long road of many cherishable Staff Writer memories, new friends, and, of As we look back six weeks course, the ability to participate to the annual Red and Gold in a Red and Gold performance. Performance, we celebrate both In Gold’s show-stopping perthe Red Riding Hoods and the formance, the three main charGold Goldilocks who battled acters, Roger, Chuck, and Joan, in friendly competition. Even who were played by juniors Dani though the sidewalk did end Davila and Kina De Santis and for the Goldilocks, there was a senior Miranda Barrigas, go




Red and Gold Performance Weekend Highlights



Cont. from page 1: most amazing time during my final Red and Gold experience. I definitely made memories that will last me a lifetime!” Junior Katie Russell, captain of the Making the Perfect Man dance, says, “I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to be a dance captain as a junior. I hope to be a dance captain next year!” Choral did a fantastic job! Their

enthusiasm and integration with the scenes made them fun to watch. Captains Marisa Warner, Katie Irving, Mackie Swoger, and Victoria Longtin worked hard on the harmonies and movements. The choral had great pitch and tone and could be heard from the back of the theatre. But the hit of the night was the amazing dramatics of Red Drama. All

Gold Team


of the characters were very comical and made a great impression. The star of the show, senior Kelsi Wildermuth, took on the daring role of Jack, and newcomer freshman Erin Bracken lit up the stage with stunning acting as the role of Clara. The star of this year’s show was definitely Red Drama; they had the most fun and everyone could tell!

Cont. from page 1: or have made an everlasting experience for all. Even though Gold lost, all the members had a lot of fun and can’t wait to see what next year’s Red and Gold has in store for them. Freshman Paulina Rios says, “Being on the Gold Team made my first impression of Red and Gold amazing and absolutely so much fun. I can’t wait until next year’s Red and Gold!”



Red Team


the seniors that have been accepted. A few of the seniors who know that they will be attending LMU next year are Nicole Green, Emma Engelage, and Victoria Coutinho. For many knew what colleges they would be attending because of sports scholarships, the process of admission and waiting was much easier. Katie Klein and Kelsi Wildermuth have committed to Regis University and are excited to be playing volleyball next year. As for Tayler Dragoo, she has known for some time that she will be attending UCLA in the fall for soccer. For softball, Caitie Barber has already committed to Towson University and Darby Sanchez has committed to Simpson University. Seniors on water polo, Savhanna McClafferty and Noelle Herrera, have committed as well with Noelle attending Sonoma State and Savhanna playing for the University of Hawaii. Tricia Supan was also accepted into Chapman University and received a scholarship to play basketball, and Megan Greco will also play soccer there. From LMU to OCC, seniors are on their last leg of high school and are ready to head to college. The Rosary Community is so proud of our seniors and all their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck next fall.

Seniors list their college acceptances in Mrs. Bangs’s room.


By Allie Everett Staff Writer As our third quarter came to a close, many seniors were running to their mailboxes and emails to finally read the letters from the colleges that they applied to. The process of applying to college has always been a lengthy one for any high school senior. Letters of acceptance and regret have been the focal point for many of the senior Wolves this year as well as senior teachers and staff in the career center. Our seniors have already heard back from the colleges they have applied to, and are thrilled that they have gotten into some of the top schools in California and the country. Senior Emily Peterson has been accepted to Georgetown, Notre Dame, and The University of Chicago, and senior Sara Morales has been accepted to MIT, Cornell, and UCLA. A lot of seniors are very happy that they have been accepted to so many schools. After seeing all the results of acceptance, LMU is by far the most generous with accepting a large amount of girls who applied. Seniors Anne Curran, Melanie Rivera, Keely Cannon, Victoria Maraga, Victoria Coutinho ,Nicole Green, Nicole Kavanaugh, and Sydney Strabala are just a few of


College Acceptances Roll In

The senior wolves write and decorate their college news.

AP Testing Requirement



ROSARY HIGH SCHOOL Royal Reporter APRIL 2012 By Rachel Fobar Editor-in-Chief As we enter the final quarter of this school year, the month of May is upon us. And you know what that means: AP season is almost here. Every year when May rolls around, anxious students wait outside the library, doing some last-minute review and waiting to take the dreaded AP test. If a student chooses to take an AP class, Rosary requires that she take the AP test as well. While some girls complain about this policy, I agree that taking AP tests should be required of all students in AP classes. Some people argue that the tests are too expensive to be mandatory. However, on top of the thousands we pay for tuition, books, and registration each year, is $87 per test really that much more? If you can afford to buy things like a Homecoming bid, a dress for Winter Formal, or a limo for Prom, you can afford to take an AP test.

After you bite the bullet and pay the fee, taking the test could actually save you money. If you gather enough AP credits in high school, you could graduate from college in three years, saving you a whole year of college tuition. Besides, $87 is chump change compared to the cost of taking the class in college. In addition to saving you money, taking the AP tests is worth the effort. Rosary is an excellent school, and if you take an AP class (and do all the work involved), it is highly likely that you will pass. Teachers put a lot of time and effort into teaching their students, and the majority of Rosary students are prepared by the time the tests are upon us. For example,

teachers hold after-school labs to help students prepare, give students practice tests, and sacrifice their lunches and weekends to hold AP reviews. Not only are the teachers dedicated, but the students work hard too. Making the test mandatory weeds out students who just want to have an AP class on their transcript. Instead, AP classes are full of hard-working girls who can handle collegelevel material and want to pass the test. With help from their teachers, these students start studying weeks in advance and are comfortable with the material once test day arrives. The best part of the AP testing process comes midsummer, when you find out that, despite your fear of being the first person to ever receive a 0, you have passed. All your hard work has paid off, and that’s one less class you have to take in college. I think at that point, everyone would agree that taking the AP test was worthwhile.


By Mary Kate Domino Layout Editor While I do feel that AP tests are a great way to test what we’ve learned in our advanced placement classes and an excellent option for earning college credit, I am not in favor of requiring AP students to take them. I take this stance for a number of reasons. The tests are expensive, some girls are not ready for them, and without the requirement, the girls that take the test are more serious about it and therefore more likely to pass. First, let’s address the cost. It is incredibly expensive: eightyseven dollars per test is a steep price, especially when students are taking multiple AP tests. For some families, it’s a struggle just to send their daughters to Rosary in the first place without the extra cost of the AP tests. It would be unfair if a girl was unable to challenge herself with an AP class just because of the extra expense of the test. Second, some girls do not feel ready to take the AP test yet be-

cause t h e y are not doing well in their class. “I feel it’s unfair to make me pay for a test that I know I’m not going to pass,” says senior Morgan Sielski. It should be up to the student, her family, and the teacher to discuss and decide whether or not the student is ready to take the test. Third and lastly, if only the girls that are ready to take the AP exam take it, our pass rate will go up. If a girl and her family are confident enough in her abilities to not only take the test but also be willing to pay for it, her chances of passing are most likely very high. While I do not think we should deny students the opportunity to take an AP class and even an AP test, I also do not believe they should be required. Some may argue that girls will take

the AP test just to look better on college apps without the stress of the test. However, if a student does not take a class seriously, she will not do well and therefore it will not look good on her transcript. Girls take higher level classes because they want to be challenged and they want to work hard; getting college credit is definitely a plus but it is not something every girl is necessarily interested in. If Rosary insists on requiring the test, we should come up with a way to help students pay for it. For example, in the same way that we have a scholarship fund to help send girls to Rosary, we should have an AP fund to help girls pay for the AP tests. This is a great way to ensure all students get the same opportunities. However, without a fund like this in place, it should be up to the student and her family to decide whether or not to shell out the money for the test.




Sprinting Their Way to Victory! through pre-season and are expecting their first invitational at Servite on March 25th to show off all their hard work. With the Trinity League being one of the most competitive leagues in the county, the Royals have a tough season ahead of them. “I have really high expectations for this season. I can’t believe we already broke school records in pre-season,” said hurdler Scarlett Aiello, who has broken more than a few school records herself. “I feel like we can only continue to go up from here. This is definitely our season.” Scarlett, who has been running for the varsity team since her freshman year, broke the 4x100 relay record with the help of teammates Nicole Whiteley, Lexi Lackerman and Maddie McDonald. Three of those girls (Lexi, Nicole, and Scarlett) also

helped break the sprint medley record for Rosary with the help of senior Ashley Moore. With a tough season ahead of them the coaches and athletes have nothing but high hopes. “I couldn’t have picked a better year to join track,” said junior Lauren Wesseln. “The team is incredible. I feel like records are being broken ev-

ery meet and everyone is so nice. It’s like a family.” Lauren puts the shot for the varsity team. With an excellent coaching staff and incredible athletes, the Royals are off to a great start. With CIF on everyone’s mind we wish the team nothing but the best of luck. Good luck with the rest of your season, Royals!


By Dani Davila Staff Writer Rosary Track is back and sprinting their way to victory. The Royals just wrapped up their pre-season and are ready to show the Trinity League they are a force to be reckoned with. The Royals dominated in their first pre-season meet at Servite High School. Several school records were broken including the 4x100 sprint medley, and sophomore Hayley Wilcox broke the high jump school record for the first time in over seven years. “It was a great way to start off the season,” stated senior Nicole Whiteley. Nicole, along with her teammates, helped break the 4x100 and sprint medley records. “I feel like we showed everyone how serious and determined we are about making it to CIF this year,” said Nicole. The Royals powered

Senior Alexis Lackerman demonstrates her long jumping skills.

By Lauren Wesseln Staff Writer With lacrosse as a new addition to Rosary athletics last year, they sure are heading off to a great start this year! Although the lacrosse team was unfortunate last season, they are coming back with a bang.  Knowing what to expect, the lacrosse team has already battled out a tournament and their first pre-season game with 2 wins and 2 losses.  History has officially been made with the Rosary lacrosse team! On March 3, the Royals received their first win against Beverly Hills High School. This would not have been possible without the dedication and leadership of the team’s captains, Katie Swinnerton and Savannah Houser. The team was 1-2 in the 10th Annual Rose Bowl Lacrosse Jamboree against Birmingham Charter, Beverly Hills, and Sage Hills High School. Lacrosse really put team in teamwork with nine different players scoring goals. Nicola McGrade led the team with five goals and Christina Vidaurri with three goals. Savannah Houser, Ka-


Laxing It Up

Seniors Kelsey Ramsey and Christina Vidaurri continue to show their best efforts. tie Swinnerton, Megan Irving, Amanda Rounds, Breana Cervantes, Lizzy Rodewald, and Madeline Hurst also scored over the three games that were played. Junior Sennecca Ulloa says, “I can’t believe we won our first game! Our hard work really paid off.” Knowing what to expect from last year, the girls are excited that they have already had such a successful start. They are ready to show the Trinity League what they can do and are capable of. The la-

crosse team welcomes their new coach, Jenna Porter. She has already made a huge impact on these girls. Christina Vidaurri says, “She truly has made us a better team. I’m so happy she’s our coach!” She, along with the girls, will make sure their second season a memorable one. The lacrosse team shares a special bond that unites them to do so well against the opponents. Practicing five days a week for 2-3 hours has helped the team in their mindset to work

hard, have fun, and never give up. Lacrosse continued their winning streak against San Juan Hills in overtime last Tuesday. Although Red and Gold and the cold weather were hanging over their heads, they came out strong, scoring two goals in the first few minutes. Rosary is very proud of the lacrosse team and their accomplishments so far. Let’s make it an even better season by supporting our royal lacrosse players. Keep it up!




A Swing And A Win

By Amanda Rounds Staff Writer Having one of the most successful sports histories at Rosary, the Royals are continuing the legacy of softball. Ranking in the top ten in pre-season games, the season will be one full of success. The team hopes to make their mark in sports history and their season has already shown that. In the games they played against Esperanza, Colton, Troy, Valencia, and more, softball was more than ready to take them on. When recounting the game they played against Esperanza, sophomore Annika Seedborg said, “I’m proud about how we came out the second game. We have a really good team this year. We’re doing fine but we could do better. I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish this year.” Softball was all fired up and ready to win more and did. Winning is something ev-

Two of our softball champs, Caileen Sylvester (left) and Carolynn Terry (right), are making us proud.

ery athlete aspires to do and the softball team did just that. Sophomore Payton Lawton said, “Our team has the potential to be the greatest we’ve ever been; we’re just learning to work together as a team and improve in all our abilities.” Celeste Adriano, a sophomore, also said, “As a team we have the potential to go far and I feel that if we use that potential we can succeed beyond any of our expectations.” The potential of the Rosary softball team is immeasurable and they hope to go far. Having the mentality to play such a challenging sport takes a special kind of person. Rosary’s softball team is composed of such people. They played in the Fullerton tournament and placed third. They also won the conolation championship of the Savanna Tournament. Currently, they are 3-3 in league.


Carolynn Terry: “Successful in whatever she chooses to do!” new. In her junior year she decided to take up water polo. She learned how to tread water and become a good swimmer. Water polo isn’t something she wants to make a career out of, but she found it fun and entertaining to play. Even though Carolynn plays water polo, her main sport is softball. She has been playing since the age of five and has enjoyed every

year of it. As a Rosary senior, she has lettered all four years and brings a great aspect to the team. You never see her get down and she always brings a great attitude to the field. You can always see her cheering on her fellow teammates in the dugout. With Carolynn having a busy schedule, she makes time for her family. She has two younger brothers, Nicki Har-


By Darby Sanchez Staff Writer As a Rosary senior Carolynn Terry has participated in Rosary’s water polo and softball teams. While playing sports, she also maintained a job at the Honda center, selling merchandise for the Anaheim Ducks. Along with sports and work, she also manages to keep her grades up and figure out her future. Carolynn is planning on attending Northern Arizona with her fellow Rosary senior and best friend Shannon Slyker. Both Rosary seniors are happy to continue their friendship together in college. Carolynn Terry said, “It’s exciting that I get to go away to college with one of my best friends. We get to experience something life changing together and I know that we will always be there for each other.” Along with being a good friend, Carolynn is not scared to try something

Carolynn Terry with her best friends, Shannon Slyker (left) and Darby Sanchez (right).

ris and Servite Junior Russell Terry, for whom she tries to set a good example. She also has great devoted parents who support her in everything she does. Along with great parents and brothers, her extended family is always there for her. They gather every Monday for family dinners at her grandma’s house to catch up on their daily lives. Carolynn Terry is more than just a Rosary student. She’s a water polo player, softball player, sister, daughter, employee, strong Catholic, and one of my good friends. As her life continues on, she will become successful in whatever she chooses to do.






Spring Sports Photo Essay

Freshman Megan Irving and junior Katie Swinnerton battle it out at Yorba Linda High School against the Mustangs.



Sophomore Kaityln Masterson races in the heat against Mater Dei.

The lacrosse team rallies together for a pep talk.



Rachel Merkel (’14), Lauren Wesseln (’13), Coach Tony Sanchez, Rachel Pauu (’14), Camilla Agular (’13), and Kristen Lawhead (’15) pose for a photo.

Sophomore Lizzie Louwers strides to reach the finish line against JSerra.

Senior Caitie Barber cheers on her team as they fight to defeat Marina High School.



Rosary girls begin their race with a bang against Katella High.

Chelsea Gonzales, junior, makes it look easy catching a pop up as shortstop.





The Hunger Games Arrive

Sophomores Alyssa Santos and Nicole Inks wait in anticipation for the premiere while wearing jackets they designed themselves.

to Terabithia and Journey to the Center of the Earth, as Peeta Mellark, Katniss’s fellow tribute. The rest of the star-studded cast includes Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson, and many more amazing actors. Some Rosary girls have been fans of the books since the first one came out in 2008. The freshman class became fans after having them assigned as summer reading. However, many jumped on the bandwagon and read the books out of excitement for the movie, which came out on March 23, a perfect day considering there was no school. Students like Talia Farias ’12 have been counting down

for months now. She has reread the whole series multiple times in preparation for the highly anticipated movie. Any questions on the book or movie? Talia is the girl to ask. Paige Catton ’12 is another one of these die-hard Hunger Games fans. She also had been counting down for months to be seated at midnight in a theatre on March 23. Just like her obsession with Harry Potter, Paige has bought all merchandise possible for the new franchise and can talk about it for hours and hours. She has posted anything and everything she knows all over Facebook. Everyone had their tickets and were prepared to wait hours in line for the two hour



By Maddy Soria Staff Writer Move over, Harry Potter and Twilight. The Hunger Games has finally hit the Rosary campus. Another bookmade-movie has all the Royals going crazy. The novel is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Katniss who competes as a tribute in the Hunger Games, a fight to the death between twenty four teens in an arena on live television. Playing the lead role of Katniss Everdeen is Jennifer Lawrence. Liam Hemsworth of The Last Song is playing her best friend, Gale. Also starring in the movie is Josh Hutcherson, best known for Bridge

and twenty-two minute movie. Peeps Carrasco-Burge ’12 went above and beyond by spending the night in a tent at the La Habra movie theatre the day before people started lining up. Others simply planned to go after school or later in the day after they took a long nap or met up with their friends for the premiere. Some didn’t even plan to go to the midnight premiere. No matter what time girls got there or what day, everyone will be asking the same thing, “Did the movie live up to its expectations?” Given that the movie has made hundreds of milions of dollars the answer is yes!




Teacher Spotlight Teachers Speak out on Easter Break

Rosary teachers give their thoughts on Easter Break. By Kaity Daly and Nicole Hopp Staff Writers What are your plans for Easter Break? Kearns: Work, work, and more work; maybe a little golf too. Barclay: Powers and I are going to be crashing a lot of Frat parties. So we’re coordinating a plan to crash as many frat parties as possible. He knows some people; I know some people. Reinbold: I’ll be working a lot. It is a busy time at the studio: families get together for family portraits. What is your favorite part of Easter Break? Barclay: Lifetime movie marathons. Golcher: The service. I like the service about the Resurrection.

Reinbold: Easter morning! It’s fun. It’s more of a true holiday than Christmas. What is your greatest memory of Easter? Barclay: Well, when I actually assaulted the Easter bunny while I was trying to get a picture. Nunes: When my family hid the eggs a bit too well and we found them weeks later. Golcher: I’m a war baby and we didn’t have chocolate and my Aunty Maud got us some chocolate. She could get us anything. Have you ever met the Easter Bunny? Kearns: Of course! Many times! Haven’t you? Golcher: No, because he doesn’t live in England. But my husband has because his family is German. Germany

has the Easter Bunny. Reinbold: No, I never have. But I am still waiting. What did you give up for Lent and were you looking forward to getting it back? Barclay: Going above and beyond. No! Golcher: I had been TRYING to give up chocolate. But I told myself that God accepts me as being humble and loves me. Reinbold: I gave up all sweets and swearing. Did you have special plans for Easter Day? Kearns: I went to Mass and celebrating with my extended family. It was the first Easter without my mom. Barclay: Hit up Bagel Me and hung with the fam.

Golcher: We generally go to communion. And my daughter from Placentia came over. What does Easter mean to you? Kearns: Faith. Family. Friends. Nunes: If Christ has risen, there’s hope. There is hope in life. So Easter serves as a symbol of hope. Reinbold: Renewal! Start over! Easter is a fresh start! What’s your favorite Easter candy? Nunes: The big chocolate eggs with presents inside. Golcher: Cadbury’s cream-filled eggs. Reinbold: Dark chocolate eggs with almonds.




Seussical the Musical: Tri-School Edition

By Milan Aguilera Staff Writer Our Tri-School students are working hard and preparing themselves for their newest play at Servite High School from May 3-6. It is very fortunate that Servite, Rosary, and Connelly get to come together and per-

form. Seussical the Musical is going to be a hit; with a huge cast and many talented people, the crowd is going to love it. Our very own senior, Marione Tamase, is starring as the baby kangaroo, which fits her perfectly. Tickets are now on sale for all non-

musical lovers and musical lovers to take advantage of. Seussical the Musical, by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, is based on the books of Dr. Seuss. It debuted on broadway in 2000. This play has been performed and heard to be a great show. The cast of the

play have had two US tours and one UK tour. The Tri-School members are ready to give their best effort and do just as if they were performing for Broadway. Even if you are not one to go see all the plays Tri-School hosts at Servite, this is a must. Everyone, come out to see Seussical - we only grew up on Dr. Seuss. Senior Kaylin Fleming says, “I can’t wait for this musical. All my close friends and I are going. We always make a girls’ night out of these plays!” A very talented sophomore, Mackie Swoger, will be starring as Cindy Lou Who. Cindy Lou Who is the famous young character we saw in The Grinch. If you have seen the movie The Grinch you can realize how amazing Cindy Lou acts and after seeing this year’s Red choral captain Mackie, we can all agree she is ready to take on such a tough role. Nothing is better than having such a strong experienced cast than this one. The outcome of this show will be one to be proud of.

By Emily Zapata Staff Writer From football games to competitions, the Rosary Cheer team has been on fire! Led by captains Maddy Soria and Megan Shanholtzer, the team has been perfecting all their skills. From routines to sideline cheers to tumbling at Pace three times a week, it’s been non-stop work for these cheerleaders. “We train hard at every practice so that we can perform to the best of our ability every time,” says junior Dani Davila. All this hard work has certainly paid off; they placed first place in three competitions and second in another. “We were so excited that all our hard work had paid off,” says Dani. Varsity showed off their skills at the spring rally and did a great job performing their competition routine. With great timing, great execution and fabulous stunting the team was nothing less than entertaining. On March 31st, Varsity and JV Cheer geared up to compete at USA Nationals, a three-day competition at the Anaheim Convention Center. Both teams made it into the finals. Varsity placed third against twenty-two


Cheer Ends With a Win

The cheer team smiles big after a successful competiton. other teams, “I was so happy that we were finally top three in the nation. I love my team and I can’t wait to improve and be even better next year.” said junior Meghan Farrell. Junior Varsity has also had a great cheer season. Led by captain Ali Colvin they have worked hard to compete with

the best of the best. “This year we had a really great cheer season. We started out rough but we passed our expectations. I’m so proud of all the girls. I had an amazing time with the whole team this year,” says Ali. Placing first in two competitions, King of the Bleachers and Best of the West, they also placed

sixth out of twenty other teams at USA Nationals this month. The Royal Cheer Team has impressed us each and every time they perform with all their improvement. We can only wait and see what they have in store for us next year. Keep bringing that spirit, girls!




Ask Peeps

By Miranda “Peeps” Burge Photo Editor Everyone struggles and strives for excellence; Rosary girls are no exception. Even we need some extra guidance from time to time: a leading hand, a light in the dark, a beacon on the shoreline. On such an occasion I, Peeps Burge, am proud to be such an inspiration for you. Any wisdom I impart is gathered from the amazing support system and role models in my life. By utilizing the many resources I have been given in my life and my heartfelt opinion, I hope to help all the holistic women of Rosary who write to me. So any time you run into a moral dilemma, please ask Peeps. Dear Peeps, I have a serious dilemma! One of my close friends (let’s call her “Swiper”) stole another friend’s (let’s call her “Boots”) wallet. I have known Swiper my whole life and we have always been friends, so when it happened she asked me to promise her I wouldn’t say anything. Not wanting to ruin the friendship, I agreed. However,

now I feel really bad for Boots. I may not have known her long but she is very nice, and no one should steal! Every day I dread seeing the two of them and not doing anything, but is it too late to fix? What should I do? Sincerely, Dreadful Dora Dear Dreadful Dora, That is certainly a very precarious predicament. It seems you are stuck between a rock and a hard place here. You want to do what is right but you don’t want to lose a dear friend in the process. Choosing between being honest and keeping your friend seems like a really tough decision, but what I suggest you do may seem harder. So let’s call out our good friend, The Map, who knows the way. There are three things you must do to reach your destination, Dora. First, you must tell Swiper how you feel and that she should return the wallet and money to Boots. You have to do this in order to help Swiper. She has to understand that what she did was wrong and that it also caused

you a lot of turmoil and discomfort. This way Swiper can learn from her mistakes and make better decisions in the future. Next, you must go to Boots—whether Swiper agreed with you or not—tell her what happened, including your role in the theft. Even if Swiper hasn’t come to the conclusion yet, it isn’t right to just let someone steal and not do anything about it. It’s your responsibility too; standing by is just as bad as participating. Then, lastly, you should bring the two together in a peace-

ful way in a safe setting. This allows the two girls to work through it themselves. Also being there as a mediator will keep the two from getting out of hand. If things don’t get resolved you should definitely make an appointment with the personal counselor and the conflict managers. It’s not always easy doing the right thing but it’s the tough patches like these that help us find out who we are and how to grow. Love, Peeps Thanks for reading, and the next time you are troubled, just think “W.W.P.D.?” and if you need to, please - ask Peeps. You can ask Peeps through e-mail at She will reply speedily and your question may be published in the paper! (Your name will not be published.)


By Peter Fiorentino The Spokesman Editor-in-Chief On a Wednesday morning during the second period of the day, Priory elections took place for the 2012-2013 school year. Priory Leadership Committee members went class to class distributing ballots that contained 12 names, with instructions to vote for their first, second, and third choice for Prior General. Upon receiving the ballot, many students asked the same question: Who are these people? Freshman JT Cook was among the bewildered. “I can honestly say I’ve only heard one or two of these names,” he said. Last week, two Spokesman writers went to interview Associate Director of Formation and Director of Leadership Development Chris Weir with an intent to walk away with a list of candidates on the ballot. The staff members wanted to post bios on The Spokesman website of their qualifications and involvement in school activities in order to provide the students with an opportunity to get to know the candidates better before the election. The reporters were told that the names of the candidates would not be released until the day of the election. This poses a huge problem for a valid democratic

election, as many of the underclassmen had never seen or heard of anybody on the list. When asked for a written outline of the priory election process, Mr. Weir stated that such a document did not exist. Without a documented election protocol in place, problems such as ties, miscounted ballots, or maintaining complete disclosure and the integrity of the election process could occur. On the Servite priory website, it says, “The fundamental weakness of most student leadership development programs is their lack of opportunity for real leadership experience. Real leadership only exists when there is a significant level of tangible responsibility and direct accountability for other people.” Well, how can the freshman and sophomore stu-

dents be accountable for the leaders of their school if they have no idea who the leaders are? How are the current members of the PLC responsible and accountable during the election if the election protocol is not disclosed and the student body does not know the qualifications or experience of the candidates? Not only is this a violation of the goal of the PLC, but also of a basic democratic election. “In congressional and state elections, registered voters are sent a brochure with a brief summary of each candidate and their viewpoints on issues,” said government teacher Zachary Reeder. “Voters are first sent a general brochure, but then when specific issues and propositions come out, a more detailed brochure is sent out.” Sophomore Greg Jenn be-

lieves that some changes need to be made. “Even if it’s a speech, or a short segment on Servite TV, we the students need to capture how [the candidates] carry themselves, present themselves, and their views on the Priory system.” If the priory system is worried about speeches not being taken seriously, then there might be a more realistic option. If each candidate were to release a statement that listed their past leadership experience, activities they are currently involved in on campus, and a short summary of their plans for next year if elected, it would provide the student body with enough knowledge to vote appropriately. It might even be a good idea to use a priory period to learn how to be an educated voter by researching issues and candidates. If it was done this way, the election would become more than a popularity contest, and would promote electing virtuous leaders in the PLC. “My biggest concern is for student buy-in. If the students believe in the leaders that are elected, then they will support it,” said Mr. John Ebbe, a history teacher at Servite.




Mystery Student

Can you guess who it is?



By Kristen Briggs Staff Writer This Royal is a senior wolf. You may have seen her come to school with aloe vera juice in hand, running, late to class. Both her mom and dad are cops, so she is a well-disciplined young girl. However, she is not afraid to voice her opinion. Senior Kelly Woo says, “She is hilarious because she is so blunt and is not afraid to say what is on her mind.” Running track since freshman year, she has turned into a super star. She has recently broken the 4 x 100 record with fellow teammates. Scarlett Aiello, one of the other record breakers, says, “She is a great captain and she makes track a lot of fun; it helps us do better!” She also sprints the 400m race, which is one lap around the track. She dedicated herself to summer training with speed training company Velocity and going to the gym religiously. Her hard work and dedication have paid off and she is currently captain of the track team. Shot putter Lauren Wesseln says, “Even though I do a field event and she does sprints, she welcomed me very openly during preseason. She is a great person and I’m so happy I met her.” In her free time she loves playing with her cat and listening to dubstep. Her favorite color is maroon and she loves going to the beach. You can find her getting sushi with friends or family at Fish in a Bottle, her favorite restaurant. She loves doing everything and anything with her friends and affiliates herself with the group “$haka $haka Gamma.” She loves shopping and fashion. Some people would classify her as a hipster. Her good spirits and need for adventure make any time spent with her a good one. Senior Angela Colunga says that “you


Celebrity Sightings By Melissa Padriezas Staff Writer and Mary Kate Domino Layout Editor

Mr. Winslow spotted actors William H. Macy (The Lincoln Lawyer, ER, Wild Hogs, etc.) and Colin Farrell (Fright Night, Horrible Bosses, etc.) in Santa Monica recently.

Michealla Pettiniccho, senior, and her boyfriend sat in front of Adam Sandler, actor (Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer), and his family on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Park in Anaheim.

Rosary Varsity and JV Dance Team met actress and dancer Heather Morris from Glee at their USA Nationals competition at the Anaheim Convention Center. This senior loves going to the beach and spending time with her friends. are guaranteed a good time when hanging out with her because of her spunky nature.” If you are able to figure out who this mystery student is, look out for her in this year’s track season. She is already

breaking records and plans on breaking many more! There is no excuse to miss out because majority of this season’s meets are at Servite High School.

Mystery Student Answer: Yeltihw Elocin

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