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March  13,  2013


A new heart,

  Established  1901

a new beginning

Autumn  Markos  was  born  with  two  heart   defects  and  has  undergone  seven  surgeries,   LQFOXGLQJKHDUWWUDQVSODQWLQ¿YHPRQWKV 7KH0DUNRVIDPLO\ZDV¿QDOO\DEOHWRWDNH KHUKRPH¿YHZHHNVDIWHUKHUVXFFHVVIXO heart  transplant  on  Feb.  3.

Autumn’s Army “Once  a  Warhawk,  always  a  Warhawk.â€?   This  is  the  philosophy  head  coach  Bren-­ da  Volk  said  the  UW-­Whitewater  softball   program  stands  by. It’s  what  made  Volk  reach  out  to  Lind-­ VD\ 0DUNRV D IRUPHU RXWÂżHOGHU IRU WKH Warhawks   softball   team,   after   hearing   about  her  daughter  Autumn’s  heart  com-­ plications. The  softball  team  will  be  holding  mul-­ tiple  fundraisers  for  the  Markos  family  to   help   with   medical   expenses.   Today,   the   team  will  be  holding  a  fundraiser  at  Jes-­ sica’s  Family  Restaurant  in  Whitewater.

By Andrea Behling Editor  In  Chief

UW-­Whitewater  alumna  Lindsay  Markos  would   go   to   church   every   Sunday  with  a  beeper  in   her  lap,  praying  it  would   go  off. Markos   knew   that   when  it  did,  it  meant  the   Herma   Heart   Center   of   Children’s   Hospital   in   Wisconsin   had   found   a   compatible   heart   for   her   four-­month-­old   daugh-­ ter,   Autumn,   who   had   two   congenital   heart   de-­ fects. Lindsay   said   it   would   be   very   meaningful   for   the   beeper  to  go  off  on  a  Sunday. “So   many   important   things   have   happened   in   our  lives  on  a  Sunday,â€?  Lindsay  said. It  was  on  a  Sunday  when  Markos  and  her  hus-­ EDQG$ODQKDGWKHLUÂżUVWFKLOG$OH[LV,WZDVDOVR on  a  Sunday  when  their  second  child,  Aiden,  was   born. And  when  the  beeper  went  off  at  11:42  a.m.  on   Feb.   3,   2013,   marking   a   new   beginning   for   Au-­ tumn,  it  was  a  Sunday. “We  just  knew  that  everything  was  going  to  be   OK,â€?  Lindsay  said.


Autumn’s  Army                                                softball  fundraiser


Jessica’s  Family                                                      Restaurant                                                      140  W.  Main  St.


Today  from  6  a.m.                                                to  9  p.m.


10  percent  of  all                                      sales  will  be  donated                                      to  the  family The   team   will   also   be   selling   T-­shirts   DVVHHQEHORZ DQGEUDFHOHWVWREHQH¿W the   Markos   family.   Contact   Brenda   Volk   at   to   order   a   T-­shirt   or   bracelet.

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Dateline Page 2 Here Royal Purple

Heart 7KHÂżJKW Lindsay  and  Alan  found  out  26   weeks  into  their  pregnancy  that  Au-­ tumn’s  heart  wasn’t  developing  cor-­ rectly,  and  she  might  not  even  make   it  to  delivery. “That   was   probably   the   most   overwhelming   news,   just   hearing   there’s   a   40   percent   chance   she   wasn’t   going   to   make   it   to   deliv-­ ery,â€?  Lindsay  said. Doctors   said   Autumn’s   initial   abnormality   was   Epstein’s   Anom-­ ally  and  Pulmonary  Atresia,  which   Stuart   Berger,   medical   director   at   the  Children’s  Hospital  told  WISN   Channel   12   is   basically   a   problem   with  the  right  side  of  the  heart. Despite   the   odds,  Autumn   was   ERUQDWZHHNVRQ2FW+HUÂżUVW surgery   was   just   eight   days   later.   The  months  that  followed  would  be   ÂżOOHGZLWKORQJGD\VWHDUIXOQLJKWV and  many  uncertainties  at  the  Chil-­ dren’s  Hospital  for  the  Markos  fam-­ ily. “We  just  tried  to  stay  as  positive   as  we  could  and  take  everything  day   by  day,â€?  Lindsay  said.   Lindsay   and  Alan   wouldn’t   be   able   to   hold   their   newborn   child   for   days   at   a   time,   partly   because   her  chest  had  to  be  left  open  due  to   swelling.   A   clotting   disorder   was   one   complication   that   made   many   of  Autumn’s  initial  surgeries  unsuc-­ cessful.   After  it  was  decided  she  would   need   a   new   heart,   Autumn   was   moved  to  the  top  of  the  heart  trans-­ plant  list. For   two   days   short   of   three   months,   Lindsay   and   Alan   carried  

2 February 6, 2013

Continued  from  page  1 around   a   beeper   wherever   they   ZHQW ZDLWLQJ WR EH QRWLÂżHG RI D compatible  heart.  When  the  beeper   went  off,  the  family  hoped  this  sev-­ enth  procedure  would  be  Autumn’s   ODVW EHIRUH WKH\ FRXOG ÂżQDOO\ WDNH her  home. $QHZKHDUW Autumn’s  transplant  took  eight   hours   and   went   very   smoothly   Lindsay   said.   The   Markos   family   was  able  to  take  Autumn  home  for   WKH ÂżUVW WLPH ÂżYH ZHHNV DIWHU KHU transplant. “Being   able   to   wake   up   in   the   morning  to  all  three  of  [our  kids]  is   a  blessing,â€?  Lindsay  said. At  home,  Autumn    is  doing  well,   Lindsay   said.   Born   at   5   pounds,   7   and  a  half  ounces,  Autumn  is  now   SRXQGVDWÂżYHPRQWKV “The   transplant   team   kept   tell-­ ing  us,  ‘She’s  a  normal  baby  now,   you  need  to  treat  her  like  a  normal   baby,’â€?  Lindsay  said. Normality  is  close  for  Autumn,   who  is  currently  on  16  medications   so  she  does  not  reject  her  new  heart.   Lindsay   said   that   after   a   year,   the   goal   is   for  Autumn   to   only   be   on   three  of  four  medications. Looking   back   at   Autumn’s   struggle,  Lindsay  said  she  is  grate-­ ful  for  the  the  advancements  made   LQ WKH PHGLFDO ÂżHOG WKDW KHOSHG save   her   daughter’s   life.   Lindsay   was  told  that  20  years  ago,  Autumn   probably   wouldn’t   have   made   it   with  her  heart  defects. “We   always   knew   how   lucky   we   were,â€?   Lindsay   said.   “It   just   shows   how   severe   her   condition  

was.â€? There  have  only  been  eight  cas-­ es  similar  to  Autumn’s  in  the  Type   D  category.  Autumn’s  old  heart  was   taken  to  a  medical  college  to  further   research  her  condition. “It’s  good  to  know  that  we  were   kind   of   able   to   help   with   that,â€?   Lindsay  said. Warhawk  family After   learning   of   the   Markos   family’s  situation,  UW-­Whitewater   softball   head   coach   Brenda   Volk   said  she  knew  she  had  to  reach  out.   Volk   said   she   considers   Lindsay,   ZKRZDVDQRXWÂżHOGHURQWKHVRIW ball  team  from  2005  to  2006,  a  life-­ time  Warhawk. “Once   a   Warhawk,   always   a   warhawk,â€?  Volk  said.  “She  was  an   important   part   of   this   team   and   I   wanted   her   to   feel   that   support   of   the  family  that  we  try  to  create  here   at  UW-­Whitewater.â€? The  team  is  currently  fundrais-­ Photo Submitted ing  for  the  family  by  holding  a  ben-­ HÂżWDWDORFDOUHVWDXUDQWDQGVHOOLQJ The Markos family, from left to right, Alexis, 4, Autumn, 5 months, Alan, Lindsay T-­shirts  and  bracelets.  Senior  Sarah   and Aiden, 2, pose for a family Christmas picture at the Children’s Hospital. Fisher,   who   is   currently   on   the   softball  team  and  is  also  Lindsay’s   cousin,  said  the  efforts  the  team  has   made  to  help  a  member  of  her  fam-­ ily  is  heart-­warming. Lindsay   said   she   can’t   explain   how   thankful   the   family   is   for   the   support. “Just   knowing   that   we   have   the  support  of  Whitewater,  it  really   means  a  lot,â€?  Lindsay  said.  “We  are   very,  very  grateful.â€?

Photo Submitted

(PKLUSLM[HUK(SL_PZYPNO[^LYLĂ„UHSS`HISL[VIYPUNSP[[SLZPZ[LY(\[\TU home after her successful heart transplant.

Photo Submitted

Lindsay Marko’s cousin, Sarah Fisher, holds Autumn in the hospital. Fisher is a senior at UW-Whitewater and also a member of the Warhawks softball team. She currently is helping fundraise for the family.

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March 13, 2013  
March 13, 2013  

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