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Calendar of Events

February Birthdays 1 Allison Williams

1First Sunday Fellowship, Malvern, AR 1 Rose Bowl @ LRAFB 8 Rose City Wear Red

6 Ekesha Williams, Moriah Hill 7 Tiffany Potter 10 Jackie Dorn

14 Valentine’s Day

11 Sharon Parker, Angel Eskew, Krystal Rowe

15 Black History Program

12 Charlene Warren-Crew

22 Everybody in Church, Casual Sunday

15 Courtney Barnes (continued on page 2)

22 Go Red Sunday 22 Softball Meet and Greet

Sisters Keeping Sisters


Volume 1, Issue 2



GETTING TO KNOW…. Jacqueline Dorn

Dear Sisters, It fills my heart to see my sisters forming bonds of love and friendship. I am looking forward to the months ahead and the various activities we can do to not only assist one another but our community. There are so many talents, gifts, and an abundance of knowledge within our sisterhood that we have to share. This is not a women’s ministry of me but Sisters Keeping Sisters is about all of us. Let’s not allow our blessings to be wasted on ourselves but shared to grow and become blessings to others. I want to thank you for coming out to fellowship. You ladies not only showed up but you showed out. The food was great but the atmosphere was greater. It is never too late to reach out and make connections and impact the lives we have been blessed to come into contact with. Like everything else we have to evolve and adapt to change in order to grow. Everywhere we look we see growth and we have to learn to embrace the opportunities it gives us. We are in a position that to improve what we have but together. Allison did a wonderful job of embodying everything we are and should be with Sisters Keeping Sisters. SKS speaks of uplifting, encouraging, understanding, loving, praying, forgiving, teaching, and learning. Everything we should be to grow individually and collectively in our spiritual walk.

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Born and raised? North Little Rock Siblings? 3 sisters and 4 brothers School/Degree? UALR Nursing Jobs? Retired RN Love story (how did you meet spouse)?We met on my job 6. When/ Where Married? 5/27/08 7. Children? 3 kids and 7 grandchildren 8. Hobbies? Movies, playing cards & traveling 9. Favorite food? Fried chicken 10. Favorite activity? Encouragement 11. Calling? Encouragement 12. Interesting info? Soft on the inside with a different sense of humor. Enjoy people trying to figure me out, if I’m being serious or acting silly

SKS February newsletter  

Sisters Keeping Sisters Rose City's Women's Ministry

SKS February newsletter  

Sisters Keeping Sisters Rose City's Women's Ministry