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April 16, 2018 (306) 463-6383 The views or opinions expressed in The Weekly Bean are not necessarily those of the publisher.

As I sat at a dinner theatre Friday evening the first of many text messages came in, saying that the Humboldt Broncos’ bus had been in an accident on the way to a playoff game in Nipawin.. The text message from a hockey friend simply said “It’s bad”, another radio friend texted saying “I’m in shock” In 2018 bad news travels fast. We’ve all heard that hockey is a tight-knit community. Saskatchewan is a tight-knit community. So throw them both together and you’ve got a tragedy that seemingly has affected everyone in this province. Colossal devastation. Finding out more and more details over the weekend only made me feel worse. It was a disaster beyond my worst nightmare. As officials said during Saturday’s news conference at the Uniplex, “First Responders came upon things they’ll never be able to forget.” I didn’t know those Humboldt Broncos players personally, but I knew them. I have played hockey and for the last, close to 20 years I have managed hockey and have spent what feels like more than half my life on a bus going somewhere. So Junior hockey players are all the same and they’re my favourite people on the planet. Positive, happy, and full of life. Until they’re not. And what some of those players went through Friday night can’t be put into words. I ask what is there to be grateful for? I should “thank our lucky stars” for what? Being grateful today seems selfish while families are grieving the loss of their sons, fathers, husbands, brothers, boyfriends and friends. They are NEVER coming home again. What are the odds of two vehicles of that size, travelling at that rate of speed, colliding at that split second in conditions that are clear as a bell? It almost seems pre-determined by some twist of fate, but then I’m ashamed for even thinking as much. When I woke up Saturday morning, it seemed that the bright sun had indeed come up and it was confirmation that the world isn’t going to stop turning. It just stopped for these 15 people. We will heal - together – and it will happen one day at a time. Greg Buchanan ~ For The Weekly Bean


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Tips for preventing spring flooding •

Check eavestroughs and downspouts to make sure they are not blocked and that water can flow.

Extend eavestroughs and downspouts at least 6 feet from your basement walls. Also ensure that the water will not be draining onto your neighbour’s property.

If the lot grading around your house slopes in towards the foundation, take the time to clear the snow away from your house. This will reduce some of the snow melt from draining towards your basement walls.

If you have been prone to basement flooding in the past, consider obtaining and installing a backup sump pump.

Check your sump pump to ensure that it is functioning and consider scheduling a maintenance check if you have concerns about the working condition.

Take a look around your basement and consider relocating or protecting items that are irreplaceable. Storage in plastic tubs, or relocation to a drier part of the house might be in order. For all Town infor mation,


Town office hours 8:30am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday | 106 5th Ave E | 306.463.2675

SIX SIGNS YOU HAVE A REALLY BAD COLD You look in the mirror and wonder; What’s Keith Richard’s doing here? You get a thank you note from the president of KLEENEX Your eyelashes ache You’ve taken to frying bacon on your forehead The label on your favorite cold medicine read “This won’t help at all you poor wretch.”

STOP AND SMELL THE SOFTENER I had spent the late winter months waiting impatiently for signs of spring. When the first warm, sunny Saturday arrived, I eagerly unlocked the storm door and stepped onto our patio deck. I was pleased by the sight of green sprouts and the sounds of singing birds. More than anything else, I delighted in the sweet aroma of the spring air. Knocking on the kitchen window, I beckoned to my wife to join me in enjoying the pleasures of the season. She quietly brought me back to earth when she reminded me that I was standing over the dryer vent, inhaling the scent of fabric softener.

KITCHEN SIGNS 1. Kitchen closed – – this chick has had it! 2. Martha Stewart doesn’t live here!! 3. I’m creative; you can’t expect me to be neat too! 4. So, this isn’t Home Sweet Home… Adjust! 5. Ring Bell for Maid Service…If no answer Do it yourself! 6. I clean house every other day…. Today is the other day! 7. If you write in the dust, please don’t date it! 8. I would cook dinner, but I can’t find the can opener! 9. My house was clean last week, too bad you missed it! 10. A clean kitchen is the sign of a wasted life.

Dr. Whitaker claims that PORBIOTICS can help to reduce anxiety.

Ever Notice ? …that …that …that …that

when people say “I want to share something with you,” it’s never money? the harder it is to read a menu. The higher the prices on it are? in the movies, when somebody buys something, they never wait for their change? “price” and “worth” mean the same thing, but “priceless” and “worthless” are opposites?

I was trying to discuss plans for the weekend with my husband and said what I wanted to see An Ideal Husband. Wearily he put down his newspaper “I’m sure you do dear,” he said “But, let’s face it, you’re stuck with me.”

I exercised once, but found I was allergic to it. My skin flushed and my heart raced. I got sweaty and short of breath. Very dangerous. I bought one of those tapes to teach you Spanish in your sleep. During the night, the tape skipped. Now I can only stutter in Spanish.

Co-op Kid’s Club Birthdays of the Week Macy Becker, Daniel deConinck Smith, Rihanna Gibson, Austin Guidinger, Kinley Hidebrandt, Jonathon Kleinsasser, Jacob T. Kleinsasser, Tom T. Kleinsasser, Devin R. Mandel, Rihanna McKenzie, Sadie McKnight, Willow Nikiwiski, Grayson Nunweiler, Jazmin Ratz, Sabrina Sander, Kaycee Steinkey, Isabelle Stimson, Jonathon Wieler, Adam Wurz

Puzzle #130


PRAIRIE CROCUS QUILT GUILD meets 2nd Tues each month at 7PM at the Senior Hall. New people welcome. KINDERSLEY LIBRARY is open Tues. 10-5, Wed. 1-5,7-9, Thurs.1-9, Fri. 1-5, Sat.. 1-5. STORYTIME at the Kindersley Library for children age 2-5 on Tues 10:30 -11:15.Call 306-463-4141 for more details. KINDERSLEY NEW LIFE COMMUNTY CHURCH -MOM’S & TOT’S 10:00 am. New life Community Church, Kindersley. Every Wednesday from 10 am-12pm. KINDERSLEY SENIORS ACTIVITIES at the Seniors Hall:Cards and games every Tuesday at 1.30 p.m. Floor curling every Thursday at 2 p.m.Lunch served.We are looking for more participants. KINDERSLEY SENIORS CATERED SUPPER is held in the Seniors Hall every fourth Friday from September to June at 6 p.m,. Tickets are $20.00 We have entertainment. Tickets are to be purchased in advance from 2 – 4 Tuesday or Thursday the week of the supper. KCS CLASS OF 2018 - BOTTLE DRIVE FUNDRAISER Wednesday April 25, 2018. Starting at 6:00pm. If you have bottles/milk jugs/juice boxes/cans that you would like to donate before these dates please call Val at (306)460-9305 or Jolene at (306)430-9974 and we will be happy to arrange for our grads to collect them.**All donations go to Grad 2018 Expenses** WESTBERRY SCC AGM on Tuesday, April 24, 7:00 pm at the Westberry Library. Call 306-463-2433 for more info. UMPIRE LEVEL 1 CLINIC on April 21st. Registration @ 8:30 start time @9:00 at the West Central Events Center New Rink upstairs boardroom. Cost of Clinic: $30.00_(this fee will be reimbursed by KMB, if you umpire Minor Ball in the town of Kindersley). Bring: pen and note paper. Must be a minimum of 12 years of age. For more information on this clinic, please email our Umpire Coordinator at umpirecoordinator@ UMPIRE LEVEL 2 CLINIC on April 21. Registration @ 8:30 start time @9:00 at Kindersley Composite School. Cost of Clinic: $30.00_(this fee will be reimbursed by KMB, if you umpire Minor Ball in the town of Kindersley). Bring: pen and note paper. Must have umped at level 1 for 2 years before being eligible for level 2. For more information on this clinic, please email our Umpire Coordinator at HERITAGE MANOR AUXILIARY SPRING TEA AND BAKE SALE: Wednesday, April 18 from 2-4 pm at Heritage Manor.

A.A. MEETINGS Brock ~ Tues. 8PM at the Vesper Club. Eston ~ Wed. 8PM at 318 Main Street. Kindersley ~ Mon. 8PM at the Legion Hall (118, 2nd Ave East) ~ Thurs. 8PM Lost & Found (303, 5th St, West) ~ Fri. 8PM at the Lutheran Church (807, 3rd St. West) Leader ~ Tues. 8PM at the United Church (1st Street West) Kindersley N.A. Meetings Wed. 8PM at the United Church (502 Main St) PARKINSON SUPPORT GROUP meets the 2nd Wed. of the month at 2 p.m. In the Kindersley Hospital. For more info please call Nancy at 306-463-4514. KINDERSLEY BRAIN INJURY WALKING GROUP has moved our walk to Thursdays at 6PM at the WCEC track. All survivors, family, caregivers and friends are welcome. Coffee afterwards. TOPS - Take off pounds sensibly. Get the help you need to shed those unwanted pounds. You will receive friendships, encouragement and leadership. Come check out our local chapter on Mondays at 6:30pm at the Seniors Centre 115 3rd Ave East. Everyone welcome. Bring a friend. SOFTBALL UMPIRE CLINIC on April 22. Registration at 9:30am. Start time 10am at the Unity High School. Cost of Clinic:Level 1 $70, Level 2 $80, plus $5 for workbook. If you have a rule book from last year it is good for this year. If not $12. Mileage will be paid to all softball umps from Kindersley after a Kindersley softball game has been umped. Min. 12 yrs old. Register with For more information on this clinic, please email our Umpire Coordinator at KINDERSLEY SCREEN ARTS along with TIFF, Presents “Lady Bird”, Sat, April 28th, 4pm Sunset Theatre. $10 at the door – must be 19+ to attend. TRADE SHOW In the Kindersley Mall on May 5, 10am - 4pm. Lots of deals, Lunch served. Win door prizes. Interested in a table message or text Holly at 306-480-8088.

PHILOSOPHY OF HOUSECLEANING I don’t do windows because ... I love birds and don’t want one to run into a clean window and get hurt. I don’t wax floors because ... I am terrified a guest will slip and get hurt then I’ll feel terrible. I don’t mind the dust bunnies because ... They are very good company, I have named most of them, and they agree with everything I say. I don’t disturb cobwebs because… I want every creature to have a home of their own. I don’t Spring Clean because ... I love all the seasons and don’t want the others to get jealous. I don’t pull weeds in the garden because… I don’t want to get in God’s way, HE is an excellent designer! I don’t put things away because. .. My husband will never be able to find them again. I don’t do gourmet meals when I entertain because. … I don’t want my guests to stress out over what to make when they invite me over for dinner. I don’t iron because ... I choose to believe them when they say “Permanent Press”.

“Thirty ways to shape up for summer. Number one: eat less. Number two: exercise more. Number three: what was I talking about again? I’m so hungry.”

My husband was waterskiing when he fell into the river. As the boat circled to pick him up, he noticed a hunter itting in a duck boat in the reeds. My husband put his hands in the air and joked, “Don’t shoot!” The hunter responded, “Don’t quack.”

When it’s your turn to host a gathering and your guests ask what they can bring, tell them dark socks and low expectations.

Council News Stay connected at

Highlights from the April 9, 2018 Regular Meeting of Council.

At the start of the April 9 Council Meeting, Mayor Rod Perkins invited all in attendance to

observe a moment of silent prayer and reflection for the Humboldt Broncos, their families, the community of Humboldt, and for all those impacted by the tragic bus accident on April 6, 2018. Earlier that day, Mayor Perkins lowered the Kindersley Administration Office flags to halfmast. A book of condolences was also set up at the Administration Office. Members of the public are welcome to sign this book and send written greetings and condolences.

Council directed the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer to enter into an Independent

Contractor Agreement with Square K Electric to provide a maintenance plan for all Town facilities, starting with the WCEC.

Council adopted a revised version of the Procurement and Purchasing Policy, which included

the addition of a ‘Community Project’ definition and clarification related to signatories. The next regular meeting of Council is Monday, April 23, 2018 at 7:00pm. Regular meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, unless otherwise scheduled.

How to Speak witH CounCil

Individuals or groups wishing to make a delegation directly to Council should contact the Corporate Clerk in writing no less than five days prior to Council’s regular meeting date to be included in the meeting agenda.

Mayor Perkins holds regular office hours every Monday afternoon from 1-4 pm. If you wish to make an appointment to speak with the Mayor, call the Kindersley Administration Office at 306-463-2675 or email to book an appointment.

For the full Council agenda and past minutes, visit: Town office hours 8:30am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday 106 5th Ave E Kindersley, SK SOL 1S0 | 306.463.2675

Looking for a Spring Break ‘Instagram worthy’ quote? “Suns out, guns out.” “Spring break? Alpaca my bags!” “Sea the beauty in life.” “Shake your palm palms.” “Don’t let the tide get you down.” “Aloha beaches.” “We shore are going to have a great time!” “Beach please.” “I am one fine-apple.” “Single and ready to flamingle.” “Shell we dance?” “Resting beach face.” “You used to call me on my shell phone.” “Whale you be mine?” “Salt in the air, sand in my hair.”

Members of the month

Kindersley & District Co-operative Ltd CIBC Delta Sierra Contracting Ltd Wiegers Financial & Benefits Pro-Plus Sales & Rentals Ltd Kindersley Bearing (2008) Ltd Bourassa & Associates Rehabilitation Centre Close Hauta Bertoia Blanchette

Would like to introduce our new Bronze Member for 2018 Rocky Mountain Equipment Ltd

Texting acronyms can stump even the best parents: Mom: Your great-aunt just passed away. LOL. Son: Why is that funny? Mom: It’s not funny, David! What do you mean? Son: Mom, LOL means Laughing Out Loud. Mom: I thought it meant Lots of Love. I have to call everyone back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Daughter: I got an A in Chemistry. Mom: WTF! Daughter: Mom, what do you think WTF means? Mom: Well That’s Fantastic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mom: What do IDK, LY & TTYL mean? Son: I don’t know, love you, talk to you later. Mom: OK, I will ask your sister.

“I am driving a Smart car, you know, the very tiny one. But I don’t do it much, because it’s too dangerous. I could get run over by a pedestrian.”


A commercial boasted that its product could help people live pain-free in their golden years. “Am I in my golden years?” my wife, 63, asked. “Not at all,” I assured her. “But you are yellowing fast.”

----------------------------------------------------“I can still remember a time when I knew more than my phone”.

5. Your body needs vitamins and minerals because ___________. A: they give the body energy B: they help carry out metabolic reactions C: they insulate the body’s organs D: they withdraw heat from the body 6. Food passes through the stomach directly by _________. A: the large intestine B: the small intestine C: the heart D: the pancreas 7. About half of your diet should be made up of __________. A: grains and vegetables B: fruits and milk C: milk and cheese D: fats and sugars 8. A mineral that the body needs to work properly is _____________. A: calcium B: silver C: gold D: lead

FOR SALE! S THE BO OX TENT Pop P up tentt that fits in n your truck bo ox. Great for hu unting or back b countrry cam mping

1. A, 2. A, 3. D, 4. D, 5. B, 6. B, 7. A, 8. A

1. A substance needed by the body for growth, energy, repair and maintenance is called a _______________. A: nutrient B: carbohydrate C: calorie D: fatty acid 2. All of the following are nutrients found in food except A : plasma B: proteins C: carbohydrates D: vitamins 3. A diet high in saturated fats can be linked to which of the following? A: kidney failure B: bulimia C: anorexia D: cardiovascular disease 4. Amylases in saliva begin the breakdown of carbohydrates into __________. A: fatty acids B: polypeptides C: amino acids D: simple sugars

Highway 7 Ea ast, Kindersley Ph h 306-463-6511 * 1-877-433-333 37

Ounce by ounce, nutritious food costs 10 times more that junk food. Chicken today contains 266% more fat than it did 40 years ago Coconut water can be used in emergencies as a substitute for blood plasma Honey is the only food that will never rot, it can last 3000 years Cheese is the most stolen food in the world The average person in the US eats 35 tonnes of food in their lifetime Airplane food isn’t very tasty as our sense of smell can decrease 20-50% at high altitudes In the US childhood allergies cost nearly $25 billion a year 49% of adults eat one sandwich a day India has the world’s lowest meat consumption per person

Kindersley April 16  
Kindersley April 16