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WHAT MUSICIANS THINK OF THE ROOST Kris Orlowski - ”This place is beautiful, unreal, and a perfect setup.” Gregory Alan Isakov - ”The Roost is my favorite type of venue to play.” Campfire OK - ”The Roost is truly a blast; really refreshing to play for such an intimate crowd.” Patrick Park - “I think this was my favorite venue on the whole Tour!” Anna Coogan - “What a wonderful show. Really, one of my top favorites.” Polecat - “The Roost delivers one of the best productions on the west coast.” Gabriel Kahane - “The vibe-iest show I’ve ever experienced.” WWW.THEROOSTVENUE.COM

MORE THAN MUSIC The Roost is a 100% community supported music venue. Musicians and artists are hard working, passionate people who give a damn. So do we. We provide listeners with a truly unique experience. This is the only place of its kind on earth. The Roost creates an opportunity for artists to perform in an intimate setting, among friends. We strive to be the most memorable highlight of any musician’s tour. For over four years, The Roost has thrived on a blend of folk/indie/bluegrass/rock genres. We emphasize a nontraditional approach to the music venue experience. Our team challenges conventional thinking about event management as we perfect the art of transforming the venue to quintessentially showcase each artist. Our message is simple, it’s unique, it’s proven, and is shared by many.


ELK & BOAR -MARCH 31, 2012

TODAY The Roost achieved the #1 social media ranking of all DIY music venues in the Northwest (based on Klout Rankings, the standard metric used to determine overall social media effectiveness and reach). The Roost proved its broad appeal by pulling an impressive demographic of engaged followers through social media. While the main age demographic of viewers is 24 - 36, there is a near equal distribution between ages 18 - 24 and demographics above age 36. People of all ages not only followed, but engaged in sharing Roost content through online interaction. As shows were scheduled regularly, social media participation continued to grow over nine months, with our audience expanding from fewer than 1,000 to over 9,000 views per post. 55% Female and 45% Male viewers make up The Roost’s social media participants, who share content throughout 16 countries on four continents.


TOMORROW... The Roost has matured and is taking the next step. We’re eager to partner with a team that’s serious about reshaping the way people experience art and music, and we’re committed to seeing a joint vision fulfilled. After four years of developing our strategy, we believe we’ve created a winning formula for success, founded on community relationships, connectedness to musicians and artists, and a groundswell of dedicated fans.




...TOMORROW What we need: Connection with a larger development hub, a commercial space, and integration with an operating bar (similar to The Roost in style). The Roost doesn’t need to be the development anchor; we are a catalyst business that delivers repeat clients. We’re aiming to grow our venue from current capacity (145) to standing room of up to 300. We build big things in small spaces and we intend to make every square foot count. Working with architectural acoustic consultants, we intend to see that full build out achieves resilient sound quality. Hosting shows at an average of three days per week, we anticipate growth in the first year to reach audiences of over 20,000+. We began small with the intent to not only grow bigger, but to grow better. Why we’ll get there: Our vision is supported by virtually every related industry partner: funders, artists, musicians, farmers, brewers, bar & restaurant owners, bankers, developers, architects, engineers, builders, designers, welders, fabricators, advertising agencies, university faculty, non-profit agencies and elected officials.


In addition, we have established ongoing bill sharing with regional venues in the Pacific Northwest and will continue to strengthen those relationships.

TOGETHER We are a collection of thought leaders who innovate change through music. Our intent is to captivate and intrigue audiences through the art of story telling, and no one can do this better than us. The Roost is a team of highly motivated industry professionals with over 55 years collective experience in fields of talent buying, graphic/digital design, photography, video production, social media and music event management. The ask is simple. The time is now. The Roost is shovel ready and ready to move forward, together.


The Roost Music Venue  

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