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Meet the Brisbane Heat Linc Energy are excited to invite the Chinchilla community to a fun-filled day with the Brisbane Heat, all in the name of charity. On the 9th December – Linc Energy will present a coaching clinic, charity auction and dinner with some representatives of the Brisbane

Heat team, to raise money for a charity in need. So save the date! The details are being finalised now, so watch this space for more information or email


From the editor’s desk Welcome to the October edition of Linc Energy’s newsletter – Linc Up. This newsletter needs your contributions; please remember to email your feedback, ideas and photos to Linc Up is designed as a platform to share both personal and professional success, company news, ideas and much more. Until next time… happy reading!

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” - Francis Bacon

message from The TOP

get your nominations ready! Our rapid growth and success around the globe is attributed to the people within Linc Energy. By celebrating one another’s individual and collective achievements, we inspire and motivate ourselves to even greater success in the future. This year the Linc Energy Annual Employee Awards will be announced and celebrated as part of our company end of year celebrations. We need your help to nominate employees who made a real impact in 2012. You can nominate a manager, team mate or colleague for one or more awards. There are five award categories that will be awarded across two regions (Australia/Europe and the United States).

The categories are: • • • • •

Teamwork award Leadership award Can do/Will do award Outstanding Technical/Operations Contribution Outstanding Corporate Contribution

This year the successful nominees are up for some exciting prizes too, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information. Nominations open 15 October and close on 31 October 2012. Details on how to nominate are coming soon! Carl Fisher General Manager Human Resources


Welcome to Eddie the Emu – our Ignition Ambassador! A big Linc Energy welcome to Eddie the Emu our new Ignition Ambassador! Eddie will be responsible for communicating all updates as Ignition rolls out its improved features to us across the globe. Here’s a snippet from a recent Q & A session with Eddie: Can you provide some context for our team as to why we need a new intranet site?

It was a request from the eggsecutive team to ensure our intranet was reflective of our global team. I couldn’t agree more as iLinc is a tad stale, a bit out of date and needs quite a bit of work! So Eddie, what will Ignition bring to the business?

Well Ignition will be a truly global platform! It will allow better communication for our global audience; be a single point of truth for company policies & forms (those HR nuts love that!) and provide a global contact list which is dynamic and interactive – what isn’t there to love about it I say! The only alternative would be to stick your head in the sand and pretend we don’t need it when we all know we do. Can you be a bit more specific about the features Eddie?

Gosh, you’re a sticky beak! I can’t give everything away, or else you’ll have nothing to look forward to! How will our team find out more information about Ignition?

Keep your eyes and ears open for my regular emails. I’ll be updating the Linc Energy team with our progress as we transition from iLinc to Igntion. So many great benefits I can’t wait to share with you! Until then, if you have specific questions please email me at And finally, so we get to know the real Eddie, what do you like to do on your days off?

I often catch people looking at my long legs… well they sure are great legs for sprinting, roller skating and mountain biking. I also like to travel and nest. I like to nest.

AGM date announced Linc Energy’s 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been schedule for Thursday 29 November 2012 at 3pm at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. The AGM is held every year to elect the board of directors and inform shareholders of previous and future activities. It is also an opportunity for the shareholders to ask any questions regarding the future direction of the business.

Linc Energy survive Hurricane Isaac A devastating hurricane hit the Gulf Coast region in the United States in early September, thankfully our Gulf Coast oil fields survived Hurricane Isaac relatively unscathed. The storm passed directly over the Leeville field which sustained minimal damage. The facilities will require routine maintenance, however the field returned to production in a few short days following the storm. None of our other Gulf Coast fields were touched by the storm.


In Profile Kennedy Nwaogu Human Resources Advisor Location: Houston Year started at Linc Energy: November 2011 Family situation: Originally from Nigeria, Kennedy moved to the United States when he was just six years old. He comes from a large family with over 30 aunts and uncles now living in mainly Nigeria and England. Kennedy says it’s a huge privilege to have the opportunity to assimilate two cultures, giving him a very unique perspective on the world. • What  is the single most important ‘thing’ that has contributed to your success? Success is subjective, and I don’t believe I have reached the pinnacle just yet! I consider my persistent belief that ‘failure is not an option’ as the main contributor to my success. I have a stubborn mentality and refuse to give up no matter what roadblocks I face. I don’t consider, “It’s impossible” a valid reason to fail, it only fuels my fire to succeed. • What is the best advice you have ever been given? To listen. In most conversations today we don’t truly listen, we’re actually already formulating our next response. It’s important to be present, and actually listen to what the other individual is saying. In my role, I like to draw people out of their comfort zone, so that they aren’t guarded or prepared in their response. This is when you see the ‘real’ person and can listen to who they truly are! • How do you deal with stress? “We’re not saving babies here!” It’s so important to keep stress and life in perspective. The stress I encounter in HR is not life threatening. It’s important to manage stress, but ultimately you add no value when you are stressed. Simply, don’t stress out too much, what you don’t get done today can roll over to tomorrow. Work to live, not live to work! • What has been most influential on your career? There are two books that I still reference in my life on a daily basis: 1. Good to Great - this teaches me how to be a better business person

2. The Discipline of Execution - teaches me how to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. The way I use these books, is a great example of true synergy. The collaboration of these two different ideas, to form synergy in the way I go about my career. Synergy = 1 idea + 1 idea = 3rd idea • What do you enjoy most about working at Linc Energy? 1. The people – A great company starts with the people, they are the greatest asset. Within my role I’m responsible for recruiting great assets and retaining great assets for the business. People make an organisation what it is! 2. The philosophy – the aggressive, maverick nature of Linc Energy greatly appeals to me. You have to take risks to do anything great, otherwise its status quo. I refuse to remain status quo! • Tell us one thing you cannot live without. Hope. • W  hat is the most interesting place you have visited or lived? 1000 Louisiana, Suite 1500, Houston, Texas... • Anything else you wish to add? No Risk. No Reward. Take risks and go outside your boundaries!

In focus 04

Heart & Sole Epilepsy Walk Update! On September 15, several employees out of Houston office participated in the Heart and Sole Epilepsy Walk, where they received an award for the most money raised. The walk was in honour of employee Nipal Bellmonde’s daughter, who passed away of Epilepsy in November of 2011. With the help of vendors and the donations of nearly 50 Linc Energy employees across the US, Linc Energy raised $22,100. This set a national record for the most money ever raised by a single team for the Epilepsy Foundation. Team Linc Energy had a total of 32 participants, making them the second largest team in the walk. Well done to all involved, what a terrific effort!

First Class effort awarded through international travel awards! Our very own Sonya Lowry, Global Travel Manager, based out of Brisbane has recently been awarded two incredible travel industry awards. Sonya recently attended the Global Business Travel Association’s awards function in Sydney – where she was awarded GBTA AUS / NZ Professional Travel Manager of the Year. The award recognises innovation, strategic thinking and visionary leadership of a professional travel manager within the public and private sector.

This year’s award sought nominations from individuals who delivered outstanding results in areas including: Traveller risk management services, delivery of technology solutions for their organisation and innovation for a travel programme. In addition Sonya also won the 2012 GBTA Mike Global Scholarship – which sent Sonya to the University of Pennsylvania for a fully paid leadership course and attendance at their international convention. The scholarship was created in honour and memory of Mike Kabo to continue his vision of “a global voice of business travel.” It was open to all corporate travel professionals who live outside of the US. Well done Sonya!

Sonya (centre) with Chris Telfer; Chairman GBTA and Rachael Harper; Regional Director GBTA.


A fundraising update from the Brisbane Social Club The Brisbane Social Club have this year been raising money for the Royal Flying Doctors through monthly, team organised morning tea fundraisers. Including the August fundraiser the team in Brisbane have so far raised over $2,400 for the charity. What an amazing effort, thank you all for your support! Winners of the recent ‘International Food Day’

Did you Know?

1. Linc Energy is on Facebook? Like our page at or follow us on Twitter @LincEnergyLtd for up to the minute updates!

2. Chinchilla’s team Christmas party is being held on Saturday 1 December – save the date!

Happy Birthday! July babies

August babies

September babies

Kyle Fysh Tony Gaines Michael Mapp Greg Perkins Toby Roberts Amanda Stringer Kirby Taylor Peter Monfiletto Jr Peter Bond Carrie Buxton Jacob Thibodeaux

David Carroll Greg Coase Brian Fainton Deliana Gabeva Rhonda Petersen Greg Raymond David Smith Jacque Symonds Daniel Van Wyk Robert L Klemcke Leiser Watkins

Matthew Buchanan Shane Grace Stuart Knight Denis Kruger Zhenhua Min Duncan New Kim Platen Paul Shipley Daniel Trewin Sarah Whitbourne Jesse Pennington

Susan M Felicetty Connie E Matt Jude M Rolfes Wesley Burdette Kellen L Waldo

Deborah D Haight Gregory D George Liz Larner Robert Kukowski Lauren Page








1 Phil McKinlay, Assistant Treasurer based in the Brisbane office recently climbed the highest mountain in Africa...Kilimanjaro. Phil is pictured here proudly holding a New Zealand banner after reaching the summit… congratulations! 2 Darren Rogers, CO2 project manager in the Casper office, travelled to Bolivia in August to climb Huayna Potosi, elevation 19,995 ft (6,152m). He toured with International Mountain Guides, which calls Bolivia the training grounds for the Himalayas. Prior to climbing Huyana Potosi, the group stayed at a base camp at 15,000 feet for two nights, then went to high camp at 17,000 feet. They began climbing Huayna Potosi at 2:30am, summited at 8:00am., and descended to base camp by 1:00pm. 3 Veronique Levy recently had a dream come true, when she watched the Tour de France ride by as she visited France with her son. Veronique and her son are picture here with some Linc Energy branded ‘Aussie’ memorabilia. 4 Linc Energy recently sponsored the IGC Congress, with Geologists attending from around the world also organising a complimentary field trip for 60 IGC delegates to our Chinchilla site. The delegates were impressed with our facility and interested in learning more about our UCG-GTL technology. A big thank you to those who volunteered their time to host the event: Ernest Du Toit, Bert Koning, Muller Retief, Scott Rathbone, Olga Golenkova, Jacque Symonds and Matt Buchanan. 5 Liz Larner, from our legal team in Denver, gave birth in early September to a beautiful baby girl, Julia Marie Larner. This precious baby weighed in at 6 lbs and 14 ounces and measured 19.75 inches long. Congratulations Matt and Liz! 6 Congratulations to Krisztina Emmerson, Senior Laboratory Chemist at Chinchilla, who recently married her now husband Chris. They nuptials took place in August at Redcliffe Beach, surrounded by family (pictured), friends and some Linc Energy colleagues. Congratulations and best wishes for the future Krisztina!







7 There is lots to celebrate in Queensland with three new baby girls joining the team! Big congratulations to Brian (pictured) and Emma Fainton on the arrival of their third child. Their daughter Neve was born 8 pound 15 ounces and looks like a very cute addition to the family. Congratulations also to Dan Trewin and Tracey Johnson on the arrival of their new baby girl born in Chinchilla Hospital. Hope Carmen was born 8 pound 3 ounces and all doing well. And finally, congratulations to Karen Machell and husband Peter on the new addition to their family. Daughter Zoe Kate was born on Saturday 8 September, weighing 9 pound 3 ounces. 8- 11 The Clean Energy team recently held a celebration to welcome Adam Bond – President Clean Energy to the Brisbane office, farewell Tom Liu from the team and congratulate Ty Felmingham on his wedding. A great time was had by all! 12 Co-founder Heart & Sole Epilepsy walk, Nipal Bellmonde presenting the award to Team Captain Lauren Page – to read more see page 4


Linc Up October  

Linc Up October

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